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Welsh Servants at the Seaside. An alarming report was presented by Dr. Rd. Jones to a meeting of the Merioneth County Council as to the con- ditions under which servant girls live during the holiday season at Welsh seaside resorts. He pointed out that iii the coast towns of Carnarvonshire and Merionethshire infant mortality was above the average, and ho asked whether this was not due to the practise of artificial feed- ing in order that the mothers might give their whole time to the visitors. He put in a strong plea for better con- ditions of life for servant maids. They work from morning till iiiglil, they slept in the basement or at the top of the house in badly-lit and badly-ventilated roorns worse still, in some cases they slept in the dining-room on a. sofa in a vitiated atmosphere. He said he had known of casrp, where servant girls suffering from lung disease and in an advanced state of comsumption had slept on the dining-room sofa—a ccnt.ie of infection for everybody hi the same house. Attention was also drawn to the number of insanitary dwellings IJ1 the country distiiets. It was decided to circulate the report among the educational and sanitary authorities of the county, Wr,DI)IiN(-, CARDS! WEDDING CAIIDS!! NEW Siii.KcnoN JUST KECEIVKD. —For specimens and prices, apply at the Telem-ap/i- Offices, Haverfordwest and Milford Haven. clochog, on Saturday, the 12th day of October'' l'lOl^at 11.1.") o'clock in the forenoon, for rpvisillg the lists of voters for the several parishes or hamlets iu the following polling district: 1. Maenclochog Polling District (part)-Henry's Moat, Llandilo, Llan;i°hn;ut, Lunycefn, Llysyfran, Maenclochog, Moivil, Moat, Yorlan. And all other places (if nny) in tho County of Pembroke, not hereinbefore specified. i And every Clerk of the Pence, Postmaster, Overseer, or other Person, or Public Officer, for every wilful mis- feasance or wilful act of commission or omission is liable | by the Act (Ith V ictoria, Cap. 10. to forfeit One Hundred i Pounds to the Party aggrieved, to be recovered by action for debt. r W. DA VIES GEORGE, I Clerk to the County Council for the J County of Pembroke. Clerk of the Council's Oflice, I Haverfordwest, August 20, 1901.


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Haverfordwest District Council.