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Haverfordwest Board of Guardians.


Haverfordwest Board of Guardians. A meeting of this Board was held in the Board Room at the Workhouse on Wednesday Mr T. Llewellin presiding. The other members pre- sent were Mr T. John, MrS. W. Dawkins, Mr W. H. George, Mr T. Baker, Mr T. F. Jenkins, Mr Geo. Williams, Mr W. J. Owen, Mr W. Jones, Mr J. Thomas, Mr J. Roberts, Mr George George, Mr H. P. Griffiths, and tke Rev. J. J. Evans. THE STATE OF THE HOUSE. The Master, (Mr Hall), reported that there were in the house 102 inmates as compared with 100 at the corresponding period of last year. During the paat fortnight 21 vagrants had been relieved. THE CHILDREN'S' HOLIDAY. The Workhouse Master's report book contained the following entry—"Gentlemen,—Will you kindly grant me permission to take the children to Broad Haven someday next week ?" Mr Dawkins proposed that the requisite per- mission should be given. He hoped the children would have a better day than they had last year. (Hear, hear). Mr Owen seconded the resolution which was supported by Mr W. H. George and carried unani- mously. SCARLETT J'BVXR IX THE HorSE. The Medical officer (Dr. J. H. Williams), made a special report as follows :—" This morning I was casually informed by an inmate that Wm Axford, aged eight, who was admitted on August 3rd, suffering from ringworm, had only recently re- covered from an attack of scarlet fever prior to admission. 1 examined him, and found him to be peeling. He has been in close association for nine days with three other ringworm cases so that to isolate him from them seems to be rather useless, besides which we have no means of isolation of the two lots of children separately from each other and it is out of the question to send back the other three children to Miss Pawlett as they might at any time sicken from scarlet fever and so spread the disease. I therefore recommend that the four children be strictly isolated in the room they now occupy, and that their clothing be placed in a tub or pan separate from others and allowed to soak in J eyes' Fluid for 24 hours before being boiled that Wm Axford should be bathed daily in the iso- lation ward, and rubbed with carbolised oil one in 60 that there should be no communication what- ever between Miss Pawlett's building and the iso- lation ward. The Assistant Nurse will take charge of the case." Replying to the Chairman the Relieving Officer said he ordered the admission of the boy Axford to the House, but did not kViow that he had had scarlet fever. He also saw the boy. The Chairman remarked that it seemed rather loose. The Board eventually adopted the report and recommendations of the Medical Officer. This waa all the business of public interest.

Haverfordwest DistrictI Council.


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