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Local and other Mews.I



New C.0|| at Neyland.



NEYLAND. borne hundreds of Remnants in Flannelettes, Calicoes, Linings, Dresses, Welsh Flannels, &c., at about half the usual prices.—G. H. BIDDLECOMBE, London House. NEYLAND MUTUAL IMPROVEMENT SOCIETY'S READING ROOM.—A general meeting of the members of this Institution was held on Tuesday evening, for the purpose of electing a new staff of officers and a fresh committee. Mr Ted Davies was unanimously elected to the chair. The first business was tvith regard to finances. Mr J. Waymark (secretary), read his report which showed that the the Institution, after clearing all debts, has a balance of £ 1 left to their credit. Some business of trivial im- portance having been transacted, the election of officers and a committee took place, consisting of a president, three vice-presidents, a secretary and treasurer, and 11- committee of tour. It was also agreed upon that a. debating class should be formed, the debates to take place once a wee*, the subject for the latter to be chosenf by the committee. A CARDIFF BARMAID'S BODY EXHUMED. ,1 11 J.Ie t tL CardiiF barmaid formed the subject of maglstenal investigation at Cardiff on Monday. Deceased was Agnes Lewis, who had been engaged at the lctoria Hotel, and her death is alleged to have resulted from an illegal operation. Her body had been exhumed I)Y of ific Home Secretary, upon the application ,if the Coroner, and a woman named Eliza Jane Thoma.s, of r1, 'udor-road, who disappeared after the Coroner's inquiry, was taken into custody on a charge of causing Miss Lewis's death by an illegal operation. The evi- dence was of a sensational character, and grent public interest was taken in the proceedings. The prisoner was committed for trial on a charge of wilful murder."