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?F??D ? T* ?HiiP ? FVF?Q ?0 CHARGE I is made for Consultation. R. J. TRUSCOTT, F.S.M.O., S3 IC3rJE3:T S:p -M 0 1: -Mi T s rr MAY BE CONSULTED AT Cranmore House, New Bridge, Haverfordweat, Everu olitei- TUESDA r from 11 to 6. Date of next vitit-DEC. 5. ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO BE ADDRESSED TO TENBY. iM W. D. PHILLIPS, A U C T ION E E ¡ QOM- JIISSION & .1SS URA..VC E .Å GENT. ALEb SATISFACTORILY GUARANTEED. Intending Borrowers introduced to Lenders who have money for Investment on Freehold or Lease- hold Securities. THE VAULTS, HIUH ST., HAVERFORDWEST. THE ONLY REAL BALBRIGGAN HOSIERY. Choice Good-) in Ladies' Plain Cashmert Hose and with Embroidered Fronts. Gents' Socks, Plain and Ribbed Cashmere. Always a fine range in Stock. Please ask to see them or allow us to send samples. ;SOI<E AGENTS- Greenish Dctlvkins, HAVERFORDWEST. Notepaper! Notepaper! Notepaper! When next requiring Notepaper and Envelopea it will be worth remembering that V6 riavo a LARGE STOC'X OF VARIOUS QUA1JTIES AND PRICES. Our Loading Line consisting of a iM. PACKET OF SUPERFINE PARCHMENT NOTE WITH; PRINTED ADDRESS, Axr' 100 ENVELOPES TO MATCH, Which we supply at 71 ?- 2 demanù. la still in great demand. We are constantly receiving repeat orders from those who have already purchased SILURIAN OR DARK GREY TINTS May also be obtained at the same price. EACH ADDRESS WILL BE NEATLY PRINTED In the S'lG selected, uf which there are a largo number to choose from. To be obtained at the "Telegraph" Omce, BRIDGE STREET, IIAYEKFURDWEST Da!es? ?dM" MEUAL OubMn for Boom a!H.l HARNESS. )ftlls ,ulll preserves the 1¡, thel'. pleasant odour, al- 'S with Backing. Highest Awards. ,'id., Is. & 2s.<;d.of Iroo- c. Ma.nufa.ctory I)Ltll,ViChl, Lolldon. IF VÕU K,ËËP POULTRY FOR PLEASURE OR PROFIT Y' :t¡¡"jlI ()r UK WITHOUT An  ? Restorer. ?'??' StrMi?tlit?um-i' t' Bhd.i&ndk-'pn' tb'-m thrivin, 6hvrt,'uJl1! Y invL!u¡ahn:; t hot renewin B S PbItryfbwde THE FULLEST LAY!MG POWERS. PU Ile Layinc ea.fty; x 'lIr"i I'toup. G:J.i" <rMup. &e. .¡..t Casbv.'ith?r.?.r. Sendforn?M"ofnt<n-fata?ent. i CHA. ¡;i>.lIsóurv. ENCrLANn- fVESTERN RAILJVAY I EXCURSIONS will run as under:— T?-OXDAY, NOVEMBER 27.-To BIRMING- j?JL HAM, for I, :?, 5 or 8 days, from NEW aad OLD MILFORD, Havcrfordwest, Goodwick, Let- terstoQ, Pembroke Dock, Tenby, Whitlaud, &c. For times, bookings from other stations, WEEK- END-EXCURSIONS, &c., see bills and pamphlets. J. L. WILEINSON, 1461 General Manager. METLER'S PECTORAL OXYMEL CUBES Coughs, Cold, Bronchitis, Asthma, Hoarseness, Influenza, and all complaints of the Chest and Lungs. Hundreds of patients annually find relief from taking the above Valuable Medicine. Ask your Chemist to order it for you. Where any difficulty is obtained in procuring it, send 1-t Postage Stamps, and it shall he sent by return of Post. PREPARED OXLY BY T. D. MEVLER (Chemist), 20, CHARLES STREET, MILFORD HAVENS SOLD BY Mr. T. M. PHtLUPS (Chemist), CASTLE SQUARE, HAVERFORDWEST. London Agents: BARCLAY & SONS, 9.), FalTingdon I Street. [1463 "Perfection of Blended Whisky. 'Lancet. EXCELSIOR SCOTCH WHISKY. "We have examined analytically this blend of Scotch Whisky, and find it to be unusually pure, of excellent na.vonr, and well matured. Recommended with confi- dence as a safe and palatable stimulant for the sick a.nd convalescent. Edited by T. LAUDE BRUNTO, M D., LL.D., &c. Awarded Diploma-Highest Award- Cardiff Exhibition. Awarded Gold Medal International Exhibition, Bordeaux, 1896. SOLE PROPRIETORS- MARGRAVE BROS., LLANEM.Y. PRICE LiSTS FREE OX APPLICATION. Recommended with coaSdeuce as a. Stimulant for ick and Convalescent. "—London Pract ¡tioller. 195 I Hellings & Cornwell, FAMILY AND SHIPPING BUTCHERS, 4, CHARLES STREET, MILFORD HAVEN, r?ESIRE to thank their numerous customers for the L? hearty support givcu them on the opening of the new business at the above premises. They beg to state that they will have a A GOOD STOCK OF BEST WELSH MEAT at the lowest possible Cash Prices, at :N 0, 5 Stall in the Market ON SATURDAY NEXT. Please Note.—They Sell no Foreign Meat. Best Welsh Meat- Prime Ox Beef, Wether Mutton &, Lamb; Dairy fed Pork, &c., <Ssc. THE CHEAPEST AND THE BEST. COATE'S Nursery Biscuits Are invaluable alike to the Nursery and the Invalid. Many a sickly child has grown strong and robust by being fed with Coate's Nursery Biscuits. 3d. per Bag. COATE'S Baking Powder Is Absolutely Pure, therefore Best. In Id. Packets, and 3d. & 6d. Drums. COATED I Se!f=raising Ftour Is g-uarautecd Pare and free from Maize Meal. It is indispensable and unsurpassed by anything on the Market for making Bread, Cake, Pastry, Suet Puddings. Pies, &c., &c. Ask your Grocer for it, and see that you get it. Per Ib., 2!d. COATED MILFORD HAVEN. The War In South Africa. A PUBLIC MEETING WILL BE HELD AT THE SHIRE HALL, HAVERFORDWEST, On SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2oth, AT 2 p.m., To consider the beat means of raising Funds for the aid of the Families of the Soldiers and Sailors now on active service. CAWDOR, 1453 Lord Lieutenant of Pembrokeshire. TOWN AND COUNTY OF HAVER- FORDWEST. A PUBLIC MEETING Of the Inhabitants of Ha.verfordwest will be held at the SHIRE HALL, On Wednesday, November 29th, 1899, At 8 p.m. to consider the best means of raising Funds in aid of the FAMILIES OF THE SAILORS AND SOLDIERS Now on active Service in South Africa. CHARLES E. G. PHILIPPS, BART., Lord Lieutenant and Mayor. Haverfordwest, '20th, Nov. 1899. HG4 HAVIERFORDWEST. XOTICB IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE HAVERFORDWE5T Christmas Market t'OR THIS YEAR WILL BE HELD On Thursday, the 21st of Dec., 1899. BY ORDER, CHARLES E. G. PHILIPPS, Bart, Mayor. Council Chamber, 9th, November, 1899. ADMINISTRATIVE COUNTY OF PEMBROKE. TECHNICAL INSTRUCTION COM- MITTEE. SCHOLARSHIPS FOR FARMERS SONS. IFHE Technical Instruction Committee of the i- Pembrokeshire County Council are about to award FIVE SCHOLARSHIPS of £8 each to enable the Sons of Pembrokeshire Farmers to attend a SEVEN WEEKS COURSE IN AGRICULTURE at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, commencing JANUARY lOrn. 1900. The Committee will in addition award a Prize of f8 to the Candidate (being a holder of one of the said Five Scholarship!*) who gains the highest number of Marks at the Examination held in con- nection with the Seven Weeks Course. Applicants must not be under the age of 16. Applications to be sent in on or before WEDNES- DAY, the 13-rH DAY or DECF,)UlEU, 1899, to me the undersigned, stating age of applicant, size, and character of Farm, Parish where situate, and the Schools attended by applicant. WM. DAV1ES GEORGE, Clerk to the Committee. Shire Hall, Haverfordwest, 17th November, 1899. 14o5 In the Matter of the Milford Haven Railway and Estate Company Limited. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN TIIAT the CREDITORS of the above named t Company are required on or before the 19th day of DECEMBER 189*) to send their NAMES and ADDRESSES and the particulars of their DEBTS or CLAIMS and the Names and Addresses of their Solicitors if any to WILLIAM PARRY JENNINGS of Botolph House Easteheap London E.C. the Liquidator of the said Company and if so required by notice iu writing from the said Liquidator are by their Solicitors to come in and prove their said DEBTS or CLAIMS at such time and place as shall be specified in such notice or in default thereof they will be excluded from the benefit of any distribution made befere such Debts are proved. Dated this 9th day of November 1899. W. PARRY JENNINGS, 1455. Liquidator. IBU nWO14 IRIECWOIR-X-, (About 6 miles from Haverfordwest, and 1 mile from Pembroke Ferry). BOWLING BROTHERS LTAYE been instructed by Rev. A. L. CJL HARKisox, to SELL BY Aucnox on TuK.s- VA Y, üYE)IBER 28th, 1899, (and following day if necessary), the whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, piano, bicycle, ba.y cob, 6-year- old, can be ridden by lady, dog cart, Iiarness, tripple ca.rt h&rness, saddle, donkey, boat, hay, potatoes, &e. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock. Two months' credit subject to conditions. Full particulars please "ee postera or attend sale. N.H.—Tbe days being short and the lots numerous, an early attendance, to enable the Auctioneers to commence promptly, will greatly oblige. -TO LET a THREE-ROOM COTTAGE in ? SIade ) Lane.—Apply RICHARD WADE, Loo Choo Farm. [14.56 -TO LET, TWO COTTAGES AND GARDENS in t SLADE LANE.-Apply, JOII HARRIES, Coal Mer- chant, Haverfordwest. 14;")i A PARTMEXTS. Comfortable BEDROOM and ? SITTIXG ROOM to Let.-Apply 15, High Street. 1444 APARTMENTS, consisting of Two Bedrooms and ?\ Two Sitting Rooms, to LET in a pleasant and centra! part of towu.—Apply omce of this paper. \VAV /ELL FURNISHED BEDROOM & SITTING ROOM, (with use of piano) TO LET in Dew Street, (next door to the Grammar School.) Apply MpR PHiLPiN, Grocer. DUSINESS PREMISES in BRIDGE STREET, D HAVERFORDWEST, late in the occupation of MB Jonx Rt:ES, baker, as, to be let on lease.—Enquire of MESSRS PRICE & SON, Solicitors, Dew Street, Haver- fordwest. 1412 FIRES! FIRES FIRES' OLD SHIPS' TIMBERS cut into lengths for Drawing-room Fires at per Cwt. or Ton delivered Free.—Enquire of Mr THOMAS PALSfEB, Pill, Milford Haven. NEW HONEY. tJONEY IN SECTIONS FOR SALE? a few on n hand—the best procurable.—Apply B, THOMAS, Station.. master, Johuston. FOR SALE. f-'OR SALE, Six Volumes, enticed: "COUNTY r SEATS OF THE NOBLEMEN OF GRE'AT BRITAIN AND IRELAND," with Descriptive and Historical Letterpress. A realiy bea.utifu!!y got-up work. Condition as new. M;t.y be seen at the ofHee of thix paper. t\tOTEPAPER and Envelopes in ?reat variety. See !\t large Advertisement.—" Telegraph Oince, Hav. erfordwest. COMMERCIAL Envelopes 2s. 11(1. and 3s. Qd. p.ei I l.OOO—special value.—"Telegraph" Office, Hav- erfprdwest. DENCE Envelopes for Churches and Chapel, splendid quality, 2a. 3d. per 1,000.—"Telegraph" Office, Haverfordwest. m_ A LL Books and Forms used by Overseers and Poor ? Rate Collectors.—" Telegraph OHico, Haverford- west. M-Af()LD01:JOl' B?? C.S i". hy U in.), M. each !V!—"Telegraph" Onice, Havetfordwest. W'- r;1JDIXG Cake Boxca ?s. M. per dozet?- VV Telegraph OiHce, Haverfordwest. WEmIXG Cards.-LR-t'g'e.¡t and Choicest Selection VV tlie County. Speuimt:us Sit free on applica- tion.—"Telegraph" Ontce, Haverfordwest, tjIRINCT Agt-eemeut Forms.—"Telegraph" OHioe H 11?iverford VAV /ANTED .)n APPRENTICE to th.- MILLIN?tiY. Appty to Juux EvAX?, Draper. Bridge Street, Haverfurdwest. AT THE VERY TOP OF STRENGTHENING TONICS STANDS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS Reliable at every change of health, suitable for every climate, safe and sure alike for men, women, and children. The Grand Secret of Dame Nature for the alleviation of INDIGESTION. NERVOUSNESS. WEAKNESS. SLEEPLESSNESS. LOW SPIRITS. DYSPEPSIA. LIVER COMPLAINTS. THE VEGETABLE TONIC. THE VEGETABLE TONIC. THE VEGETABLE TONIC. Is advocated as a first aid toward i quickening commercial instincts, for the counting-house or the market- place. It is a tonic that is sure to be wanted. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS The hard-working toilers gener- ally of the United Kingdom should remember the old saying Preven- tion is better than cure," and that just as it is necessary to call in a medical man when brain and body are overtaxed so it is desirable to do all that is possible to keep the sys- tem thoroughly up to the mark, for every rush of competition and extra labour. You have a regular doctor, have you a regular preservative of health to save you from the doctor and the doctor's bills ? If not, try GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS A purely vegetable tonic, which contains the strengthening qualities of Sarsaparilla, Saffron, Burdock, Gentian, Lavender, and Dandelion, as well as Quinine. The exact remedy you want for Palpitation, Sleeplessness, Biliousness, or Rheu- matism. It not only gives you freedom from pain but strength and zest for your work that makes it a pleasure. THE VEGETABLE IONIC. THE VEGETABLE TONIC. THE VEGETABLE TONIC. SOLD EVERYWHERE In bottles, 2s M and 4s 6d each, or in cases containing three 4s 6d at l'2s per case. The Proprietors will forward, carnage free, f'r the above prices, should any diBculty be experi. enced in procuring it. GWILYM EVANS' QUINCE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. BEWARE Of IMITATIONS. See the name Gwilym Evans" on Label, Stanp, and Bottle. SOLE PROPRIETORS: QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING COMPANY, LIMITED, LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. APPRENTICE WANTED <o the General Iron- mongery.—PHlLLiP9 & "VITKI-XSI Ironmongers, Haveriordwest. 1359 rL\J PAPERY. DAVID EVANS, Bradford House, LLA.jfKLLY, requires good JUNIOR ¡:YOUXG MAX. State full im.rticulars. [1451 GOOD tM PROVE RS IFO the COAOHSMITHING wazited.-JoN-j-s Cu., Coachbuilders, Merthyr. W ANTED, UNDER GARDENER. Age about 24, W with good knowledge of outside work. Apply. giving experience and references to Gardener, Bryn-ar-y-Mor, Llanelly. 1470 WANTED TWO respectable Youths as APPRENTICES to the t Churn-making and general trade of Coopers. wages. Journeymen have weekly at a lower rate of wages than we now pay.—Apply G. 'Li.Ewz:i/Ln< & SONS, Prize Churn Works, Haveriord- weat. 1278 PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS SITUATIONS VACANT AND WANTED One Insertion. Three Insertion s. d. a. d. ISWordsorleas.. o 9 13 20 do.10 19 25 do.13 23 30 do.16 29 Particular attention is called to the fact that the above scale only applies to Situations Vacant and Wanted. -=:

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