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MUM, I CI:ø.:l:.}"f:'7" 1'1. :1.¡J i^K WOMEN mg^ OF BRITAIN Will yott come and jCt^J^LJ^jJr k ? cook for the men fW' ?? who are defending you and your home 1 f 7,000 COOKS AND WAITRESSES ARE WANTED NOW liFGR HOME SERVICE ONLY r WITH :«EEN MARY'S AMY AUMIffif CORK COOKS It WAITRESSES ALSO R £ QSJ?8 £ B IFOR S £ SWC £ ?E?SE?S COOKS& C'DP, SEiVtCE G?;ERSE-AS Labonr iDivisionr l gj For fit for enrolment in Q.M.A.A.C. I tir111(, rS. and send to Ministry 'f fl rull Particulars and. Appiicatiqp I  C  _? f: '*«l: I| }■ @3 ||S&V\ |    ? ????' ??\ II" 'i S k In Still 1 | "-w* bj i lrÑ."r:tJ I "2' "'1} ? TN 1906, when he Was .1 ¡ ,) i If' ? 1 in his 87th year, Mr. ?-??-?? ??'? '?? 1 ? James Sta!Iwood, of Fiint ?. ????- '¡i"> if 'j .') (, 0:: ,) f I# ■f Cottages, Prestwood near ????..?" ?.??. | 0 'j\' í""li' 5 Gre2?t Missenden, was '.?.??????? d b ''?'P;' /f, W'i' interviewe d by a repre? -??/?/;7??? /i¡.'I,! interviewed bv a re pre- .X //»':■■/y&~cW/riM mI scntatIve of the LUCKS,  j Examiner, to whom he |j aid ,1 II, ¡I/; 'IF" I i Last January, a rash broke j$ 4 out on the lower part of mv .?-.7<????Two?.w??e?cM'?w? $■] i d I ct<'t'?f;j??:-B!«7?y<'fr<'s??o. |fi|w 'j :JOc1y, an near y covered iiiyc ti I;j Zatti-Bisk 12 -,c,ri-S ? legs. I took no notice of it at first, thinking it would soon die away, || J but it became worse. The inflammation and irritation were so very gI bad that I could not rest at night. | | The doctor described my ailment as 'old age eczema,' and | | -aid nothing could cure me. He g?.ve me some lotion, but neither i this nor any of the other things I tried did me any good. had to | 1 take to bed, and week a fter week I lay in torture, too weak to get a -,il), and so despondent tbat I thought I was going to die. j Fourteen weeks passed like this, and I suffered shockingly from ) the maddening irritation. Then my nephew recommended j| 1 Zam-Buk. The first dressing allayed the irritation, and I began to El i T.-ave more rest. Then I had another box, and at the end of a g| j fortnight I was able to get up. 1 "I continued with Zam-Biik and got rapidly better. The irritation 0j i ceased entirely, my legs healed up, and Foou the eczema was all gone. EElg | \'o-v my skin is as clean as a baby'?." "]i Mr. Stallwood's daughter (Mrs. Harding), with whom he Hves, added: gj 1 Xobody thought my father would live through it. The doctor toid me jp ;;¡ t was a hopeless Case, but'Zam-Buk soon made him a changed man." |j ] Writing to tho Zam-Buk Co. <?? racef??y, or 12 yaws a?e? | he above CM?o was ?eca?t?t?? Afrs. ?aM?t? sa?f?f—*?? ?'Me?&? | W .yw would ilke to know rAiJ father, James Cgai-iivood, la tsiivo and P 9 rizjJto wsll, jsilh'itugk in his 99th year. He;3 still Quito free from I E f.o Eczema which Zam-Bak cisrod IS yostrs ago." Hj  1 YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO RISK BEING WITHOUT ? ZAM-BUK )N"YO?R HOME. IT IS UNEQUALLED S for Cuts, Bruises, Burns, Sprains, Poisoned Wounds, Ulcers, Pimples, Piles, Itchy |ji jj Spols and Rashes. Sunburn, Prickly Heat, Insect Bites and Stings, Trench Sores, Wj'rc Scratches, &c. 1,3 a box, at all Chemists and Drug Stores, or from the Zam-BMlt PH Laboratories, úcds, Send your Soldier or Sailor friend a box or two, ?—?-—-=?-?———?-? jj THE ? PREMIER r New Beers i ALE & STOUT i T,. 5; NON-INTOXICATING. 1 The demand for these Beers proves that < they satisfy both seller and consumer. Guaranteed under 2?t Proof Spirit and can be sold at all hours. IN CASKS ONLY and must ¡ ? drawn through an En¡ ? ? NO FININGS REQUIRED. V: Write to-day for particulars, PREMIER NEW BEER BREWERY, kl Albany Road, London, S.E.5. it TBLTTHOSX; HO? 531 (S Une«). TELZ9UAKS: "ATH1B8I, CAMSZK, tOIOKJSj" IB| .)! In 11: U.





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