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LOCAL AND OTHER NEWS. TIER'S CROSS.-The church anniversary services of the above place of worship were held on Sun- day, August 28th, when the Rev. R. Jones, Wiston, preached excellent sermons both morning and evening to large congregations, and especially in the evening. DRUNK AND DISORDERLY.—At the Shire Hall yesterday (Tuesday) morning, before Mr T. James and Mr T. L. James, Matthew Maclean, a sailor, was charged with being drunk and disorderly opposite the "Plough and Harrow" on the previous night. --P.S. Parry spoke of his drunken and disorderly state, and he was fined 5s 6d. including costs, which was paid. BETHLEHEM BAPTIST CHAPEL, NEAR HAVER- fordwest.-Oil Monday evening, August 29th, the Rev. E. W. Jenkins, Blackhill, County of Durham, delivered an instructive, and a very able lecture at the above place of worship on Phrenology. Mr Jenkins has mastered the above subject, and treated it in its various aspects with great ability. The audience greatly enjoyed the lecture, and had a rare treat. Mr Jenkins has been for years a Fellow of the Phrenological Society. The chair was occupied by the Rev. D. Oliver Edwards. At the end the lecturer read many heads in the vestry with great accuracy. It would be well for many a neighbourhood to hear this interesting lecture. LOCAL WEDDING. The marriage of Mr Robert Abernethy, M.D., F.R.C.P., of Edin- burgh, with Miss Frances Elizabeth Lyall, daughter of the late Dr. Lyall, R.N., and grand- daughter of the late Dr. Geo. Rowe, of Goat Street, in this town, was solemnized at St. Thomas' Church yesterday. The wedding was a private one but long before the hour appointed for the ceremony—10.15 o'clock—a large number of relatives and friends assembled in citurelil which was very tastefully decorated with choice llowering plants and ferns by Mr J. W, Francis. The bride, who wore her travelling dress, was accompanied by her younger brother, Mr Wm. H. Lyall. The bridesmaids were Miss Marjorie Samson and Miss Jessie Lee Strathy. The bridegroom was accompanied by his brother, Mr John Abernethy, as best man. The Rev. Atter- bury Thomas, curate of the parish, officiated. After the ceremony the bridal party returned to the residence of Mrs Rowe, (aunt of the bride), in Goat Street. About an hour later, Mr and Mrs Abernethy left by train on their wedding tour. The presents were numerous and valuable. Among them were the following :—Bridegroom to Bride, diamond star Bride to Bridegroom, suit case (Hilyer fittings) Mr & Mrs Charles Lyall, old oak furniture and travelling bag (silver fittings); Mr W. H. Lyall, Chippendale cabinet; Mrs Brakenridge, two large oil paitings, silver entree dishes Mr John Abernethy, set ot table silver Dr. and Mrs Gray Hassell, cheque Mrs Rowe, Worcester dinner service Miss Lyall Grant, glass for table Mr and Mrs Lyall Grant, sapphire ring and silver vases; Mr and Mrs Samson, fish slice and fork Captain Samson, embroidered table centre Mr E. M. Samson, umbrella; The Misses Samson, ebony and silver brushes and tray Mr and Mrs Eaton Evans and family, case of cutlery Captain Eaton Evans, R.A., silver flower pot Dr. and Mrs Lee Strathy, old oak chest The Misses Lee Strathy, silver salt cellars Rev. and Mrs Rees Davies, and Miss Abernethy, silver tea-caddy Mr and Mrs W. Lyall Grant, silver tea-caddy; Sir Joseph and Lady Hooker, wedgwood plaque; Colonel and Mrs Roberts, silver box Miss Julia Phillips, woolwork antimacassar; Miss Hill, table-cloth Mrs James Evans, leather writing case Miss Thompson, lapis lazuli hat-pin Mrs Barnard Hankey, tea set; Master Arthur and Miss Miriam Barnaid Hankey, brocade cushion Mrs Henry Stokes, silver bon-bon dishes Mr Owen Williams, cut-glass and silver scent bottle; Mrs T. Ince Webb-Bowen, China vases; Mrs John Davidson, China vases; Lady Graham Moon, diamond brooch The Rev. and Mrs Cecil Graham Moon, coffee-set; Miss Lloyd, cut-galss and silver scent-bottle Lady Richards, old mahogany table; Miss Alice Richards, old delf vases Mr Spencer Richards, R.N., Japanese fans Mrs Roberts, clock Mrs and Miss Jenour and Mrs Potgeiter, silver-mounted platter and knife; Mrs and the Misses Newport, silver clock Mr and Mrs Swiggs, silver frame and crocket work; Admiral and Mrs Leach, silver sugar-basin Mrs Curteis, coffee-set; Colonel and Mrs Berkeley Calcott, silver scent-bottle; Mr and Mrs Paine, parasol Miss A. Evans, dessert spoons Mrs Randall, brush and comb and nightdress bag Mrs A. Burton, Chippendale silver table Miss K. Burton, Chippendale tea- tray Miss Armitage, framed photograph Miss Morgan, silver bon-bon dishes; Mrs A. Boddam Taylor, silver mirror Mrs and the Misses Lambert, photograph frame; Mrs Arthbuthnot, cut-glass and silver scent bottle Miss Gooding, framed engraving The Misses Thompson, gold pencil case; Mr John F. Moon, hand-painted and tortoiseshell fan The Misses Roch, silver sugar basin; Mr Hird Williams, candle shades General and the Misses Morton, silver tea-caddy Captain and Mrs G. R. Morton, case of Apostle spoons Captain and Mrs Newbury, small Chippendale cabinet; Mr and Mrs W. T. Thompson, ivory and silver paper- Mrs Lort Stokes, gilt and bronze clock Capt, and Mrs W.Graham Moon, silver-mounted scent bottle Miss M. Evans, table centre Miss Craig, table cloth Archdeacon and Mrs Hilbers, breakfast dishes, &c. Mr and Mrs W. Dent, card-case Miss Fortune, glove-box and watch- case Miss E. Rees Stokes, ivory and silver paper knife Fetcham Almshouses, photograph frame the servants at Cleeve House, Goat Street, Haverfordwest, cut glass and silver scent bottle Mrs Hargrave, silver lamp Mrs Penney, gilt carriage clock Mrs McFarlane and the Misses Schofield, silver potato ring Mrs & Mrs Wm. Younger, two photogravures (Corot) Mr & Mrs Herbert Johnston, silver bell: the Misses Duncan, crystal and silver salad bowl; Dr. F. D. Boyd, held glasses Mr & Mrs J. W. Abernethy, entree dishes the servants at 10, St. Colme Street, Edinburgh, coffee machine; Mr L. W. Dickson, silver napkin rings; Dr. and Mrs Dunlop, silver menu holders Mrs. Clegliorn, carved music stand; Mrs W. Garden, tapestry photo screen Mrs Arthur Gordon, silver dish with spirit lamp Mr and Mrs Graham Watson, pearl shirt studs Miss Dorothy Watson, silver and cherry walking stick Mr Erskine Jackson, scarf-pin Mr Arthur Stewart, inkstand Dr. and Mrs A. S. Miller, brass inkstand, candle- stick, &c. Mrs Nelson, silver hot water jug Mrs Simpson, Dresden china tea and breakfast set Mrs Spence, silver fruit spoons Miss Patrick, set of tea spoons, »S:c. Mr and Mrs Hamilton Puerson, two china flower baskets; Dr. and Mrs Hodsdon, brass and platinum ink- stand Mrs Livingstone and the Misses Brodie, cut glass scent bottle; Mr and the Misses Duncan, silver lamp; Mr L. A. Callander, two silver candlesticks Mr and Mrs Richardson, old bronze hot-water jug Mrs and the Misses illiamson, silver napkin rings; Mrs Forman, silver quaigh Mr and Mrs James Rankin, set of fruit knives and forks Mr Lewis Spence, claret jug Mr and Mrs liethie, letter weight; The Misses Simpson, old silver tea-caddy Mr J. W. Forrest, silver penknife Mr Stokes Rees, R. N., set of tea spoons in case also from General Sir John and Lady Gordon, the Hon. Huntley Gordon, and Mr J. B. 0. Richards.