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St. Mary's Church, Haverfordwest.

Preservation of Roch Castle.

Child's Sad Death.

Roose Petty Sessions.





SCIIOLASTI(' SUCCESS.-Master W. H. Thomas, son of Mr J Thomas, of the Rising Sun," Bar- n,, Sun, Bar- net (grandson of Mr W. Thomas, Cotts Farm, Little Haven), and a former pupil at Silesia College, has succeeded in passing a very stiff examination in connection with the College of Preceptors. Master Thomas has been placed very high in the honours division, which we understand is most unusual in the case of a youth only 15 years of age. The examination will enable him to enter at once on his studies at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, which profession he has chosen. PROMOTION FOR LIEWT. W. H. GEORGE.— Promotion has come rapidly for Lieut. W. H. George. It will be remembered that this young officer, who com- menced as a private in the Haverfordwest volunteers, volunteered for the front in February last and became attached to the Worcesters. He left for South Africa on the 1st of March, and on his arrival at once got into the thick of the fighting. His duties con- sisted principally in guarding convoys and in several en- gagements with the enemy he exhibited considerable dash and ability, and on one occasion earned the specific praise of his general. As a result of his general conduct he is now promoted to the rank of full Lieutenant, and, on behalf of our readers, we offer him our warm con- gratulatious on his promotion. LLANDRINDOD WELLS.-The annual Croquet Tournament took place on the Pump House Hotel grounds on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, August 8th, !)th, and 10. Third MOUJKL-—Mr Howell Walters and Mrs Warden beat Mr and Mrs Seaman by 11 points. General Briggs and Mrs Howell Walters beat Mr Langdon and Miss Scott by 11 points. Fourth Round.- General Briggs and Mrs Howell Walters beat Mr Warden and Miss Langton by 21 points. The rest had byes. Final. Mr Howell Walters and Mrs Warden beat General Briggs and Mrs Howell Walters by 3 points. The first prizes were therefore won by Mr Howell Walters and Mrs Warden and the second by General Briggs and Mrs Howell Walters. The final, which lasted 4 i hours were watched with great interest by nearly two hundred spectators and was considered the best game ever played on the hotel grounds.