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Pembrokeshire Hounds. OPENING MEET AT ST. BOTOLPH'S. a ^ue sporting gathering which assembled Oil ?L.n?y morning at It. Botolph's, the residence I "!r Stokes, to witness the inauguration 01 the season of the Pembrokeshire Hounds. The weather was simply ideal, promising a splendid day for the sport. And such it proved to be, if we except the drenching shower that came down about a quarter to two, when the chase was in full swing. Otherwise, the day was most auspicious in every respect. The new master (Mr Craven), is to be congratulated on his initial fixture, and those who followed him on Wed- nesday, either on horseback, bicycle, or trap, or on foot as many did, will join in wishing him many such meets during the season. The late master (Mr Stokes), sig- nalised the opening by entertaining a large number at St. Botolph's, after which there was mounting in hot haste," and the splendid pack was immediately set to work in a small covert near the house. After an exhaus- tive beat it was found that Reynard was not at home- or if he was he positively refused to respond to the in- vitation to manifest himself—and the hounds were called off.1 Denant Mountain was next appealed to, but with- out success, and the gay cavalcade then proceeded to the gorse just below Deunant house, which has the reputation of never failing to produce a fox, and that too appears to be an unusually sagacious one, for it is said he invariably retains his brush no matter how long the run is. In this instance he maintained the reputation of the cover, by eluding pursuit. After a very few minutes beating, the fox was seen emerging towards the western corner of the cover, and immediately the hounds were on the trek." For a moment he seemed to be lost in the shrubbery, but very soon he was got on foot again, and going off in a north westerly direction he gave the well-mounted followers a splendid gallop across a delightful piece of country. Swinging to the right he made a short detour and then headed for the place from whence at first he flew." It was altogether an excellent run and was got through without a single casualty. The course taken was also most favourable for those who were confined to the roads, and the chase could be observed almost the entire distance. The next move was to Dreen Hill, where another stout fox was soon got up, and gave all excellent run before getting to a ruth. After this Bolton Hill was sought and proved true to its traditions by furnishing a, fox. This one gave some fine sport before getting to ground at Dreen Hill. As compared with previous years the number out was not large. It is understood that in the Pembroke- shire hounds, as in almost every other throughout the kingdom, the falling off is due to the large number of officers who have been withdrawn from the several garrisons for service in South Africa. Amongst those out on horse, cycle or trap, were :—Mr Craven (master), Sir Owen Scourfield and Lady Scourfield, Col. Trower, Mr and Mrs Owen Williams, Fern Hill, Haverfordwest; Mr Stokes, St. Botolph's Mrs Stokes and Master Stokes, Mr L. Philipps, Lawrenny Mr Carrol, Dr. W. Griffith, Milford Haven Mr Brenchley, Miss Eaton Evans, Mr C. Carrow, Johnston; Mr Jones, Hill; Mr Herbert Fisher, Mrs Summers, Rosemore, and Master Summers, Mr Booker, &c. ==:-=-


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