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-Standing Joint Committee.…


-Standing Joint Committee. I PROPOSED NEW PUBLIC I BUILDINGS. A meeting of this Committee was held at the Shire Hull yesterday, Mr N. A. Roch presiding. There were also pieseut, Messrs C. Mathias, R. Carrow, E. A. Laws R. H. Hurries, S. B. Sketch, G. GrifRth, R. George, J' Lloyd Pluhpps, A. W. Massey, and W. Howell Walters' ILLNESS OF THE CHAIRMAN. Tee Clerk read a letter from the Chairman of the com- mittee (Mr Alleu), stating that he was unable to be present that day owiug to n,n attack of lumbago, and askiug the Committee to appoint a chairman and accept his resignation owing to his increasing infirmities. The Chairman said he had not seen Mr Alien looking so well for several months until Sunday morning, and he did not think it was necessary to appoint another chair- man. (Hear, hear). THE NEYLAND LOCK-UP. The Clerk said with reference to the Noylimd lock-up the plans had been prepared by the County Surveyor, subuii-tted to the Surveyor of Prisons and passed by him, and were now before the Local Government Board, by whom they must be approved before a loan could be carried out. It was resolved to recommend the Finance Committee to arrange for a loan of £í00. ALTERATIONS TO THE SHIRE HALL. The Clerk said the Chairman had received a letter from the Chairman of Quarter Sessions (His Honour Judge Owen), caltiug attention to the Criminal Evidence Act, 18:)8, by which every person charged could give evidence in the witness box. It seemed to him that some alter- ations would be necessary in the Shire Hall to give effect to that provision safely and properly, and a way should be made directly from the dock to the witness box. The present position of the witness box was not in his opinion satisfactory, and he would be glad if an opportunity was taken to alter this at the same time. The Clerk added that a witness box had been designed by the Public Works Committee. The Judge had seen it, and he would try it at the Quarter Sessions next Tuesday. BASTARDY WARRANTS. Mr Sketch moved That warrants for disobeying orders made by the magistrates in bastardy cases be in the same way that other warrants are served." He said he brought the matter fully before their last meeting, but since that time the Home Secretary had given his opinion which left no doubt that such charges previously made were illegal. He read the opinion from the Justice of Peace" that the police costs are to be made out of the police fund. The Chairman said that opinion of the Home Secretary was very different from what they had acted upon, as they had always been of the opinion that defendant ought to pay. Dr. Gniuth seconded. The Chief Constable said the ruling of the Home Secretary referred only to police fees and not police The Chairman said he was much surprised at the opinion from the Home Secretary, but it was not obligatory. Mr Sketch said he was prepared to allow the matter to stand over for the Clerk to submit the particulars as regards the execution of bastardy warrants in that county before the Home Secretary. Mr Carrow regarded it as a move in the wrona direction, and thought the existing procedure should remain in force until further opinion was obtainable on the subject. He moved an amendment to this enect. Mr Mathias seconded. The amendment was carried by seven votes to four. Mr Sketch asked whether it would not be wise to send the resolution and amendment to the Home Secretary, and ask his opinion. The Chairman did not think it would as they had the Home Secretary's opinion. Mr Sketch then said he should certainly lay them before the Home Secretary. The Chairman You may be sure the matter will not rest hero. Mr Sketch You can depend upon that, Mr Chair- man. THE NEWPORT COURT HOUSE. A letter was rend from Dr. Ha.va.rd with regard to the inconvenience of the Newport Court House, and enclosing a petition from t'.vo magistrates approving of new premises across the way which would be more roomy and more corr' .isn. to oe built by Mr Bowen, the ,sent lu.ndtord, and ready for occupation next year. They asked for the consent of the Committee to the Mr Laws: I should like to ask If it is a more incon- venient place th; ii we have at Clarbeston. (Laughter). The necessary consent was granted. SF,,ITS FOR MILFORD POLICE COURT. ) Dr. Grrifnth that the Surveyor bo instructed to report :Ls to the provision of seats for the public in Milford police court, as it was impossibte for them to keep older witI, the people stindiiig. Mr L'Lws At :1uudorsfoot we sit on a sofa and retire to a ma.u's kitchen. Twenty years ago I tried to alter it. NIr George: Not a fourth of the pAf'l,tn gf' thore. The resolution was carried, and it was pointed L ? T.t fresh provi&ion was necessary at Saundersfoot. PROPOSED NE\V PUBLIC BUILDINGR. The Sub-Committee appointed by the Standing Joint Committee to consider the question of Judge's lodgings reported as follows "The committee have met several times and after having particulars of the available houses they came to the conclusion that it would be difficult if not impossible to take a house that would be altogether suitable, and in addition they felt that the question of obtaining suitable furniture and a proper caretaker would be one of ditnculty and expense. The Judge during the last Assize was through the kindness of Sir Charles Philipps, accommodated at the PIcton Town House, an arrange- ment which gave his Lordship great satisfaction, and Isir Charles has been good enough to say that if necessary his town house can be used at the forthcoming Assize. The Sub-Committee have after due consideration come to the determination that the only way to secure accommo- dation for the Judge will be to build, and having regard to the fact that the County Council of Pembroke have no Council Chamber of their own and most inadequate office accommodation, the Sub-Committee would suggest that steps should be taken to procure the erection of suitable County Buildings to include accommodation for the Judge and his stair. It is believed that a very suitable and advantageous site can be obtained. Towards defraying the yearly instalment of principal and interest which would have to be met upon the sum that it would be necessary to raise to pay for this building, the Committee understand that the County would receive the amount paid through the Sheriff for Judge's accommodation amounting to about ,1;50 and the County would also save the expenses now incurred in connection with the record office and the annual rent paid to the Temperance Hall." The Chairman That is rather a large anair. Mr Massey It must be biought forward some time, and we are alt agreed that now is the most suitable time. The Chairman Is there any estimate made as to the cost r The Clerk No, no, sir. The Chairman It is to be a very nne structure, if it is to contain all these things. May I ask who else was there besides Mr Massey The Clerk Mr Walters and Dr. Grimth. Mr Massoy said the Clerk had no place to keep the records, and at County Council meetings if any paper was wanted some considerable time was taken as it had to be sent for to the oflice from the Temperance Hall. If all those buildings were under one head, in the course of 30 years they would be paid for, and they thought it better for the county to start at once than go on in the higgledy-piggledy way that they were now. The Chairman said there was a probability of the High Shcrin's position being abolished, and perhaps the Assizes would be removed. Mr Massey said the County Council would go on as long as the county. The Chairman I think the Council is likely to have a longer life than the Assizes. Mr Walters said it had been laid down by Judge FitzStepheu that it would require an Act of Parliament to remove the Assizes. Mr Massey The Joint Standing Committee is bound to provide Judge's lodgings. ° The Chairman Is that so ? I thought the Sheriff had to provide them. to The Clerk: The county provides it, and the Sheriff pays for it out of the allowance he gets. The Chairman hazarded the suggestion that the pro. posed buildings would cost C7 000. Mr Massey said it would be about one-half of that amount. The site they thought was that adjoining the Masonic Hall, the other side. It was a very good site a.nd belonged to Sir Charles I'hilipps, who was willing to selt. The Chairman It is a very good site. The Clerk Sir Charles Philipps has kept it specialty for public buildings. Dr. CrifHth said a!I the Judges were complaining and would complain, and this building would be the means of keeping the A&sizes there. (Hear, hear). Mr Massey moved that the report be adopted. Mr George seconded. Mr Mathias moved that they advertise for plans. Mr Laws seconded. The Chief Constable said there was plenty of useful building material at the Caxt)c. The Clerk said it would be necessary to consult the County Council as that Committee were not bound to provide a Council Chamber. The Chairman I suppose the old Castle wont do. (Laughter). it would have fine old associations for thosa with antiquarian ideas. R was resolved to refer the matter to the Public Wol-Ks Committee, and recommend the report to the County Council as having ° been adopf ted by the Standing Joint Committee. CHIEF CONSTABLES REPORT. This report for the quarter ending September 30th, showed ;n indictable oftcnccs, an increase of seven upon the corresponding quarter last year. 48.) persons had been proceeded against for other offences, tn increase of ;)'2, and of the number 42 were sent to prison, and 353 fitied.