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MILFORD HAVEN IMPROVE. MENTS. All who are interested in the progress and development of Milford Haven will read with interest the proceedings at the meeting of the Urban District Council on Friday evening, which we report at considerable length in our columns to-day. The one fact which im- presses itself on the reader is the eminently practical way in which the Milford Council goes about its work and tho thoroughly business-like air which characterises all its action. For the ratepayers especially this featuro of the matter will have an especial interest. To them it must be a matter of vital importance to know that their affairs are in the hands of gentlemen able and willing to administer them to the greatest benefit of the greatost number. The Milford Council know too how to take occasion by the hand, and at Friday's meeting a very important stop was made towards carrying out some extensive improvements. Even the most carping critic cannot deny they are needed. Milford is un- questionably on the increase. Every year numbers of new buddings are bcin"- erected, adding, of course, to the rateable assets of the Council; the Fishing Industry is compara- tively speaking only in its infancy, and is capable of, and, no doubt, will receives, much greater development, while in other respects signs are everywhere apparent of vitality and progress. The Urban Council, as we have said, seem determined to keep pace with this forward movement. They have now deter- mined to apply for a loan of £ 7,000 in all to carry out extensive work in connection with tho Gas and Water concerns as well as street paving. What particular scheme the Council has in view with regard to the Water Supply was not made public, for good and sufficient reasons no doubt, but this assurance the rate- payers have that the expenditure will from the beginning" bo reproductive and will not cause the smallest iucreaso in the rates. Apart from this it is obvious from the discussion which cropped up on the Sanitary Com- mittee's report that some very radical measures are necessary in connection with the present water mains, and if the new scheme includes the overhauling or renewing of these it will obviously be a most desirable improve- ment. The other loan for completing 'the paving operations will effect a most useful and necessary work.

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