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ES T .A B LIS H :e D 183S- E;. ts. HOUSE FURNISHER, TSB NEW BRIDGE, HA VERrCUDWEST. Persons about to Furnish are Invited to call and inspect LEWIS'S exceptionally ,ar,,e and varied stock of all kinds of Household Furniture j Drawingp Dining, and Bedroom Suites of the latest Style. A CHOICE ASSORTMENT OF Overmantels, Sideboards, Fancy Chairs, Tablesp &c. BEDSTEADS AND MATTRESSES in all Qnfllitir's and SilPS. CARPETS, LTNOLEU\1S, OILCLOTHS AND \ALL PAPERS in great variety „ _);IS'S Goollq n.n well known thrnug-hout the for thoh' cxr-cnent qua??.' $ and durabintv. I' ———— FUNERALS COMPLETELY FURNISHED. uio ESTABLISHED 1829. ? T. GEORGE BIRCH, LONDON HOUSE, Haverfordwest. FOR THE SHOOTING SEASON. I MOOR, LOCH AND FEN. First deliveries of Scotch and trish Homespun and Tweed Suitings. ALSO WEST BREECHES TWEEDS just received. Also Fine Ranges of STOCKINGS AND UNDERWEAR, FASHION AND CRIMEAN SHIRTS. TRAVELLING RUGS, CRAVATS, &c., &c. ?F???"?iiY?ijYF?7" I T I T.-i I p s:p lrfembm' of tile Plzar¡.naceutical Sociely, Medallist of tlw JVestminster College of Pkai,))Iacy, ? Ii, DISPENSING AND PHOTOGRAPIIIC CHEMI ST. PATENT MEDICINES AT STORE PRICES. 17, Market Street, naverfordwest. -u- GREAT SALE OF CYCLES. New and Second-hand Cycles (Ladies' and Gents' to be cleared)! Humbers, Rudge-Whitworthsp and Royal Stepney Cycles, 1901 MACHINES I SLIGHTLY SHOP SOILED: From aB8 8s. Car. Paid. SEXD FOR CLEARANCE LIST. StcpueyTyrcBcU, as above, 1. :'J. Carni'gc 1'itid. DAVIES BROTHERS, STEPXEY CYCLE WORKS, 430 LIjANEL.L.Y. PUR[I BEER! FOR THE FINEST QUALITY 1? A T. T aMMa t&t? a&?) ah MADE FROM PEMBROKESHIRE BARLEY ONLY, GO TO TBIE J3REVVER y- No Foreign or English Malt kept in Stock, BEST KENT AND SUSSEX H 0 P S AT LOWEST PRICES. "Perfection of Blended \Vhisky." Lallcet. EXCELSIOR SCOTCH WHISKY. We have examined analytically this blend of Scotc Whisky, mid find it to be unusunlly pure, of excellen favour, and well matured. Heconimcndcd with confi deuce as :). safe and palatable stimuhtut for the sick an Edited by T. LAUDE BRUNTON, M.D., LL.D., &c. Awarded Diploma—Highest Award— Cardiff Exhibition. Awarded Gold Medal !nternationa Exhibition, Bordeaux, 1896. SOLE rROPRIETORS— MARGRAVE BROS., LLANELLY. puiCE Lisrs FREE ox ApPLICATION. Rccommcude'l with confi<1cncc n.s :i. Sti'rmlit.ut for sick .m'l Ccnvalusccut."—Luudua GOOD HARVEST ltLE per !0d. Ga!ton. ———— ) GEORGE PALMER & SON, HA.VERFOEDWEST. 34u THE GREAT REMEDY. .fa ??r%J??? j?a &-D .JJ.. 1 & Ð rcm GrOT'T, scL\'rr' ..l < íX'.<!1L\('), L T'I' A L G IA. The F.cl'wÜtin'" Pain i.s re!ipvcd and cn:'cd hi a few dnys by ttie.,e eclebnttcd I'ills. Snrc, sate All 'r.o]ido!i,at 1:->. lid. aud Vel. per UüX. G.REF A I'IVESTERN RAIL WA Y EXCURSIONS will run as under: \"1TEDNESDAï, SEPTEMBER 11. DAY TRIP TV to SWANSEA & CARDIFF (HORSE SHOW) from NEW & OLD MILFORD, Haver- fordwest, Pembroke Dock, Tenby, Whitland, Carmarthen, &c. For times, bookings from other stations, WEEK- END EXCURSIONS, COUNTRY LODGINGS, &c., see bills and pamphlets. J. L. WILKINSON. ,1\J2 General Manager. PEMBROKESHIRE AND HAVERFORDWEST INFIRMARY, HAVERFORDWEST. T IIE Board of Management Require the Services JL of a MAN to act as PORTER. Wages, :E2C per annum, with board and lodging. Preference would be given to a married man with- out encumbrance, whose wife would undertake the laundry work at additional wages of -PI;5 12s per annum. Applications, stating age and enclosing recent testimonials, to be sent to the undersigned by the 2JKD Sj:l'TEM]!EH, 1901. T. II. JONES, Secretary. 40, High Street, Haverfordwcst. MR. C. BULlVIElt, (Fellow of the Royal College of Organists; Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music), Co-ORGANIST OF ST. MARY'S, Haverfordwest. LESSONS GIVr.X IX ORGAN and PIANOFORTE PLAYING, SINGING, 'SARMONY, COUNTERPOINT, &c. A TC)'}Jt can be commeJtced at aJtJl t¡'IilC. References kindly permitted to Dr. F. R. Giu;Kxis![. Address—DEW STREET, IlAVF.monDWEsT. MILFORD HAVEN COUNTY .SCHOOL. A GRAND BAZAAR (Under lJi¡;Úngui81wi! Patronagt') WILL EM HELD EARLY tM 19027 IX AID OF THE ABOVE BUILDING FUND. 4GO HILL HOU2E COLLEGE, IIAVERFORDWEST. TEE MISSES DAVIES (Daughters of the late Rev. T. Davies, D.D. ) CONDUCT A SCHOOL FOR BOARDERS AND i ? DAY PL'PILS at the above commodious and well-situated residence. The course of instruction comprises the usual branches of a sound English Education with Music (.Pianoforte and Violin), French, German, Latin, Drawing" and I!amtmg. Pupils prepared for the Oxford and Cambridge Locn.1. Colie"-e of Preceptors, Trinity College n,nd other Examinations. Kinderg:n'ton Cla.ss every morniug from 10 to 12 o'clock. Prospectuses on n,ppHca.tion. The next term will begin on Thursday afternoon. September 19th. MILFORD HAVEN COUNTY INTER- MEDIATE SCHOOL. JIEADHAST.HR: E. LEWIS JOXES, M.A. (Cantab.), Assisted by an eiucient StafE. !\? ICIIAELMAS TERM will commence on TUESDAY, !Vt Sm'TEMCER 10th, H'Ol. Pees..El Gs. 8d. per Term, or n for second Pupil of same family. Music, ;S1 Is. per term. All Fees are payable iu advance. J. H. DAY, 4.% CLERK TO THE MANAGERS. QEORQE PALMER ? & SON, S/'}X'lALl1'IES: pel' CLEN STUART," soft. old, pure. Boule lIihlnl!d Malt Whisky 3/6 DUNBOYNM," Choicest Dublin. (;uaran- tcedUyearso]d g/Q "OLD LODGE," Light, tawny port. Many years in wood in Opporto 36 INVALID PORT, 10 as CLARET, (fGmnuuDfjrdcttux .J t/- BURCUNDY. Good Sound French 16 OTAR.D'S 1875, a!KL other Choice Old Br.uidies 5/- C1GARS AXD (-TGAHETTES. Wine Merchants, HAVERFORDWEST. ;M.) F OH BE S T MALr AXD HOPS GO TO GEORGE PALMER & SON, :)15 I;J f% &: 4''1 r: '7 G8L3M!DAL .1:j>4:G\ r j:1: Q r>, '¡ "i ¡1 ;ri ¡"f d fJ1 BOOTS IIA1¿- is:ESS wntcrproof as f), duck's lmck. soft :)s vcJvr't, and )vorlr tJ¡,rN times as loiig pleasant odr.'n't!!f)wspc1ishtn' A'T'l)S for supcriorily. T;II ??.??.2.s'M,o/?o?L:?/:7?, J ?.'?' ? ? .?' ?'. 7).??;\7.. 1. I)¡¡!!cici" lJJ!ldoJ/, ? A RANTED, S.tn?ton na W<_?RKTNG FARM ?V BAILIFF. Good References.-Apply, "I, OHicc of this paper. -1 ï 4 j J. D. Harries & Co., THE CASH DRUG 5TORE5, HAMtLTOH TERRACE7 MILFORD HAVEN. The following are a few selections from our CASH PRICES :— OMy Full Price. Price. Alien's Hair Restorer 3/6 6/- Alcock's Porous Plaster 7 1 11 Beecham's Pills 10- I/ji Blaud's Iron Pills, per bot. of 1 gross, (pink or white coated) 8 1/6 Benger's Food 1/2 1/6 „ „ .< 1/10 2/6 Blair's Pills 101 1/1, Brand's Essence 1/2 1/6 Cockle's Pills. 9- 1/1- Clarke's Blood Mixture 2/2 2/9 Congreve'a Elixir 9} „ 2/- 2/9 3/3 4/6 „ 8/6 11/- OuticuraSoap 1011, 1/- Cooper's Sheop Dip. 1/- 1/4 Cod Liver Oil, nnest imported 1/- 1/6 77 7) 1/10 2/6 Enos Fruit Salt. 1/11 2/9 Edwards' Harlone. 10 1/. 2/1 2/6 Fennings' Powders. 10 2 George's Pills (Nos. 1, 2, 3,) 10 I/I- Glycerine and Cucumber G- 1/- Himrod's Cure 2/8 4/- Kepler's Malt and Oil 1/8 2/6 „ 3/- 4/6 Kutnow's Powder 2/4 2/9 Vaselino 2} G „ 4-11 1/- „ 1/- 2/6 Little Liver Pills. 711 1/H Lung Tonic (Owbridges) 9 L"- 1/H Loibig's Extract of Meat 1/2 1/6 infellin's Food 1/10 2/6 Neaves's Food 8 1/- Pink Fins. 2/2 2'9 Pears' Soap 3, 6 „ „ 7 i/- Quinine and Iron Tonic 1/3 2/- 1 2/- 3/6 3/6 5/- Ridges'Food 10 1/- Scott's Emulsion 10- 1/H „ „ 1/9 2/6 3/4 4/6 Soidlitz Powders, per box of 1 doz (iinest guaranteed) 7} Scrubb's Ammonia lol. 1/- Valentine's Meat Juice 3/- 4/G Williams' Pink PIUa 2/2 2/9 Woodcock's Pills. jol- Wright's Coal Tar Soap 31 6 s oa ar oap. ::f Steedman's Powders. 9 1- 1/H 2/2 2/9 Imperial Corn Cure. 7} 1/H Photographic Department. Cameras 01 all kinds supplied at from 10 to 15 per cent. off ma-kers' prices. Plates, Papers, Dishes, Developers, Frames, Lamps, Mounts, Measures, Washers, Racks, Expo- sure Meters, and all the latest appliances for Photography at Lowest Store Prices. Hyposulphite of Soda, 2d per Ib., 71bs. 1/- (io. clean small crystals). Gold Chloride, 15 qr. tubes 1/9 Hydroquinoue. per oz. 10 Our combined Toniag' and Fixing Solu- tion gives best results with least trouble, per -11. pint 4,)ttle I/- DRUGS AND CHEMICALS AT LOWEST STORE PRICES. Aluni I per Ib.' 2 Borax Lump or Powder 4 Car bonate of Soda, 3 Cream of Tartar. 1/3 Compound Liquorice Powuer Citric Acid. 2/- I Flov. ers of Sulphur 4 Sa), tpetre 4 Tartaric Acid r 1/6 PrescHptrons ds.spensed with Pure Drus at Store Prices. i Goods to the v,i tie of J O!sen. carrmg' paid. i HAMILTON T E RRÁ"- C E, M!LFORD nAVEN THE WEST COAST OIL WORKS, NEWTON NOYES, MILFOBD HAVEN. READY-MONEY SALE OF PLANT, &c. MESSRS. JOHN A. DAYIES & SON WILL SELL BY A!1CTIO at the above Works, on MoxMY, the 16th of SEPTKMHER, 1901, the following PLANT, &c. viz. 1 large Iron Oil Tank, 14ft. x 4ft. x 1ft. with Two Metal Taps, 1 large Iron Oil Tank, 5ft. x 5ft. x 1ft. with brass tap, 1 small round Oil Tank, 1 large Zinc Oil Tank, with brass tap and wooden cover, 2 large Iron Boilers (250 gallons each), with metal taps and brass plugs, Corrugated Iron Shed, 2Gft. x 16ft., 86 Oil Barrels, 22 New Fire Bars, 1 Patent Weighing Machine, Standing Fire Grate, quantity of Coal and Lime, Tubs, Buckets, Shovels, Pickaxes, Brick Chimney Stack about 25ft. high, Oil Pump, 3 Ship's Spars about 10ft. long, 8 Ship's Hatches, Iron. 200 Cork Bungs. Stagings, Iron Rails, together with a number of smaller articles. Sale to commence at One o'clock sharp. Terms-Cash. Auction Omces, 2, Castle Terrace, Narberth. 491 MILFORD HAVEN BURIAL BOARD. TENDERS.  OUSE AND CARETAKER'S HOUSE AND MORTUARY CHAPEL. ?JTHE above BURIAL BOARD invite TENDERS T for the EPECTION of a CARETAKER'S HOUSE and a MORTUARY CHAPEL in their Cemetery situated near Priory, in the Parish of Steyntou. Plans and Specifications may be inspected at the Council Offices, on application to the Surveyor. Tenders endorsed Tenders for Caretaker's House and Chapel," and addressed to the "Chairman, Cemetery Committee, Milford Haven Burial Hoard," to be sent to me on or before SATURDAY, the llth SKFTKMl! NEXT. The Board does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any Tender. (Bv ORDER), THOS. H. LEWIS, Clerk. Council Chambers, Milford Haven, 29th August, 1901. 490 PEMBROKESHIRE REVISION COURTS, 1901. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that ARTHUR N LEWIS, ESQ., the Barrister appointed to Revise the Lists of Voters, Parliamentary and County Electors, for the County of Pembroke, will hold open Courts for, such Revision at the times and places hereunder named, and the respective Overseers of the Poor of the several Parishes are required to publish the notice of said Courts in their respective Parishes, and to attend the Court for their Parishes, and to bring with them the original notices of Claims and Objections received by them with respect to their Lists of Voters and Electors; and also their respective Ratebooks, between the 5th day of January, 1901, and the 1.5th day of July, 1901, or they will be liable to the penalties imposed by law for their neglect for so doing; and all persons claiming to have their names inserted in any List of Voters or objecting to the Claimants, or to the Votes of others, must appear at the proper Court in order to prove or substantiate the same. 1. NARBERTH. At the County Court House, Narberth, on Monday, the 9th day of September, 1901, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, for revising the lists of voters for the several parishes or hamlets in the following polling districts: 1. Amroth Polling District—Amroth, BegeIIy, Crun- wear, East Williamston, Jen'reyston, Ludchurch, Loveston, Reynoldstou, St. Issell's. 2. Narberth Polling District Coedcanlas, Crinow, Grondre, Llandewi Velfrey, Lampcter Velfrey, Llanfalteg, Llawhaden, Llangan West, Llau- dissilio, Martletwy, Minwear, Mounton, Narberth North, Narberth South, Newton North, Robeston Wathen, Yerbeston. 2. TENBY. — At the Town Hall. at Tenby, on Tuesday, the 10th day of September, 1901, at 11.30 o'clock in the forenoon, for revising the lists of voters for the several parishes or hamlets in the following polling districts: 1. 6t. Florence Polling District-Carew, Mauorbier, Redberth, St. Florence. 2. Teuby Polling District—Gumfreston, Penally, St. Mary (in liberty) Tcnby, St. Mary (out liberty) Tenby. 3. HAVERFORDWEST.—At the Shire Hall, on Wednesday, the llth day of September, 1901, at 11.15 o'clock in the forenoon, for revising the lists of voters for the several parishes or hamlets in the following polling districts 1. Haverfordwest Polling District—Boul.ston, Harrold- ston St. Issell's, Lambston, Prendergast, Rudbax- tuu, St. Martin's, St. Thomas, Uzmaston. 2. Camrose Polling District Camrose, Harroldston West, Hayscastle, Nolton, Roch, Treffgarne. 4. LITTLE HAVEX. — At the Castle Hotel, on Thursday, the 12th day of September, 1901, at 12 o'clock at noon, for revising the lists of voters for the several parishes or hamlets in the following polling district: Hasguard, Hcrbmndstou, Marloes, Robestou West, St. Bride's St. Lthmael's, Talbenny, Walton West, Walwyn's Castle. 5. CRYMMYCH. At the Crymmych Arms, on Thursday, the 19th day of September, 1901, at 11.45 o'clock in the forenoon. for revisiug the lists of voters for the several parishes or hamlets in the following polhng districts: 1. Tegryn Polling District—Clydcy, K.Ih'hedyu, Llan- iiruach. 2. BIaeuffos Polling District (part). Castellan, :L!:mfairnantgwyn, Peurith, Whitcchurch, in Kernee, 3. 1henclochüi{ Polling District—Monachlogddu. 6. PENBRYN.- Atthe School House, Pcnbryn, on Friday, the 20th day of September, 1901, at 12.30 o'clock in the afternoon, for revising the lists of voters for the several parishes or hamlets in the following polling districts 1. Penbryn Polling District—Bride! Eghvyswrw, Ki!- gerran, LIantood. 2. BIaeuitos Polling District (part) Cape! Colman, LIannhangcl, Penbedw, Manordivy. 8. St. Dogmell's Polling District—Monington, Moly- grove, St. Dogmell's. 7. FISHGUARD.—At the Great Western Hotel, Fishguard, on Friday, the 27th day of September, 1901, at 12.30 o'clock in the afternoon, for revising the lists of voters for the several parishes or hamlets in the following polling districts 1. Little Newcastle Polling District Amblcston, Castlebythe, Little Newcastle, LIanfairnantgof, Letterston, LIanstinan, Puucheston, 0 St. Lawrence, St. Dogwell's. Fishguar(I Polliii, District Dinas, Fishguard, LIanIIawer, Llanwnda, LIanychaer, Llanychliwyd- 1Ianoro\ven, Pontfaen. S. MATHRY.—At the National Schoolroom, on Saturday, the 28th day of September, 1901, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, tor revising the lists of voters In the several parishes or hamlets in the following polling district 1. Mathry Polling District—Cranston, Jordanston, LlanrlnaH, Llanrithan, Mathry, St. Edriu's, St. Nicholas. 9. ST. DAVID'S.—At the Grove Hotel, on Monday, the 30th doy of September, 1901, at 12 o'clock at noon, for the pariah of St. David's in the St. David's polling district. 10. SOLVA. At the Cambrian Inn, on Monday, the 30th day of September, D01, at 2.30 o'clock in the after- noon, for revising the lists of voters for the several parishes or hamlets in the following polling district: L Solva Polling District—Brawdy, Llandeloy, LIan- howell, St. Elvis, Whitchnrch in Dewsland. 11. NEWPORT.—At the LIwyngwair Arms on Tuesday, the 1st day of October, 1901, at 11,30 o'clock in the loreuoon, for revising the lists of voters for the several parishes or hamlets in the following polling district: 1. Newport Polling District—Bayvi.l1 nMrelme. Nevern, Newport. i2. MILFORD.—At the Lord Nelson Hotel, on Tuesday, the bth day of October, 1901, at 11.4.) in the forenoon, for revising the lists of voters for the several parishes or hamlets in the following polling district: 1. Johnston Polling District—Hakin, Johnston, Hnb- bcrston. Milford, Stcynton. 13 NEW MILFORD.—At the South Wales Hotel, on Wednesday, the 9th day of October, 1901, at 11-30 o'clock in the forenoon, for revising the lists of voters for the several parishes or hamlets in the Johnston PoIIin"- District Burton, Freystrop, Llangwm, LIanstadweII, Rosemarket. 1) PEMBROKE DOCK.—At the Council Chamber. on Wednesday, the 9th day of October, 1901, at 2.30 o'clock in the afternoon, "for revising the lists of voters for the several parishes or hamlets in the Pembroke Dock Polling District—Lawrenny, Coshcston, 15. PEMBROKE. -At the Town Hall, on the 10th day c'f October, 1901, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon for revisin"' the lis,s of voters for the several parishes or ha inlets in the following polling districts 1 Castlem-tU'tin Polling District—Angle, -Bn osh, est,on Castle,rtiii, PwIIcrochan, Rhoscrowther, St. TwynncII'M, vVanen. Pembroke Polling District-Hodgcst.on, Hundleton, Lamphey, Monkton, Stackpool Ehdor St. Mary, Pembroke: St. Michael, Pembroke; St. Petrox and Upton. J(; WISTON —At the Old 1Ial1SlOJl House, \Yistoll, on Friday, the llth day. of October, 1901, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon for revising the lists of voters for the several parishes or hamlets in the following polling district: D.. Wistou Polling District—BIetberston. Clarbeston, Slebech, Spittal, Walton East, Wiston. 17. MAE, CLO(,'HOG.-At the Castle Inn, Maon- clochog, on Saturday, the 12th day of October, 1901, at 11.1. o'clock in the forenoon, for revising the lists oi voters for the several parishes or hamlets in the Dolling district: 1. Maenclorhog Polling District (part)-Henry's Moat, LIandilo, Llangolman. Lanycefn, Hysyiran, Maenclochog, Morvil, New Moat, Vorlan. And all other places (if any) in the County of Pembroke, not hereinbefore specihed. And ever,- Cterk of the Peace, Postmaster, 0\-er.secr, or other Person, or Public Onicer, for every witiul mis- feaxance or wilful act of commission or oimssionjs liable by the Act Gth Victoria, Cap. 10. to ioricit One ILmdred Pounds to the Party aggrieved, to he hy .ct!on lor debt. t1cti()Jl for dcht. V, TH.YU> (:Kf)ROH,' C'!erk to the County f.)r the P(.:nbrokc. Clerk of the s ()ffl", Haveriordwest, August 2. 1JJ1. CARTLETT LIM KKILN. t 1ME in !ar;'jL! or .stnu.H ((uantitlosmay now he obtained L daily at the CAHTLKiT LmRKiLN, Ha.verfordwest SALES BY MESSRS. LLOYD, THOMAS & FISHER September 13th and 20th, at BROADMOOR and TALBENNY FARMS, the whole of the Stock and Implements, the property of J. W. Harvey, Esq. About the Third week in September at NEWTON HOUSE, the whole of the Stock and Farming Imple- ments, the property of Roch Davies, Esq. NEWTON HOUSE, PARISH OF LLANSTADWELL. MESSRS. LLOYD, THOMAS & FISHER TJAVE been favoured with instructions from Roes -Ll DAYiEs, Esq., who is retiring from Farming, to SELL BY ArcTlox at NEWTON HOUSE, on TmRsDAY and FRIDAY, SEPT. 26 and 27, 1901, the whole of the LIVE STOCK and FARMING IM- PLEMENTS as follows:— CATTLE.—10 Cows to calve about Christmas, 14 two-year-old Incalf Heifers to calve early, 16 two- year-old Steers in good condition, 24 Yearlings. 12 Calves. HORSES.-6 Cart Horses, all good workers, 1 Pony 14 hands, 5 years old quiet in harness. SHEEr.—50 two-year-old Ewes, 60 aged do., 50 Yearling Ewes, 50 Ewe Lambs, 25 prime Ram Lambs, 2 Yearling Rams, 2 two-year-old Rams. IMPLEMENTS.—Four Carts and Tripples in good order, Pony Carriage and Spring Cart, 4 Sets of Cart and Leading Harness, 3 Sets Pony Harness, 2 Reapers and Binders by Howard, Corn Drill by Read, Cambridge Roller, Smooth Roller, Horse Hoe, Ploughs by Hornaby, 2 Sets Xig-zag Harrowa, Chisel tocth Harrow, Turnip Pulper, Turnip Slicer, ChaS- cutter by Bentall, with horse gear attached, large Churn by Llewellin, double-lever Cheese Press with Vats, Dairy Utensils, Sheep Racks, Ladders, and other articles too numerous to mention, also a por- tion of the Household Furniture. The Auctioneers beg to draw the attention of the Farmers to the Flock of Sheep, which have been bred for the last 30 years with great care and have been prize winners at all Shows where they have been exhibited, Mr Davies having taken a great interest in the breeding of Sheep. Newton House is situate Two Milea from New Milford and Old Milford. Three Months' Credit will be given subject to con* ditions of Sale. Luncheon on the Table at Twelve o'clock. Sale to commence at One o'clock. Castle Square, Haverfordwest, August 2Uth,1901. TALBENNY, NEAR LITTLE HAVEN. MESSRS. LLOYD, THOMAS & FISHER TJAVE been favoured with instructions from J. I WILKES HABYEY, Esq., who is leaving the County, to SELL 1IY Prnnc AucTicx at TALBENNY, near Little Haven, on Tm-BSDAY, SEpTMKER 19th, ]901, the whole of the LIVE STOCK, IMPLE. MENTS, &c., viz. CATTLE.—Two Cows, 6 two-year-old and 22 Year- ling Cattle. SHEEr.—')4 Ewes, 1 two-year-old Ram, 62 Lambs (Ewes and Wethers). HoRSE.s.—Three Cart Horses, 1 Brood Marc. PiGs.—Onc Sow and Litter. IMPLEMENTS.—Two Digger Ploughs, 2 Smooth Rollers, Reaper and Binder by Howard, Colman'a Cultivator, 3 Pair Harrows, I Chiael-tooth ditto, 2 Horse Hoes, 2 Turnip Cutters, Double Furrow Plough by Hornsby, quite new, 3 Wheel Ploughs, Cambridge Roller, Presser, Mowing Machine by Hornsby, 1 ditto by John Williams, 1 Turrip Drill, nearly new, 2 sets Cart and Leading Harness. 1 set Leading Harness, 2 sets Plough Harness, Horse Rake, 2 Ridging Ploughs, and numerous other articles not particularized. Sale to commence at One o'clock sharp. Luncheon on the Table at Twelve o'clock. Credit subject to Conditions. Castle Square. Haverfordwest, Aug. 26th, 1901. LOWER DROADMOOR, PARISH OF TALBENNY. MESSRS. LLOYD, THOMAS & FISHER TJAVE been favoured with instructions from J. JLJL WiMEs HAHYEY, Esq., who is leaving the County, to SELL BY PuMjc ArcTlox at LOWER BROADMOOR, in the Parish of Talbenny, on FnmAY, SE]'Tj;M]:ER 13, 1901, the whole of the STOCK, CROPS, IMPLEMENTS, &c., viz.: C.\TTLB.-13 Cows to calve early, 1 Shorthorn Bull, 6 two-year-old Incalf Heifers, 5 two-year-old Steers, fit for the Butcher, 17 Calves. HousKS —Four Cart Horses, 1 Carriage Horse, 1 three-year-old Filly by Utility," dam by Specu- lation"; two-year-old Fi!ly by "Utility," two- year-old Filly by Halsbury," dam by Struan 1 Yearling Ca.rt Colt, 1 Sucking Colt. SHEEr.—35 Ewes, 1 two-year-old Ram, 46 Ewe and Wether Lambs. IMPLEMENTS.—Three Carts and Tripples in good condition, 2 sets Cart and Leading Hurness 2 sets Dough Harness, Dogcart, Governess Car, Dogcart Harness, Pony Harness, Saddles, Rugs, &c., 3 Iron Rick Stands. Cii.ors.-21 Acres of Oats, 10 Acres of Barley, all well harvested, one Rick of Hay, also a quantity of Manure, together with the whole of the Dairy Utensils nnd HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other articles too numerous to mention. Also a Rowing Boat complete. Sale to commence at One o'clock sharp. Luncheon on the Table at Twelve o'clock. Credit subject to Conditions. Castle Square, Haverfordwest Aug. 26th,1901. LIST OF SALES JtY JOSEPH W A T T S, AucnoyEEn. MICHAELMAS, 1901. Monday, September 9th, at BWLCHYRHOS, parish of Little Newcastle, sale of crops of corn, live stock, and farming implements, the the property of Mr Thomas Thomas, who is a ttivina s uof the farm. Tuesday, September 10th, at PARKYNOLE, parish of Mathry, important sale of 550 mows at well-harvested crops of corn, well saved ricks of hay, mid a large quantity of good straw, the property of Mr J Lloyd Lewis. Monday, September IGth, at LETTERSTON FAIR, sale of pedigree Shropshire ram lambs, property of H W Thomas, Esq. Wednesday, September 18th, at CAERHAFOD, parish of Llanrhian, clear-out sale of live stock, crops:of corn and hay, farming implements, dairy and brewing utensils, &c, property of Captain Owen. Thursday, September 19th, at CAERFEGA, near Solva, clear-out sale of heifers and calves, two-ycar-old steers and heifers, horses and gcolts, breeding ewes, crops of corn, farming implements, &c., property of Mrs Ycates, who is giving up the farm. Monday. September 23rd, at ABERNANT, parish of Llaurithan, elear-ont sale of 8 youno" dairy cows, two-year-old and yearling black bull, <> yearling steers and heifers, horses, cross- bred ewes, ram lamb. sow and litter, well saved hay, &c., property of Mr John Lewis, who is leaving the farm. Tuesday. September 2ith at FLEMING'S CASTLE, parish of Ambleston, clear- cut-sale of S choice dairy cows, young cattle, sow and litter, bacon pigs, crops of corn and hay, farming implements, dairy and brewing utensils, and the Household Furniture, property of Mra George, who is I retiring. Wednesday, Sep. 25tb, at rARKYXOLE, parish of Mathry, highly important clear-out sale of a splendid herd of milch cows, young cattle, fdraught horses and colts, a grand flock of Hampshire Down aheep, brood sews and bacon pigs, improved implements ot Husbandry, dairy and brewing utensils, the property of Mr J. Ll. Lewis, who is leaving the farm. ————— j- r:¡ Thurdav Sep. :26th at' BIG HOI-SE, Spittat, important clear-out-sa.le of dairy cows, two-year-old Bull, yearling cattle, forward calves, a, team of useful young mares, snck. bug colts, cross-bred ewes and lambs, sow with litter, bacon pigs, well harvested crops of corn ..nd hay, farming implements, dairy and brewing utensils, Household Furniture, etc., property of Mrs Da. vies, who is retiring. Friday, Sep. 27th, at WHITE HOrSE, parish of Brawdy, important clear- out sale of 2j hca.d of horned cattle, 2 teams of useful youno- chrt mares, a pan- ot promising yearling hllies, sow with litter, .) bacon pigg, about 500 mows of excellent corn, well-saved ricks of hay and straw, farming implements and machinery, dairy and brewing utensils, the property of Mr Benjamin John, who is leaving the farm. Monday, Sep. 30th, at pENTRE LARM, pariah of Little Newcastle, important sale of milch cows and young cattle, draught horses, well-bred cobs and colts, sheep and pigs, extensive crops of corn and hay, implements, the property of Mr Francis Vaughan, who is leaving the farm. Wednesday, Oct. 2nd, at TREHALE, distance about t miles from Letterston, highly important a.ud unreserved sale of a choice and carefully selected herd of pedigree black cows, in- CHlf heifers, two-year-old and yearhug steers and heifer;! and calves, amongst which arc included several pnxR winners at the leading agricultural shows, power- ful CM't horses, good actioned cobs and well-bred colts, a Ti-a,iid nock of pedigree Shropshire ewes and ram Iambs, brood sows and bacon pigs, modern farming implements and machinery, dairy and brewing utensils, Household Furniture, also the Ffynongron enccts, re:))ovcd tor convenience of sak'. Letting of Laid. i AtLL11) LW(- \y l.LIS, m the parish of Ambleston, cicar-out sale of 4 mi[ch cows, young cattle, pigs, crops of hay, implemeHts, dairy uteusils and household furniture, the property of Mr Arthur Jenkins, who is leaving the county. Further particulars in postei'M and advertisements. Letterstuu, AU6' 28th, 19U1.