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0 LLOYDS BANK I LIMITED. | ?????? HEAD OFFICE: 71, LOMBARD STREET, E.C. 3. I I SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT. ——, The services of this Bank, with nearly 900 Offices j in England and Wales, are at the disposal of the public for the deposit of savings, however small. Interest i3 allowed, and withdrawals not exceeding || f-5 in amount can be made without notice. Full I Is j 1 particulars can be obtained on application at any ] .i of the Bank's Officed. U | LLOYDS ????, Wind Street, Swansea. ||  r, or iU2wa and X convalescence.. Important Notice. |t ?????' ? ? ?'  S?a The composition of Benger's II 1 S ? ?J?SL?f Food has not altered. It's high m standard has been fully main- || S tained. Its v?lue for the use of { Infants, Invalids and in illness $« 1 nfants9 Inva!is and in illness || 1  ?. '?? is beyond questior. ?!??? T.ST.??vfit-t A* ??.v?i?S «. Order only what is necessary. Your lyS for N FAN T «2 chemst can obtain supplies. Plesc jSj @r ?? for INFANTS, exerciee patiencc if delay occurs. 6 INv P,. -IDS A U?F* A Doctor's urgent order taJæn to c Bfl jf EWALIDS&theAGE D. chemist tM? hÛp to o?i?ttt prto?ty. | 936a BENGER'S FOOD LTD., Otter Work*. MANCHESTER. j| -t -=- ap^.qwT'a B JOMBBB TOSEasjga t???m BSHBSB3  -mcwm_ =@am fE$#SEJj -11HJ I 'I "j!I- "L'¥91l SHOULD U", J B ?a   ^or Stom&ch and Liver TrouHes ?'?a ii^p'"TPn you should take MotMr Seigel's F«giqwilEB ??P< because, by its gentle but 1 N?,. ?,????j???? ? ?? ?ir" efficient tonic action on the stomach, j £ liver, and bowels, it restores these t?BN?'S??M ? ??ak organs of digestion to a state of §j i??HB?M??S ?? ??? healthy activity; as a result you are 1 t^en able to digest what you eat; Sg S???S???????"?:'?- to extract the nourishment  ??.  .?    ???.?.j??*? food contams, aud thus secure jj| fresh stores of strength and  I SYRUP I t vitauty. Such is the expenence of thousands of grateful uw-m 9 of this world-famous remedy, who testify .that, thanks to its j§ g occasional use, they now enjoy freedom from such distre5sng {troubles as pains after eating, Batulence, biliousness, headaches | ? and constipation. Put it to the test for yourself to-day. I FOR ■ | SlBtfMlff* ivm ?&<! ?? «M. I It The 219 botile contains 3 times the 113 siat. <?aB?C?3'?'BSSB?r Mf???it!! EBszsm ?t?&? D=mm?n Irma=" ttaasdl   f"  YOU -Sg3 MUST HAVE NEW TJfft Sp | BLOOil { tt V Bad, Poor, and tm-ure Blood brings on Derangements of All the Organs of the Body, So take HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS. These Noted Pills create Now Blood and Renovate all parts of the System. Will cure you- Headscne. Billicusness, Wind, Indigestion, Sour Stomach, Piles, Costiveness, Backache, Rheumatism Kidney Trcuble, Nervousnsts. Skin Pssh TRY THEM. They will <w>on prove their great value. Sold by Chemist* ami Stores at 1/8, 3/ 5/- (including War Tax). Ask for HUGHES'S BLOOD PILLS with the trade raar —shape of heart, Take no other, or aend value in « tr»tn~- or P.O. to— JACOB HUGHES, M.P.S., u.u.S., Manufacturing Chemist, PENARTii. CARDIFF. r" K=. Ft??RBHER??S çoY!!M I 8  —    ?<?*- j<'  t t Foe-simile oj One-Ounce Packet. Archer's jQtolden Returns \??????? ? Cot>'1' ANC F f \GnAnT. tL- '——————.——————"————————————














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