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! i | The Fight for Life.j

Last Scene of All. !

j His Last Words.

An Omen.

- _ - _..The New President.

Terrible Affray in an Hotel.

Brutal Murder near Weston.

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-=:===:==:=:=-==-- -===-- Traction Train Fatality. MR. HARRY STUDT'S GONDOLAS REDUCED TO WRECKAGE. A serious accident occurred on Monday afternoon on the steep declivity known as Glais Hill, Swansea alley. One of Mr Harry Studt's traction engines, with cars attached, was proceeding down the hill at, it is said, the usual speed, when a bolt connecting the third car broke. There was a shout raised for the engine to stop. This was all too promptly done, for the stopping of the engine caused a sudden clos- ing up of the waggons with the result that one of Mr Studt's employees, whose name is unknown, was caught and killed instantly. The unfortunate man's .head was terribly crushed. The traction engine remained stationary, but the waggons, mainly laden with richly carved and gilded gondolas, dashed down the hill, at the foot of which they were wrecked. The damage done was very great, and several of the workmen had narrow escapes. As soon as possible Mr John Studt arrived on the scene with another traction engine, and some 200 colliers rendering active assistance the road was shortly cleared. The unfortunate man who was killed had bean in Mr Studt's employment only a fortnight, and up to the time of the despatch of the message Messrs Studt had not ascertained his name or whether he has any relatives. DECEASED MAN'S IDENTITY Another correspondent writes :-A man named John Croombe, an employee of Henry Studt, the well-known amusement caterer, was killed on Fron Hill, Glais, near Swansea, on Monday afternoon through the upsetting of a waggon. The deceased, who was about 27 years of age, was riding on the couplings between the vans. Death was in- stantaneous. The head and right arm were shockingly mutilated. He was known as Devon," and was believed to be a brother of Croombe, a sweep at C'owbridge.

The Stoke Newington Tragedy



-.-Lifeboat Gallantry.

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Haverfordwest District Council.