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PEMBROKESHIRE Agricultural Society. THE ANNUAL SHOW WILL BE HELD IN THE BRIDGE MEADOW, HAVERFORDWEST, On THURSDAY, dUGUST 1st, 1007. 1st July, 1907. HUGH J. P. THOMAS, SECRETARY. THE GllEAT UNITED COUNTIES Agricultural Show (OPEN TO SOUTH WALES AND MONMOUTHSHIRE) WILL BE IIELI) AT OAR ARI T:a: EN:J ar ON THURSDAY, AUGUST the 15thg 1907. MOST LIBERAL PRIZE LIST. ENTRIES CLOSE AUGUST 1st, 1907. Schedules of the Secretary, D. H. THOMAS, Auctioneer, CARMARTHEN. 658 STATEMENT OF ACCOUNTS OF THE HAVERFORDWEST ATHLETIC SPORTS, AUGUST, 1906. RECEIPTS. £ s. d. To Ba!ancR from 11 ? 3 To Balance from I!").) U 5 3 Subscriptions l.j 1 y Entrance Fees. 7 7 t; Gilte Receipts 91 5 () (irand Stand 1 10 0 Protest. 0 2 (5 Fees for Standings 0 U (j Programnies ti 1 3 Hire of Posts and Pipes- Agricultural Society (2 years t 1 I) Adverse Balance 1 15 8 XI 12 10 4 EXPENDITURE. £ s. d. By Advertising 10 10 3 Field Expenses, Acc., <!cc 14 15 0 Reut of Stores 2 0 0 M Ficfd. Crier Q 3 g Handicappers. 2 4 G Incidental Expenses, Stationery, \:c. 1 8 6 Cbeque Books, &c O) G Hire of Timber. 1 0 0 Bund. 5 0 0 Police Fees 0 18 0 » Prizes 83 0 0 Secretary's Salary 5 0 0 Printing 7 1 0 X, 11 10 '11 Audited with Bank Book aud Vouciiers and found correct, 10th June, 1007. JOHX G. SUMMONS, Auditor. STATEMENT OF SUPPLEMENTARY SPORTS, 1906. RECEIPTS. £ s. d. To Subscriptions and Sale of Tiekols, 17 12 4 Adverse Balance as per Bank Pass-book 10 .5 3 I i £ 36 17 7 I EXPENDITURE. £ s. d. By Adverse Balance from Bank Holiday Sports i j. 8 Advertising and Billposting. 4 8 0 Printing ;j u q Prizes 17 13 6 Field and Incidental Exponses G 2 5 Haulage, Committee Room, &c. 7 0 Haulage, Committee Room, &c 3 7 0 £ 3(3 17 7 Balance due to Treasurer j 3 Audited with Bank Book aud Vouchers and found correct, I 10th Jun-, 1007. JOHN G. SUMMONS, Auditor. I PIANO SALE. PIANO SALE. PIANO SALE. PIANO SALE. PIANO SALE. PIANO SAL PIANO SALE PIANO SALE. PIANO SALE. PIANO SALE. PIANO SALE. PIANO SALE. PIANO SALE. PIANO SALE. PIANO SALE PIANO SALE. PIANO SALE. PIANO SALE. PIANO SALE. PIANO SALE. PIANO SALE. PIANO SALE. PIANO SALE. PIANO SALE. PIANO SALE. PIANO SALE. PIANO SALE, j I GREAT PIANO SALE AT DUCK'S Great MUSIC STORES. 200 UPRIGHT AND 20 GRAND PIANOS RETURNED FROM HIRE (Only Slightly Used). TO BE SOLD Regardless of Cost. A RAGE OPPORTUNITY of Obtaining a Superior In- strument by a RELIABLE MAKER at a very MODER- ATE PRICE. Write for Liot of these Bargains to DUCK, SON & PINKER, The Great Music Stores, PULTENEY BRIDGE, BATH. 402 M- E YL E R, s PERSIAN HAIR RESTORER RESTORES Grey Hair to its original Colour In a few days, without staining or injuring the most delicate skin; it aLo? thoroughly frees the head from scurf, &c., promotes its healthy growth and renders it soft and glossy it keeps the skin of the head cool and moist, and is nt all times, and under all circumstances a most delightful HAIR WASH the use of grease being entirely done away with. 1/6 per Bottle Sent by Post under cover to any Addicts on receipt of 22 Postage Stamps. PREPARED ONLY BY L. J. MEYLER, M.P.S., DISPENSING CHEMIST, MILFORD HAVEN. WACANCY for an APPRENTICE to the PRINTING V -Apply at the Office of his Paper. LITTLE HAVEN CHAPEL Renovation Fund. — BAZAAR AT BROAD HAVEN SCHOOLROOM (A''??/<?/??/«?.?;?/??.????/?_) ON THURSDAY, JULY 25 TH 1907. GREAT VARIETY OF FANCY AND USEFUL ARTICLES. ALSO A FARM PRODUCE STALL AND REFRESHMENT STALLS, &c. CONCERTS OF VOCAL AND INSTRU- MENTAL MUSIC throughout the Afternoon and Evening with the usual SIDE-SHOWS. ADMISSION SIXPENCE. Btakes to run from Haverfordwest j\Iitford. LITTLE HAVEN GALLOWAY & PONY RACES AND ATHLETIC SPORTS, Will take: place on SANDS, AUGUST 15th, 1907. — Further particulars ivitl appear. K. C. XICHOLLS, Hon. Secretary. "———————-———————-—————————————- BROAD HAVEN FLOWER SHOW ox August Bank Holiday. OPEXS ONE P.M. AD MISSION-SIXPENCE. VISITORS' CONCERT AT 7.30. OPEN SOLO COMPETITION. Prizes-Ist, 5s :2nd, 2s 6d. Entries to Secretary by August 3rd. Admission Is., and 6d. I TO LET. Focn FIELDS, containing about 19 Acres in Clay Line, Haroldston Saint Isseils, now occupied by Mr Joseph Oibby. Possession Michaelmas. Apply, EATOX EYAXS & WILLIAMS, Solicitors, 631 Haverfordwest. GARTH (Within Half-mile of Haverfordwest). EVANS & ROACH A RE favoured with instructions from LEWIS J"TL ROHEBTS, Esu. (who is leaving) to SELL BY AUCTION on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 7th, 1907, valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Oil and Water Colour Paintiugs, Steel Engravings, Garden Requisites, and other effects. -Fuller particulars in future advertisements. PEMBROKESHIRE. MESSRS. T. RULE OWEN & SON WILL OFFER FOR SALE BY Pn:LIC AUCTION,  subject to conditions, at the SWAN HOTEL, HAVERFORDWEST, on SATURDAY, the 27th DAY OF JULY, 1907, at three o'clock precisely, the Desirable FREEHOLD FARM AND LANDS known as BRTNGWYN, situate in the Parish of Brawdy, comprising Farm House, Out-buildings, and about 178 ACRES of use- ful Pasture and Arable Land, now held by Mrs Elizabeth Griffiths, as tenant from year to year, at the Low Rent of X90. Also 2 very valuable FREEHOLD FIELDS called the HOMEWARD PARKS, situate in the Parish of Prendergast, Haverfordwest, containing about 11 ACRES of most productive Pasture Land, now in the occupation of Messrs Davies & White, as tenants from year to year, at a Rent of £ 31. For Particulars, Plans, and Conditions of Sale, apply to the AUCTIONEERS, Haverfordwest or to MESSRS. EATON-EVANS & WILLIAMS, Solicitors, Haverfordwest. HAVERFORDWEST ATHLETIC SPORTS. THE THIRTY-EIGHTH ANNUAL SPORTS Will be held in the Bridge Meadow, Haverfordwest, On Monday, August 5th (BANK HOLIDAY) NEXT. There will be special Attractions- CYCLING, FOOT, POXY & GALLOWAY RACES. Louring the Afternoon there will be a monster BALLOON ASCENT and Double PARACHUTE DESCENT by Lady and Gentleman, A grand Military Band will be in attendance. See large Posters. For special Train arrangements see Railway Co.'s Bills and announcements. JAMES MOODIE, Secretary. G.W.R. "The Real Holiday Line." AUGUST EXCURSIONS EVERYWHERE FOR EVERYONE. Full particulars at all Stations aud Offices. Holiday Haunts Guide with list of Apartments' Farm-houses, Boarding Houses, Hotels, &c., for Season 1907 now ready. Send 3d. to Superinten- dent of the Line, Paddillgtoll Station, for post free copy. James C. Inglis, General Manager. Padding ton, W. G.W.R. EVERY FRIDAY DURING JULY, AUGUST & SEPTEMBER. LIMITED SPECIALLY CONDUCTED TOURS TO KILLALOE clahe (by the new short route via Fishguard). (Including 3rd chss Return Ticket, six days Rail, Coaching and Steamer Trips, Hotel acom- modation, Meals, etc., from tho Saturday Morn- ing of arrival at Rosslare, to the followin°g Friday Morning), as under:- n p.m. Inclusive Charges. Tenby dep. 6.35 ) £ s. d. Ilaverforùwest" 10.0) 4 3 0 The issue of these combined Rail, Hotel and Trip Tickets is strictly limited. Intending Pas- sengers should book early, as the Company reserves to itself the right to cease issuing at any time. Tickets will not be issued after Thursday for a tour on the Friday in the same week. For full details see special bills, or send post- card to the Superintendent of the Line, Pad- dmgton Station, W., from whom Illustrated Booklet "Southern Ireland, its Lakes and Land- scapes," price 3d, may also be obtained. 618 JAMES C. INGLIS, General Manager. TO LET-LARGE ROOM, suitable for Workshop, t Store Room or Offices. -WIIITE, Dinas Hotel, Milford Haven. TO LET for the Summer Months, a LABOURER'S I COTTAGE, Furnished, close to the Beach.-Apply, MRS STBADLINO, Broadmoor, Little Haven. 627 TO LET with immediate possession, THE FULLY LICENSED PUBLIC-HOUSE known as the NEW INN, Portfield Gate. Rent extremely low.-Apply, GEORGE PALMER & SON, Haverfordwest. G36 I T- -O-LET at Michaelmas, SALTFORD HOUSE T 10, Picton Place. Unfurnished. For full particulars apply to the MISSES STAXXARD, G, Picton Place, Haverfordwest. 611 HOUSE TO LET. TO LET on 29th September next BELSIZE HOUSE, ) Gloucester Terrace, Haverfordwest. Apply to R. J. TAMLYX, Darn Street, Haverfordwest. (is;) MILFORD HAVEN. CORNER SHOP AND DWELLING HOUSE, 2.3, Greville Road; grand position; immediate possession.—Apply WHITE, Kimberley, Milford Haven. 647 TO LET on Lease for 21 years or less at a Low Rental ) a very desirable DWELLING-HOUSE and PREMISES containing Four Rooms on ground floor, Three Bedrooms, Dairy, Scullery, and other Outbuildings, excellent Garden, aud Three Fields of Pasture Land comprising in all an area of over 41 Acres. The property is situate in WOODSTOCK CROSS, Pembrokeshire, about U miles from Clarbeston Road Station and about 7 miles from Haverfordwest, and is most suitable for a Poultry Farm. For further particulars apply to- MESSRS. JENKINS & HARRIES BOWEN, Solicitors, Chancery Chambers, 62q Swansea. TO LET Castle Hail, near Milford Haven. THIS desirablo country residence, standing in about t 21 acres of well wooded grounds is beautifully situated near the shores of Milford Haven. The house is most commodious and comfortable, contain- ing: Large Entrance Hall, 3 spacious Reception Rooms and Library, all opening on to the Terrace; also Billiard Room, 12 Bedrooms, 3 Dressing Rooms, Bath Room, Modern Sanitation, Kitchen, Servants Hall, Butler's Pantry, Scullery, Housemaid's Pantry, Store Rooms, etc. The house is heated by hot water. There is an abundant water supply of excellent quality. At the rear of the premises are situated: Dairy, Laundry, extensive Stabling, Coach House, Cow Houses, etc. A handsome conservatory is adjacent to the main entrance door. The gardens are well laid out, and con- tain: Winery, Tennis Court, etc., Gardener's House, Boat House and Cottage. A good lodge is situated at either entrance to the ground. Excellent yachting and sea fishing U miles from Old Mjlford Station and Telegraph. 3 miles from Johnston Station on Main Line Great Western Railway. 50 Acres of additional Pasture Land adjoining the grounds could be let with the Hall if desired, or other- wise. For particulars, J. B. GASKELL, Milford Haven WANTED, to rent monthly, small FURNISHED HOUSE in Haverfordwest or near. Terms, &c., to I D," Office of this paper. LOST on Saturday between Railway Station and Market Street, a GOLD BROOCH. Finder rewarded on returning same to Office of this Paper. __h- WANTED, a GOOD GENERAL SMITH; one accustomed to shoeing and general ogriculturaj work; constant job to suitable man.—S. JENKINS & SONS, The Forge, Haverfordwest. WANTED an APPRENTICE to the Grocery.— Apply, HUGH GEORGE, Upper Market Street. WANTED a. steady LAD to act as General Porter.— Apply, COMMERCE HOUSE LTD., Market Street. WANTED, experienced NURSE. Apply, Mrs HAROLD JAXES, Hillborough House, Haverford- west. WANTED, TWO ROOMS for a week or two, with attendance and cooking for a lady and three children. Near the Racecourse preferred.—Apply. G.B., Office of this Papei. 6o5 W ANTED, several SMART JUNIORS to the Grocery W and Provision Trade. Apply STAR SUPPLY STORES, Milford Haven. 656 WANTED, a respectable GIRL for mornings; age about IS. Reference required.—Apply MRS. C. DAWSON, 10, Priory Boad, Milford Haven. 660 WANTED a thoroughly good GENERAL for small family-Lady and Two Children Governess and Nurse kept.—Apply to Mrs PRICE LEWES, Shirley House, Tenby. YAN WANTED. WANTED, a STEADY MAN to take charge of a Team. Must be sober and reliable. -Apply, ISAAC ROBERTS, Coal Merchant, Spring Gardens, Haver- fordwest. 601 IF you want a PIANO or ORGAN, do not be per- suaded by any interested person to purchase until you have ascertained the extraordinary value we arc offering. You will save many pounds, be most liberally treated, and get the easiest posible terms by purchasing from us. DUCK, SON, & PINKER, The Great Piano Merchants, Pulteney Bridge, Bath, and at Bristol. Catalogue and Book of Advice free.- Our Tuners visit, at regular intervals, all parts of South Wales. Seud postcard and Tuner will call. 403 ACCUMULATORS charged; "Fuller" Batteries, Coils, all kinds of Electrical Goods. WHITE, Dinas, Milford Haven. 649 OUT-DOOR SKETCHING IN OIL. WATER- COLOUR, OR BLACK AND WHITE. MISS EDITH E. DAVIES (pupil of Stanhope tVt Forbes, A.R.A.) is prepared to receive pupils in Milford and Haverfordwest from August 1st to September 13th. Terms moderate.—Apply, 4, Old Bridge, Haver- fordwest. 6>7 FOR SALE. FOR SALE, WAGGONETTE, suitable for Single or ) Pair.—Apply, WILLIAM REES, Wheelwright, North Gate, Haverfordwest. FOR SALE, COVERED BREAD CART, also TWO r CASH TILLS (Gleddhill's Patent Cash Till and the Triumph Alarm Till), both quite new.—Apply, A. FARROW, Charles Street, Milford Haven. GENT'S BICYCLE FOR SALE. FOR SALE, 22 inch ROYAL ENFIELD GENTS' t BICYCLE; condition equal to new free wheel, back and front brakes, and all latest improvements; cost f 10 10s short time ago accept X.-) 10s.-Apply, Safety," office of this paper. HAVERFORDWEST UNION. WANTED, FEMALE INDUSTRIAL TV TRAINER for the WORKHOUSE. Salary X22 a year, with rations, washing and apartments, subject to deduction under the Poor Law Officers' Superannuation Act, the annual value of the emoluments for the purpose of Act being fixed at t40. Candidates must not exceed 35 years of age. The person appointed will have to take charge of the Children, and must be able to instruct them in housework, washing, sewing, knitting, and cutting out. Applications, upon printed forms to be obtained at my office, must be received by me not later than SATUBDAY, 3rd AUGUST, 1907. i JOHN E. H. ROGERS, Clerk. 7, Dew Street, Haverfordwest, July 12th, 1907. NOTICE. I FREDERICK CHARLES HILL (Junior), of 30, Warwick Iload, MILFORD HAVEN, HEREBY GIVE OTlCE that I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any DEBTS incurred by my Wife, MARGARET HILL, after this date. July 18th, 1907. TO FARMERS AND DEALERS. I WM. DOCKER, Hog Salesman & Commission Agent, ROATH CATfLE MARKET, CARDIFF. PIGS BOUGHT o) SOLD on Commission. Best prices obtained. Ouick .sales and returns. Cheques remitted oil account. For particulars and ta-ms, apply- WM. DOCKER, 28, Clifton Street, Cardiff. Telegrams ;'I DocKrl,, ",oath, Cardiff." G13 PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS SITUATIONS VACANT AND WANTED. One Insertion. Three Insei lion s. d. a. d. 15 Words or less 0 9 13 20 do. 1 0 1 9 25 do. 1 3 2 3 30 do. 1 6 2 9 Particular attention is cated to the fact that the above cale only applies to Situations Vacant and Wanted The "Telegraph" has a larger circulation than any other paper published in Pern- brokeshire, and in the towns of Milford Haven and Ney= land double the circulation of ALL other papers added together.


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