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Em's COCOAIXE.— Cocoa-Nib Extract. (Tea- like).-The choicest roasted nibs (broker. up beans) of the natural Cocoa, on being subjected to powerful hydraulic pressure, give forth their excess of oil, leaving for use a finely flavoured powder-" Cocoaine," a product which, when prepared with boiling water, has the consistence of tea, of which it is now, with many, beneficially taking the place. Its active principle being a gentle nerve stimulant, supplies the needed enersrv without unduly exciting the system. Sold only in labelled tins. If unable to obtain it of your tradesman, a tin will be sent post free for 9 sta,.nps.-J;iines Epl)s and Co., Lid., Homoeopathic Chemists, London. EMIGRATION* TO ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD. —Agent for the following lines Orient, Castle, Union, New Zealand Shipping Co., Shaw Saville Albion Co., Beaver Line, American Line (from Southampton), Cenard, White Star, &c. ;-Fred W. Lewis, Bridge Street, Huverfordwest. CLtME SUGAP. tIEFffilNG C RE E NOCK. FROM ALL GROCERS AT TEMPORARY REDUCED PRICES. 41b. BAG GRANULATED SUGAR 41b. BOX CUT LOAF SUGAR, 21b. TIN SYRUP, FOR 1/9, USUAL PRICE BEING 2/2 If you are not using Glebe Sugar, the sooner you begin the better. You will soon discover the wonderful saving effected, and will be thankful to the 4 Housewife." LIST OF SHOPS WHERE "GLEBE" SUGARS AND SYRUP MAY BE HAD: HAV-EILFORDWEST-Devereux, Thomas, Swan Square Hughes, E. J., Dew street; John, W., Quay street; Rees D. T., Anchor House, Bridge street; Reynolds, J. & J. P., High street. MILFORD HAVEN—Davies, S. J., 3, Hill street, Hakin. TENBY—Davies, W., Minwear House, Grecnhill road Jones, J. T., The Stores; Balmer, Edmund, 10, High-st. PEMBROKE DOCK—Rollings, Albert, Exchange Supply Stores. 539 ?))n M)H! /» ULM !?!UL?a ?? ?. J P?rc ??? M?Ho?. ??? 189 42/- per case. Q Agent for Haverfordwest and District: i? ?  ?r tAMP? I W /IPW T. JAMES, ?   Spring Gardens Brewery, ???? HAVERFORDWEST. I ESTABLISHED 1793. 4." ■■ uu L. H. THOMAS, (Late THOMAS JAMES), Importer and Bonder of Foreign Wines and Spirits, CASTLE SQUARE, HAVERFORDWEST. ESTABLISHED sso. L. H. THOMAS, in submitting the following prices, bogs to state the Wines and Spirits are of the choicest description and cannot be surpassed for quality or value. SHERRIES. Per Doz. j Pale good light Wine IB/- j Luncheon 24/ Excellpnt value 30/- Great Flavor and Delicacy. 36/- Golden splendid Old IVine 42/- possessing great lfavour and delicacy. 48/- A Sherry of the highest class, well I matured. GO/- PORTS. Per Doz. Good Spanish Red Wine 12/- Port Wine, good value. 18/- Excoilent Wine 24/- Fine Old Tawny 30/- Matured Wine with good body and ruby tint 06/ Fine Old Tawny, highly recommended 42/ Old Crusted Wines 48/- &$0 Dow's (1881 Vintage) 72/ MARSALA (INGIIAMS) 24/- THE UNIQUE ALTAR WINE VINO SACRO 30/- CLARETS. Per Doz. Vin Ordinairo 12/- i Medoe 18/- Bordeaux 18/- St. Julien 18il- Per Doz. Margaux 24/- St. Estcphe 24/- St. Emilion 24/- St. Laurent. 30/- CHAMPAGNE. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF WELL-KNOWN BltANDS at MARKET PRICES CASED BRANDIES. MARTELL AND HENNESSY'S AT CUREENT PRICES. SPIRITS. Per Gal. Gm-NicllO]son's 13/- Whisky—John Jameson's—7 years old 21/- Matured in Sherry Casks 17/- & 18/- Very fino, 16/- Fine old Scotch (Tobermory) 21/- Hollands (De Kuyper's) 18/- Pep- Gal Rum, Fine Old Jamaica 17/- & 18/- Good )t 16/- French Cognac (Kartell's and Hennesey's) 30/- Brown French Cognac (Hennesey's), bonded January, 1876 60/- Pale Brandy. 16/- & 20/- Sole agent for the celebrated "Encore Whisky 18/ BOTTLED ALES. Per Doz Bass & Co.'s Imperial Pints 4/- Half Pints I. 2/3 Table Ale, Imperial Pints. 2/9 STOUT. Per Doz. Guinness' Stout,Imperial Pints. 4/- 1-I alf Pints. 2/3 Allsopps' & Bass's Mild and Bitter Beer in 9 and 18 gallon Casks. Guinness's Extra Stout in 9 and 18 gallon Casks. Davis & Strangmans celebrated Stout and Porter in 9 and 18 gallon Casks. Hill Evans & Co.'s best Pickling Vinegar. SAMPLES FREE ON APPLICATION. 605 H. T. JAMES, MALTSTER AND HOP MERCHANT THE BREWERY, HAVERFORDWEST. j Malt of the Finest Quality at lowest prices, made from Pembrokeshire Barley only A Large Stock of the Best Kent and Sussex Hops at Low Prices. 240 MRS. ANDERSON, FRUITERER AND GREENGROCER, DARK STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. BOUQUETS, WREATHS & CROSSES made to order on the shortest notice and at lowest possible prices. FRUIT AND VEGETABLES FRESH DAILY. All orders promptly attended to. _m_- MISS ELLEN JOHN, QUAY STREET, HAYERFORDWEST, IS PREPARED TO GIVE LESSONS ON THE PIANOFORTE. TERMS ON APPLICATION, Next term commences September 14th. 718 BOOMIK G- AHEAD. Thousands Drink it Daily. Jhtchcfflfeaf, WM <f THE BEST VALUE MONEY CAN BUY. ASK YOUR GROCER FOR IT. Wholesale Agents- J. & J. P. REYNOLDS, G89 Haverfordwest. 7. GROVE PLACE, ST. THOMAS' GREEN HAVERFORDWEST. J. WOOLCOCK, PAINTER, PAPEllIIANGKlt, GLAZIER, HOUSE DECORATOR, &c., BEGS respectfuhy to thank his friends and the I public gener?y for the kind support accorded him in the past, aBd to inform th'm that he intends carrying on the business as heretofore in all it branches, and hopes to merit a share of:ptiblic patrons age. PAINTS of the best quality always in stock. GLASS of all descriptions. BOROUGH OF THE TOWN & COUNTY FO HAVERFORDWEST. FAIRS FOR 1898. r HE FAIRS for 1898 will be held as follows unless unforeseen circumstances shall make an alteration necessary JANUARY Tuesday 11th. FEBRUARY 15th. MARCH 15th. APRIL 12th. MAY 10th. JUNE for Wool and Stock. 14th. JULY 12th. AUGUST 9th. SEPTEMBER 6th. I I 20th. OCTOBER (Hiring) Wednesday 5th. Tuesday 18th. NOVEMBER 15fch. DECEMBER 13th. THE PIG FAIRS will be held on the day after the Cattle Fairs. Dealers and others attending the Haverfordwest Fairs are hereby cautioned against the practice of Lacerating with a Knife or other instru- ment for (he purpose of iV'arking any Animal and NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, under Statute 12 and 16 Victoria, cap, 92, all Persons found Lacera- ting ay Animal will be) liable to a Penalty of FIVE POUNDS. CHARLES E. G. PlIILIPPS, BART. MAYOR November 9th, 1897. MR. J. V. S. BENNETT HAS much pleasure in announcing that he has JLjL opened Offices at the undermentioned • ddress as Land Agent, Auctioneer, & Valuer, And in intimating to prospective clients, that al business entrusted to his charge shall recei ve his direct and personal attention. MR BENNETT'S professional experience has been gained in one of the most important and best known provincial ofifces in the kingdom while his practical knowledge of Agriculture has been perfected by continuous residence 011 the well ordered farm of a first rate and prize taker. MR BENNETT is prepared to undertake the general management of large or sniall Landed Estates, the collection of Rents and Tithes, the auc- tion of real or personal property, the survey of lands and buildings, and any similar work ordinarily fall- ing within the province of an agent in varied practice Terms nHY be had mi application. Offices, UPPER TOWER HILL, Haverfordwest. AGENT TO THE EMPRESS ASSURANCE CORPORATION LIMITED—Fire, Burglary, and Plate Glass Rerru- Qeeen IS GOOD FOR e?ow!??? GROWI", 1 GIRLS. I rr?po ye r st?ed. 6 1 0 6cf, etipugh, in-? RefA, Cbppiltibicis t h 5ymptonfsuf 4n,?,nia p;tle in Fer,-uvi I e, n t., h, ?t? l f? (J-COCOA_? ?c o ht.?i ins d, il c 1, f,,6n,- FO O D, 'ii, id0ii R j) OCOA -Aiso co iitiii-ns iu. !?t "ifficiiE:ilt &MALT,to i et as- -i hc,,ilt,iiy Prepared from COCOA, KOLA, MALT, and the FER- KUGiNors 01' IRON BEARINU ELEMENTS OF FOOD. The Innrct stys "Normally, Cocoa contains No Iron, and its addition in an organic form in the preparation before us (Ferru-Cocoa) is a step of some importance." A Delicious, Blood Enriching, Muscle Forming, and Force Producing Food Beverage. Packed in 6d, 9d, and Is Gd Tins of all Chemists and Grocers. Free Samples sent to Medical Men, Trained Nurses, and Reverend Gentlemen, on application to FERRU-COCOA MANUFACTURING Co., LTD., 329, Goswell Road, London, E.C. S TRADE MAIUf DIWYDRWYDD-Y-CYMRY. ???- '??* v — PARRY & ROOKE WELSII WOOLLEN MANUFAC- TURERS, SWANSEA. MANUFACTURERS of Guaranteed Welsh IIosierv, I tV) Flannels, and Knitting Varus. All our (roods are labelled with our Registered Trade Mark for protection of users. Should therc be any (lifticulty in your obtain- ing our Manufactures, please drop us a Post Card, and we will at once send you address of nearest Draper or, Dealer. GW SUPPORT YOUR HOJIE INDUSTRIES. Wholesale only. To be had of Retailers in every town in Wales. 789 OCTOBER SALES. ONE of the most important of THIS SEASON'S SALES, is the one being held at RISLEY H. MTJNT S, 22, HIGH STREET, HAVERFORDWEST, and MILFORD. Unequalled Value in Silver Watches, 20 PER CENT under usual advertised prices. SILVER ENGLISH LEVER Watches ,from 30/- each. SILVER SWISS Watches—Lady's or Gent's 7) 12/6 Do. do. very handsome 15/- NICKEL LEVER ALARMS I it 2/6 EIGHT-DAY AND THIRTY-HOUR CLOCKS EQUALLY CHEAP. All Warranted as usual. PLEASE CALL and inspect before sending your Money to STRANGERS. LARGEST STOCK OF Wedding, Keeper, and Gem Rings IN THE COUNTY AT LOWEST PRICES. PRESENT WITH EACH WEDDING RING. Wedding Presents==Silver & Electroplate. Large Cash Discount of Makers' List Prices. Repairs Reliable, Promptly Executed. Prices Moderate. SEPTEMBER 28th, 1898. 796 -r M. A. COATE, Wholesale and Family Grocer, Baker, Confectioner, Tea Dealer and Provision Merchant, Hay, Straw, Corn, Flour, Meal, and Coal Merchant. BEST GALVANISED CORRUGATED IRON, 24 gauge, at 3d. per Foot rurl. NAILS 3d. PER LB. Good Strong Hay Cord, 3d. per lb. The very Best PARAFFIN OIL at 7d. per Gallon. The best Preserving Sugar If d, per lb.; special quotation for original 1 cwt. cases on application. ORDERS BY POST RECEIVE PROMPT ATTENTION. Eight Horses are daily delivering Goods throughout the district which shows that the quality and price of all Goods give universal satisfaction. Your patronage and recommendation is solicited by- M. A. COATE'S, Le Bon Marche, Milford Haven, JOSEPH ROBERTS, SACK HIRING CONTRACTOR, AND Agent for Odams' Celebrated Manures, OPPOSITE THE QUEEN'S HOTEL, NEAR RAILWAY STATION, HAVERFORDWEST ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. DEW STREET, ITAYERFO RI) WES L -:0:- WILLIAM J. THOMAS iEGS to inform the public that he carries on business at the above Address, PAINTER, PAPERHANGER, GLAZIER, IIOUS^^ni^COIlATOll. he. and hope by strict attention to all orders entrusted to hint, combined with moderate charges, to merit a share of public patronage. Glass from 21d. per foot. Entirely New Selection of Paper Hangings now on view from lid up. V Fresh Miied Paints, any tint or colour, at lowest possible prices. B GOOD WORKMANSHIP, BEST MATERIALS, MODERATE PRICES. S Estimates given immediately upon application. Orders by post promptly attoidcd to' NOTE THE ADDRESO DEW STREET, Haverfordwest. if KTLYiSUDDI tt Y RHAI SYDO YN PRYNU AC YN DEFNYDDIO FFLWR RHAG DERBYNUNRHYW UN A ELWIR REDTIE ODDI EITHER YR UN SYDD A'R ENW AR BAPYR COCH, S 811ers & Bakery Wited< pI & ]3a k ej-s,, L i 111 e d 3ER/ B 7*1 ■T'TE RED -?? ??k a .=&B?w t jja ?  0 J..J REDo-?r1?-? ?FE BAC^' Ticket aru sydd arno- SPILLERS & BAKERS LTD., RDTIE. BRISTOL. gwyd, y Fflwr tra adnabyddus hwn i syhv gyntaf gan WILLIAM BAKER A'I FEIBOW ryste a gvvneir ef cto gau SPILLERS &C BA KE Its, Ltd. yn eu Melmau yn Byste, a ched; I mewn stoc gan holl Siopwyr a Gwerthwyr Fflwr blaeuaf y cylch ym Mynioch weleel foel yn argraffeelig ar y Papyr neu'r Ticket y geiriau S.PILLERS & BAKERS, Ld., Bristol, GYNY ATAL Redtie Apheidiwh cyromeryd ucnrhy Mlra* LocXITYIME TABLE. Oct., Nov., Dec. UP-WEEK DAYS. SUNDAYS a.m. a.m. a.m. p.m. i p.m. p.m. a.m. p.m New Milford dep. 5 0 8 1010 40 1 5.? 4 45 630 10 30 6 30 Old Milford A 8 5 10 25 1 Oj 4 40 6 25 — — Old Milford A 8 22 10 52 1 18 I 4 58 6 43 10 41 6 43 I H-WEST 5 20 8 3311 5 1 29 5 10, 6 54 10 51 6 54 Clarbeston Road. 8 46 11 18: 1 41 5 24 11 3 — Clynderwen 8 58 11 30 1 53 5 36 7 16 11 15 7 16, Whitland 9 12 11 40 2 3 5 45 7 25 11 24 7 25: St. Clears. 9 31 12 5 2 211 6 4 7 44 11 38 7 44 Sarnau 9 38 12 15 2 301 6 14 1L 45 —) Car. Junction. 6 5 9 49 1225?241! 6 24 8 0 11 55 8 0! Llanelly 6 37 10 31? 1 3 3 29 7 10 8 36 12 39 8 33 p m ?'?' ?'?' Paddington arr |l2 30 5 30i 6 40 1l J 3 30 3 30 9 30 3 30 3 30 9 30? 3 30 A. Mondays only. DOWN-WEEK DAYS. SUNDAYS p.m. ? p.m. I a.m. a.m. p.m. a.m. a.m. Paddington dep. 6 10: 9 15 5 30 10 45jl0 37 3 35 11 45 a.m. a.m. a.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m Llanelly 12 13? 4 27 8 46 12 29, 4 12 5 55 8 46 4 27: 8 28 Car. Junction.12 41, 5 2j 9 21 114? 4 42 6 44 1 t) 14 5 2, 9 8 Sarnau 9 31 1 281 6 58 "? 20 St. Clears — 5 20 9 39 1 384 58? 7 8 5 20 9 27 Whitland 5 36? 9 54 1 531 5 12 7 23 C 5 36 9 38 Clyndorwen 1 5 50?io 6 2 51 5 231 7 35 5 50 9 50 ClarbeatonBoad. — '1018/2 16 B. i 7 48 D ,10 2 H-WEST 1 25 6 1010 28 2 26i 5 4 41 7 58 9 56 6 1010 11 Johnston. 6 27 10 401 2 37! li 55? 8 101 6271023 Old Milford arr — 6 4511 10 2 55? 6 10 8 30 — -1- Now Milford 1 45, 6 40 10 55! 2 50i 6 10, 8 25 10 15 6 40;10 35 B. Calls at Clarbeston Road when required to set down London passengers, notice to be given to the Guard at Wbitland. C. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays only. D. 9.15 p.m., ex Padd. on Saturday. Trains departing from Old Milf°r<i • 6.15, 8.5, 10.25, a.m.; 1.0, 2.25, 4.40, 5.35 6.25, 7.55. Trains arriving at Old Milford6.45, 8.40, 11.10 a.m.; 1.35, 2.55, 5.15 6.10, 7.0, 8.30. N B —On Saturdays a train will leave Old Milford for Haverfordwest at 3.10 p.m., and I-Itverfordw est for Old Milford at 4.0 p.m. On Wednesdays, October 19, November lG, and December 14 (days on which Petty Sessions are held at Milford) a train will leave Milford for Haverfordwest at llAi> a.m., and Haverfordwest for Milford at 12.20 p.m. Printed and Published by the Proprietors, WM. LEWIS & SONS, at their General Printing Office, Bridge Street, in the Pariah of Saint Martin a, Haverfordwest, on WEDNESDAY Oct. 12th, 1898,