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Haverfordwest Board ofI Guardians.


Haverfordwest Board of I Guardians. OUT-RELIEF IN MILFORD. A meeting of this Board was held in the Board- room at the Workhouse on Wednesday, Mr T. Llewellin presiding. The other members present were Mr S. W. Dawkins, Mr J. Ll. Davies, Mr W. H. (ieorpe, Mr J. Reynolds, Air J. Thomas, Mr W. J. Vaughan, Mr W. Bewan, Mr T. Richardson, Mr W. Jenkins, Mr J. S. Roberts, Mr Jas. Matliias, Mr Jas. Davies, Mr R. Greenish, Mr S. J. Williams, Mr S. T. Williams, Mr W. G. Reynolds, Rev. T. G. Marshall; and Rev. J. J. Evans. A QUESTION OF INQUIRIES AGAIN. One of the features of the meeting was the number of letters which were read from various persons in reply to demands made upon them to contribute to the support of parents, &c. They almost universally said they were unable to contribute. In the course of a discussion on one of the cases Mr J. Ll. Davies asked if any inquiries had been made by the Relieving Officer from the Reliev- ing Officer of the district where the writer of the letter resided The Relieving Officer said lie had not done so. Mr Davies said he understood that a resolution was passed by the Board some time ago that in all cases such inquiries should be made. The Chairman Will you move a resolution ? Mr Davies said that no resolution was, he thought, necessary. At the same time he would move that such inquiries should be made. This was eventually agreed to. THE STATE OF THE HOUSE. The Workhouse Master reported that there were in the house lul inmates, as compared with lUiJ at the corresponding period of last year. During the fortnight 11 tramps had been re- lieved. MRS CAPT. YOUNG'S KINDNESS. The Workhouse Master's leport book also con- tained the following entry (entlcmen,-I respectfully report to you that Mrs t'apt. Young, Haroldston House, gave the children belonging to this house yesterday (Tuesday) a tea consisting of cake, buns, tart", sweets, occ., which were much enjoyedjjy them. The Boardroom, August 2Sth, A vote of thanks was passed to Mrs Young. DEFENCE OF THE MILFORD RELIEVING OFFICER. In the course of the reading over of the relief books the Chairman came across a case in which a person had been ordered to pay towards the sup- port of parents. He had promised to pay a certain sum to his parents but was not doing so, and the Chairman remarked that it would be best that the payment should be made through the Board. Mr J. LI. Davies And then it will appear that the Relieving Officer is collecting a lot of money. (Laughter.) Mr Davies went on to ask if tha list asked for at the last meeting, of persons who had been ordered by the Board to contribute to the support of relatives and showing how they had complied, was available. The Chairman Mr John has a list. Mr Davies:-But what about the other dis- tricts ? The Chairman The resolution only had re- ference to the Milford District. Mr Davies went on to say that at the last meet- in either the Believing Officer or the Guardians, or for the Milford district were reprimanded. He was sorry to see that Mr Tom John was not in his place that day, and lie went on to say that the very tact that the number of children who had been asked by the Guardians to contribute towards the support of their parents in the Mil- ford district, was not so large as in other districts vas really a compliment to the District. He thought the facts showed that the children in the Milford District were ready and willing to sup- port their parents, without ueing compelled. to do so by the Guardians, whereas in the Fishguard and other Districts com pulsion was necessary. He tho ght it was very hard that a man should be censured without just and reasonable cause. (Applause). The matter was then allowed to drop, and the return prepared by the Relieving Officer to the Milford District was handed round. This was all the business, and the Board ad- journed.


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