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HAVERFORDWEST CYCLE DEPOT. IL nUDGE V1HITWCRTH CYCLES. FOR ROAD OR RAtING PATH. 10 Guineas Standard. 15 Guineas Special. t SOLE CERTIFICATED AGENT- J. J. SWEENEY. FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, HILL STREET, j HAVEFPOEDWEST | WILLIAM He REYNOLDS, j CABINETMAKER, U P Ii OLS11EIlER, PAPER-HANGER, 1 ¿ ,,&ø BXJILiDSR, | UNDERTAKER, %c. j TEETH. Dental Notice. TEETH, ————— :0: ————— t r g F. Ft GO., I mt SURGEON DENTISTS, .i'JL-) .AJJ. A-LD, CAN BE CONSULTED FROM 11 to 5 P.M., AT MISS JOHN, BOOKSELLER AND STATIONER, 3, Victoria Place, New Bridge, II a v e) fo rrltv ei EVERY FORTNIGHT, Next Visit, BATURDAY> NOV. 4, 1899, And M"ill aJ°o attend at Charles Street, Milford. Haven (Mrs Swainson's, Fruiterer), every other Tuesday. Next Visit, OCT. 3L J.ex, ISH, ( <), And at Mr. APPLEBY'S, Chemist, Neyland, every other Tuesday. CONSULTATION FREE OF CHARGE. TEETH.-I. Perfection in eating and speaking. 2. Perfectly natural and life-like in appearaneo. Upper or Lower Set from Y,2 10s. Single Tootla 10 5s. (ESTABLISHED 30 YEARS.) 72 CROCKERTOWN, CARDIFF; 42, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. NOTICE. All letters to bo addressed to BRECKNOCK HOUSE, TENBY. 123 T F A LME J$i, (Late LORD NELSON HOTEL), Wine, Spirit, Ale and Beer Merchant, and Bottler, SIR CHARLES WHETHAM HOTEL, High Street, Pill, Milford Haven. ————— o ————— Agent for Allsopps' & Bass' Celebrated Pale and Mild Ales and Stout in Cask or Bottles. LIVERY STABLES: Carriages of every Description. t;6r Letters and Telegrams promptly attended to. -cal [2967 I [2967 WHOLESOME NATURAL DIET. BEOOT BREAD OF EXCELLENT QUALITY, AS MADE FROM REYNOLDS' NOTED PURE E- m B- 4 WHEAT MEAL. Choicest Cereal PM.<h of the Globe "'°' THE MANUFACTURE OF THIS HEAL. MADE ONLY BY J. REYNOLDS & CO., Millers, Gloucester. SOLD by all VLOUIt MERCHANTS anil BAKERS in SOUTH WALES. ASK for REYNOLDS' imro A and note the name as above. For our FLOUR Brands See Next Week's Advertisement. NEW BRISTOL STEAMER. THE WATERFORD STEAMSHIP COM- PANY'S LIMITED, :"ew and Powerful Passenger and Cargo Steamer, Menapia, 1,000 tons, Or other vessel is intended to sail from BRISTOL every FRIDAY carrying cargo for HAVEUFORD- WEST, MILFORD, NEW MILFORD, rEM- BROKE DOCK, PEMBROKE, TENBY, &c. From Cumberland Basin, Brislol:- (Calling at Tenby and Pembroke Dock. Friday Oct. 6 5.0 p.m. Friday I 13 11.0 a.m. Friday. 20 5.0 p.m. Friday. 27 11.0 a.m. Goods received in Bristol wery Thursday at load- ing berth, City Quav, Wel*h Back. No Cargo re- ceived at Cumberland Basin. Goods for Haverfordwest, Pembroke, Pembroke Dock, New Milford and Milford are transhipped into lighters at Milford Haven, and are conveyed to destination at Company's Expence, but entirely at Owner's risk. N. B.-All Empties crrried free must be distinctly understood to be con veyed solely at Owner's Risk, unless Freight be paid on same. To ensure shipment Goods must h alongside steamer at City Quay, Bristol, at least three hours before advertised tima of sailing. Goods Shipped by this Company's Steamers are received subject to conditions on their Genera) Notices to be seen at their offices. Information as to Insurance of Goods and further particulars and conditions of carriage can be obtained on application at the Company's Offices. Agent- F. J. SELLICK, 536 Milford Haven. BACON LINE. OCTOBER 1899. The undermentioned Steamers will sail (unless pre- vented by any unforeseen circumstance) with or without Pilots and with liberty to tow. DIRECT STEAM COMMUNICATION between the following ports as under — THE FIRST-CLASS NEW STEEL S. S. "B RUN S W I 0 K," or other suitable vessel). from Bristol for Milt or 4 (With liberty to call at any port in Bristol Channel) Oct. o clock Oct. o'clock Tuesday 3 12 night Tuesday 17 12 night Tuesday 10 8 night I Tuesday 24 8 night | Tuesday 31 12 night From Milt or <1 tor Liverpool. Oct. o'clock Oct. o'clock Wednesday 4 12 noon Wednesday 18 12 noon Wednesday 11 8 morn Wednesday 2t5 8 morn Wednesday, Nov. 1.. 12 noon The S.S. SUNLIGHT," lor other suitable vessel) Proin Liverpool for Milford and Swansea. Oct. o'clock. Oct. o'clock Saturday 7 9 night Saturday 21 10 night Saturday 14 5 night! Saturday 28 5 night From Milford for Swansea. 0 Oct. o'clock. Oct. o'clock Sunday 8. 3 after I Sunday 22 4 after Sunday lo 12 noon | Sunday 29 12, noon The Steam Targes "Carew" and Cleddau," are intended to ply on Milford Haven, in connection with the above Steamers carrying Goods to and from Pem- broke Dock, Haverfordwest, and he adjacent towns, and will deliver to such towns first, as may be deemed most expedient. FAKES:— Cabin. Deck. Liverpool to Milford. 12s. 6d. Ga. Loading Berth at Liverpool—East side Nelson Dock. All Empties on which no freight Ins been paid are carried at Owner's risk. NOTICE:—The lauding and embarcation of Goods or Passengers at Milford, by whatever conveyance, whether at the expense of the Steamer or otherwise, and whether loaded into Barges and transhipped from one Barge to another, is at the risk of tne Passengers and the owners of the Goods respectively. For further particulars see small hills, or apply to John Bacon, Limited. 3 & 4, Oriel Chambers, 14, Water- street, Liverpool John Bacon L;ntd Bristol John Baeon Limited, Swansea; Simpson, Howden & Co., M ancliester. J. PHILLIPS Agent, Milford. GLEN -STUART runE lUG IILAKD MALT WHISKY. THE ABSOLUTELY PERFECTION AND SCOTCH gTHOROUGHLY WHISKY, MATURED, 20/- filCHLANI) ii, 3/6 PALMEEUSONji —/ PER GALLüX. S LF G PER BOTTLE. PnOPRIETORS- GEORGE PALMER & SON, MEUCSW, nAVE KFO R D WES r. 674 THE TAUNTON AND WEST OF ENGLAND PERPETUAL Benefit Building Society. ESTABLISHED 1857. HEAD OFFICES: 3, HAMMET STREET, TAUNTON Secretary: MH. ALBERT GOODMAN. SUMS OF MONEY are ready to be advanced on 0 security of any description of REAL PROPERTY, HOUSES or LAND (freehold, lease- hold or copyhold), on the most equitable terms. The principal and interest repayable by Monthly Instalments. Subscription Investing Shares, and Fully paid-up Shares issued. Deposits received at Interest, 4 per cent. per annum. Prospectuses, or any further particulars, may be obtained on application to the SECRETARY, as above, or to MR. JAMES WILLIAMS, Priory Street, Milford Haven, 3094 Agent of the Society E J. M AX, ENGLISH & FOREIGN FRUITERER, FISH ??AME AND HADDIT DEALER, HIGH STREET AND CARTLETT, HAVERFORDWEST, Has now taken LARGER AND MORE COM MODIOUS PREMISES IN HIGH STREET opposite London and Provincial Bank While this addition been — ade principally to have more cen tre position for the convenience of town customers, it will also enable her to keep a larger and more varied Stock of everything pertaining to the Business, so that the re- quirements of County Gentry and others will be fully met. IF Y U t-EP POULTRY FOR PLEASURE OR PROFIT YUU SHOULD NOT BK WITHOUT Stimulating Restorative H"elp ?Eg Producer th }'lrd:3 and kc?piiig th healthy  thnvmg, Shorten'n the Moulting Sea.on, qUICklY invigorating' the gTowth of bri,,rht l ¿ neW plumge alrù I 1 renewing THE FULLEST LAVING POWERS. | Invaluable for Late Broods, and starts Pullets Laying early; prevents & cures Roup, Gapes, Cramp, Chills, &e. In tins, Post Free, id., 8d., 1/3,2/10. Cash with Order. Send for name of nearest agent. Manufacturer, CHAS. HAMLIN. Salisbury. ENGLAWQ* IfcMEMSlFB I p J\!LLERS & CORN V? Ir? C? -A, ?It  -ER Gwneir y Fflwr goreu yn Neheudir Cymru yn y Felin uchod, a ched wir ef mewn stoc The very Choicest Flour made in South 8? yr ^oll brif siopwyr. Gofynwch am Wales comes from the above Mll All th Weaver & J? 0 wneuthuriad Wales comes from the above Mills. All the Weaver & Co., Ld., a gofalwch eich bod yn prInCIpal Flour Dealers stoc, k it. Ask for ei cael. Co., Ld., a gof, alwch eicli bod yn Weaver & Co.'a Celebrated EXTRAS and Os?mFHwriwQeydteisen?u, REDTIE, and see that you get them. Weaver's Extras vw y oreu REDTIE. and see that you get them. Ac am dorth o flas godido? Weaver's Redtie sydd yn euwog Tra am fara rhad, iachusol, Mac" Weaver's Fines yu anghy" dmarol. o. TAROXWY I These remedies have stood the test of upwards of FIFTY YEARS7 EXPERIENOE AND ARE PRONOUNCED THE BEST MEDICINES FOR FAMILY USE, THE PILLS purify the Blood, correct a'l disorders of the LIVER, STOMACH, KID F.YS and BOWELS, and are invaluable in all complaints incidental to Fe'uale.% THE OINTMENT is the most reliable remedy for BAD LEGS, SORES, ULCERS, AND OLD WOUNDS For Colds, Coughs, Sore Throats, Bronchitis, Gout, Rheumatism, Glandular Swellings, and all Skin Diseases it has no equal. Manufactured only at 78, NEW OXFORD STREET, lA^DON, And Sold by all Medicine Vendors throughout the World. Advice Gratis, at the above address, daily, between the hours of 11 and 4, or by letfor. THE NEW CARDIFF MILLING Co., LD., CARDIFF. Flours — "Red Star" Brand. FINES, LEATHERS, RED TIE, and EXTRAS, of superior strength, purity, and flavour, pro- ducing bread of excellent quality and sweetness RED STAR BRAND 1267 SUPPLIED BY ALL FIRST-CLASS GROCERS. ESTABLISHED 1856. PRICE BTJSSELL, TOWER HILL, HAVERFORDWEST, PAINTERS, GLAZIERS, PAPER HANGERS AND General House Decorators. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF *Q A ?'??3  NEW CHEAP PAPERS, FROM 2d. PER PIECE. (JALL AND SEE THE QUALITY. FULL MEASUREMENT IN EACH ROLL GLASS 2 Jd. PER FOOT. W ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. HOUSEHOLD ECONOMY. MOW often have you purchased a Chicken, and found, when too late, that it was not so iS? young as it used to be ? How often have you paid 10d. for an article when you could have bought it at COATE'S STORES for 8d. Resources come into the house, for the most part, by the exertion of the husband, but the larger portion of them is expended under the management of the wife, it is then absolutely imperative for a good housewife to purchase the Household Requirements from the ellrne d ,Lu d if you take care best and cheapest market, for a penny saved is a penny earned," and if you take care of the pence, the pounds will take care of themselves." Therefore, place your orders at COATE'S and save money, by sharing the benefit of a Large BuÚness with a of the pence, STORES, AND SMALL PROFITS. A true co-operative principle In d ee d QUICK TURN OVER AND SI\IALL PROFITS. A tra9 co-operative principle indeed. Value for Value. I am prepared to meet all competition. 1 buy for CAsn and SELL FOR CASH, and my customers share the benefit. The smallest or the largest order commands my best attention. h e l le.81 0)' tllc i er 8 Nine horses are delivering goeds daily to Haverfordwest, Langum, Hook, HoughtoD, Jo h nston, Stoynton, Neyland, Roseniarket, I-laze l beacli V ater,toiie, Pill, Pr i ory, Thornton" Johnston, Steynton, Neyland, Rosemarket, Hazelbeach, Waterstone, Pill, Priory* Brides, St. Milford, Hakin, Hubberstone, Herbrandstone, St. Ishmaels, Dale, Marloes, St. Brides, St. Ann's, Broad Haven, Little Haven, Talbenny, Walwyn? Castle, Tier's Cross, Hobeston, &c. I would be pleased at any time to receive instructions to wait upon you. 1,000 customers, wide ,tw?tl?e, ready-cash buyers, show by their continued and increasing customers, wide awake, STORES is the BEST an d CHEAPEST in the DISTRICT for patronage that COATE'S BlaRES is the  .bbr 1ll the DISTRICT for Tea, Grocery and Provisions of every description, Bread, Cakes, Confectionery, & Sweets of all kinds, Hay, Straw, Corn, Meal. Flour, Salt, Coal, Oil, Corrugated RooiW Sheets, Nails, Brushes, &c. ° Your kind patronage and rcoommenclatioll is respectfully solicited, by Yours respectfully, MILFORD HAVEN. 1,L A COATE. MILFORD HAVEN. IvI- A COATE. Agent for the Anglo-Bavarian Brewery Co.' s Celebrated Ales in 4h 9, and 18 Gallon Casks. • ES51 • wres & Kaasa e BMumfcaa » | A Wom$35*fiiS ?e?s??, | i ^tr*jg? ^p;?gsm  p; ,¡- n 'fi:. k-:q¡. g S 9 PILLS ° I i ? For BílOíl aad Nerves Dlscrdsrs. 1¡C:lS W?cd and Pain in the Sick Headache Giddi? ness, Ft,lrcss ar, -c l:. ?ter mea.!s. D; -ness B ness, Fulness and Sick Headache. Giddi- QM g and Drowsiness, C:'d Ck-j]s, Flushings of Heat, B ? Loss of Appetite, rtaess of Breath, C've ? ness, Blotches en t.? Skin, Disturbed Sleep, S Frightful Dreams, ana :Ül Nervous and Trembling  Sensations, &c. TH? P;MT BCSE WLt. C!VE ?' ™ A SMeLn!sEaFtio?ns, '!VEKTY?:!<TEg. This is no fiction. ? ?ve?y su,4*r is eat-ie?Iy invited to try one Box of these P?ls, and tiwy will be acknow- lodged to ba H OAW t I,% ra e a a c a x ? BEECHAK'S FI?LS taken as directed,  quickly estnre ? pn:ales to complete health, They promptly remove any obstruction or irrefu- H N !?rity of the system. For a » ? Weak Siomachf | 9 elpared Digestfcn, 9  Disordered Liver, g M they :d like mag?c—a few doses will work ? ■ wonders upon the Vital Organs Strengthening E the muscular System, restoring the long-lost Complexion, bringing back the keen edge of £ • appetite, and arousing with the Rosebud of Health the whole physical energy of the  human frame. These are "facts" .9?t ted by fl M thousands, in all classes of society, and one of the B M best guarantees to the Nervous and Debilitated is B ■ ?at a?C??M ? PILLS ?a?o ?a H Largest Sale ?*"? Patent Medicine World. ? Prepared only by — i THOMAS BEECHAM, ST. HELENS, LANCS. I I Sold evenwhere !n Boxes 1 !? & 29 each, • BOB • HUWl e H I rmrntm 9 FRAZER & Co., NORWICH, Ltd., MAXUPACTTEEES OF POULTRY APPLIANCES OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS. Established 1850. Xo,70 L D PORTABLE FOWL HOLI:. ILLITSTEL^^ I Vr-iITE 'O-DA I 30s. "TRITE TO-DAY  ? ILLUSTRATED LISTS. CHICKBXHOUSE. | Acomplete& perfect ?.,? ??$$??:? ??'? Price ;C I 10s. Od. Price fl iood Price ?1 10s. Od. .— Cm fro^   ?—*  ?*—?  ?'?''  °" Prices from 2.>s^ First-clasb "Workmanship. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Catalogue* of Corxcrvato Orccnhomw, Dug Kennels, and Ken no. Jl-qxhitcs. To*! f,■<■(•. PALACE PLAIN WORKS, NORWICH. 1077 lour | I N te I I Native j Herbs | For all e()L)Lints of the BLOOD | — LIVER T'STOMACH and KID- 1 NEYS is the one absolutely un- failing remedy. Cure or money Back. I 200 days treatment con- tained ia each registered js ¡ box. Price ?/" ¡  Mrs. JAS. PHILLIPS, [ PICTON PLACE, liaverfordvsest, | | A?EXT.  1298a TEA for the MILLION. 1 ANCHOR COCOA "TIlE BEST ALUE MONEY CAN BUY.' "ANCHOR TEA" is sold in every Town and Village throughout Wales. The rich drink it, the poor drink it in fact, every- body drinks it. It is the daily delight of TENS of TEOTJS- ANDS. Ask your Grocer for! it, and firmly, but gently re- fuse all others.  ? ? £ f' )  .? Q/f?'?? ?;_?C?- .?.? A HOUSEHOLD WORD FAMILIAR TO ALL! FOR AGENCY APPLY DIRECT TO ANCHOR TEA COMPANY, 4=0, GREAT TOWER STREET, LONDON, E.C. 854 WORTH FIVE POUNDS A BOX, A Grimsliy Ijndy says. SILVBPo S Pi_LLS, Wonderful Tor. Mr.rvrllous Kciiudy for Indi- gestion, Constipation. Dizziness, Live' Troubles, Paius in Bad:, Nervous Weakness, Bad Legs, Skin Eruptions, and all Female Ailments Pale faces made rosy, Invalids made strong. Try a Box (purely hcrhil). Is. Id. and 2s. 3d, Post Frc, of Proprietor, JOHN SILVER, 11, Laboratory. Croydon also sold by Sole Agen's T. 1). T. DEYEKEUX, Groccr. kc., Havcrfordvvest. loGS IMPORTANT PUBLIC NOTICE. GREAT SALE OF oÁ. f. .1: FURNITURE. A.J.L. BEDSTEADS, BEDDING, CARPET8, FLOORCLOTH S; LINOLEUMS, DINING, DRAWING, AND BEDROOM SUITES, PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, &c., &c., BY BEVAN AND COMPANY LIMITED, REGISTERED AS 4 The CARDIFF FURNISHERS.* In order to make room for the enormous Stocks required for their Winter's Trade, it has beex decided to offer | DURING THE MONTH OF OCTOBER ONLY, the whole of contents of their various Branches at such Great Reductions as must ensure a speedy clearance. Special attention directed to a consignment of SEVENTY=TWO SOLID WALNUT SIDEBOARDS, with Plate-glass backs, offered at the unhcard-of price of £ 3 17 6 EACH! Don't miss this rare opportunity of securing the reliable; goods of this well-known Firm at marvel" lously low prices DELIVERY FREE, and TRAIN FARES PArD BOTH WAYS np to usual limits. BEVAN AND COMPANY, 7, WIND STREET, SWANSEA, ALSO CARDIFF, NEWPORT AND PONT Y POOL. THE VERY nEST COLOURING FOR BrTTER IS IT GOES FURTHER AND COSTS LESS THAN ANY OThER MAKE. REQUIRES NO PREPARATION. IMPROVES THE QUALITY. INCREASES THE QUANTITY. DOES NOT COLOrR THE BUTTER|MILK. THE BEST & MOST RELIABLE ARTICLE. The Greatest Value for Money. Wins all the Prizes at Shows—a home Product. Insist on having our branded & Red Capsuled Bottles, all others are Imitations. Sold in Bottles at (id.. 1 2/ 5 s and 1-1, each. The "SILVER CHURN CHEESE RENXETT" is of uniform curdling strength. 1 to 12,000, and better article cannot be produced anywhere. Send for a FllEE SAMPLE and try it. Sold iu Stone Bottles at Id., 1/4, 2/6, 4 6, and 9/- 6hdk By all Chemists and Dealers in Dairy Supplies. WHOLESALE FKOM OLDFIELD, PATTINSON & Co., 13n MANCHESTER. MILFORD HAVEN. ERNEST N. JONES, TAILOR, &c., 58, CHARLES STREET, JgEGS to inform the inhabitants of Milford Haven and neighbourhood that he has Commenced Business at the above Address, and hopes by strict attention to all orders entrusted to him, com* bined with moderate charges and good workmanship, to merit a share of their patronage and recommendation. A LARGE VARIETY OF SERGES, WORSTEDS, &C, TO SELECT FROM. GENTS' OWN MATERIAL MADE tnt. 1171 THE OLDEST BILLPOSTER IN TOWN RICHARD HARRIES, BILL POSTER, 14, Saint Thomas Green, HAVERFORDWEST, IN thanking the Public generally for the liberal J_ palronape he has received in the past, begs t? inform them that hcha? spared no expense in order4 erect EXTENSIVE HOARDINGS FOR SPECIAL LILL POSTING iu tin.- most prominent parts of the Town, and iriU continue to make additions to them from timo tb time. All Bills received up to 1'- o'clock noon posted Aft pame day. Orders by Post promptly attended to. Circilift faithfully delivered.