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METROPOLITAN BOARD TEACHERS' I ASSOCIATION. A PEMBROKESHIRE MAN ELECTED I PRESIDENT. The Board Teacher of the 1st inst. gives the following biographical sketch of Mr T. H. Jones, who was on Saturday last elected president of the Metropolitan Board Teachers' Association Our new President hails from Pembrokeshire—" Little England beyond Wales "-and shows his loyalty to his native county by taking a prominent interest in the Pem- broke County Club in London. His experience is not confined to urban schools, for he served his apprenticeship as P.T. in the Penffordd, Llysyfran, and Narberth Schools, and still vividly recalls the troubles of the rural teacher. After leaving Baugor Training College, Mr Jones entered the service of the London School Board as Assistant Master at Poole's Park School. He was pro- moted to the IIeadmastership of the Whittington," and after four years he went back to his former school as Head, where he stayed three years, and then migrated to Duncombe-road, which has recently been added to the Board's list of Higher Grade Schools. He long ago served his novitiate as a worker on behalf of teachers, and has taken an active part in almost every professional movement for many years past. For sixteen years he has been a constant attendant at the Council meetings of the Finsbury X.H.T. Association, of which he has been Treasurer and President. He has always been a warm supporter of the Charities, and as the first Card Scheme Secretary in Finsbury initiated a plan which now produces an annual income of £ 2o0 to the B. and O. Funds. To the M.B.T.A. he has already rendered loyal service as Divisional Secretary, and can boast that for the last seven years he has never received a request or instruction from the General Committee that has not been promptly and effectively complied with. In carrying out these duties he spared neither time nor labour, and his reports were always drawn up with the utmost care, their completeness proving how skilfully the deputation work had been organised, and on more than one occasion he has been specially thanked by the Committee. The Brighton Conference saw Mr Jones elected to a seat on the N.U.T. Executive, and here, as elsewhere, the thoroughness of his work soon gained recognition at the hands of his colleagues. Ho was elected Chairman of the Law and Tenure Committee in 1897, which post he still holds. The Report for 1898 says: "To Mr T. H. Jones the members of the Union owe a deep debt of gratitude, for he has unsparingly devoted himself to the legal and tenure work." In this connection it has been his duty to undertake many dillicult and delicate missions to Managers, School Board members, and others, and he has universally been trusted as men trust quiet men." Not only has he won golden opinions from teachers, but his unobtrusive, courteous and determined manner has received praise from all. A teacher who was reinstated in his school last August, after the School Board Election, after expressing his gratitude, says: "Even my oppo- nents give you credit for the perfectly impartial manner in which you silted the evidence pro and c,)i, A Clerical Manager states: "My first feeling was to deny your right to interfere with the affairs of our school, but the extreme patience, tact, and courtesy with which you conducted an interview of so delicate a nature speedily removed any such feeling. For his fellow-teachers he has indeed scorned delights and lived laborious days," and we heartily wish him a pleasant and prosperous term of office.


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