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i «^ST |$€ j *pe- j 1 j w ,|S^ I ?-?' ? J -? 1   ??: ? I v* II I jj Ou^pcrh-sit ? of ?r. Frederick BSrfh, I cf5.'0r;?om:-?3ad, Hornsay Riso, VI  London, M.. who ?'rt?f?:— | I T \??s" Fu?!='r)r"! from a Di.(:nre? | ? !'<Hch*Hu'Por<!?,cL'.r?,,<mdbm:?u'?m | I i <Tert>it!»J lour times (once tor 10 -noTitb?) | i'Ge dire.-?*: rtnrttd uiti) iriljamriialion fl| 5 in th.o hh'. 3? then a bad abscess | I formed. i b'ui to have three nt.evat.ions tcrfotmed,- and after each I ivac, Lid Jjj OU' with weights "n the lee# 'nd tube- | m'hc It ',he ,;a?'I -I,I' there d»! urt ?eem to be tUu,'b improve I tnsiit.. Then seeing in or; j of the i.apc r-> 6 ;a cape similar to ra.v own having iie^n | CAVED aI(>(>d Mixture.' I I thought I would try it and afer a fnv ,Ott ,(-s a gl,e",t lit, F(" 1 OCr? 7 I; I Ll C %.i!i votir I Pm S glaii to sav the vo i: ri' <in rny hi:>. are n i completely healed and th» pain is all Jj gouo; in fact I am now quite cured. B g{C'I;'}\ rB1tc;) ¡\¡¡:¡! Qhl.Ur/;I\'¡f its remarkable blood punfyinjr croocr- S ties—r$it t*? rchfd upou t1 Er.e fvecdy 3 rc!??''F''r)?')!TStuishf)tC'Ht]n<i(tcx?rpnfs -'E«wr«tj»- ?c.ut:da, Scurvy ■ Had L?F'n. $ A.iT?-.?f?.'i?'n- Pimp)c' Sor-j? a.'? 8 *En'. Hi-ion* Piles.' Glandular Swellinr'. fi .Rheumatism. Sciatica Lumhn.?u.ot?.n ,«t»- Pri an: to take ?n?frt?fi?? 3 a,cr tfct'tg iiiiurioi.is. Ak for r.rd see ^vou get .Clarke's Siood Mixture ? Everybody's B!cc? Purser." [j js Of slf- Chemists and .Store?. '9!jfrho' jl  ,_1;£:,äd ï:b. }" i; ;¡,ZV :lJ ,?A ?????'? K?L?O ;'2' "¥ ""to. •jgi&iMAcnrB flr.4. J'rJ I\it:r r"D"i" A!! G' IJ Y. 1M-\ lll3^5gg^ £ ^5!8 ¡ "> -1- 1/: 'p;.I; :v. \1\ ý, .:), 4/' it. P1l3,' .to\ f? rr.. "1. r,). }" f'J -<I!1:i-{' t'> "í cf'  ?'  f.);  TEe ?M?rt0 es?- Tommy uses1" ? i?m!By?ses T? m is grand for aching, S<>VOUCR.} perspiring feet, for co;*ni or chilblains. ??-?? .,4'- ■ • A' & i .— ««Trrwfp*  Tr???s ? "c=J) me?r? p?'? carry ?n. ) sr '—I j  ?"\T ? A H mt • ;5"" l Xo matter how long you narc to reniain .on iciir fe-jt, how hard you work. or how Song you always brings you. retful ír¡üt comfort. Aftt"r uén¡; TIZ, un mere corns, hard jskijj, bunion^. 0r raw spots. No more 4 9 ot .lieuvy boots, no mare limping ^■vvitii win- TIZ is magical, iscte right off. 71 Z 4raws, out all the rK>isoiiou^ exir,ia- up the foot—t'ue only •xrcedy Tirich does. Use Tib, an-5 ycu'll hf surprio'td how comfortable .your feet t -vill' feeli ^LZ is a dellylit. TIZ is harm- .• l esB. I -iwiit add :ny testimony • to the niar- veHsflis- eSicaey of TIZ tor tender feet," w:g rte."«T. A. Gccde, V Spetion. 10 C).. A.Srr' E.E.T., France. lly sisters sent me tao. fcox.es, and t-lie.4 I)r,),red to bo reeci-ed. I am g'tti-H;- swrt* more TIZ at the fir-t oppor- as I would not to be without box of TIZ now at any Qr stoitw. Don't sillier. Havo good, ft>t; feet thai; never swell, never hurt, n<*fer get tired. And don't forget that a böx ot TIZ is alvays welconic to the b\F6 al'l-he Front. .< V.. _-P- -.<If ? The Cream ??.?? C*s?s?c? | m? „■ ■■■ <■■•>v. -•■ ■:■■■' -».:•;■- VI r■< p^SSast^ InwalxiSlf'/or 92  ??<t!-?5?? ???S????7  <' ????F?od ?! ???r iNFANTgj |INVALIDS & «H=AGED. I j For bIiwd rnd a:¡jr. ehHOrcn f f.od the 'YfutDtJr'¡ng OL all ce:J whore en roti.or- |l|i aür I,ht, yet supremely pourj"hinz ('jt i3 a ?ep<?Ktty., !? Sold {? :<M?<t! fivr. hv Chemists, e '? ?cen/tP?"?'?- I EEKPKX'S POOD LTD.. Otter Vorki.Man^cr.trr.En*. ?) !?aSs<B'S-!??'?aa?.a??&?? WO* ? VI-CO(7,OA f — ===?———-? tosi: ener g y aaa build# | bo,ly. T?c idca-t i", t /?.???!??? Tn'd-mornin?  g e.  both br«a ar4 Ej &! ?? -??7 ?'? ?? ?'?' 1 ?< ?:X ? a?c c/? P??. *?'??''?-? "y Mi?da )n t '????.?mS'm?z?-??.T??????M'a? ?  !?''??SE? ''?' MLECT?LA?O ? i ????RHEUMATISP? i ????'?? i ?'St* fre"n a:: Chemise

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