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film a +*r ■ Nature's j3taJ erbal I Healer for « Guts & Skin Disease, |p||| I EVERY HOME NEEDS ZAM-BUK. S :T HERE is a safety, effectiveness and 'reliability'- in herbal raMHRBHS Zam-Buk that cannot belong to ■2 ointments made with animal fats and ■ mineral drugs. Zam-Buk contains fl just those healing substances which 1 ,Nature has intended for the use of S humanity ever since she gave us the 9 instinct to rub a place that hurts. H The herbal extracts used in the preparation of 1 I Zam-Buk are carefully selected and scientifically 1 combined. The ingredients assist one another, and 1 the result of this perfect compounding is the most B B successful skin remedy knov/n. a • Every particle in Zam-Buk plays a distinct part in R H overcoming disease and helping Nature to grow Eg R healthy new skin. Because of its rare herbal origin I Zam-Buk maintains its high standard of Healing, R Soothing, and Antiseptic efficiency and wholesome- a 8 ness for all time. It is the ideal herbal healer that 9 9 is superior to all other skin remedies. 9 ;Y uk A Judged either by its unique character or the results it 9 | fl consistently gives, Zam-Buk is a remarkable preparation. As a H H herbal achievement it is famous and historic, and to keep a box S ■ of Zam-Buk always handy means a saving to your pocket and a S W, ready issue from the hundred and one accidents and cpmplaints g that affect the skin. M There is nothing so effective as Zam-Buk for the treatment of § ■ Eczema, Pimples, Rashes, Blotchy Skin, Running Sores, Bad Legs m I and Ankles, Piles, Children's Scalp Sores (especially Ringworm 9 0 caught at school), Cuts, Bruises, BUDS, Scalds, Poisoned Wounds, n B Ulcers, Festering Sores, Baby's Sores, Chafings, Scaly Patches, ??) a Sore Feet, Trench Itch, Rheumatism, etc. tin Stores, Y.M.C.A. Huts C* Army & Xavv Ctzntcct:S. Eg C'Ien-. i sis, Ht(is Artity, Caottectl. !???????????????????????????????????????? For Infant M d8 '1  N I' 1 ?/?????????N Med:ca! Men & Nurses D ? JB T r? are informed that Benger's Food it   ??M ?'?N a?dL?Sf may be obtained of aH Chemists etc. ,0K?l M _?ar???? doctor's order will secure priority S yyjk r% ■fl should difficulty be experienced. fl HBE j! ??m?!?9L? ???k???p? ?T8E????? N sAo?d d??CMZt? 6c ea?peytC7K:?t<.  a Ijfj If: 00' When the digestion is enfeebied by I iHness. dbility or overwrought nervm ft] /iSkiy fa« r IM NiVT FV? AA N"TTP SC £ Bcm,er'! Food soothe% sustains, and wins ?i? M .?J"?B??y yM? P A f ba?.-k strenglh. :j  A ? ? dainty and deHcious. and most ?Bt M I' INVAa Lm I■ DS*&«>AGED, mily dlgee 01 '<sa BE?G??rS FOOD LTD., OKer Works, MANCHESTER. S äi1' ?'     1 XrfTi,E DORA'S POETRY. ? T ?t1 'yt ?i T 1?T? ? ?ZJ?''???B<AA?& c ?B.d??????J??TR?.'?Y?. H ¡ "My. DREAM. it I thought the sea was made of milk, A • The icebergs were of cream, The solid land was Bird's Blanc-Mange, I! Oh! What a jolly dream. ? Bird's Blanc-Mange is delicious enough to inspire these i wanderings into dreamland. j '] This fine and fragrant Powder turns a pint of plain milk t into a beautiful velvet cream, and it takes only a moment 1 The milk you make it with-so precious to-day-is multiplied in nourishment once in every 4 times. | Bird's Blanc-Mange is nothing but nourishment both for youngsters and grown-ups. Remember this in these grave times of Food Scarcity. Give them every day I BIRDS j Blane-Mange j ■i«A b59 .? ??? ? ? ?-? .? ,,?f ■ CLEAR SIGHT The Flr$t Scientific" — CLEAR StGHT ?<???'- m ? The F:r;t Sctentt?c ^NDISPENSABLE. Oculis^ Optician Established 1893. ;.YOUR EYESIGHT TESTED AND CONSULTATION FREE DAILY HOSPITAL Prescriptions made up at reduced prices. JAS. SCOTT & SONS, T).B.O.A., OCULIST OPTICIANS, (Diplomat by Examination, British Optical and Sight-T^ting Association) td Patents of the One-hand Spring Clip Eye Glass, ? V!CTOR!A ARCADE (Gflat^^et^ SWANSEA, aterloo.street> SWA?14;EA, -? 22, ROYAL ARCADE CARDIFF, "? Also at 106, 'NEWINGTON CAUSEWAY, LONDON. EC

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