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NEWS IN BRIEF. Co Wires From All Parts. A hundred thou-and wrist watches have been ordered for American Army otheers. It is expected that the new order re- garding coal and lighting will be issu-xl next week. Swansea last w-eek invested < £ 23,070• in War Bonds, m-king a total for 3S weeks of £:?,Gfifi."]t; Halifax (-Nova Scotia) has enlisted 200 aimed special constables in view of 1106- sible raids -bv air or sea. The lrlln Tageszcitung t-tates that a great tire has almost entirely destroyed the •Eisenach flour mill and ^reat stocks of Hour and grain. The folowiug notice appears in a Bal- Iiam shopSorry, no new-laid eggs to- dnv. ijur chickens have signed an armifi- tiro for a few days." The Inter-Allied After-Care Exhibition at the Memorial Hall. Farringdon-street. will close on Saturclay evening, and the collection will he transferred to Cardif I The license of the Britannia. Plasmarl, was at Swansea on Thursday transferred from Mrs. Mary Anr. Hardee to-Mr. Evan Dayies. The Paris Excelsior states that the historic house at Chateau Thierry where La Fontaine the famous French writer was born, has been destroyed by Germill1 bombs and shells. J adge MaeLennan, of Montreal, has been appointed bv the Dominion Govern- lIlFnt to investigate alleged irregularities in the allocation of military votes cast i l t he Canadian general elections. n. At Swansea on Thursday, Kathleen Turner, described as van-woman, charged to with failing to h ke PlfticllLiršèf p:"rsonEo lodging at her house, 2, Ncrfol?li-?"17"t ?1' \,?ii failing i? enter them oB the register, was 6npd 40s. At M-.idenhead Tribunal on Wednesday j Mr. Arthur j'i. WTimperis, dramatic j author, 41, Grade 1. was granted six weeks,' exemption to enable him to com- plete one of three plays to be produced ,;n London in August. The Mumbles Branch of the Discharged and Demobilised Sailors and Soldiers' Federation intend erecting a shrine in a prominent spot in the village in memory of the local men who have fallen in the war. The three German ofifcers-Braue, Thielmann, an:l Klaiss—who escaped from the internment camp at "\J*ater-lane, Strat- ford. E., were captured on Wednesday at Walsham, Norfolk, a distance of nearly no miles from Stratiord. An importatitstMement: trtj"contrcl -of the milk the wholesale milk supply will be made in a few days. The Government will probably take an option to purchase United Dairies, Ltd., within a given time should they. deem it necessar; Mrs. Page, wife of the American. Am- bassador, has launched a new British WjJJship_.on.-the Tyjie, christen b<? i "H.1<? ?w? ?'?n?l??T'rsr'rornV" invitation expressly approved by the King. Mr. H. G. Elledge, of. the Mellin Insti- tute of Industrial Research and em- ployed by the American National Laun- drymen's Association to find substitutes for soap, declared at Milwaukee that beer was excellent for the purpose An order just issued by the Cot ais- sioner of Police statas that special con- stables of the new military age who are in Grade 2 or Grade 3 will not be called up for serviee providing they perform their prescribed duties satisfactorily. Mr. Lloyd George has &ent a message to M. Cooreman. the itt-w t Belgiait Premier, assuring him of "the unshak- able resolution of the British people ,to liberate your country and your com- patriots from the iniquitous oppression which they now endure so heroically." Washington, Wednesday.—A fubmarine sank an American freight steamer, Pinar Del Rio, 70 miles off the Maryland coast, 011 Saturday. A. boat with the captain and 1i of the crew is missing. Seventeen of the crew have been landed.—Press Asso- ciation War Special. Mr. de Yalera has sent a letter to the Sinn Fein headquarters in DuTJlin stating: We. have decided that on principle food .,en t to us frotil parcels should not be sent to us from Ire- lant1.1. It is for the English Government to feed us properly. Inform those con- cerned. When a man was sentenced to six months' hard labour at Worthing on Wednesday for wearing a Mons star, long service ribbons, the D.S.O., and a number oi wound stripes, it was stated he had served in all eighteen months, twelve of which were syent under deten- tion. Washington, Wednesday (received Thursday).—To meet the needs of the Allied Armies and civilian populations, the Food Administration requests the peuple of the United States to limit the lise of b'eef. There is enough of pork this summer to permit of the economical ex- tension of its use. t Amstt r. iam, Wednesday.—It is officially announced that from June 15 to Septeni- 1 be" 15 every German man and woman will be entitlMt to purchase one pair of slippers or one pair of tennis shoes with special permit, and without the usua l police in- quiry as to the necessity of the purchase. Exchange. On Thursday, at Swansea, Mrs. Louisa Adcock, Bond?treet. summoned Louise MitcheII for assault. It was said one lady had thrown a bucket of water over the other. Cold water, was it?" asked Capt. Bradford, and witness replied ? the affirmative. The lady had already been lined 40s. for a similar offence, and was now asked to contribute tiOs. The marriage was solemni-ed at Christ Church. Swansea, on Wednesday, of Lieut. Frederick Phipps, of Cheltenham, and Miss Patricia Rupplc, of the staff of Messrs. Kirkland, Goat-street, Swansea. The Rev. Canon Watkins Jones officiated, and the best man was Mr. D. M. Thomas. The honeymoon is being spent in Chelten- ham. Addressing the company at a military boxing competition at Liverpool Stadium on Wednesday night, on behalf of St. Dunstan'o Hostel for the Blind Lieut.- General Sir Wm- Pitcairn Campbell said that while we' have sport England will always come, out on. top. While-we have racing, football, cricket end baxing Eng- land will never degenerate. The action brought, against Messrs. WCodthorpe, Browne and Co., solicitors, Miss Ruby Miller (.the actress), Mr. Ben- jamin Bridgwater, and others, by the mother of Miss Ruby Millers (now Mrs. Augustine Catherine Weiss), and two of her children (Miss Augustina Lout* a Miller and Mr. George William Miller?. was settled in the Cha.ncery DivLsion-?3 ivas c?ettled in the Chancery k