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PEMBROKIANS BN LONDON. I LOYAL TO PEMBROKE. I The first of this winter's series of Bohemian concerts in connection with the Pembroke County Club was held on Saturday evening last at the Holboru Restaurant. Owing to the dense fog that prevailed throughout the evening, the attendance was rather small in comparisoa with that of previous concerts. The chair was taken by Mr D. G. Collins. Mr W. B. Adams, in introducing the chairman for the evening, said he would like to remind them of a fact of which they would all feel proud, and that was that Mr Gco. Collins was the youngest member of the Civic Corporation, and he hoped the day was not far distant when they should see him invested with the robes of office of Lord Mayor of London. He would like sympathetically to refer to the confirmation of the news of the mortal wounding of General Symons. He felt sure all gathered together to-night would extend their heart-felt sympathy at the loss the country had sustained by the fatal wounding of so worthy a General. The admirable courage displayed by this gentleman would remind all Pembrokians of a similar act of heroism—of which to-night was the anniversary—performed on the heights of Dargai, by one of the sons of Pembroke. He scarcely need remind them of the hero of this noble deed as Col. Mathias had won for himself a name that would be honoured by many generations to come. Such deeds as these, performed as they were by men who were worthy of the name of their country, would, he felt sure, bring the present war with the Transvaal to a speedy and decisive victory for British arms. He would now ask them to charge their vessels, and drink to the health of their chairman. The Chairman thanked Mr Adams for the flattering remarks he had made concerning him, and said that it was a great pleasure to him to preside over a gathering of Pembrokians in London. He spoke at great length of the beauties of Pembroke. On this Trafalgar Day their thoughts would wander to that beautiful Haven in Pem- brokeshire, named as it was, by one whose name to-day would be refreshed in the minds of every Englishman as it became all Englishmen to think with reverence of the hero of Trafalgar who had died so nobly for the cause of his country. He was present last night at a gathering of nA"C!9W' "rl L 1 i 1 _l 4-1.0.+ C'f wwwiucii, iUIU, 110 naa nearu llr saiu mai uuuu a Scotsman crossed the border of his country he never returned. One of the speakers at that gathering denied that there was any truth in this old maxim. The speaker went on to explain that after leaving his country a Scotsman returned once, and that was for the purpose of showing his brother the beauties of the country he had left behind him. Now he (the speaker) thought that Pembrokians might well adopt this method, and follow the example set them by the Scotsmen, and entice their friends in London to go down and see the beauties of their native county. Although we come from 11 Little England beyond Wales" we are by no means Little Englanders" in the sense to which this term has been applied during the past mouth or so. (Applause). Our friends the Cornishmen are assembled in a room upstairs, in the same manner as we are to-night. The secretary has made a suggestion that we should convey our fraternal greetings to our Coruish brethren, and best congratulations 011 the glorious lustre added to their county, by the gallant achievement of General Symoirs. Whilst congratulating them on the honour which the General had not only won for his county but for his country, they would like to express their deepest sympathy and regret at the loss of a man who had proved himself of such good service to his country. H The Cornishmen replied as iollows —" The Cornish Association beg to thank the Pembrokeshire iaen for their sympathy at the loss of their countryman, Sir William Symons, and sincerely hope their entertainment in the adjoining room is passing oil as pleasantly as in theirs." Mr W. Evans, on rising, said he had an important announcement to make, and that it was their chair- man had consented to become a life member of the club. He (the speaker) was glad to find the club in such a flourishing condition, boasting as it did of a membership of 800. They had had good dinners iu connection with the club, but the last one crowned all. As all present were aware it had been suggested to obtain a permanent club-house, but for the present he would surest that they have a. Pembrokeshire night in London in each month. With an opportumty of assembling together each month, he thought they would be satisfied for the present, with the hope of establishing a permanent club house ultimately. The programme of the concert, which was excellently arranged, comprised some of the leading artistes of South Wales. The songs of Miss Teify Davies which were admirably rendered, were highly appreciated, I as also were the humorous songs of Mr Will Edwards, i A most enjoyable evening: was brought to a close by the singing of the Welsh National Anthem. We append the programme: Pianofoite solo, "March from Tann- hanser," Mr Walter E. Ball; song, "Once," Miss Teify Davies violin solo, "Mazur," Miss E. 1\1. Lloyd Jones I.R.A.M. Itilill()"Ols song' "Anything else you would like," Mr WIll Edwards; Bell Solo" Alice Where Art Thou," Mr Will Cornish song, selected, Mr liobert Cunningham; tumorous song, "Mitlie Simpson," Mr1 Ambrose 1 home; vwhn solo, "Hhapsodie IIoDgroise" Miss Kate Lloyd Jones; song, "Canzonet Bohemian" Miss I Clfy Davies: bell solo, "Queen of the Earth" 111' NVill Cot-iiih humorous song, "The Serial Storv Mr YV :11 Edwards song, selected, Mr Robert Cunning- ham humorous sonjj, Silence is Golden," Mr Ambrose Thome; Welsh National Anthem, "The Land of MJv Fathers. OLD FALSE TEETH BOUGHT. JMauy ladies and gentlemen have by them old or dis- used false teeth, which might as well be turned iuto lucnej. Messrs. lL D. tV J. B. Fraser, of Princes Street, Ipswich (established since un:), buy old false teeth. If you send your teeth to them they will remit you by return of post the utmost value ■ or, if preferred they will make you the best offer, and hold the teeth over for your reply. If reference necessary, applv to Messrs, Bacon & Co., Banker, Ipswich. 1320

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