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Haverfordwest Petty Sessions.

- - - -Anniversary Services…


Anniversary Services at the Tabernacle Church. Sunday being the Anniversary of the Tabernacle Church there were special services on that day, all of which were attended by very large congregations. The preacher at the morning, afternoon, and evening serviceS was Rev. Professor W. F. Adeney, M.A., of New College, London. Collections were made at each service in aid of the Church funds. At the evening service the Rev. Professor Adeney delivered a most interesting discourse. Taking for his text the Epistle to the Hebrews, chap. xv., verse iii., he spoke on the pilgrimage of life. Until quite lately, he said, iu any village in England—he did not know if it was the same in Wales—they would find in every house two books, one of which was the Bible, and the other the Pilgrims Progress." He had been accustomed in his addresses to refer to the latter work as if everyone knew it, but latterly he had met people who confessed they had not read it, and it seemed to him that a new generation was rising up which knew not Bunyan. There were, no doubt, some reasons for this owing to the competition of many other books, and latterly of newspapers and maga- zines. And then there was the passion for novelty. People wanted the latest, and thus it was that to many the immortal dreamer's immortal work was unknown. He found further that there were objections raised to this book, and some of these went deep down into the questiou of Christian life, illustrating the remarkable difference between the way religion was regarded in the seventeenth century in the days of Bunyan and the present time. One of the objections raised against it was its individualism. They were told there was nO notice in the book of the Church or of its social relations. It must be admitted, of course, that there had been progress in the Church, and one of these was the recogni- tion of the social duties of the Christian. But the objection went deeper when it referrel to the Church. There were, two kinds of religion—one the religion of the Church, the other the religion of Christ. The religion of the Church was practical; there is no salvation out of the Church and the thing they had to see to was that they were properly in communion with the Church. But when Christ called the apostles, he called them indi- vidually and He did not say they should first come into the Church. It was one thing to join a congregation and another thing to be an individual. He had often noticed how willingly large congregations made heroic offerings, but how much different it would be for each man or woman to stand up and do it individually. Religion, too, was weak, nerveless, and boneless just because it was so public. Each one must go through the Wicked Gate by himself, and if one did not surrender his individual self to God then he had no real spiritual life. The book was also accused of selfishness. There was tho man, the pilgrim, a husband and father who learns that the city in which he dwells is in danger of destruction, and when he cannot persuade his wife and family to go with him he deserts them and runs for his life. Is not this, the objectors say, a miserable, cowardly act ? Ought he not stay and pro- tect them, or if he could not protect them die with them. That was a most unfair objection. It is forgotten that the book is an Allegory. It is merely a spiritual move- ment that takes place. The man does not leave his city but merely forsakes his ways of sin, and gambling and spends his moncy III supporting his wife and family as a good husband and father. They would not go with him into this lift'though as the second book showed they ultimately did so-and that made him unhappy. And how many ot hell' homes were this way-where one or '? i ivere serving (?o(I ? ?° 0 rest ???"g back, remain- ing in the :ity of Destruction ? That was a very unhappy way tl) be iii. hV'ev- preacher then proceeded to urge   i  good pilgrims to fly from the- City of S?.h??" ???ome good workers, Sunday school teachers, 01' in their ??" ?'?"'?s to help to forward them- '?vex. and others.

Sudden Death in Gartlett.