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Milford Haven Urban Council.

Skin Diseases and Their Cure.

Town Improvements Com-I mittee.…


Town Improvements Com- mittee. -1 STARTING TO WORK. COLLECTORS APPOINTED. The Town Improvements Committee have started work, and the enthusiasm with which the movement has been begun augurs well for its success. There was a large attendance at the first meeting on Wednesday night last, when the Rev. D. Aki ill Jones was elected chairman, and collectors appointed to solicit subscriptions. At the outaet Mr Isaiah Reynolds presided, and there were also Prusent :-Rev. C. M. Phelps, Rev. D. Akrill Jones, Messrs James Rees, T. M. Phillips, W. Thomas (liridge-street), David Davies, Bisley II. Munt, J. W. Phillips, J. L. Jenkins, F. Lmgford, T. H. Jones, Joseph Jones, W. E. C. Lewis, LI. Brigstocke, John Evans, W. F. Tnomas, A. J. Wright, Arthur Lewis, C. Sidney Davies, David Rees, Sidney J. Evans, and Sidney J. flees. APPOINTMENT OF CHAIRMAN. The first business was the appointment of chairman, and Mr Isaiah Reynolds said it would give him the greatest pleasure to act as chairman to that excellent committee, especially as the objects they had in view he had so much at heart, but he did not think it desirable that a member of the Town Council should be chairman of that committee. By holding it he would in a sense be tilling a double capacity, and perhaps the Committee would have a great deal to do in stimulating and encouraging the Town Council to further improvements, b'or that reason he thought it would be better to appoint a chairman from outside the Council altogether, as it would largely depend oil the chairman and secretary how matters are carried out. Rev. C. M. rhelps: You don't mean to suggest that the Town Council and this Committee are goiug to be antagonistic, or that we are over-critical ? Mr Reynolds I hope not. Mr LI. Brigstocke thought it would be an advantage to have as chairman a gentleman who was a member of the Town Council. He would be in a position to bring a little pressure to bear on the Corporation occasionally with regard to improvements. The feeling of the meeting was in favour of Mr Reynolds being chairman of the committee, but Mr Reyuolds repeated his objections, at the same time pro- mising to do everything in his power to promote the improvements. On the motion of Mr James Rees, seconded by Mr F. Langford, the Rev. D. Akrill Jones was then voted to the chair. On taking the chair, Mr Jones promised to give the object every support, but with such an excellent com- mittee he was sure his duties would be very light. THE SECRETARY. Mr Sidney J. Rees proposed, and Mr Muut seconded, that Mr \V. G. Rowlands be asked to act as secretary. Mr Isaiah Reynolds remarked that Mr Rowlands was not present, but being a member of the Town Council he was handicapped in the same way as himself. Mr James flees failed to see that the objection applied, but Mr Reynolds thought it better to keep ch ar of the Town Council, because a man outside the Council would be able to act with iiiole independence. To a certain extent the hands of a iliember of the Town Council would be tied. The Chairman said he did not know if it would be an advantage to have a member of the Town Council to act as secretary, because he would be able to speak authorit- atively on any matters which the Committee might wish to bring before the Council. Mr Reynolds said that in a conversation he had with Mr Rowlands, the latter had suggested an outsider, Continuing, Mr Reynolds said that Mr W. E. C. Lewis would make an excellent secretary. Mr Lewis had had a considerable experience of this kind of work, and at the public meeting he threw out a valuable suggestion. Mr Lewis said he was willing to do anything on behalf of the town, and he was willing to act as secretary until Mr Rowlands, who was a more experienced man than himself, gave a final answer. He would prefer that Mr Rowlands accepted the appointment, but meanwhile he was willing to act. It was then agreed that Mr Lewis should be appointed hon. secretary pro teui. SOLICITING SUBSCRIPTIONS. The question of soliciting subscriptions was next dis- cussed. The Chairman thought the Committee should more definitely define their position before they proceeded to solicit subscriptions. His experience was that people desired to know definitely the purpose to which money was to be devoted before they subscribed. Mr Isaiah Reynolds thought the best course would be to divide the town into districts in order to collect subscriptions for the various walks. Subscriptions could be ear-marked for particular walks and by doing this they would secure unity for people could then give for the improvement of their favourite walk. Since the last meeting he had been considering that scheme, and he thought it would be a good way out of any difficulty. Those who were appointed collectors could ask the people on whom they called as to what walk or walks they desired their subscription to be devoted, or whether they p-ererred it going to the general fund. In this way they would please everybody and iind out the most popular walk in Haverfordwest. If they asked for money for the Scotchwell, perhaps some people would say that they had a walk nearer home to which they would prefer to subscribe. Mr Jenkins thought before collecting any money they should get an estimate as to how much the work would cost. Mr Reynolds I consider every walk in Haverfordwest nesds improving. (Laughter). Mr T. H. Jones differed from Mr Reynolds in the ear- marking of the subscriptions. If they did that, perhaps they would not have enough money to complete any one walk. Mr James Rees suggested getting estimates for repair- ing the Scotchwells, the Parade, and the Frolic. The Chairman They are the most popular walks and require most attention. Mr I Reynolds adhered to his motion to ear-mark the subscriptions according to the subscribers' wishes. lie did not think it would be wise to appoint a sub-com- mittee to ?o into the question of estimates. The com- ::1lttee migbt say that they would need £ .>0 to improve bS cotjcnwelU, and that depended on what conception the cou?uttM Imd of improving the wa!k. He did not think it would be possible to get sufficient money to improve all the walks immediately. They would be able to go on improving the walks year after year, but they ought to start immediately, although they would not be able to do much this year. Mr LI. Lrigaioc^ tre seconded Mr Reynolds' resolution, aud suggested that application be made to Perrott's Trustees for a smah subscription. He also thought that application should be made to those who had left the town, some of whom had made their money in Haver- fordwest. At Carmarthen a great many of the seats and entrance gates had been presented by former residents. Mr W. F Thomas asked it the committee were not magnifying what was merely a casual remark made at the public meeting. Py adopting Mr Reynolds' re- solution they would bo soggestin p n, dimnutty to the sub- senbers. He was sure the public had confidence in the committee as to the wise distribution of the money. If they made the suggestion referred to, they would be introducing a kind of competition into the business. Mr Reynolds That is what we want. Mr Ihomas If that is what we want, we get the up and down town" difficulty. As a committee we represent the whole town, and I would propose an amendment that collectors be appointed for collecting for the walks of the town. Mr Thomas added that the committee might arrange for the holding of a concert later on, the receipts to be devoted to the beautifying of the town. Mr Sidney J. Rees seconded, remarking that the com- mittee were there to improve the walks of the town generally, and not to promote a spirit of competition I between the up and down parts of the town. Mr T. H. Jones said the committee ought to start work at once, else the public would not be willitig to subscribe. Mr D. Edward Thomas said there was a good deal to be said in favour of Mr Reynolds' motion, because if they applied to Perrot's Trustees, for a grant they would have to ear-mark it for purposes iuside the borough. Mr James Recs referred to the time when the whole of the Frolic was repaired by public subscriptions. Mr Munt: And we were ordered off Scotchwells, so we had better not say too much about Scotchwells. Mr W. F. Thomas's amendment was carried by a large majority. TO COLLECT SUBSCRIPTIONS. Mr J. W. Phillips believed there was a balance in hand from the unemployed fund, and Mr Isaiah Reynolds said ho expected something would he said about the matter at the next meeting of the Town Council. Mr Thomas (Biidge Street) mentioned that he had spoken to a great many ladies about getting up a bazaar, and they were in favour of it. Bazaars in connection with churches and chapels realised £;300 or £ 100, and he saw no leason why the committee should not be able to raise £ 200 l,v this means. Mr Munt said that no doubt a bazaar would realise a great deal of money but it was necessary to start work at once during the fine weather. It was then agreed on the motion of Mr 1. Reynolds, seconded by Mr James Rees, that the town be divided in- to districts and that collectors be appointed for each dis- trict. The following collectors were appointed For Prender- gast, Cartlett, Old Bridge (east side of the liver), Messrs F. Langford, 1. Reynolds, and David Rees. For Picton Place, Victoria Place, Bridge Street, and Quay Street, Messrs F. Phillips, D. Edward Thomas, and Bisley H. Munt. For High Street, Market Street, Hill Lane, Goat Street, Dark Street, and Tower Hill, Rev. D. Akrill Jones, Messrs Sidney J. Rees, and LI. Brigstocke. For St. Thomas Green, Iliil Street, and down to the Merlin's Bridge, Messrs W. F. Thomas, T. H. Jones, and David Davies. For Dew Street, Albert Street, Milford Road, Portfield, Rev. C. M. Phelps, Mr Thomas (Bridge Street), and Mr A. J. Wright. For Barn Street, Spring Gardens, City Road, Perrot's Avenue, Messrs J. W. Phillips, Sidney Davies, and W. L. Jenkins. For Church Street, Holloway, North Gate, Castle Terrace, Gloucester Terrace, Swan Square—Messrs Joseph Jones, Sidney Evans, and Arthur Lewi3. It was decided that the collections should be finished by Saturday, August 10th. Mr A. J. Wright was appointed treasurer. The following gentlemen were added to the com- mittee Mr Bertie Llewellin, Rev. John Phillips (Uzmaston), Rev. E. Nicholson Jones, Rev. Owen Jacobs, Mr Hugh Saunders, Archdeacon Hilbers, Martin Phillips, Dr. Henry Owen, and Mr Rhys (National and Provincial Bank).

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