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LESTABLISHED OVER HALF A CENTURY.] HE ONLY BOOKBINDERS IN TOWN. ALL WORK DONE ON THE PREMISES. JAMES ROGERS & SON, BOOKBINDERS, BRIDGE STREET, HAVERFORDWEST, Beg to inform their Friends and the Public generally that their Business is now carried at the above Address, and to solicit a continuance of their kind patronage. Having purchased a new Gold Blocking Machine, together with new pattern Type, J. R. & Son are now prepared to execute ALL KINDS OF GOLD & SILVER BLOCKING & STAMPING Name or Initials Stamped on Leather Goods in Gold or Silver. GOLD AND SILVER LEAF ALWAYS IN STOCK. BOOKS BOUND IN ALL STYLES OF L1NDING AND AT REASONABLE RATES. PORTFOLIOS AND SCRAP BOOKS MADE TO ORDER. SPECIALITIES IN MUSIC. A TRIAL SOLICITED. ESTABLISHED 1856. :P:al[c-pp. IE?,j S S IE li li TOWER HILL, HAVERFORDWEST, PAINTERS, GLAZIERS, PAPER HANGERS AND General House Decorators. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF A 'P A P R R  NEW CHEAP PAPERi., FROM 2d. PER PIECE. CALL AND SEE THE QUALITY. FULL MEASUREMENT IN EACH ROLL GLASS 2 Jd. PER FOOT. ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. JOHNSTON BRICK WORKS. JOHNSTON _?R?K W ORDINARY RED BRICKS, PRESSED FACING BRICKS, BUFFS, FLOORING SQUARES, &c., ALWAYS IN STOCK. For Prices apply to the For Prices apply to the MANAGER, The Johnston Brick Works, 1513 Haverfordwest, South Wales.  TEETH. Dental Notice. TEETH. :0: F. Oco., SURGEON DENTISTS, CAN BE CONSULTED FROM 11 to 5 P.M., AT MISS JOHN, BOOKSELLER AND STATIONER, 3, Victoria Place, N eu-, Briclge, H averfordwegt, EVERY FORTNIGHT, Next Visit, SATURDAY, SEPT. 10, 1898, And will also attend at Mr. BEVANS, 12a Charles Street, Milford lia-ven, every other Tuesday. Next Visit, SEPT. 6, And at Mr. APPLEBY'S, Chemist, Neyland, every other Tuesday. CONSULTATION FREE OF CHARGE. TEETH.-I Perfection in eating and speaking. 2. Perfectly natural and life-like in appearance. Upper or Lower Set from Y,2 10s. Single Tooth. ".£0 58. (ESTABLISHED 30 YEARS.) 72, CROCKERTOWN, CARDIFF; 42, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. NOTICE. All letters to be addressed to BRECKNOCK HOUSE, TENBY. 123 + rr -P -A- -Ei (Late LORD NELSON HOTEL), Wine, Spirit, Ale and Beer Merchant, and Bottler, SIR CHARLES WHETHAM HOTEL, High Street, Pill, Milford Haven. ————— o ————— Agent for Allsopps' & Bass' Celebrated Pale and Mild Ales and Stout in Cask or Bottles. LIVERY STABLES: Carriages of every Description. sW Letters and Telegrams promptly attended to. [2967 REGISTERED&TRADE MARK. ttKBTIFi AND ami FLAM J. REYNOLDS & CO., GLOUCESTER. CUNARD LINE. FIVE AND A THIRD DAY PASSAGES. ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS FROM LIVERPOOL VIA QUEENSTOWN. iIlor NEW YORK. For BOSTON. UMBRIA Sat., Sept. 10 CARINTHIA Tues., Sept. 13 LTTCANIA..Sat., Sept. 171 OEPIIALONIA Tues., Sept. 20 AURANIA, .Tues., Sep.20 CATALONIA.Tues, Sept. 27 Superior accommodation at moderate tares for First, Second, and Third Class Passengers. Through Booking to China, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia, also to the United States, including Klondyke, &c. Third Class Passengers by Boston steamers booked to New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore without extra charge. Third Clasp fn-e. THE CUNARD STEAMSHIP COMPANY, LIM., 8, Water Street, Liverpool. OR TO THEIR AGENT FRED. W LEWIS, "Telegraph" Office, 2817 Haverfordwest. NEW BRISTOL STEAMER. I THE W ATERFORD STEAMSHIP COM- PANY'S LIMITED, ^EW and Powerful Passenger and Cargo Steamer' I Menapia, 1,000 tons, Or other vessel is intended to sail from BRISTOL every FRIDAY carrying cargo for HAVERFORD- WEST, MILFORD, NEW MILFORD, PEM- BROKE DOCK, PEMBROKE, TENBY, &c. From Cumberland Basin, Bristol:- (Calling at Tenby and Pembroke Dock. Thursday. Sept. 1 6.0 p.m. Friday » 9 12.0 noon- Friday 16 5.0 p.m. Friday 2:3 10.0 a.m. *Thursday 5.0 p.m. *Via Tenby, Pembroke Dock and Newport. I Goods received in Bristol every Thursday at load- ing berth, City Quav, Welsh Back. No Cargo re- ceived at Cumberland Basin. Goods for Haverfordwest, Pembroke, Pembroke Dock, New Milford and Milford are transhipped into lighters at Milford Haven, and are conveyed to destination at Company's Expence, but entirely at Owner's risk. N.B.-All Empties crrried free must be distinctly understood to be conveyed solely at Owner's Risk, unless Freight be paid on same. To ensure shipment Goods must b alongside steamer at City Quay, Bristol, at least three hours before advertised time of sailing. Goods Shipped by this Company's Steamers are received subject to conditions on their Genera) Notices to be seen at their offices. Information as to Insurance of Goods and further particulars and conditions of carriage can be obtained on application at the Company's Offices. Agent- F. J. SELLICK, 536 Milford Haven. BACON LINE. SEPT. 1898. The undermentioned Steamers will sail (unless pre- vented by any unforeseen circumstance) with or without Pilots and with liberty to tow. DIRECT STEAM COMMUNICATION between the following ports as under:- THE S.S. "TALBOT," (or other suitable vessel). vesse l ). From Bristol for Milford (With liberty to call at any port in Bristol Channel) Sept. o clock Sept. o'clock Tuesday 6 8 nght I Tuesday 20. 7 night Tuesday 13 12 night Tuesday 27 12 night From Miltord for Liverpool. Sept. o'clock Sept. o'clock Wednesday 7 8 morn Wednesday 21 7 morn Wednesday 14 12 night Wednesday 28 12 night The S.S. SUNLIGHT," (or other suitable vessel). Prom Liveg-pool for Milford and Swansea. Sept. o'clock. Sept. o'clock Saturday 3 11 night Saturday 17 10 night Saturday 10 5 after Saturday 2-1 4 after From Milford for Sivansea. Sept. o'clock. Sept. o'clock Sunday 4. 5 after Sunday 18 4 after Sunday 11 12 noon Sunday 25 10 morn The Steam Barges "Carew" and "Cleddau," are intended to ply on Milford Haven, in connection with the above Steamers carrying Goods to and from Pem- broke Dock, Haverfordwest, and he adjacent towns, and will deliver to such towns first, as may be deemed most expedient.1 FAKES :— Cabin. Deck. Liverpool to Milford. 12s. 6d. 6s. No Passengers carried to or from Bristol this month. NOTICE:—The landing and embarcation of Goods or Passengers at Milford, by whatever conveyance, whether at the expense of the Steamer or otherwise, and whether loaded into Barges and transhipped from one Barge to another, is at the risk of toe Passengers and the owners of the Goods respectively. For further particulars see small bills, or apply to John Bacon, Limited, 3 & 4, Oriel Chambers, 14, Water- street, Liverpool John Bacon Lmtd., Bristol John Bacon Limited, Swansea; Simpson, Howden & Co., BMaacnocn hJeOsteHr.N PHILLIPS Agent, Milford. TASKER S High School for Girls, HAVERFORDWEST. -Uead.)nist),ess :-MISS WADDY, B.A. (Assisted by Highly Qualified Mistresses) Fees-Pupils under 12, £1 Os Od per Term. Pupils over 12, £1 6s 8d per Term. The HEADMISTRESS will supply all Information relative to Boarding Arrangements for Country Pupils, also as to extra Subjects, the Annual Free Scholarships offered, and other Details, or application may be made to MR J. W. PHILLIPS, Solicitor, Tower Hill, Clerk to the Governors. This School re-opens on Tuesday, September 13th, at 2.15 p.m. PREPARATORY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG CHILDREN. HILL LANE, HAVERFORDWEST (Next door to Mr Munt's). Miss Skinner BEGS to inform Parents and Guardians of Children D that she conducts a School at the above address, where she is prepared to receive a limited number of Scholars of either sex, and to prepare them for admission to the Taskers High School for Girls, or to the other Schools for Boys, and also for Trinity College. WOMEN'S AILMENTS A Lady, having tried in vain every advertertised remedy has at last discovered a simple and harmless cure, which will act in a few hours, no matter how stubborn the case. GENUINE SUFFERERS can obtain it FREE of charge by sending stamped addressed envelope. Don't experiment with PILLS, MIXTURES, CONES, TABLETS, and other worth- less and injurious nostrums, which only cause pain, purging, and prostration, without having the desired result. The advertiser has never known her cure to fail. Thousands have been restored to health and happiness by it, and saved much misery and disappointment, though for weeks and ve??k?;y other preparations had previously been taken without any good results. A poor sufferer writes DEAR MADAM,—Your wonderful discovery will come as a boon and blessing to us poor folks, who can ill afford to pay for costly remedies, which prove quite useless after alL-Mus DARWIN." Bona fide, sufferers should send without delay. Write with full hope, faith and confidence to MRS G. N. ST. CLAIR, 40, Southampton Buildings, London, W.C. WOMEN'S AILMENTS 609 fEGSSBHlBS I QLTI0KLY CORRECT ALL ISREOUI,AR!TIES, BEHOVB ALL | OBSTRUCTIONS, and relieve the distressing symptoms to prevalentwith the sex. Boxes, 114 & 2 0 (contains three (times the qu,,nlity?, of all Chemists. Sent anywhere < on receipt of 15 or 84 stamps, by E. T. TOWLE & Co  Manufacturers, Dryden St., Nottingham. t BeKar^ oJ^ltnitaiioni^ir^iuriou^ anti worghlii. wijiirrmirm—nrnumirrr-mfr~r i "nO rrr"Ti *—" cyj ■Mjlgimiih pAVEFWeD, fill IKMiiler^CO ft1* Gwneir y Fflwr goreu yn Neheudir Cymru Iyn y Felin uchod, a chedwir ef mewn stoc The very Choicest Flour made in South gan yr ho11 brif siopwyr. Gofynwch am i EXTRAS a REDTIE o wneuthunad Wales comes from the above Mills All the Weaver & Co., Ld., a gofalwch eich bod yn principal Flour Dealers stock it. Ask for ei cael. Weaver & Co.'s Celebrated EXTRAS and Os am Fflwr i wneyd teisenau, Weaver s Extras" yw y goreu REDTIE, and see that you get them. Ac am dorth 0 flas godidog, Weaver's Redtie sydd yii enwog;' Tra am fara rhad, iachusol, Mae Weaver's Fines yn anghydmarol. TABONWY. U .T A T?T TT' c' T. JAMES, Wholesale and Family Wine and Spirit Merchant, SPRING GARDENS BREWERY, HAVERFORDWEST. The Largest and Choicest Stock of Old Wines and Spirits in the District. A Large Selection of the Finest Old Irish and Scotch Whiskeys, thoroughly matured, in- cluding "John Jamesouls," "Geo. Roes's," "Falkner's," "Tobermory," "Old Mull Blend," Buchanan's House of Commons," "Dam Var," Teacher's," "Greenlees, &c Also Canadian Club, 1887 make, and Welsh Whiskey-original distilling. Agent for Allsopps" Bass" Anglo-Bavarian', Devenish's, Guinness' Ales and Stouts in Casks (from 4t gals.) and Bottles. Schweppes' Mineral Waters at lowest prices. Burgoyne's Australian Wines, Hennessey's and Martell's Brandies, and Kuyper's Geneva at lowest Market Prices. ————— COMPLETE PRICE LISTS AND SAMPLES FREE ON APPLICATION. "HUMBER" CYCLES Possess the Real Charm of Perfection! RIDDEN BY ROYALTY THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. To say all that it is necessary to say in eulogy of the modern cycle to give a succinct and an accurate synonym of grace, ease of propulsion, and excellence of workmanship and design, that world's records have time after time fallen to their lot; in short, to sum up in one word the highest attributes that a Cycle can possibly possess, it is only necessary to breathe one magic name, and that a "HUMBER." O buys a Lady's or Gent's Humber," specially built for Pembrokeshire roads, fitted ?A? with SUver-Plated Lense Lamp, Bell, Valise, and all accessories for touring. J. J. SWEENEY, (CERTIFICATED AGENT), HAVERFORDWEST CYCLE DEPOT. JAMES WILLIAMS, BUILDER and CONTRACTOR, PRIORY STREET, MILFORDHA VEN- Estimates for all kinds of Alterations and Repairs furnished on application 11 These remedies have stood the test of upwards of FIFTY -y Im -A- I:z s I EZPERIENCE. AND ARE PRONOUNCED THE BEST MEDICINES FOR FAMILY USE. THE PILLS purify the Blood, correct all disorders of the LIVER, STOMACH, Klli';YS and BOWELS, and are invaluable in all complaints incidental to Fe.ii..lea. THE OINTMENT is the most reliable remedy for BAD LEGS, SORES, ULCERS, AND OLD WOUNDb For Colds, Coughs, Sore Throats, Bronchitis, Gout, Rheumatism, Glandular Swellings, and all Skin Diseases it has no equal. Manufactured only at 78, NEW OXFORD STREET, LVIDONJ And Sold by all Medicine Vendors throughout the World. Advice Gratis, at the above address, daily, between the hours of 11 and 4, or by letter. ESTABLISHED H AL^ A CliJNTURY. WILLIAM CTOIHIliSr, (LATE GREEN & JOHN), WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCER CORN, FLOUR, AND PROVISION MERCHANT j H AVERF O R JD AAT EST ¡. | I A Wonderful Medio!nom I "TtLLS i 0 For Bilious and Nervous Disorders, such as Wind 9 and Pain in the Stomach, Sick Headache, Giddi- iness, Fulness and Swelling after meals, Dizziness si M and Drowsiness, Co;d Chills Flushings of Heat, B M Loss of Appetite, Shcu tness of Breath, Co.,i,e. M ness, Blotches oa th? Sk:, Disturbed -Sleep, H Friihtf'! 1 Dreams, a?d.JI ervous and Trembling R Sensations, &c. ?' S "i?ST 008E WILL CIVE M Sensations, TWENTY M)MUTK. This is no fiction. REUEF? Every sunerer is earnestly invited to try one Box Q) cf these Pills, and they will be Mknow- Iledged to be B t Worth a Guinea aBox B 0 BEECHAM'S PILLS taken as directed, f will quickly restore Females to complete health.  They promptly remove any obstruction or irre?- ■m I.rity ot the system. For a M I Weak Stomach, j • Impaired Digestion, «  Disordered Liver, g ? 'I: ?ct like magic-a few doses will work I I v.c'i?;t-s upon the Vital Organs; Strengthening N t'v? nmscular System, restoring the long-lost ™ — Complexion, bringing back the keen edge of £ appetite, and arousing with the Rosebud of Health the whole physical energy of the — M human frame. These are "facts" admitted by H  thousands, in all classes of society, and one of the ■ ? best guarantees to the Nervous and Debilitated is I I t.hat ?CCC*?a? ? PILLS ?ore the I M Laraost Sal a of any ?a?ent Medicine In ?e World. 0 0 ? Prepared only by H I THOMAS BEECHAM, 8T. HELENS, LANCS. I Sold everywhere in Boxes I/IJ & 2 9 each. • ■■■ • mmm • hi • • GLEN STUART WHISKY FINEST PROCURABLE. (See eminentlAnalytical andiMedical Reports). ?? F 0? ??/- per per Bottle.    Gallon. Bottle. ?cHL ? tt?)!nn JL?UH-i?t [- ? wms??' vittiiUMi' ORGE PALKSA I PROPRIETORS— GEORGE PALMER & SON, WINE MERCHANTS, HAYEPvF ORD WiJST. 674 ICES! ICES! ICES ALL CYCLISTS AND OTHERS would do well to call and try our Ices, Iced Drinks, &c., if they want to be thoroughly refreshed this warm weather. M. A. BUTLER, Confectioner & Refreshment Rooms, &c., BRIDGE STREET, HAVEBFOBDWEST. Accommodation for Cyclists. Note the Address Opposite CYCLE DEPOT. "+_ -n- FOR BEST M A P. .O AND HOPS, GO TO GEORGE PALMER & SON, HAVERFORDWEST. 616 IMPORTANT. Before exchanging your Sewing Machines for new ones take them to V\T- ELIAS, AGENT FOR BRADBURY & Co.'s Sewing Machines, Cycles, and Bassinettes. Every description of Sewing Machine Cleaned, Repaired and Readjusted. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Any Make of Sewing Machines beyond Repair exchanged; full value allowed. A TRIAL SOLICITED. PLEASE NOTE THE ADDRESS- OLD BRIDGE, (Opposite Mr Bland's Carriage Works), HAVERFORDWEST. Also at Pembroke Dock Market-Fridays. 330     !7??S?N'S?LA)R. y' CK Maron's CLE AER6 R.  ? Destroys Nits, &C-, and makes Children's <I.??aSM Hair ^row Beautiful, Curly .Soft and Stroa& ?''S!E' & A X.<?"?B." 1 have used HA&ON SdeauEerfor maj?M? the l?st 10 years for my girls, and they now have xS^SOBmf Beautiful Golden Hair in great abundance." Sold by wst Chemists: and any Ch,-mioit will,bf,i? it ifak?d, ??M? but i? $ on HAGO 's-"thi"Zse,,ilid, the work; ad.Bottles, post free 9d., 2 for 1/4. A ????t«? "'Sole M?ker, HA ?o NI Ih,?mist CARDIFF.  REGISTRY OFFICE FOR SERVANTS Mrs. Roberts ELM COTTAGE, CITY ROAD, HAVER- FORDWEST, Has generally on her Books vacancies and Applicatins, for COOKS, HOUSEMAIDS, PARLOURMAIDS, SCULLERYMAIDS, NURSES, GENERA.LS&, The Haverfordwest and Mlford Haven Telegraph J S now on SALE, directly after Publication at Messrs. W. H. SMITH & SONS, New Milford I. Pembroke Dock, nd at E. J. WRIGHTS', 2, Dimond- a et, Pembroke-dock. ACCIDENT ASSURANCE. Accident and Disease Assurance. Employers' Liability Assurance. Fidelity Guarantee. RAILWAY PASSENGERS ASSURANCE COMPANY, Established 1849. Claims paid £ 3,850,000. 64, CORNHILL, LONDON. A. VIAN, Secretary. MRS. ANDERSON, FRUITERER AND GREENGROCER, DARK STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. BOUQUETS, WREATHS & CROSSES made to order on the shortest notice and at lowest possible prices. FRUIT AND VEGETABLES FRESH DAILY. All orders promptly attended to. E. J. MAY ENGLISH & FOREIGN FRUITERER, FISH GAME AND RABBIT DEALER, HIGH STREET AND CARTLETT, HAVERFORDWEST, Has now taken LARGER AND MORE COM MODIOUS PREMISES IN HIGH STREET opposite London and Provincial Bank While this addition been ade principally to have more cen tre position for the convenience of town customers, it will also enable her to keep a larger and more varied Stock of everything pertaining to the Business, so that the re- quirements of County Gentry and others will be fullv met. THE OLDEST BILLPOSTER IN TOWN i RICHARD HARRIES, | BILL POSTER, 14, Saint Thomas Green, HAVERFORDWEST, IN thanking the Public generally for the liberJQ JL patronage he has received in the past, begs to inform them that he has spared no expense in order to erect EXTENSIVE HOARDINGS FOR SPECIAL BILL POSTING in the most prominent parts of the Town, and will continue to make additions to them from time to time. All Bills received up to 12 o'clock noon posted the same day. Orders by Post promptly attended to. Circulars faithfully delivered. WILLIAM JONES, AUCTIONEER, ACCOUNTANT and COMMISSION AGENT, 40, HIGH STREET, HAVERFORDWEST SALES GUARANTEED IF REQUIRED. DEBTS COLLSOESD ACCOUNTS AUDITED AND BALANCED. Estate Legacy and Succession Duty Accounts pft. pared for Somerset House. Agent for Law Union and Crown Fire and Life InSfr. ance Compy. Founded 1825. Agent for— THE SICKNESS AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE OFFICES. MRS. COLE, at the suggestion of several Ladies, has OPENED A Registry Office tor Servants AT CARTLETT. -(OPP OSITE THE QUEEN'S HOTEL.) Ladies requiring Servants or Servants wanting Places, will receive every attention. A CALL WILL OBLIGE. 2841 THE TAUNTON AND WEST OF ENGLAND PERPETUAL Benefit Building Society. ESTABLISHED 1857. HEAD OFFICES 3, HAMMET STREET, TAUNTOI; Secretary: MR. ALBERT GOODMAN. SUMS OF MONEY are ready to be advanced MI ? security of any description of REAL PROPERTY, HOUSES or LAND (freehold, lease- hold or copyholfl), on the most equitable tenna. The principal and interest repayable by Montffiy Instalments. Subscription Investing Shares, and Fully paid-tip Shares issued. Deposits received at Interest, 4 per cent. per annum. Prospectuses, or any further particulars, may be obtained on application to the SECRETARY, as aborfe, or to MR. JAMES WILLIAMS, Priory Street. Milford Haven, 3094 Agent of the Society. BLAUD5' Pink Iron PILLS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED FOR Anaemia, Paleness & general Impoverishment of the Blood. -0- 63" These PILLS strengthen the System, enrich the Blood, and soon bring back & healthy Colour to the face. In Bottles of One Gross, lo-d., or will be sent post free to any Address for it. J. D HARRIES, MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, HAMILTON TERRACE, MILFORD HAVEN. EVERY MAN SUFFERING from NERVOUS AND PHYSICAL DEBILITY should semi for a valuable pamphlet explaining how all nervous and organic derangementf may be successfully treated without stomach medica The method is easy and pleasant, and will effect a perfect and permanent cure. Sent sealed, Post Free.-Aadre" E. NORTON, 59 & 60, CHANCERY LANE, LONDON, w7. Established 30 Years.. 2M7 BARNES' FEMALE PILLS. FOR FEMALES OF ALL AGES these Pills are in- f* valuable, as a few doses of them carry off %U humours and brin? about all that is required. There is no Medicine to be found equal to BARNES' FE PILLS for Removing any Obstruction or Irregularity C< the System. Boxes 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d. Post free #a receipt of stamps or P.O. BARNES & Co., 48, Lonsdale Square, London, lø