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APPROACHING EVENTS Noannouncemcuts unless paid for can appear under the above hiding, except those for which prmtmg or advertising is doue at the office of this paper. rrErrEIL\.XCE IlALL.—TIie annual tea meet- i. ng in connection with the Temperance Hall will take place on Fhursday, Nov. :i0t:h. Oil Sunday, December 3rd, sermons will be preached in the Moravian Chapel, in aid of Moravian loreig!i Missions by the Rev J. M. Wilson, of Londou. On thu following evening the a.nnu:il Mission- ary meeting will be held, when the will be ta,ken by Sir Charles E. G. PIiilipps, Bart. SUTTON BAPTIST CirAl'EL. DiAMOXD Jumi.EK Sr.nvicES.—The Sixtieth Anniversary of the above Cha.pel will be celebrated on Sunday !j,ud Monday, December 10th and nth, when services will be conducted in the following order: Sunday at 10 a.m., 2.80 and u.;{0 p.m. Sermons will be delivered by Rev. 2. 3 0?i,n(l ?;. "() p .nl. Sertiions wi J. J. Evans, of Towcester, Northampton, and the Rev. D. 0. Edwards, of Bethlehem. Collections at the close of each service. Monday Preaching service in the morning at 10 30. In the afternor.u a Socfa! meeting will bo held when addresses will be given by Revs J. WiDi&ms (Pastor), E. Lawrence, D. Morris T. R. Lewis and others. Inthepvening Rev.D. O Edwards will deliver lus popular lecture on "Rowland Hill, His Life and Sayings. C,lltJr to he taken at 7 o'clock by Bev.'T.J. Evans ortharnptoll. A.dmisioll to Lecture one Shilhng.CluhIren under 11 half price. C'tiApEL.—A gi-aii(I sacred concert wdl be gtveu at the above place on Tuesday evening, Decemberl<). Frontseats,ls.:galIery,Cd. bouTU DAinY OiiArEL.—Public tea and entertainment, Friday, January 12th. Tickets, 1",