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Burton Parish Council.

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MILFORD HAVEN. Our readers are respectfully invited to forward us notice of births, marriages, or deaths, which we insert free of charge, the only condition being that they are accompanied with the name and address of the sender. Communications left at our Milford office not later than Tuesday noon will ensure insertion in the next issue of the TelcQrap.h. Every description of Plain and Ornamental PRINTING neatly and expeditiously executed at very low prices, at the '/elet/rap/t Printing Offices, Priory Street, Milford Haven. William Lewis & Sons Pro- prietors. WEDDING CARDS WEDBINQ CAEDS NEW SELEC- TION JUST RECEIVER—For specimens and prices, apply at the TelcgrapJ Offices, Haverfordwest and Milford Haven- NOTICE.—As previously announced Mr Henry Evans, L.D.S., R.C.S., Dental Surgeon, intends visiting Milford Haveu, at 36, Charles Street, every alternate Moudav commencing Monday, Nov. 20th, 1899. Extraction JfiU from 12 to 1 o clock, DETAL NOTICE. Messrs F. Owen & Co., Surgeon Dentists now attend at Mr Bev?ns. stationer ^U1'gPCh^ai.Kles Strrebetf MilfordHtv.en, every other Tuesdav. 12a, Charles Street, l\ilford&weu" e?ry other Tuesday. See lar?e advertisement. Consultation free. American Dentistry. Tee h fixed by the company's Patent Suction requiring no ?stoning. For eating and articulation they are equal to the natural teeth. C') TilE PARIS.-The llufortunate liner Paris, still retrains in Dry Dock, awaiting the repairs. It is believed that no attempt will be made now to let the contract until after the decision of the legal proceedings at present pending in regard to the insurance of the vessel. FISHING INDUSTRY.—Owing to the adverse weather the fishing during the past fortnight has been Sther disappomtmg. Te take has indeed been the worst experienced for a considerable tin\e, and as a result the priccs are much higher than they have been of late. VVitli the improved weather which appears to be settlingg down now better results are expected. THE WATER AND PAVING LOANS. Following the decision of the Trban Council at last meeting the pre- liminary steps with regard to the obtaining of a loan for the extension of the water supply, and to complete the pavinc of the thoro hfares, have been taken, and it '1; e.peote that the Local Government Inquiry vyill take place early in the new year. The dedaion-dr the Council in regard to these matter is generally approved of by the towns- people. A TRANSPORT SEEKS SIrELTEP.The transport ship conveying the 14th Hussars to South Africa, which left Liverpool early last week was obliged to Ft into M?ord Haven on Thursday afternoon owing to 'the stress of weather and illness tjf a number of the horse i on board. I 1 he horses suffered considerably from the very rough ■ weather they experienced and many were injured, The services of Mr Evans, V.S., Haverfordwest, were requisiti, oned and ne treated tlie animals. On Saturday all Avere sufficiently recovered to continue the journey and on that evening the transport left the harbour. THE SAILORS HOME AND MISSIONARY HALL. This new institution has now been opened for some time and its advantages are Jaighly appreciated by the dieep saa fishermen and sailors. It contains an excellent and cheerful reading room v.eil-supplied with current literature, anu reirerihmentB can be obtained on the premises. Provision is also made for lodging a number of men who are thus comfortable and well-cared for during their stay. The institution is managed by a com- mittee of local ladies and gentlemen. THE TRANSVAAL WAE.— "\VIJ,OW,S i-NA ÜRIIUS" Fuvi-).-A n\(!v.enent has been initiated on the Docks titch ),is f,,] it, object tlie' raising of subscriptions for the relief of the widows' and orphans of our gallant soldiers w-ho, are now' tighting their country's battles in South Africa. Tl^e scheme has met with approval from the must influential business gentlemen connected with the Docks, who have already shown their appreciation in a most tangible manner, and we trust that the fund may receive the unstinted support of all classes. Mr D. L. Thomas, manager of the L. & P. Bank, has kindlv offered to act as treasurer, and with the consent, of the subscribers it is proposed to forward the total amount of the effort tc the National Fund, which is being raised by tLe Lord Mayor of London. We venture to suggest that a similar movement be started in the town, as, the object is a worthy one and commends itself to. all ranks.

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