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Local and other News. I


Local and other News. I NONCONFORMIST MISSION AT PEMBROKE.— Mr Stafford Smith, of the London Evangelical Society, is at present conducting a mission in connection with Nonconformist Churches in Pembroke. WIDOWS' AND ORPHANS' FUND.- We beg to draw the attention of the public to the box which is placed outside tho Council Chamber offices with the authority of the Mayor, Sir Charles Philipps, Bart., for the receipt of contributions to the fund for the relief of our widows and orphans of our soldiers killed in the Boer war. The Worshipful tho Lord Mayor of both Havens, Lloyd Davies, M^erliu s Oastle, Merlin's Bridge, Esquire, has been unanimously re-elected in committee of the farmers and inhabitants for the third consecutive time Lord Mayor elect, with their best wishes, esteem and regard for him and the Lady Mayoress, his beloved sister, Mrs Charles Powis. ST. ISIIMAEL'S CONGREGATIONAL CIIUIICII. -On Wednesday the 25th ult., the harvest thanks- giving service was held, when the sacred building was very effectively decorated. A crowded congregation was present, and the sermon was preached by tha Rev F. N. Colborne, of Haverfordwest. Specially selected hymns were sung. The collection on behalf of the Infirmary was an increase on former years. INSURANCE COMPANIES AND THE WAR.—At a meeting on Friday of the board of directors of the London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow Assurance Company (Limited) it was unanimously resolved not to charge any extra premium or to make any deduction from the sum assured in respect of war risks on the company's in- dustrial policies on the lives of men called to serve in South Africa. METEOROLOGICAL REGIs,rrsR. -Taken at St. Anu's Head for the week ending 8 a.m., Nov. 6th, 1899. Highest barometer reading reduced to 32 F. and to mean sea level, 30-10 on the 31st October; lowest 29-07 on the 3rd November; maximum temperature in the shade 58 on the 5th November; minimum 49 on the 31st October; amount of rainfall i. I 9 inches; hours of bright sunshine 1,9-4 -1 prevailing winds south and south-westerly gales at times equally and heavy rains; sea rough, high Friday and Saturdav. KNOCKED DOWN BY A TRAP-On Saturday afternoon: Mr T. White, butcher, Prendergast, was run into and knocked down by a trap belonging to Mr Green, Fenton. Mr White, who suffers from deafness did not notice the trap approaching, and was caught by one of the wheels and knocked, thrown on his face with considerable force. He remained unconscious for several minutes but subsequently recovered, and was able to proceed home. He sustained a nasty cut on the head, and nose. Dr. T. Witton Davies, M.A., professor of the Semetic languages at the North Wales College, Bangor, is the only Welshman among the contributors to "The Encyclopedia Biblica," the dictionary of the Bible projected by the late Professor AV. Robertson Smith, and which is now being carried ont under the joint editorship of Professor T. K. Cheyne, D.D., of Oxford, and Dr. J. Sutherland Black, assistant editor of the 11 Euelyclopmdia Brittanica." Dr Witton Davies, who is also among the writers to the great Bible dictionary brought out by Messrs. T. and T. Clarke, of Edinborough, will write on Devination to the first I volume of the Encyclodcedia Biblica." DEATH OF MR. T. POWlS REYNOLDS.— We regret to announce the somewhat sudden, and to Haver- fordwest people, quite unexpected death, of Mr T. Powis Reynolds, architect. Mr Reynolds, who was in his 51th j year, it will be remembered went to Milford to reside some 12 months ago, having been appointed" Surveyor to the Milford Urban District Council. Although never very successful in business Mr Reynolds possessed great abilities as an architect, indeed people said it was his extreme regard for punctilio which prevented him acquiring considerable reputation in his profession. He was greatly loved and esteemed by his friends and acquaintances, and his genial mauner made him a great favourite in Milford Haven. LOCAL EFFORT FOR THE WIDOW AND ORPHAN FUND.—A very simple yet praiseworthy effort to raise subscriptions for the Widow and Orphan Fund of our soldiers in the Transvaal War was made on Guy Fawkes night, when a committee of children conceived the idea of collecting a sum of money with which to purchase fireworks, which were afterwards let off in a field in Barn Street, a small charge for admission being made. By this means the very useful sum of £ 1 Is was raised, and will be handed to the fund which Col. Quirk is organising for the same purpose. The following girls and boys composed the committee:—Misses GWeli Williams and Mary Wilson, and Messrs Edgar Williams. Reginald Morgan, Bertie Evans. Master R. H. Williams collected the gate money. Mr W. R. Morgan superintended the proceedings.

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