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?  3  = -? :t'17. "'1B< 'iA;.i:'f r, "¡"!i -n_ j 1 wiTiifpiiSiSl M I ig :.rfL&G ? PS?ST??LY CO??a ?$ WWII BOEY. I¡. 1 ILA.M.C. Or?rly B@8cr?b@s hew 1 a g ???s?? Z?m-??k C???? C?cd E?.. | ? j? ? ? R.ROBERT MAY, an ex-orderly in S 3 *%sW§' ???? ??- ? the R.A.M.C., wnt,ng from The | & ?3 ?? M 1an5e, Waterford, says: ? | II Im ? "I ws m the Royal Army Me?Ica.1 ?? I ? is Cœps for over M?cyeaps,a?? duÜag that | | ? ??-? ? time had to deal with aU sorts of skin p M H ? ?? troubles, including eczema. S Itch, I rememBer, & ;jB ????  ??'??*'? '? was in hospital Dotf?e Iteh, I remember, 1 ? ? w&s in hospital &t ?imwiek }ust on four  ?B y lis*5* and seemed to be geHmg worse | iB Jl PlP^i every day, unt?l I advised him, to try |  "?<? ? Z?n-Bak, which comletely cured h:m. ? ?S ????k ? ? ? ? 1 Watery pimples b?c?e out pracHcally ? I aH over my body, and for three months  J. ?A? May, w????. I was in misery. I derived no benefit. i from hospital treatment, so I treated myseM with Zam-Buk ? t and was soon complerey cured. I shaM ahvays recommend 1| Zam-Buk to people sHSeriBg from skin eniptwns." | B CC?r? ? A WiMW/Ji ?q<M< w« tim t? <?tr &y M a IB" w6rk* wia C!? ftBaCa .v6I!!D1I111¡ I Mto?t«< a simple scrnMh at ?Mt. Hftt _.ùä1 be a "itC'W t)B tie not to effect ? a iry to MM Sfccnid be •MHe* at ni?ft tlfiiii' O=-t Dot only pfevtt? tire ¡ fetation of ifle Trotttd iaagttofii (M&asc/fermg but ?t himong  <*< iMuta BaSBMBaSRsc)? a lqi f actio* wMeh h the 9MOM pr at <h? riiljtne h?d Z. T?K tact tht i; i=i)4i at M ?? )ttf<t? two a= scr&Wb amy )ea< m <c 8111J"1U 01 a I" af e?M ?Mth, '?MFt WJ_ I i =Tm WAYS -At W;X Unequalled for Ctdll, §p Bruises, Sprailu ,Scrakl<J. gj es, Poisaned ""0141lds. kereina, Had Legs. Ring- 18 Worm. Pites, Trench 6a So?M. Prickly Heat. P;m. S pks, flchy Spots, Ik. t/3 B! a box. at aU Chemists and Drug Stores, or frofn Ej The Zum-Bvk Labor a- |g <t?'<M, Leeds. B "Inz" hafter a Night an Duty! f Such if Relief! How my wre, puffed-up feet used to ache for TIZ!" I tet tired TlZ" AAL r vEM Sinft I>e tteed TIZ t eome off might's duty feeling as fresh so Vhm I #*t out from home. No more titwi foot; no more bffinung feet; no more •woiJen, iwrspriring feet. No moire corene-se 00dS. hand ekia, bunions, chdlblanas. No SQ-attw whe-t Ails your feet or uttat JOto've trim teifcbotit getting relief, yosfc rs" TIZ.. TIZ m the ooly remedy that 4r»wa out all the pixsaaoua eacudAtwww wtech puff up tk« #oe^. TIZ oua;m yorttr fcot tnrIthle Co orat y*>uT>l newr litjsp ""a with it, and jowf feet wilt neywo a«rr hwrt or get mm wid swailen. Tkkvlt f1! it-W more ioot misery, no mom agoay fiaooft corns, harid skin, orblunrovs. -1 pwdhfwod a wnaH box of TIZ On" or four weeb writeN ¥r. fiexfcry MM. wWlcs, Winobam, North- vkk, and after wsia^ ?'t ohta infltl immc- 4iate relief. I work long hou?e aM ani my feet a great deal, and I oan trtrly ftir TIZ has done a great doal for me." Get a Is, 3d. bos at any chemiam or ftr)rw fmd get iiwtant relirf. Jw<st onca iIrv TIZ. Get a wfhold toar's foot orxmfort tm- only Is. M. ThirJc of it! And r6- iVo just A nest-ul to your friend *t th« Front. mi MI. «•».>—< — —1 — WE The surest solvellt of Cthdcs; I "?" AcM-the cause of THREE RHEUMATISM ^^VvTl'l Clean? the system. Nfj?'?2? ? Pu??* th??!? ??? ?Fj? J 8??' from all Chemtata 11 or M oi d fron B AMAITLEY, chemist, PFRYN | j C— HAMif MAM Bft?t???B? ??  1 Ecoaomical snd Reliable. ^*iEg3 ? monWiCum,S 13 IF?ING POWDER. JN The Best in the World. ???r H?P &°   ???,?&?TM'tJP? '?M&M ???t?S?rEs &. ? )???STBT??   ?R?   209th YEAR OF THE sure s?;,o.IN 4.3 OFFICE THE OLDEST INSUHANCB OFFICE IN THE WORLD. teal ksa Mia fcM 17SS. Insurances efftet,a on etie tallowing riake: FIRE DAMAGE, Seoultant Loee of Rent and Profits. EMPLOYEES LIABILITY, PERSONAL ACCIDENT, SICKNESS. AND v DISEASE, FIDELITY GUARANTEE. BURGLARY. PLATE GLASS. Swansea Office VICTORIA CHAMBERS. TOM A. DA VIES, District Inspector, 7 and 8. OXFORD STREET.





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