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Haverfordwest Town 'Council.

|Tasker's School.

---.___-_ flocse Petty Sessions.

IDungleddy Sessions.

Haverfordwest Petty Sessions.


Haverfordwest Petty Sessions. These sessions were held on Monday before the mayor (Mr James Reynolds). Mr L. Roberts. Dr. Greenish, Mr James Rowlands, and Mr C. C. Saies. ADMITTED. Henry Poole, of the Old Bridge, was summoned for having been drunk on July 9th. Defendant appeared and admitted having had a drop of drink, and this being his first offence, a fine of 2s (;d with- out cost was imposed. No evidence was called. WHERE DID HE GET THE DRINK? Thomas Costello, a stranger, was brought up on a charge of having been druuJ, and disorderly on the Cartlett Road on Sunday evening. P.C. Jones, the police clerk, said that at 7.15 o'clock on Sunday evening lie found defendant drunk in Cartlett Hoad. He was accosting ladies and gentlemen as they came from church, and if they took no notice of him he cursed and swore. Because of his behaviour, defendant was taken into custody. Supt. James mentioned that defendant's conduct was very bad. He caused a large crowd to assemble. and considerable excitement prevailed. Defendant was fined 5s. and 4s. costs, the Mayor remarking that this sort of conduct must be put down. It was shameful that people should thus have to submit to such behaviour coming from church. Where these people got the drink from he did not know, as public-houses were supposed to be closed on Sundays. Supt. James asked for immediate payment. The Bench complied, and as defendant had only Is 8d in his possession, he was obliged to choose the alternative of seven days' imprisonment. GIPSY BOSWELL SUMMONED. Abraham Boswell, described as a gipsy, was sum- moned for allowing a horse to stray. P.S..Tames proved the case, and Supt. James said that defendant had lit a fire 50 feet from the high- way, but he had not been proceeded against for that. Fined Is., with 4s. costs. Another gipsy, named Eliza Scourfield, was fined Is. each and costs in respect of four animals astray. An order was made for immediate payment. U' m. SCHOOL ATTENDANCE. i 1.? 11.1 1 ?? 11 NNIII. tlias, ot jiri(ige 1'no square, was sum- moned for neglecting to send a child to school. A fine of 5s and ss. fid. costs was imposed. When aslied if slie wanted time to pay Mrs Elias walked I ont of court withont giving an answer, and tbe Bench out of court Wit]1 Oil t (' N' i made an order for payment forthwith, or 14 days in default. AX ASSAULT. Thomas White, of Dew-street, was charged with assaulting William Jelilins on June lth. This case bad been twice adjourned. White again pleaded not guilty. The complainant stated that lie was walking along High-street, and when opposite Mr Adams's shop he stopped to talk to a number of men. They were all skylarking together. He caught hold of White's coat, when the defendant struck him a violent blow in the eye. White Didn't yon catch me by the throat first ? Complainant: No. William Thomas Davies said he happened to be passing when he saw a number of men chaffing Jenkins. White caught Jenkins by the coat and the complainant then struck the defendant, who hit back again. George Henry Beynon also saw the affair. The men were skylarking. The Clerk Did you see White strike Jenkins in the eye?—I saw him give him a bit of a tap. Gilbert Thomas stated that he passed the men in company with Mr Davies. He could not tell which of the men struck first. They were skylarking and lie (lid not take very much notice of the affair. Edward Phillips corroborated. The defendant, he said, (lid not strike the plaintiff a severe blow. Deputy Chief Constable James said perhaps the magistrates would like to bear the evidence of the inspector to whom the plaintiff made a complaint of having been assaulted. Inspector Thomas stated that on the 12th of last month Jenkins came to the office. lie was very excited, but quite sober. He complained that the defendant had struck him in the eye. His eye was in a very bad state, much swollen, and he must have received a severe blow. The injury must have been very painful to a man of the defendant's age. Witness advised him to go to the magistrates' clerk's office. The Defendant gave evidence on his own behalf. Jenkins caught him by the throat, he said, and then attempted to strike him. He caught hold of the complainant's list and forced his arm back. Both of their fists came into contact with the complainant's head. The magistrates retired to consider their decision, and on their return, the Chairman said they con- sidered that the men were sky-larking at first, but afterwards a serious assault was committed. The defendant would be fined 10s fid and 19s lid costs, or in default, one month's imprisonment. The money was immediately forthcoming. LICENSING APPLICATIONS. Air Gwyther, of the Mariner s Hotel, was granted an occasional license from nine till six on the occasion of the Agricultural Show on August 1st. Mr Elson Williams applied for the transfer of the license of the Spirit Vaults on the Old Bridge, from Mr John Eynon to himself. Mr Eynon was not present, but had sent a telegram, and the licensing sessions were adjourned for his attendance until August 12th. COULD NOT PAY. Alary Ann John charged lienjamin JJavies with disobeying a bastardy order under which the arrears amounted to 1: 4 2s fid. The defendant pleaded that he was out of work and thinking of applying for out-door relief himself. Davies was bound over in his own recognisance for t.5 to appear before the magistrates on August 12th.

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