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Haverfordwest Town 'Council.

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Haverfordwest Petty Sessions.

Milford Haven Port Sanitary…


Milford Haven Port Sanitary | Authority. INSURANCE OF OFFICIALS. ) A KNOTTY POINT. THE HOSPITAL SHIP. I Mr Charles Mathias, Lamphey Court, presided over a meeting of the above at the Lord Nelson Hotel, Milford Haven, at noon on Monday. There were also present:—Messrs. W. G. Parcell, F. S. Reed, J. T. Lawrence, S. W. Dawkins. W. C. Jones, J. H. Bishop, J. Ll. Davies, J. T. LI. Davies, T. L. James (Haverfordwest), the Medical Officer, (Dr. S. Griffith), the Inspector (Mr William Daviesi, and I the clerk (Mr F. L. Jeffs). The minutes of the last meeting were read by the Clerk, (luly confirmed, and signed by the Chairman. THE LATE MR. THOMAS LLEWELLIX. Before proceeding to the business on the agenda, Mr S. W. Dawkins said that since their last meet- ing one of their most useful and most respected members had passed away. He referred to Mr Thomas Llewellin, and proposed that a vote of con- dolence and sympathy be sent to Mrs Llewellin and I the other members of the family. The Chairman seconded, and the motion was carried. H THE RATS OX THE DOCK. The question of dealing with the extirpation of rats from the Dock came up for discussion again. It appears that the Dock Company are slow to move in the matter, and the real danger is that if a cholera-infested ship were to arrive, the disease would be conveyed ashore by the rats, whilst on the other hand tliey are good scavengers. Mr Heed said that the Milford Haven District Council was liable for every lluisançe. It was eventually decided to write to the Local Government Board stating their complaint and ask- ing them to take steps, four gentlemen only voting for an amendment to write again to Mr Ward. MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT. Dr Griffith said there had been no cases of in- fectious disease during the quarter. THE INSPECTOR'S REFORT. The Inspector stated that owing to the inclement weather the work of tarring the ship had not been completed. Mr Davies was re-appointed Inspector. INSURANCE OF OFFICIALS. The question of insuring the officials gave rise toconbiderabledimculty. Mr J. LI. Davies pointed out that if their officials met with an accident, whilst performing duties for that Authority, they could claim no compensation from their other employers. The question for them to decide was to what extent they were liable. The Chairman We can insure them at 2s fid a head, can't we? Mr Bishop You are not liable for a person receiv- ing more than t'HOO a year. The Clerk thought that that was so. Mr Bishop asked if their oilicials Nvoul(I not be in- cluded underthe list of casual workmen. The Chairman and Mr Parcell thought that they should be insured according to the salary they re- ceived from that body. Mr J. LJ. Davies again pointed out that if they were incapacitated whilst in the execution of their duties in connection with that Authority they would have no claim on their other employers. He was willing to bring the matter before the Insurance Company. It was necessary to insure an apprentice earning a shilling a week, so that if lie met with an accident lie would receive t:(;(-) a year. } It was decided that the Clerk ascertain the extent of their liabilities, and that with the Chairman's assistance, he be empowered to make the necessarv arrangements for insurance. THE HOSPITAL SHIP. Mr Lawrence said there was at Jacob's Pill a hospital with accommodation for 80 beds, and he did not see why they should keep a ship at Sandy Haven. The Clerk said that the Customs and Harbour Master must be consulted before any alteration in the place for receiving patients could be made. Mr J. LI. Davies said that as one of the oldest members lie might tell them that this question had been up for the last 20 years. No doubt the time was approaching when that Board should see about getting an isolation hospital in a convenient spot. There were several objections to Pembroke. They had been unable to acquire a convenient piece of ground, but if they were able to surmount this difficulty it would be a wise policy perhaps in con- junction with the Milford Urban Council to erect a little hospital. Mr Bishop: It's our duty to provide for any persons coming into the port. Is the ship a fit place or not to put a man suffering from cholera ? It's not fit for the rats, and if the Local Government Board knew its state they would order it to be burned as soon as it had been tarred. Why not have a place when we can get it ? I propose that Mi- Lawrence and Mr Reed be appointed a committee to consider the matter. Mr J. LI. Davies replied that a representative of the Local Government Board had been down and approved of tbc vessel. "I y Bishop: Is it water-tight ? Ju Davies: What does that master" The place can be littcc1 up in a fit condition within fortv- eight hours. Mr Lawrence Has there ever been a person in the sli i p ? Mr J. LI. Davies No. Mr Lawrence mentioned a case of small-pox. but the Inspector said that was before that Authority was established. Air J. LI. Davies That vessel is 15 vears' oJd and we have not spent £ 50 on it during the 'whole time. No one seconded the proposition of Mr Bishop who said that as a representative of the fishing industrv he would take it upon himself to write to the Local Government Board concerning the matter. Mr Davies But Mr Davies tells us that the Local Government Board have seen it. Mr Bishop: Perhaps some time ago. Mr Davies: Within the last three years. The matter then dropped, and this concluded ? ?thebusiness.'


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