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COATE'S "Nursery Biscuits" meet with an Increasing demand, and are special favourites with the INFANT AND INVALID. TRY THEM. 3d. PER BAG. COATED Self = raising Hour makes delicious PUDDINGS, PtES AND CAKE5. M. A. COATE, Baker, Biscuit Baker, Confectioner, Grocer and Provision Dealer, Corn, Flour, Meal & Coal Merchant, MILFORD HAVIBIN. JOHNSTON BRICK WORKS. ORDINARY RED BRICKS, PRESSED FACING BRICKS, BUFFS, FLOORING SQUARES, &c., ALWAYS IN STOCK. For Price.:apply to the MANAGER, The Johnston Brick Works, 15131 Haverfordwest, South Wales. BEST VALUE IN PEMBROKESHt IRIS I i.. 4c",v-IE7 rw w iw HIGH STREET, HAVE RF ORWE ST. (UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT.) PIANOS I ORGANS ByCoUard&CoUard,Brinsmead,Hopkinson, By Bell, Carpenter, Needham, Malcolm, Mornington & Weston, A. Allison. Mason and Hamhn. PIANOS. iroml0/. per Month. ORGANS from 4/6 per Month. HARMONIUMS i'rom 3/3 per Month. Any Inatrament supplied on Easy Payment Systm and delivered free on First instai- ment. Warranty given and Tuned Free I BARGAINS I BORD PIANETTE, jS-<4.Cash- ) Pianoforte, Walnut Case, Check Action, Iron Frame, Second"hand Pianofortes! ( pull Compass, good as New, 16 Guineas Cash. TUNING AND REPAIRS A' SPECIALITY! Repau-s of every description done by Practical Men accustomed to High-class work (recent testimonials). On ]Romipt of Post Card a Representative will call at any Address to estimate to Tune, Bepair, or take in part exchange any Instrument DISTANCE NO OBJECT. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Cheap Music Edition at popular prices, ltd. and 2d. per copy. Selections from the Operas, Gd. each. Daisy Albums, 6d. each. 309 "TEETH. TEETH. TEETH. MR- E. ENGLAND CAN BE CONSULTED FROM ll to 5 r.M., AT MISS JOHN, BOOKSELLER AND STATIONER, 3, Victoria Place, Neu7 B),idgel Haverfordwest, EVERY FORTNIGHT. Next Visit, SATURDAY, SEPT. 14, 1901, And will alao attend at 13, Charles Stre et, Milford Haven (Mrs Mules, Confectioner), every other Tuesday. Next Visit, SEPT. 17. And at MMr r. APPLEBY'S, Chemist, Neyland, every other Tuesday. CONSULTATION FREE OF CHARGE. rEETIL.-I. Perfection in eating and speaking. 2. Perfectly natural and life-like in appearance. Upp?orLowerSot trom ? l?. Single Tooth. ,,£0 58. TEETH: ????ED PAiNLESSLY with Nitrous Oxide Gas. Notice-All Letters to be addressed to BRECKNOCK HOUSE, TENBY. l These remedies have stood the te"t of upwards of FIFTTT YEARS EXPERIENClD AND ARB PRONOUNCED THE BEST MEDICINES FOR FAMILY USE. THE PILLS ? ? Bi?, ??i???i???????? ? ?''? and are invaluable In all complamts InCIdental to Fcmalcs. THE OINTMENT is the moat reliable remedy for BAD LEGS, SORES, ULCERS, AND OLD WOUNDS, t.r Cold.. C.?, Sore?r? ?.??????''? ?.U?.. ¡ and all Skin Diseases It bas no equal. Manufactu.-ed only at 78 NEW OXFORD STREET, L\"lDON, And Sold by all if-ediciiie Vendors throughout the World. ??.??????????? between the hourn Of l and 4, or by letter. Haverfordwest Cycle Depot, BBIDO-E STREET. 1901 12 Guinea Cycles ? J ?"' ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?' ? ? ?- ? for 8 Guineas, .Fitted complete tvith Silver-plated Lense Lamp, Bell and Accessories or fitted a8 full roa(18fcr. I Guaranteed /01' Ttco Year8. Quantity of sound Ladies' and Gent's Cycles from .62 10s, having been taken as part exchange for New Machines. Accessories of all kinds stocked. Cycles for Sale, Exchange, or Hire. Sole District Agency for Leading Makers. Only British made Cycles stocked, and these at prices inviting comparison. Showrooms fitted throughout. J. J. SWEENEY (Certincated Agent.) t THE SWANSEA MERCANTILE BANK, Ltd., OF 18, PARK STREET, SWANSEA, MAKE CASH ADVANCES DAILY FROM jB5 to JB500 DUO FARMERS aud ALL CLASSES of respectable householders upon their own Note of Hand, and other kinds of securities. ALL TRANSACTIONS STRICTLY PRIVATE. Apply to- H. B. JONES, Manager; or W. D. PHILLIPS, Auctioneer, Haverfordwest, 3021 Local Representative. TASKER'S High School for Girls, HAVERFORDWEST. Headmistress:- M ISS WADDY, B. A. (Assisted by Highly Qualined Mistresses). FEES.—JEl 6s. Sd. per Term. Special Subjects Greek, German and Painting, Ins. per term. Country Pupils are only allowed to reside in Registered Lodgings, of which a. list can be obtained (with any other information desired relative to School arrange- ments), either from the Headmistress, or from Mr J. W. PHiLHPS, Solicitor, Tower Hill, Clerk to the Governors. Entrance Examination for new pupils at, the School at Ten o'clock on the 10th Sept. School reopens Sept. llth at 2 p.m. M-EYL E R'S CELEBRATED Cinger Beer Powder PREPARED FROM THE PUREST INGREDIENTS. A Pom-penny Packet will make Three Gallons of a delicious SUMMER OR WINTER DRINK. EVERYBODY SHOULD USE IT! Numerous Testimonials may be seen on application Please let Bearer have 3 MEYLER's Ginger Beer Powder, td. each. They are the very best I have ever tried." AiFo- MEYLER'S HEADEASE POWDERS CURE HEADACHE. HEADEASE HEADEASE cures is HEAD-AcHE, Customers say the ABSOLUTELY TooTH-AcHE, Powders act tike HARMLESS. FACE-AcHE, magic giving in- —— Tic, stant relief. Pnces: DOLOREUX, One and allied Tri. a,l Head-ease NEltvou. for Id. COMPLAI- ? 4d. COMPLAINTS. '? ?' 10 „ íJ,d. 20 ,,13M. The original and genuine to be obtained only from the Maker, T. D. MEYLER, Char!es Street, Milford. All Dru gs, Chemicals, Photographic Goods, &c., are of the best quality, and sold at the very lowest pos ible prices. (Exposed Plates and Films developed ats 2s. per dozen. A magnificent, up-to-date Stock of JE28,000 worth ot thoroughly reliable YOU Drapery & Furnishing Goods CAN Brought to your very Door. Patterns 01 all materials sent SHOP ? '? ?? ?*k??om.°*? part of t,fe n do-. All Ptfcets of the value of 20/- and over, Carriage Free. BY Every ar/<e/<f tf<' sell we guarahlet /o give satisfaction in wear. Post REVMOt-DSA?o.t-td. < UU Drapers amd HouM Fumisherx, NEVVPORT. MON. .319 NEW BRISTOL STEAMER. THE WATERFOED STEAMSHIP COM- PANY'S JjIMITED, i.(ew and Powerful Passenger and Cargo Steamer, Mena.pia, 1,000 tons, Or other vesse! is intended to aai) from BRISTOL every FRIDAY carrying cargo for HAVERFORD- WEST, MILFORD, NEW MILFORD, PEM. BROKE DOCK. PEMBROKE, TENBY. &c. From Cumberland Basin, Briato):— (Calling at Tenby and Pembroke Dock. Friday Sept. 6 10.0 a.m. Friday „ 13 <0 pm. Friday 20 10.0a.m. Friday „ 27 4.30 p.m. Goods received in Bristol every Thursday at toad- ing berth, City Quay, We!ah Back. No Cargo re- ceived at Cumberland Basin. Goods for Haverfotdwpst, Pembroke, Pembroke Dock, New Milford and Milford are transhipped into lighters at Milford Haven, and are conveyed to destination at Company's Expencc, but entirely at Owner's risk. N.B.—AH Empties crrried free mast be distinctly anderstood to be conveyed solely at Owner's Risk, unless Freight be paid on same. To ensure shipment Goods must h alongside steamer at City Q'jay, Bristol, at least thrae houra before adverted tima of sailing. Gooda Shipped by this Company's Steamers are received subject to conditions on their Genera! Noticca to be seen at their oQices. Information af to Inanrance of Goods and further partioulara and conditions of carriage can be obtained on application at the Company's Omces. Agent- F. J. SELLICK. 536 Miiford Haven. BACON LINE. SEPT.. 1901. The undcrnM;nttoned Steamers witt salt (unfoss pre- vented by any unforeseen circumstance) with or without Pilots and with liberty to tow. DIRECT STEAM COMMUNICATION between the foUowing ports as under THE FIRST-CLASS NEW STEEL S. S. "PRESTONIAN," or other suitable vessel). Fro" Bri.lf)l for Miltorl (With liberty to call at any port in Bristol Chann,I I Sept. o ctock Sept. o'ciocK Tuesday S S night I Tuesday 17 7 night Tuesday 1U 12 nightITues(lav 2t 12 night From ivilto.i /or L'verpool. <'> Sept. o'cbck Sept. o'ctock Wednf.<day 4 8 morn Wednesday IS 7 morn Wednesday II !2noon Wednesday 2.) 12 ;noon We d nes(la.? BP?UNSWICK. or other suitable vesse!). Pront Ltvei-pool for Ililford and Sio,sn-ica. Sept. o'clock. Sept. o'clock Saturday 7 4 even I Saturday 2L 3 after Saturday 14 10 night Saturday 2S K n'ght From litilfol-d /ot' Slv(tfl$cl. = Sept. o'clock. Sept. o'clock Sunday S 10 morn Sunday 22 9 morn Sunday 1.) 2 after I Sunday 2') 3 after The Steam }$¡Hge, "C!ed<)au" and Taurus." are intended to p!y on Mitford HaHn, in eounection with the above Steamers currying Goods to an') from Pem- broke Dock, fllverfor;iw,nt. an-I he adjacent towua, and wiU ti e'liv(,-r to such j;t.'wns nrst, M may be deemed ujost expedient. Passengers not carried this Month. Loading Berth n.t Liverpoo]—E::st sida Nelson Dock. All Empties on which no freight his been paid ara oa.ii'iad at Owner's risk. NoT!CE:—Th<' I.'n'lins; :ntd embarcatton of Goofti.) or PL\sengens at Milford, by whatever conveyance, whether at the expense of the Steamer or otherwise, and whether loaded into Barges and transhipped from one Barge to another, is at the risk of tne Passengers and the owners of the Goods respectively. For further particulars see small bills, or apply to John Bacon, Limited, 3 & 4, Oriel Chambers, 14, Water- street, Liverpool John Bacon Lmtd Bristol John B&con Limited, Swansea; Simpson, Howdti & Co., Manchester. J. PHILLIPS Agent, Milford. I BENSON'S COLD & GEMJEWELL-BY co o t. = Gold & Peart Lace Fin, )0/- Fine Gold Chain Bracelet, £3 3*. AOIPN-I t%1 SELECTIONS BENT ON APPROVAL. ?ine Gold Brooch, 2! Fine Gold & Pearls, 37/- LARGEST STOCK OF RINGS IN THE WORLD." Bri!!ia,nts and Ruhy Pearls, &6/- BriUi&nt, ?10 Pear!s & RubiM. 38/- BriniMi?. ?Bia 10t. Brilliants a.nd Ruby Pearls, 26/- Brilliant, £10 Pea.r1s Rubies, 28/- Brilliantt. £12 loL °' "pphlr.£O BEN SON '8 ?'? IL?"* ? ? t ?t ?L .??s-?t?N??BBtBHBB?NB&?? ?? t? N Ni?B ?!???ESsSt?MR!M?? A-? A-j? A ? ????? ? ? '?? ? A m ?m t ?????< THBB???????S?SMES??? ?r "? t j????tt?? ??? ? iMtieoHr?ui?Cp ) fv)TiTlitiiUnihUt, ?MBM???T????SNNt?SN??? ?. ?t tL ?t Estimates for Clocks for Churches. Factories, or PubtfC Buildings, free of charge. !cmM ? ?' .7 '?? M ?Hm?Na To Visitors tO London ?° iMpection of the New Clock o ISI ors 0 on On'SllOW Rooms is specially invited. SBE????????SB????N TT7'ATCHES and JEWELLERY SENT FREE at onr risk to ?"all parts of the World for Cash or P.O.O., payable at G.P.O. ?m???S??????J?j OLD WATCHES AND JEWELLERY TAKEN IN EXCHANGE. BENSONB BOOK of CLOCKS. WATCHES from B L2 to .£500. CHAINS, ENGAGEMENT RINGS BROOCHES, II IMPERIAL PLATE and CUTLERY, Post Free. J, W, BENSON, LM., The Steam Factory 62 &? L5?N?E ?TMM!t. M&ho"any Br?s Striking Cicck, ?.f ?'T'ET Order Form & Particulars of "THE TIMES" C ?U t? ? t El. System of Purchase. Post Free. GEORGE AOE, Cycling Champion of Wales, 1879 to 1889 (Retired) i CYCLp) -310 1-70-R C A WORIíS, :B -5r T E 2Sr B 'X' Every Cycle built to fit each I Customer. I Cash or Easy Payments to suit every Pocket "Ace" X Frame Roadster or Road Racer, <C!2. ANY MAKE TYRES, FIXED OR FREE WHEEL, all Accessorses mclu-ive. "Ace" Juvenile .Safeties from .64. "Ace" Lady's .Safeties from .68. "ACE" MOTOR BICYCLES, 1-= Horse -power, De Dion Engine, ;E45. "ACE "MOTOR TRICYCLE, „ ;E88. MOTOR COMPLETE WITH SPARE PARTS, TANK AND ACCESSORIES. VOITURETTE3 AND CARS BY ANY MAKER AT COMPETITIVE PHICES. FREE TRIAL OF "ACE" CYCLES AXD MOTORS. Stove Enamelling, Plating, Free-Wheels and Rim or Band Brakes fitted to all makes of Bicycles with Repairs of every description at lowest possible prices for nrst-dasa work. Workshops open for visitors' inspection. Railway Fare allowed both ways to purchasers of Cycles from j67 10s and upwards. 4, HIGH STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. WK. GEO. PHILLIPS, BOOT AND SHOE DEALER, Begs to announce that he is at present showing a good assortment of SEASONABLE GOODS AT REASONABLE PRICES. THE FAVOUR OF A CALL RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. PLEASE NOTE THE ADDRESS:— 01 OPPOSITE POST OFFICE. FOR THE BEST VALUE IN H!GH CLASS TA!LOR)Me (LADIES AND GENTS), TRY A. J- Ti IL THE CASH TAILOR, 9, ROBERT STREET, ILFORD HAVEN The sure and steady growth of whose Business these last six years Is the best guarantee of the excellence of the work turned out and the satisfaction which he gives to his Customers. All Garments are cut and fitted personally and made upon the premises, under personal supervision. All Goods are plainly marked at the lowest prices, which are very much below those usually charged for the same classes of Goods. A good selection of TIES and HOSIERY constantly kept in stock. MACKINTOSHES SUPPLIED (made up to special measurements). NoTE.—Country Customers personally waited on on receipt of Post-card stating requirements Mourning Orders in all cases take precedence. THPA, NFIJW CARI)IFF IIIILLING Co., LDo5 CARDIFF. -ilk Flours "Red <Star Brand. FINES, LEATHERS, RED TIE, and EXTRAS, of superior strength, purity, and navour, pro- ducing bread of excellent quality and sweetness RED STAR BRAND SUPPLIED BY ALL FIRST-CLASS GROCERS. 485 rhe World's Medicine. J3e(é¡;m:s SJitts For Bilious and Nervous Disorders, Flatu- tence and Pain in the Stomach, Sick-headache. Giddiness, a sense of repletion and discomfort after eating, Dizziness and Drowsiness, Cotd r";ns, Flushings of Heat. Loss of Appetite. rtoess of Breath, Costiveness, Scurvy and n the Skin, Sleeplessness, Disturb- .ft-m w Spirits, Loss of Energy. and Nervous Dyspepsia in all its forms. The first dose generally gives re/ler In twenty mittutes. This M BO Sction, for in countless CMM the im- mediate effect has jiroved remM-ktbte. ETcrr suSprcr is earnestly inritcd to !na)ce tritjt of BHECHAM'S PILLS, which wi!! fully justify their ,,putatic,n f being V?ORTH A?GUtNEA A BOX. FOR FEMALES of aU ar'es these Pills are ttmpty invaluabJe, as a few dose* wilt restore free and regular conditions, and effect- ually remove the causes of much suffering to .the sex. For a Weak Stomach, <mpa!red Digestion, Disordered Uver, BKECHAM'S PILLS set like ".)IACIC," and a few dows will be found to work 0/1 the rnüst importAnt in the hrc up the Ill'nOI1 and rf-vive t11(' ],m1: brinr uack the keen of apl'<'1;t('. and &l'ou¡.;e into action, the, too ofteii, of mind and Y)fxlv. As a blond it is Hut tOl) much to say that TREY HAVE O EQIAL. One of the best guararrlees that can be offered to the nervons and debilitated is that BEECHAM'S PILLS have by fiBtr the largest sale of any intent Medi- cine in the World, being Over Six Million Boxes per Annum. rrPpMed only by the rroprictor, TnOMAS BEECHAM. St. Hc)cns iknd .sold by Druggj¡;ts and Patent Medicine Dealers, In Boxes, )/<; and 2/C each, with fu!! d!rectio!-t. PIANOS AND ORGANS. CHURCHILL, 66, PARK STREET, BRISTOL. THE FIXEST 'PIANOFORTES & A MERICAN OHGAKS IX THE WORLD: At Prices jmuch below those usuaUy charged for inferior Instruments. T)IANO. CHURCHILL'S 20 Guinea Piano. Iron Frame, Check Action, Full Trichord, Walnut and Marqueterie Case. A thoroughly durable instrument. T)IAXO. CHURCHILL'S 23 Guinea Upright j [ ?/ Grand Pianoforte. All latest improvements. MagniSc'ent tone. Ebcmiscd or Walnut Case. Marvellous va!ue 1DIANO. CHLnCHILL':10 Guinea Upright JL ? Grnnd Piannforte. Overstrung, Ivory Keys, beautiful Tone and Touch. Ebouised, Rosewood, or Durr Walnut Case. J'DL IANO. CHURCHILL'S ? Guinea Upright ? Gruud rianofort?. A superb Instrument with all the most Modern Improvements. In very choice Burr Walnut. Ebonised, or Rosewood Case. TJt_ )IAXOS. CHURCHILL'S 10 Guinea. 45 \? Gtuue.i, and .)0 Guiuea Piano- 1 fortes are distinguished for their maguincent fuU and bell-like tune: capable of grand Orchestral Effects, which surprise every one. SECOND ll.\ND PIANOS FROM £10. OLU INSTRUMENTS TAKEN IN EXCHANGE. m't<c /o'' Illtist)-ate(I Calalo'Jlle. jPoa< /?'ee. EsTA!!LIsum) 1873. CHURCHILL, 66, Park Street, BRISTOL. I THE — CRAPHOPHOME ??? PLEASES ALL G Splendid Machine8 are Bold from 25/- up. THE QRAPHOPHOKE MAKES MERRY IN THE HOME. It requires no skilled operator. Anyone can, with its aid, reproduce the music of h:1.nd, orchestras, vocalists, and instru- mental soloists. There is nothing like it for an evening at home or in the social gathering. On the Graphophone you can easily make and Instantly reproduce records of thevoiceorof any sound. The Graphophone won the Gfand Fix at the Paris (t900) Exposition, over all competitors. Write for "&pecia) C'H't''e a" COLUMBIA CO.(G<;B'L,\ J23. Oxford St.. London. W. ————————————————-— ——————— THE TAUNTON AND WEST OF ENGLAND PERPETUAL Benefit Bunding Society. ETABL¡Kû 1867. lh:c\1 ? ?.c?s 3, U?] ?ET STRFET. TAUXTON Sccrctury: MR. A:.]n:nT GoouMAX. QUMS OF MONEY are tendy to be advauccd on security ot any description of REAL PHOPE1.TY, HOUSES or LAND (freehold, lease. Md or copyhold' on the most equitable terms. The principal aud interest repayable by Mouthly Instalments, ubs('riptioll In-;esting Shares, :md Fully p 11 id.up Sh:trc8i-sued. Deposits received at Interest, 4 per ccut. per annum. Prospectuses, or any further particulars, may be obtained on application to the SECRETARY, as above, or to MR. JAMES WILLIAMS, Priory Street, Milford HttvpN, 3094 A.-nt of the Society FURNITURE AT MOST ASTONISHING PRICES' Save your Money by purchasing:of the well-known old-established Firm, BEV A COMPANY Whose large resources enable them often to sell at the prices other Tradws have to par for their goods Below are a few leading prices. All other goods equally cheap. £, 8. d. Full-sized Feather Beds, from I 12 6 Iron Bedsteads (immense stocks) from 010 $ Wire woven Spring Mattresses, from 0 911 Duchesse Pairs (Walnut, Birch, or Mahogany). 212 < Capital Bedroom Suites, compris- ing Chest Drawers, with glass attached, Tileback, Marble-top Dressing Table, Towel Rail, Two Chairs, and Toilet Set 3 17 < An endless variety of Bedroom Suites up to Fifty Guineas per suite. Dining Suites (200 to select from), from 312 $ Splendid Saddle Bag Suites, from 7 17 < Handsome Drawing Room Suites, in figured silk, from 12 12 $ Pianofortes and Organs at about one h&lf usual Music Warehouse Prices SPECIAL VALUE IN CARPETS, FLOOR CLOTHS, LINOLEUMS, AND RUGS. DELIVERY FREE. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES GRATIS. BEVAN & COMPANY COMPLETE House Furnishers, Bedding, Carpet and Music Ware- housemen, 7, WIND STREET, SWANSEA. ALSO AT CARDIFF, NEWPORT & PONTYPOOL. The Farmer's Friend IS THE XELOTTE SEPARATOR! Uni-ivalled as a Crean" Proclucer. WHAT DO FARMERS REQUIRE More than a Reduction in Rent ? READ THE "MELOTTE" SEPARATOR CATALOGUE and the question wi'l answer itaelf! The lolloping are a few of the advantages claimed for this REMARKABLE MACHINE Increased Fronts in the DairJ: Eight Cows with a Melotte Produce more Butter than Ten Cows without One. The Mclotte has beaten all Competitors, Including the "Alia Lavat," which it hM now superseded altogether Ten Timee it Public Tna's. PAHIS EXPOSITION, 1900. The Highest Award. TUB G n.XD PRIX AKD GoLD MEDAt. was gained by the "MELOTTE" SEPARATOR. Sole _('le,i; fur Pembrokf.81(ir: PHILUPS&W!LK!NS B:AVERFORD\VEST. X. B.—Our CycItQg Department Includes a SPECIAL ROADSTER at JE7 17e. 6d. Guaranteed extraorJinnrY value. Exquisite Iiodels. Periect FIL Guaranteed Wear. ??? IHE ?? TUEY&N:=- j?S?& ? CHH MAM ??J "ø gsl !!r! T <?? ?'" "t sp)it Ker te*r <a ? ?-? In the seam< tttt Fabric. ?? '?V\ ??<?7<?,B/<!C*.<m?<t// f th j(7s/¡ra"rhÜcolors 6? shades. 'A \?\ ?-?s"i'/?e ?i,T/n?" I ?- 'Ijt?.t* -jMdN perptirtndupwtrdt. /<ESSSSaHt ? TM?EE GOLD MEO?LS. ? ( y ?M?M?iSft?. ? "The best make of Corsets is tt« I Y 6: .G,tl,U'o_ ??* ??CAU?OMi"' ? ?SB? See th.n Re?tered Trade Mark ??'J?? ? ? ?°''?' Se" isimprinted on c\"erycorset &: box /???'JNt?' imprintt?d on c?-ery corset &box ? '? "?iNw? Sr.!d by the principal DtMtF? ?. ? V ?. throughout the United Kirn?d? and Co',ouim 341 WATCH a CHAIN FUtt OKE DAY'S WOUL   IT18 c= et  N'IC13cl, I'J.TElJ f? 'ATCII, CRUN ad  fOT "'g 1 t dO'D P":k" -f LU" ?' ¡"ivl'one e' Bead y?.r full ?ddrs luctudi name 0, COUJaty. S??? ?'?for? ??: ?t? 'S*?T! ?L'?.!t?R?"?'?"? H.mMMy ?'<yCe. (B?MtmMt ML Ml. et?y Bottt. W?tMofw?t. t?«t. t?. 348 jt