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LOCAL TIME TABLE. July, Aug., & Sept. UP-WEEK DAYS. SUNDAYS a.m. a.m. a.m. a.m. a.m.' a.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. a.m. p.m' New Milford dep 5 O 5 15' 6 30 8 10 I 10 20 11 01 5 3 10 4 45 6 3010 30 6 30 Old Milford .A a 8 5 10 1210 45; 1 0 2 30 4 40 6 25 OldMilford.? ? j ? 8 22?10 3211 12? 1 18 3 22 4 58 6 4310 41, 6 43 Johnaton H.-WEST 5 20 833:104211231293315106541051654 Clarbeston 5 20 i 8 33?104211 23 1 29 3 31 5 10 6 5410 51 6 54 CJlarbe8ton Road 8 4610 55 — 1 41 3 44 5 24 — 11 3 — Cl aderwen I 8 58 11 811 42? 1 53 3 55 5 36 7 16 11 15 7 16 Whitland 9 1211 2512 O? 2 3 4 5 5 45 7 2511 24 7 25 St. Clears. 9 31111 36 -:221421647441138744 Marnau 938?1144 2 30 4 30 6 14 11 45 Oar. Ju?c?on.6 5 1 9 49112 012 33? 2 41 4 40 6 24 8 011 55 8 0 Llanelly 6 37 Llanelly 6 37 10 31\12 4( 1 4 3 29 5 22 7 10 8 3312 36? 8 33 p.m. a.m. a.m. a.m. Paddmgton arr. 12 3012 30( 1 05 30: 6 40; 6 4011 40 3 30 3 30 3 30 1 9 30; 3 30 A. Mondays only. B. Mondays excepted. C. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays only. DOWN-WEEK DAYS. SUNDAYS p.m. ? p.m. ?night a.m. a.m. a.m. p.m. a.m. a.m. Paddington dep 6 lo? 15 il2 0 — 5 42 10 4510 37 4 30 11 45 a.m. a.m. a.m. a.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m LlaneUy 12 12 4 27 84610 1012 32? 2 7 4 15\5 55 4 27 8 28 Car. June on.. 12 39 5 2I j 9 21 11 15 1 20, 2 49 4 50 6 44 5 29 8 Sarnau I -— — I' 27 1 331 3 1 6 58 — 9 20 arnau .I 9 3011 27 1 33, 3 1 6 58  ? 9 27 St. Clears .1 i 520193911 36 14213 11 5 717 8 C 5 2019 27 Whitland    5 22'1 7 23 C 5 36 1 19 38 Clynderwen — 5 50110 612 2 2 10, 3 38 5 33 7 35 5 50 9 50 ClarbestonBoad ?10 18 12 13 2 22 3 49 B. ? 7 48 D 10 21 H.-WEST 1 25 6 10|10 28 12 24 2 31? 4 01 5 53? 7 5810 40 6 1010 11 Johnston. 6 27?104212 36 2 43? 4 13 6 5? 8 10 — 6 2710 23 Old Milford arr. 6 53(11 512 50 3 0! 4 30 6 20, 8 30 -[- New 3fifford 1 45 6 381055?12 50 1 2 55 4 25 6 20? 8 2511 0 6 4 o?l0 351 A A. Via Bristol, not on Sunday nights. B. Calls at Clarbeston Road when required to set down London passengers, notice to be given to the Guard at Wbitland. C. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays only. D. 9.15 p.m., ex Padd. on Saturday. Trains departing from Old Milford6.15, 8.5, 10.12, 10.45 a.m.; 12.20, 1.0, 2.30, 3.55 4.40, 5.45, 6.25, 7.55. Trains arriving at Old Milford6.52, 8.40, 11.5 a.m.; 12.55, 1.35, 3.0, 4.30, 5.15 6.20, 7.0, 8.30. HILL HOUSE COLLEGE, HAVERFORDWEST. THE MISSES DAVIES (Daughters of the late REV. T. DAVIES, D.D.), CONDUCT a SCHOOL for DAY PUPILS and BOARDERS at the above comodious and well- aituated residence. The course of instruction comprises the usual branches of a sound English Education with Music, French, German, Latin, Drawing and Painting. Pupils prepared for the Oxford and Can: bridge Local, College of Preceptors, Trinity College, and ether examinations. PROSPECTUSES ON APPLICATION. The next term will begin on Tuesday, September 20th. 722 NEW FISH AND Green-Grocer's Shop. BRIDGE STREET, Haverfordwest, On Premises formerly occupied by Messrs REES & SONS, Grocers. A REGULAR DAILY SUPPLY OF THE CHOICEST FISH ON SALE. FRESH VEGETABLES & FRUIT at Moderate Charges. I Orders by Post or otherwise will receive prompt attention. CHAS. P. COOK, 736 PROPRIETOR. BOOMING AHEAD. Thousands Drink it Daily. ANCHOR TEA j THE BEST VALUE MONEY CAN BUY. ASK YOUR GROCER FOR IT. Wholesale Agents- J. & J. P. REYNOLDS, ess Haverfordwest. THE BEST Athletic Jersey For CRICKET, CYCLING, TENNIS, &c. f B YRONIC COLLARS BUTT ONLD FRONT In White at 3s. lid. and 4s. lid. Can also be had in Grey- Warm, and chill-preventing, yet porous and comfortable in wear. GREENISH & DAWKINS, Haverfordwest. cL—EB= < IN THE MAKING OF JAM, and the Preserving of Fruits in general, every house- wife is well aware of the fact that thi satisfactoriuess of the result of her labours must depend to a large degree upon the quality of the Sugar which she uses. At one time the cost of the necessary Sugar formed a much more considerable item in the total outlay than it does to-day. Competition and other causes have brought down the price of really good Sugar to a ^figure at which our grandmothers would certainly bare stared in wonderment. While Fruit is cheap, you can get Sugar cheaply at the same time by buying it at REYNOLDS'S. This, though only 2d. per lb., is of a quality that can leave nothing to be desired. Special quotations given for original packages con- ^taining 112 lbs. J. & J. P. REYNOLDS'S, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERS, HIGH STREET, and SALUTATION SQUARE. G RE, A T rVESTERN RAILWAY EXCURSIONS will run as under:- MONDAY MORNING, September 12.—DAY TRIP to BRISTOL, from NEW and OLD MILFORD, Haverfordwest, Whitland, &c. WEDNESDAY MORNING, September 14.-DAY TRIP to SWANSEA and CARDIFF (HORSE SHOW), from NEW and OLD MILFORD, Haver- fordwest, Pembroke Dock, Tenby, Whitland, &c. For times, bookings from other stations, WEEK- END EXCURSIONS, COUNTRY LODGINGS, &c., see bills and pamphlets. J. L. WILKINSON, 750 General Manager. MILFORD HAVEN URBAN DISTRICT. TO BE LET BY AUCTION at the COUNCIL JL CHAMBER, Charles Street, Milford Haven, on THURSDAY, SEPT. 15th, 1898 (subject to Con- ditions to be read at the time of Letting) THE TOLLS ARISING FROM THE VICTORIA BRIDGE, for ONE YEAR, from the 29th September next. The Letting to commence at Three o'clock. For further particulars apply to the Clerk, THOMAS H. LEWIS, Clerk to the Council. Milford Haven, Sept. 5th, 1898. DAN LESTER, WHOLESALE Fish and Ice Merchant, MILFORD HAVEN. All Orders (large or small) promptly executed. TELEGRAMS LESTER, MILFORD HAVEN. 748 Å SALE of WORK WILL TAKE PLACE AT CUFFERN, On THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th, IN AID OF THE ROOR AND NOLTON DISTRICT ■ NURSE FUND, By kind permission of MRS. STOKES. Stalls of PItAIN AND FANCY WORK. „ POULTRY AND GAME. „ POTS OF FLOWERS & FRUIT. SWEETS AND TOYS. JUMBLE. A RAFFLE PRIZE A PIG. ADMISSION SIXPENCE. TEA — SIXPENCB* OPEN AT TWO P.M. [738 The finest exercises in the opinion of many is rowing, but you cannot always appear in a Boating Suit, consequently it behoves every man to provide himself with a change of Clothing, and there is no more appropriate time for so doing than at the change of Seasons. T. G. BIRCH is now Showing all the latest novelties for Shooting, Autumn Tour- ing, &c., a very large and varied Selection in all departments. Autumn deliveries just received and are now ready for inspection. An early call will oblige. LONDON HOUSE, High Street, Haverfordwest. Established 1829. Opposite Shire Hall. MONUMENTS, TOMBS, CROSSES, HEADSTONES, ARTIFICIAL WREATHS, &c W. J. COLE, MONUMENTALIST, &c., Holds an unequalled stock of all kinds of Memoria in Marble, Granite, and Forest Stone. Guaranteed Higher Class Work, at lower Prices, than supplied anywhere in the County. Just arrived, Grand New Stock of ARTIFICIAL WREATHS. Prices very low. SPLENDID LOT OF WREATHS TO BE GIVEN AWAY FREE. (Write for Par- ticulars.) ALL MEMORIALS SENT CARRIAGE PAID. Enquiries invited to W. J. COLE, 18, Commercial Row, Pembroke Dock RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL OF HA VERFORDWEST. AUDIT OF ACCOUNTS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, rPHAT the Accounts, duly made up and balanced, JL together with all Account Books, Deeds, Con- tracts, Accounts, Vouchers and Receipts mentioned or referred to in such accounts of the above-named Rural District Council, will on the 12th DAY OF SEPTEMBER, 1898, be deposited in the office of the said Rural District Council, and will be open between the hours of 10 a. m. and 4 p.m. to the inspection of all persons interested until the 21st DAY OF SEPTEM- BER, 1898 And that HUGH R. WILLIAMS, ESQ., the District Auditor, will attend on the 21st DAY OF SEPTEMBER, 1898, at the hour of 9.30 in the forenoon, at the BOARD ROOM, UXIOX WORKHOUSE, to audit the accounts for the period ended at 31st MARCH, 1898, of the said Rural District Council. Dated the 27th DAY OF AUGUST, 1898. JOHN JAMES, Clerk to the said Council. 737 VISITORS TO LONDON WILL FIND A HOME FROM HOME, AT 2, EASTBOURNE TERRACE, OPPOSITE PADDINGTON STATION. Bed & Breakfast from 3/6 per day. Buses for all parts pass the door, and Station of Metropolitan Railw- within 100 yards of House. PEMBROKESHIRE REVISION COURTS, 1898. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT ARTHUR LEWIS, Esa., the Barrister t appointed to Revise the Lists of Voters, Parlia- mentary and County Electors for the County of Pembroke, will hold open Courts for such Revision at the times and places hereunder named, and the respective Overseers of the Poor of the several Parishes are required to publish the notice of the said Courts in their respective Parishes, and to attend the Court for their Parishes, and to bring with them the original notices of Claims and Objections received by them with respect to their Lists of Voters and Electors; and also their respective Ratebooks, between the oth day of January, 1898, and the 15th day of July, 1898, or they will be liable to the penalties imposed by law for their neglect for so doing and all persons claiming to have their Names inserted in any List of Voters or objecting to the Claimants, or to the Votes of others, must appear at the proper court in order to prove or substantiate the same. NEW MILFORD.—At the South Wales Hotel, on Thursday, the 8th day of September, 1898, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon for revising the Lists of Voters for the several parishes or hamlets in the Johnston Polling District—Burton, Freystrop, Llangwm, Llanstadwell, Rosemarket. PEMBROKE DOCK.—At the Council Chamber, on Thursday, the 8th day of September, 1898, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon for revising the List of Voters for the several parishes or hamlets in the Pembroke Polling District—Lawrenny, Cosheston, Nash. PEMBROKE.—At the Town Hall, on Friday, the 9th day of September, 1898, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon for revising the Lists of Voters for the several parishes or hamlets in the following Polling Disiricts 1. Castlemartin Polling District—Angle, Bosheston, Castlemartin, Pwllcrochan, Rhoscrowther, St. Twyn- nell's, Warren. 2. Pembroke Polling District-Hodgeston, Hundleton, Lamphey, Monkton, Stackpole Elidor, St. Mary, Pem- broke, St. Michael, Pembroke, St. Petrox and Upton. TENBY.—At the Town Hall, at Tenby, on Saturday, the 10th day of September, 1898, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon for revising the Lists of Voters for the several parishes or hamlets in the following Polling Districts: 1. St. Florence Polling District-Carew, Manorbier, Redberth, St. Florence. 2. Tenby Polling District—Gumfreston, Penally, St. Mary (in liberty) Tenby, St. Mary (out liberty) Tenby. .NLARBERTH.-At the County Court House, Narberth, on Monday, the 12th day of September, 1898, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, for revising the lists of voters for the several parishes or hamlets in the following polling districts: 1. Amroth Polling District-Amroth, Begelly, Crun- wear, East Williamston, Jeffreyston, Ludchurch, Loves- ton, Reynoldston, St. Issell's. 2. Narberth Polling District—Coedcanlas, Crinow, Grondre, Llandewi Velfrey, Lampeter Velfrey, Llan- falteg, Llawhaden, Llangan West, Llandissilio, Martle- twy, Minwear Mountain, Narberth North, Narberth South, Newton North, Robeston Wathen, Yerbeston. HAVERFORDWEST.—At the Shire Hall on Wed- nesday, 14th day of September, 1898, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, for revising the lists of voters for the several parishes or hamlets, in the following polling districts; 1. Haverfordwest Polling District—Boulston, Har- roldston, St. Issels, Lambston, Prendergast, Rudbaxton, St. Martin, St. Thomas, Uzmaston. 2. Camrose Polling District-Camrose, Harroldston West, Hayscastle, Nolton, Roch, Treffgarne. LITTLE HAVEN.—At the Castle Hotel, ou. Thurs- day, the 15th day of September, 1898, at 10.30 o'clock in the forenoon, for revising the lists of voters for the several parishes or hamlets in the following polling district 1. Hasguard Polling District Dale, Hasguard, Herbraadston, Marloes, Robeston West, St. Bride's, St. Isbmael's, Talbenny, Walton West, Walwyn's Castle. PENBRYN.—At the School House, Penbryn, on Friday, the 16th day of September, 1898, at 12 o'clock at noon, for revising the lists of voters for the several parishes or hamlets in the following polling districts 1. Penbryn Polling District Bridell, Eglwyswrw, Kilgerran, Llantood. 2. Blaenffos Polling- District (part)-Capel Colman. Llanfihangel Penbedw, Manordivy. 3. St. Dogmell's Polling District—Monington, Moyl- grove, St. Dogmell's. CRYMMYCH.—At the Crymmych Arms, on Saturday, the 17th day of September, 1898, at 11.30 o'clock in the forenoon, for revising the lists of voters for the several parishes or hamlets in the following polling districts: 1. Tegryn Polling DIstrIct Clydey, Kilrhedyn, Llanfirnach. 2. Blaenffos Polling District (part)—Castellan, Llan- fairnantgwyn, Penrith, Whitchurch in Kemes. 3. Maenclochog Polling District-Monachlogddu. SOLVA.—At the Cambrian Inn on Thursday, 29th day of September, 1898, at 12 o'clock at noon for revising the lists of voters for the several parishes or hamlets in the following district: 1. Solva Polling District—Brawdy, Landeloy, Llan- howell, St. Elvis, Whitchurch in Dewsland. SAINT DAVID'S.—At the Grove Hotel on Friday, the 30th day of September, 1898, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon for the parish of St. David's in the Solva polling district: MATHRY.—At the National Schoolroom on Friday, 30th day of September, 1898, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon for revising the lists of voters in the several parishes or hamlets in the following polling district: 1. Mathry Polling District-Granston, Jordanston, Llanrhian, Lianrhitlian, Mathry, St. Edrin's, St. Nicholas. FISHGUARD.—At the Great Western Hotel, Fish- guard, on Saturday, the 1st day of October, 1898, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon for revising the lists of voters for the several parishes or hamlets in the following polling district 1. Little Newcastle Polling District Ambleston, Castlebythe, Little Newcastle, Llanfairnantgof, Letter- ston, Llanstinan, Puncheston, St. Lawrence, St Dog- wells. 2. Fishguard Polling District Dinas, Fishguard, Llanlawer, Llanwnda, Llanychaer, Llanychllwydog, Manorowen, Pontfaen. NEWPORT.—At the Llwyngwair Arms on Monday, the 3rd day of October, at 10.30 o'clock in the forenoon for revising the lists of voters in the several parishes or hamlets in the following polling district: 1. Newport Polling District-Bayvil, Meline, Nevem, Newport. WISTON.—At the Old Mansion House, Wiston, on Tuesday, the 4th day of October, 1898, at 10.30 o'clock in the forenoon for revising the lists of voters for the several parishes or hamlets of the following polling district: 1. Wiston Polling District-Bletherston, Clarbeston, Slebech, Spittal, Walton East, Wiston. MILFORD.—At the Lord Nelson Hotel on Monday, the 10th day of October, 1898, at 11.15 o'clock in the forenoon, for revising the lists of voters for the several parishes or hamlets in the following polling district: 1. Johnston Polling District-Hakin, Johnston, Hub- berston, Milford, Steynton. MAENCLOCHOG.—At the Castle Inn, Maenclochog, on Tuesday, the 11th day of October, 1898, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon for revising the lists of voters for the several parishes or hamlets in the following polling district: 1. Maenclochog Polling District (part) Henry's Moat, Llandilo, Llaugolman, Llanycefn, Llysyfran, Maenclochog, Morvil, New Moat, Vorlan. And all other places (if any) in the county of Pem- broke, not herein before specified. And every Clerk of the Peace, Postmaster, Overseer, or other Person or Public Officer for every wilful mis- feazance or wilful act of commission or omission is liable by the Act 6th Victoria, Cap. 10, to forfeit One Hundred Pounds to the Party aggrieved, to be recovered by action for debt. WM. DAVIES GEORGE, Clerk to the County Council for the County of Pembroke. Clerk of the Council's Office, Haverfordwest, August 27th, 1898. 743 SUN INSURANCE OFFICE FOUNDED 1710. Sum insured in 1897 exceeds £ 425,000,000. For all particulars apply to the following Agents:— HAVERFORDWEST ME T. RULE ONA EN Fishguard Mr W. T. S. Tombs Milford Haven. Mr Joseph Whicher Narberth Messrs. T. & W. D. Lewis 979 MRS. COLLINS THOMAS, REGISTRY and EMPLOYMENT AGENCY, DEW STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. HORSE & FOUR-WHEELED DOG CART ON HIRE. Apply- DAVID EVANS, Corkcutter. SALES BY WILLIAM JONES, AUCTIONEER. MICHAELMAS, 1898. At an early date at Haverfordwest, TWO FREEHOLD HOUSES in Barn Street, let to David Rees and Mary Rees respectively, and ONE HOUSE on Prendergast West Side let to Henry Griffiths. About the middle of September at PARK HOUSE, near Prendergast, Dairy Cows, Young Cattle, Pigs, Hay, | &c., the property of Mr Thomas John. On the 27th September, at UPPER SW ANSWELL, Broad Haven, Dairy Cows, Young Cattle, Pigs, Pony and Trap, Hay, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, &c., the Property of Mrs Rosser. On the 28th September, at DERBY, near Haverford- west, Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Hay and Corn, &c., the property of Owen H. S. Williams, Esq. 40, High Street, Haverfordwest, August 31st, 1898. PARISH OF WALTON WEST. Important Sale of Dairy Cows, Young Cattle, Pony and Dogcart, Pigs, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, Household Furniture, &c. MR. WILLIAM JONES HAS been instructed by MRS. LonsA ROSSER JLL (who is relinquishing Farming), to SELL BY AUCTION AT UPPER SWANSWELL, NEAR BROAD HAVBN, ON TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1898, the whole of the LIVE STOCK, CROP OF HAY, DAIRY AND BREWING UTENSILS, &c., comprising: Four choice young Dairy Cows, all expected to calve early, three reared Calves, Sow and litter of 12 young Pigs, very superior Pony, aged seven years, Rick of Meadow Hay, two-wheeled Dogcart, Spring Cart, Set of Nickel Harness, Spring Cart Harnes, together with the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and other Effects, which include :—Mahogany Loo, Pembroke, and other Tables, half-dozen Mahogany Chairs covered in hair, do. Couch in leather, do. Chest of Drawers, Cheffionier Bedstead, Iron and Wooden do., Feather Beds, Mattresses, Washstand and Ware, Kitchen Dresser and Ware, Corner Cup- board, Book Shelves and Books, Garden Tools, Iron and Stone Pigs' Troughs, Picks, Rakes, Ladders, and numerous other articles not mentioned. Sale to commence at One o'clock punctually. Four Months' Credit, subject to Conditions. 40, High Street, Haverfordwest, September 5th, 1898. DERBY FARM, ABOUT ONE MILE FROM HAVERFORDWEST Highly Important Unreserved Sale of Horses, Dairy Cows, Young Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Corn and Hay, Implements of Husbandry, &c. MR. WILLIAM JONES HAS been favoured with instructions from OWEN I H. S. WiLHAMs, Esq., of Fern Hill (who is giving up the Farm), to SELL BY AUCTION, at the above place, on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28TH, 1898, the whole of the valuable LIVE STOCK, CROPS OF CORN AND HAY, IMPLEMENTS OF HUS- BANDRY, &c., comprising:- CATTLE. Twelve choice Dairy Cows, some in full profit, others to calve early, one well bred Yearling Short- Horn Bull, 13 excellent Cross-bred two-year-old Steers and in -calf heifers, 11 very promising Yearling Steers and Heifers, and 13 strong Calves. HORSES. Brood Mare "Gladys," aged, by "Zanzibar," dam by "The Brigand," in foal to "Aylesbury," sucking Colt by "Utility," dam Gladys," Yearling filly by "Utility," dam "Gladys," two-year-old filly by Stonefield," dam Gladys," two-year-old Colt by Utility," dam by York," three-year-old Gelding by "Stcnefield," dam by "York," calcu- lated to make a fine weight carrying hunter, two- year-old Colt by Emlyn Fashion," out of a grand Trotting Cob, Yearling Colt by Trotting Britain," out of the same dam as last named, Sucking Colt by "Comet Bach," 1 Cart Mare "Dandy," aged seven, and 1 Cart Horse "Spanker," also aged seven, both good workers. SHEEP. Fifty-two grand two-year-old and aged Ewes, 25 Yearling Ewes, 72 excellent Ewe and Wether Lambs, 7 Ram Lambs. The whole of the Sheep are of Shropshire and Oxford-cross breed. PIGS. 5 very useful Porkers. CROPS OF CORN AND HAY. 212 Mows of small Black Scotch Oats, well har- vested, 2 Ricks of Old Hay, 3 Ricks of this year's Meadow Hay, all well saved. IMPLEMENTS OF HUSBANDRY, &c. Albion Reaper, Coleman's Cultivator, Iron Roller, Corn Drill, Pole Pitcher, Hornsby Digger, Howards' Spring Plough, Chisel Tooth Harrow, Horse Hoe, Sheep Rack, Turnip Drill, Shaft and Leading Har- ness, Plough do., and other effects too numerous to mention. Luncheon on the Table at 11 o'clock. Sale to commence at 11.30. Three Months' Credit subject to Conditions of Sale. The Auctioneer begs to draw attention of intend- ing purchasers to this Important Sale, the quality of Mr Williams' Stock being well known in the County, and asks for a punctual attendance, in order to dis- pose of the whole in one day. 40, High Street, Haverfordwest, Sept. 5th, 1898. UNRESERVED SALE OF FARMING STOCK, CROPS, IMPLEMENTS, & BUILDER'S PLANT. MR. J. V. S. BENNETT HAS received instructions from Mr THOMAS i- ] JENKINS, of Pelcomb Hill, in the Parish of Camrose, to SELL BY AUCTION, at PELCOMB HILL, on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1898, the whole of the LIVE STOCK, CROPS, and HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, as under: LIVE STOCK.-2 Horses, 1 Pony (Polly), 2 Cows, Yearling Steer, 2 Calves, 12 young Ewes, 4 Pigs. POULTRY.—10 Geese, 10 Hens. CORN.—21 Mows of Oats, 24 Mows of Barley. HAY.—Rick of Seed Hay. 10 Drills of Potatoes, 10 Drills of Mangolds, 15 Drills of Swedes, 15 Drills of Turnips, Cart and Tripples, Pony Trap, 1 Donkey Cart, 3 Wheel- barrows, Plough (Ransom), Turnip Hoe, Chiseltooth Harrow, Brush Harrow, Wooden Roller, Turnip Drill, Turnip-cutter, Iron Chaffcutter, Hand Chaff. cutter, Field Sheep Rack, Winnowing Machine, Barn. Plank, Weighing Machine and Weights, Set of Cart Harness, Set of Pony Harness. DAIRY.—4 Lead Milk pans and Frames, Churn and Butter Tub, Brass Pan and Frame, Cream Pots, Buckets, Pails. 18 Field Gates 8 feet by 9 feet, 10 Cottage Window Frames and sashes, Carpenter's Benches and Mason's tressel, 5 feet high 3 loose Mangers, small Iron Lathe, 6 inches; small saw, 2 Iron Pulleys and Blocks, 7 inches (2 and three sheaves), Rope and Chain, Hand Flag truck, Horse Truck (very strong), some yards of Carter's Encaustic Tiles, some Ridge tiles, 200 large Slates, Pig Troughs, Boxes, Picks, Rakes, Scythes, Cradles, Spades, Cultivator, Grinding Stone, and part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and other effects. Sale to Commence at Twelve o'clock. Terms: One Month's Credit, subject to Con- ditions. ST. THOMAS GREEN, HAVERFORD- WEST. MR. J. V. S. BENNETT HAS received instructions from MR. HENRY fil WILLIAMS, to SKLL BY AUCTION at the RIFLEMAN INN, St. Thomas Green, Haverford- west, ox FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9TH, 1898, the under- mentioned HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, TRAP, HARNESS, &c. B.m.-Four Kegs, Measurers, Glasses, Table, Desk, Forms, &c. KITC.R -Couch, Skew, Tables, Cupboards, Arm and small Chairs, Bin, Saucepans, Kettles, Boiler, Clock, Fenders, Oil Cloth. Lot of Ware, &c. SITTING ROOM.—Cheiffoneer, Book Case, two Mahogany Tables, one small table, Couch, Arm and Easy Chair, six small Chairs, Singer's Sewing Machine, Window Pole, Water Bottles, Lamp, Organette, Fender and Fire Irons, Oil Cloth, Orna- ments, &e. BEDROOMS.—Two Chests of Drawers, Cheffioneer, Bedstead, two Iron Bedsteads and Mattresses, Washing Stands and Dressing Tables, three Cane- Seated Chairs, Commode, Towel Rails, Looking Glass, &c. SUNDRIES. Trap and set of Brass Mounted Harness all in splendid condition, Wheelbarrow, Ladder, Tubs, Pans, Pails, Garden Tools, Tool Chest and lot of Tools, and other articles too numerous to mention. Sale at One p.m. sharp. Terms Cash. RAILWAY TAVERN, IN THE PARISH OF WISTON, About Four Miles from Haverfordwest and One Mile from Clarbeston Road Stations. Important Sale of Stock, Hay, Implements, &c. MESSRS. WM. THOMAS & SON HAVE been instructed by Mr BENJAMIN VOYLE (who II is leaving) to SELL BY AUCTION at the above place, on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th, 1898, the following LIVE STOCK, CROPS AND IMPLEMENTS, con- sisting of Four prime Milch Cows, one of which will have a Calf at her feet, 2 others expected to calve early, 1 do. in full profit, 2 Yearling Heifers, 1 Bay cob Mare Dolly," 8 years old, about 15 hands high, 18 Breeding Ewes, 35 Ewe Lambs, 1 Yearling Ram, Pigs, 2 Sows heavy in farrow, 1 do. in farrow, 5 Slips, 1 Trap (nearly new), Cushions, Harness and Lamps complete, Chaff- cutter (works by horse-power or hand), Saddle and Bridle, 2 Ladders, 3 Wheelbarrows, 15 Hurdles, Boilers, Brass Pans, Chum, Buckets, Tubs, with a variety of other useful articles too numerous to particularize. Sale to commence at One o'clock sharp. Six Months' Credit subject to conditions. Llandissilio, Clynderwen, R.S.O. 1 FOR SALE. GOOD TERRIER 10 months old. Excellent Rabbiter. —Apply: GEORGE BOWEN, Bushford. 725 FERRETS FOR SALE. A Choice Lot of FERRETS, warranted good workers. -Apply: T. DEVEREUX, Swan Square, Haver- fordwest. FERRETS FOR SALE. EVERAL FERRETS for Sale fit for work.-Apply: JAMES, Cross Inn, Clarbeston Road. 724 CHILD'S SADDLE FOR SALE BOY'S PAD, recently done up as new, easily converted for girl, will be sold cheap. Apply WARREN & Co., Saddlers, Tower Hill. FOR SALE SOME very Desirable FREEHOLD BUILDING <J PLOTS at Milford Haven.-Apply-COATES, Le Bon Marche, Milford Haven. 675 NEW HONEY. HONEY in sections for sale; a few on hand.—Apply: !) B. THOMAS, Station Master, Johnston. AYLESBURY DRAKES. FOR SALE several young Pure AYLESBURY DRAKES, purchased from the celebrated breeder, Mr Henry Digby, regardless of cost. They are extremely promising, and should prove eminently suitable for crossing with the ordinary ducks, or for exhibition purposes. Price 5s 6d each.—Apply FRED W LEWIS, Garth, Haverfordwest. TO LET.—BEDROOM AND SITTING ROOM.— Apply, H., office of this paper. HOUSE TO LET at Merlin's Terrace, in this town, n Immediate Possession may be had. Apply: G. J. TREW, High Street, Haverfordwest. 388 TO BE LET, with immediate possession, HOUSE ?- and GARDEN at PHENDEROAST HILL — Apply Mrs E. E. LEWIS, The New Bridge, Haver- fordwest. COMFORTABLE LODGlNGf^to Let in central part of the Town, suitable for one or two Young Men.- Apply A., Office of this Paper. LODGINGS, suitable for School Children, to Let in L- a healthy part of the town. Moderate terms.— Apply Office of this Paper. 740 HOUSE TO LET-A Dwelling House in Quay Street tt suitable for Lodgings and Low Rent. Apply H," Office of this Paper. 622. T 0 LET on the 29th inst., No. 6, ALBION TERRACE, t now in the occupation of Mrs Vaughan Janes.- Apply to ISAAC YOUNG, Merchant, Haverfordwest.' 752 TO BE LET at Michaelmas next, a DWELLING t HOUSE and OUTBUILDINGS with Land attached, sufficient to keep Two Cows, situate about three miles from Haverfordwest.—For full particulars apply to MR. D. EVANS, Corkcutter, Haverfordwest. 749 TO LET, SEPTEMBER 29th, DEER PARK LODGE, Portfield Gate, Good House and Garden.—Apply to Mr J. H. WILLIAMS, Springfield House, Haverfordwest [742 TO BE LET at MICHAELMAS NEXT, a SMALL t HOLDING, sufficient to keep Three Cows and Half-dozen Sheep. For full particulars apply to the Office of this Paper. TO BE LET at Michaelmas to a Blacksmith, a SHOP, t HOUSE AND LAND, called DIRTY GATE, in the Parish of Roch.—Apply to MRS. STOKES, Cuffern, Roch. 739 HOUSE TO LET. TO LET at Michaelmas, No. 11, Hill Street, recently put in thorough repair.-Apply W H REYNOLDS, CJ abinet maker. 729 HOUSE TO LET. COMMODIOUS HOUSE AND SHOP to Let in RUTHER LANE, immediate possession.-Apply: WILLIAM MORGAN, Contractor, Haverfordwest. 706 TO BE LET at Michaelmas next, a Small DAIRY I FARM (consisting of about 22 Acres) together with HOUSE AND GARDEN, situate at the OBSERVATORY, Hakin, and now in the occupation of Mr James Owen.— For further particulars apply to Mr J. T. Ll. PHILIP DAVIES, Observatory Hall, Milford Haven. 720 TO LET NEAR FISHGUARD, PEMBROKE- SHIRE. THAT very desirable COUNTRY RESIDENCE A. called 66 CA R N E situate about It miles from Goodwick, and two miles from Fishguard, with a magni- ficient view of Goodwick Bay and the surrounding country. The house which has recently been rebuilt is in excellent repair, and faces south- cast. There are first rate Stables, Saddle Room, Coach House, Kennels, and large walled Garden attached to the house. There are 68 ACRES of PASTURE and ROUGH LAND-which are to let with the house. This house seems particularly adapted to any gentleman who may wish to reside in this rapidly improving neighbourhood. The Goodwick Station of the North Pembrokeshire Railway will be within It miles. Excellent shooting may be obtained in the district and the house is within reach of "The Tivyside and Pembrokeshire Foxhounds." For further particulars apply to W. T. S. TOMBS, Solicitor, ï16 Fishguard. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. J. LLEWELLYN DAVIES HAS been favoured with instructions from H Charles Mathias Esq., Lamphey Court, to SELL BY AUCTION, in the MONTH OF SEPTEMBER, a Choice Selection of COWS, BULLS, two-year-old (STEERS, YEARLING STEERS, EWES, LAMBS, and RAMS, &c. &c. Particulars will appear in future advertisements 1 and Posters. -+- SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY. MR. W. REES CARVER HAS been instructed to offer for SALE HY PUBLIC AJL AUCTION, at the GROVE HOTEL, ST. DAVID'S, about the end of September, the desirable FARM of UPPER HARGLODD, situate in the Parish of St. David's, and now in the occupation of Mr J. M. Owen as yearly tenant. Further particulars will appear in detailed adver- tisements, and in the meantime information may be obtained of Mr R. L. FULI ORD, Solicitor, 36, Theo- balds Road, Gray's Inn, London; Mr JAS. THOMAS, Estate Agent, 6, Victoria Place, Haverfordwest; and of the Auctioneer. Aug. 29th, 1898. 735 TOWN OF HAVERFORDWEST. FREEHOLD COTTAGES FOR SALE. MR. WM. GEORGE JAMES HAS received instructions to offer for SALE BY JLl PUBLIC AUCTION on SATURDAY, the 24th day of SEPTEMBER, 1898, at half-past two o'clock in the afternoon, at the SWAN HOTEL, Haverfordwest, the following valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY. LOT I.-All that MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE and GARDEN, situate in Prendergast, in the Town and County of Haverfordwest (and being opposite the Branch Baptist Chapel), now in the occupation of Joseph Morgans, as tenant thereof, at the annual rent of C5 Os. Od. LOT 2.—All those FIVE MESSUAGES or DWELLING-HOUSES with the GARDENS there- unto belonging (which said Gardens are situate in front of the said Messuages or Dwelling-houses) situate in Fountain Row, in the Parish of St. Mary, Haverfordivest, in the occupation of the following Tenants, John Gannon, William Thomas, John Edgar, John Morris, and Mrs Marychurch. This Lot is let to tenants at a weekly rental of Is. lOd. each per week, and produces a gross annual rental of £ 23 16s. 8d. If not sold in one Lot the houses in Lot 2 will be offered in several Lots. Particulars and Conditions of Sale are being pre- pared, and any further information may be obtained on application to the Auctioneer, Mr W. G. JAMES, at Llys-yr-onen, Fishguard or MR. WM. DAVIES GEORGE, Solicitor for Vendors, Hill Lane, Haverfordwest. BOOMING AHEAD. Thousands Drink it Daily. ANCHOR TEA THE BEST VALUE MONEY CAN BUY. ASK YOUR GROCER FOR IT. Wholesale Agents— J. &'J. P. REYNOLDS, 689 Haverfordwest. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. THE VEGETABLE TONIC. is THE BEST REMEDY OF THE AGE FOR WEAKNESS, NERVOUSNESS, INDIGESTION, LOSS OF APPETITE, IMPURE BLOOD, CHEST AFFECTIONS, LOW SPIRITS, INFLUENZA. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. THE VEGETABLE TONIC. Strengthens that part of the GIVES system which is weakest or, STRENGTH has been weakened by disease, TO THE and therefore more liable to WEAK. Colds and their attendant ail- ments. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. THE VEGETABLE TONIC. Purifies the Blood and Stimulates HEALTH the Circulation, Assists and Pro- TO THE motes Digestion, and Improves SICK. the Appetite. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS THE VEGETABLE TONIC. Braces the Nerves and Fortifies the Muscles, Rouses the Sluggish ENJOYMENT Liver, and thus Enlivens the IN LIFE Spirits Removes all Impurities TO ALL and Obstructions from the Human Body, and gives tone to the whole System. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS THE VEGETABLE TONIC. Purely Vegetable, and suitable to RECOMMENDED all ages, from the infant to the BY adult, and confidently recom- PHYSICIANS, mended to those who have to ANALYSTS, devote themselves to study and AND brain work, and all who work CHEMISTS. long hours in close rooms. GWILYN EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS THE VEGETABLE TONIC. IIIGHLY Confidently recommended to those HIGHLY who breathe impure air and all nv T11?riljT v who have to stand exposure of the  weather. If given a fair trial of qt a TTr*xrQ its efficacy and merit, unanimously STATIONS declared to be the Best Remedy of OF LI°F? E. the Age. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS THE VEGETABLE TONIC. In bottles, 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d. each. or in cases containing three 4s. 6d. Bottles at 12s. 6d. per case. SOLD The Proprietors will forward, EVERYWHERE. carriage free, for the above prices, should any difficulty be experienced in procuring it. BEWARE See the name" Gwilym Evans OF on Label, Stamp, and Bottle. IMITATIONS. SOLE PROPRIETORS: QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING COMPANY, LIMITED, LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES, boomog- ahead. Thousands Drink it Daily. ANCHOR TEA THE BEST VALUE MONEY CAN BUY. ASK YOUR GROCER FOR IT. Wholesale Agents- J. & J. P. REYNOLDS, 689 Haverfordwest. WANTED, immediately, SHARP BOY to deliver VV with Horse and Trap.—HANNAM, Baker, Dew Street. W ANTED-APPRENTICES and IMPROVERS to the DRESSMAKING.—Apply DAVIES & EVANS, High Street. [741 WANTED, good GENERAL SERVANT accustomed to Children.—Apply: MRS. BOYLE, Picton Place. WANTED, a GENERAL SERVANT; Housemaid kept.—Apply: MRS. CORDEY, The Grange, Stow Park, Newport, Mon. CB. HALL, Superintendent, British Workman's and ? General Assurance Company, Limited, is prepared to start an ADDITIONAL AGENT in PEMBROKE DOCK, MILFORD, HAVERFORDWEST, ST. DAVID'S, and NARBERTH respectively, on Special Salary and Commission. Good opening for an energetic, honest man to start in the business.—Apply 20, Princes Street, Pembroke Dock. 723 HOW TO SAVE MONEY. BUy IRISH TWEEDS (pure wool), 7 Yards for D 16s 6d Suits, 3Gs 6d Welsh Flannel Shirts, two for lis. Patterns and self measurement forms on application. -MATHIAS & Co., Narberth. 374. SETTER FOR SALE. FINE Handsome First-season IRISH SETTER § DOG, excellent worker, and thoroughly staunch free from chase. Prize: X5 5s. Trial allowed.-FRED. W. LEWIS, "Telegraph" Office, Haverfordwest. FOUND recently near Fern Hill, a MERLE SHEEP r BITCH; owner may have same on payment of expenses.—Apply DANIEL EDWARDS, Fem Hill. COUNTY OF PEMBROKE. IN THE MATTER OF THE LICENSING ACTS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT the COUNTY LICENSING COMMITTEE ± appointed by Quarter Sessions for the County of Pembroke will meet at the SHIRE HALL, HAVERFORDWEST, on THURSDAY, the 29th Day of SEPTEMBER inst., at 11 o'clock in the forenoon to hear applications for Confirmation of Licenses. Dated this 7th day of September, 1898. WM. DAVIES GEORGE, Clerk of the Peace. Shire Hall, Haverfordwest. -=-=-=-=: PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS SITUATIONS VACANT AND WANTED One Insertion. Three Insertion s. d. s. d. 15 Words or less 0 9 13 20 do.10 19 25 do.13 28 30 do.16 2 9 Particular attention is called to the fact that the above scale only applies to Situations Vacant and Wanted.