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Family Notices



PUBLIC NOTICES. SWANSEA. Baautiiul ^Sands, 6conery, Amusements, and Safe Bathing. —Guide and Li?t of Apartment?, Postage 2d. Publicity Office, 4. Prospect Place. i SURPLUS POTATOES. On March 28th the Footi Controller issued announcement \,0 the effect that OIl ifffc.v 15th the 01 f-Vjod would rt;r- ••aae all sound ware potatoes?, m four-ton lots, in the Cnitei; Kingdom, fov which the t .peower was other*;?e unable to find a mar- let. and thtt the 1): ¡C lor such potatoes v.-jycmlrl not. he less t.ban -C< uer ion four uer 1,)Il fo-,it- ton lots i.b.r. Food Controller now announces that ytwvc.'s who wish to take advantage of tins oifer Trll t, ad\*i?c tfc* Director cf Vegetable ^ipplic-j. Civro^ell-road. S.W.7 on or '"ii^fore j'uedday. 18th of the quantity s"awa variety of .sound ware potatoes they i iv, disposal and ai;o eive tho name ;-Tpf^the «tation and the name* and -uddrcsses of dealers to whoui thev have 1. rl- ■■vf-,tfcc-:iiiilly offered their stocks at not "ess tjia?) the baL-e t rice The Ministry of Food '•n-innQt.Pci-ept any restonsibilit.v in regard 'to- any potatoes, the grower of which has "Jfrlt i&Tbv>4idI the above conditions. 0" '<)t<?a'i?'d-t'dc.h" statutory return on April fart. Amitewfcrd Rccre.ttOn Grcunds. V-VXV> ???d Rcocattcn Grcunds. .< GRAyN 0 E S f E: 0 D F 0 0 SATURDAY, JULY 13th, 1918. M't?tc A?.).'di'?J' Dr. ?'. toward, hef. 'H"td<t?.?'t''?iM.?). tti. f? ).iiiu;ary: Rev..1 Volander JO!l"" Llandovery. hchor-J '1M to l?j votcfi — (a1 "Britons. D.<:Ild" iT. Hopkin vciecs): <> Father. Whcsc Almi-xhty l'owor" iliandel): £12, o^. two c uitjfas each: Ode on Dyffryn Amaii." Cl air and f.vo guineas: Chief Re-, lotion (f.pcnV one fv.inen. .? J';i?Lttid?'d '? ?oYumeit?e at ??0 ):m F):)th<" !;artiL'u?us from CUo. T Da vies, ?J?. CuHeKP-?:'?' ATrui.T!?rd. on ['pcout ,"tl" .-d?'Fi1 '?'ope. ('I (,) i AMMA-NFORD RECREATION f GROUNDS. .):0- Bank Holiday, Aug. 5, 1918. f WASS BAND CONTEST. TIW-eilRANG COMPETITION. LAN CE- COMPETIT. N. THURSDAY. AUG 1st. -v 1 J rticut8r> on <j. o. f'avle^, ?'?ne!Li.:i'.c:t.Am,n?ni')rd ?nrecp?? or d. ^taniu. .(. l.u.1HIJ. NEATH UNION. — «• jwTO TRADESMEN. ? w jmm ""f"') Æ-tItt. '-l1<Yi-t ¡ 'ù'OF-r.l ttreWPadi A « invito TKXUyR.S :ur?u;j- plitr:; t ,j\iinns (j,.t]liag, Meat, Dra- pcry, C oHifi. Chemist Sundries, Iroiunon- ¡'¡-.L J3UJ.!b, Uread. and Coal, for the vtk uousi y iid <otla«je Homes for Three > September, l-'omr-ni Tonders. i§i n-Iik-U aloiio will 'l'entk-*«»p V» cojisid; >d, :uay lie had Oil ^o'aled ton dors ntu-i. roach joo oil or 41 1 !'>* (iuardiaas do Ii". hiud iiieuiselves ■ 1o accci> any 'fend •;• ;n it>. entirety, or :) i? cr.'H'cty, <jr ?a):t\t"?'?-?'' .SIIL )' ) end ?<?< y. ?,.<f or, :D'Ù'fU' ¡'flW LU., 'Cb'k. -?'???'' ?'??'. icmizt,. i;.i,. ,,&11: J J —— "———— SAILINGS. ,Ùlj r.'i\{C' Somn & East Atrica. -.u.c:'Uft ROYAL MAIL ROUTE. "??!'rP ??'- ??? Nata!, 1I'iJ. Tramvaal Rhodeso. 11,1t: Ea?t ?!r'(an Ports, TMn?? Mauritius &? ?.J?r ai;"t¡;" and "t' iulurmatioc. Fat<j lie Head < Hiiue, 'i and 1, t'en- [<5^utc-te^t;eet, Ln.'idoii, L.O 3, or m ?wnn- rsea^to lu4t- W 11:?.in and Co., or Berrie PcAt:? nud C.u ?WH?TESTAR LINE. Limpool to AustraHa. CA I \j i'OV»'N <SO?TH I. .H1.n A.. t. A i L{ I <. JJ-^ares: To Australia, £ 39 to !?52- to Cape -t?'vu, to iiese steamers arc twin crcw, fitted ?&fth hn:?_t'?. and !t?v? IKeii specially  -?'?n?tr!)(t?dio:' t'L.f (.jtonml trmtf. The 4M»oiujpo«Ja<4on eouiprises Smoking, K'jad- atial e carried 'TPor t uirfuer liar t al)ply to tit, Agents: WHIT JO STAB JANE, jt?tprpoch 1, Cuck^pur-strcet, SrW.l, and -S.S-«I«eaileivlKi!l-str«et. E.C.3, London. PAONEY. .T fH E SWANSEA MERCANTILE CO. (Ltd.) 18; PARK STREET, SWANSEA, .č.e Cash Aflvaoices Daily, from -1 « ^0 to £ 1,000. ;\0 Charge utzlw.% Uusiuee# done, "■Strictly Private and Confidential. for further particularb, apply S'T. H. S. JONES. Manager. MlSCELi-ANfcOUS. '1'It.YI\flio'de ?\-?uuc?!?cm lay b"c!?ct!; fuH of fiJH:. lars? btl. cart<;u )ujt? 20 bcu? a. {o"t t\!?h!.—S?d bv .J. H Evans, U<'n? Konx fc ?r?. <ori-cia  j.? ¡{!i;,l;Íë;]"d- Cardeaers can 1\ '\U'l!iull\' increase their crops b.v ?<'r ?rMt?Mtth with Hcrti'?t?ttrAt Rito.—ssoid bi: ttH?? Da'.ics. Grocer. London House. PflptFa, rd.1-. Da vies. Grocer. London House. j uTav-i.  "V[7 A&>-02i«,RA'i 3.—•" Rcdine Rat Poison ..w-WfL¡), cie?n sweep in one -ntght. ead ?sr?nindry up Absolute cxtermiu?-' tiori OU4?,!d" Swift and deadly. Tins, ?); -"l', 5s.. cost, 2d.—Harle.r. ftl T^ 5s., 5s.. Chemist. Perth. ri'Mf'NT Holder? and Gardeners can ?? wonderfully increase their oro&s by tBp-drc^?in? vi'ii Horti' ulturs] Rito.-Sold Hy (?. W Mayo, Church-st.rect, Britonferry. TTO BOOT REPAIRERS. -I""1 — K/\ A(1J> ?A:RS OLD ARMY BOOT8. im. 50,00U proved evading .-unable for Civilian alter repair: 20 pairs for -ES I S. c lieapei, grade, in JOO pair lots onTrT 19s. 2d. sacks 4a 20,000 pairs IBI.% i Ilitii Boots at 48. 9d. per pair. in pairs.. liOC* Partrs Canadian Field Boot«. lace to; Ttn««?a? doaen D?irs: :auks Is Srr.t «tu|) with order: oarriatre forward TaYL-OR ANT) SONS LTD.. Leather Pa('O.yr.coat C'Rtrai.t-or#. '??!\ j ??T \ott:UK Hin. JLondoa. E?t j a? ,PUBLIC NOTICES. The _in War Agricultural I Executive CcmmiUse. —0 SPRAYING POTATOES.. j _P.' ,9 AU Growers of Potatoes are slromtfy ?.d- Visod to spray their poattoe? thi- year with ?xrcundy Mixt*?f as ? u't'c?mion n?tt"?< I attpfks of t'?::?' "bUKCt." or "late "bhfht." At"an?"mo)tts have been made that 8 j charge 01 Burgundy Mixtmc. ?h'ch will mnk« 40 alll:" of s->rav wash, can be ob- tained at the (,<? ?f 5u 'd. per charge ex ?hou or store from U? following approved asent3:—W J. Evans. Ironmonger NTer- j thyr: Gover Fai*mer%' Cooperative S<vietr. Ltd.. Reynolds on. Cower: John Hib;wrT and Soils. 10-11, Castle'street, Cardiff; Fd- ward John ar.l Sons. High-»treet Cow- bridge: Llaiuwit-Ma ior and District Co- | | operative Agrionlturs 1 Association 1.1(1. ) ?ecr-?ary E. Glyn Morgan. The Yma?e Hou?t'. Macr?ss. Cm.dia- Wiiliam Lewis and Sons. The Corn Mills. Pontypridd; Morris and Dobbins, Bridirend- Neath a.nd District- Farmers' Co-oper xtive Society Ltd.. Secre- } i tary G. D. Trick Borough Chambers, Xeatli: Noah R .r* and ow" 13,15 Working- street.* Cardiff; Thomas and Evan:, and Dyer. Ltd.»aiic;ea: Williams. Iron mongers. Bargoed; West Gl^:mort:an Farm- ers' Association, Clydacli, near Swansea. weeretarv C. W. Ba«i«ett, Woodlands, Cly- dach-on-Tawe. -jg— LLOTMENT Holders and Gardeners run t i *«■ wonderfully increase their cropi by top-dressing with Horticultural Kilo.—Sold by Pontardulai? Co-Operative Society, Ltd. and at Goiiciuoi).



-._--.,--! BURRYPORT. I




-...-' - - - ! FFORESTFACH.…

;-...- I GARNANT. |

- - -. - -GOWERTON.




-7.- , - - LLANDEBIE.

4w-...-. LLAWDILC.I







I -.8T CLEARS. j

_.- I TUMBLE. !





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