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MISSING. Pte. T. J. Summers, Myeydd-roul, Landore, has been missing since April ISUi. Pte. Davies, 52, Vincent-street, Swansea, is missing. He is the father of seven children. Pte. W. Webster, Welsh Regiment, of Quair-ro&d, Clydach, has been officially posted as missing. He is a married man with a family. Pte. W J. Thomas, Royal Welsh Fusi- liers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, 6, Compaq-row, Pontardawe, has been mis- sing since April 21st. News has been received that Pte. Johny Williams, currier, R hosmaen, Llandilo, has been missing for six weekH. His parents would be grateful for any tidings. It is now presumed that Corpl. T. C. Mitchell, eon of Mrs. Mitchell, 5, Pic- ton-terrace, Swansea, who has been mis- sing from his unit since July 31st, 1917, is dead. Fte. T. J. Summers (19), 1, Mysydd- road, Landore, is missing; so aleo are Pte. A B. Evans, 4, ( xford-street, Swansea, and Pte. B. J. Williams, 18, Clarence- terrace, Swansea. Mrs. Emily Edwards, 38. Waundew- road, Carmarthen, has received official intimation that her husband. Pte. Gomer Edwards, Welsh Regiment, is reported missing in Palestine. Mrs. Lewis, of High-street, Clydach, has been officially informed that her hus- b&nd, Rees Albeit Lewis, (.on of Mr. and Mrs. Rees Lewie, grocer (,1J'9..is miz- sing sitice &pril 1&?  --??—?<. Pte. Llerv-liyn Jenkins, Waunarlwydd- road, Cockett, is reported missing. Sergt. J. R. Davics-Thomas, adopted son of Mr. and Mrs. Griff. Davies, Sunny Bank. Llandebie, is reported to be miss- ing since the 25th April last, when serv- ing in one of the Tanks. News has been received that Pte. Geo. Teesdale South. Lancashire Regiment, is reported missing. He joined up in 1915, and is 22 years ot úg\ lie is a son of Mr. Geo. Teesdale, 166, Cwm-road, Pentre Lsiyil, Jwaiiisca. Official news has been received by Mrs. Edmunds, who resides at U, Penviliia- road, Brynhyfryd, Swansea, stating that her son, PLe. Wm. Edmunds, of the Machine-gun Section, lias been missing since March 21st. 'Official news reached Pontardawe on Friday that Pte. Brinley Williams (25), of the Welsh Regiment, is missing, Nothing has been heard of him for six weeks. He is the son of Mr. llopkin Wii- liams. Swans-ea-road. Pontardawe. Mr. and Mre. Walker, of Siloli-rcad, Landore, have been officially informed that their son, Pte. Brinley L. Walker, of the South Wales Borderers, has been missing since the 11th of April. Mr. Walker has another two sons serving. Mrs. Evans. Craigias, Conwil Elfet, Carmarthen, has received official infor- mation that her son, Pte. Martin Evans. Welsh Regiment, is missing in Franco since April 14th. Before enlisting lie was manager of a gioc&ry stores at Treorchy. Mrs. Roderick. Wheatsheaf Hotel, Llandovery, would be grateful ior infor- mation concerning her son, Pte. F. W. J. Roderick, of the Lancashire Fusiliers. Ho has been missing since March 25th. Pte. Roderick was wounded at Giveachy last year. Mr. and Mrs. D. Jenkins, Waunar- lv,-ydd-road Cockett, have received a communication that their eon. Pte. Llew. J. Jenkins, of the Wel~h .Regiment, has been missing since April 13th. His par- ents will be grateful for any information concerning him. Official news has been received by Mrs. Harris, 9, Spring-terrace, Swansea, that her son, Pte. Walter C. Harris, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, has been missing t3inee April 8th to 18th. She would be very glad to receive any news concerning him. He is 19 years of age. Official information has been received that Pte. XV. Walters, Welsh Regiment. ot Ouarr-road, Clydach. and Pte. Albert Lewis. South Wales Borderers, of High-I street, Clydach, both of whom were serv- ing in Prance have been posted as miss- ing. Both were married men. Mrs. Williams, of 34, Eaton-road, Bryn- hyfryd. Swansea, has received official in- timation that her son, Pte. IVni. Wil- liams, has been missing since April 13th. He is 19 years of age, and prior to his en- listment worked at Messrs. Williams Bros. and Co., grocers, Eaton-road.





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