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I SWANSEA NEWS, The Week's Doings in Town. The Tawe Lodge YTieiting Committee is considering the question of closing the tramp ward. Joseph Marie, a member of the crew of a ketch lying at Swansea, died sud- denly on Sunday aboard another vessel. Forty-two eases of wounded soldiers .arrived in Swansea on Wednesday, and they were oonveyed to the Brynmill Hoe-" pital. During the week ended April 20th, Swansea invested X5,550 in National War Bonds, making a total for 29 weeks cf £ 2,460,030. Stephen Grimehaw, who assaulted a special constable, in addition to being drunk and disorderly, was fined n at Swansea on Monday. At the Swansea and District Bird Show on Saturday, Mr. F. Edwards, Swansea, secured no less than 10 first prizes and one second out of 11 birds. We regret to announce the death of Mr. J. Griffiths, 17, Lewis-street, St. Thomas, Swansea, which occurred at his residence on Wednesday morning. Charged with purchasing a tin of corned beef. value lis., knowing it to be stolen, Frances Ackerden (married) was bound over at Swansea on Tuesday. Albert Haymore, John Beddoes, Wm. Beddoes, and Thomas Gordon, labourer, were each fined 10s. at Swansea for caus- ing an obstruction in Victoria-road. The operative bakere of Swansea nd other parts of South Wales and Hereford, are seeking to obtain one uniform plat- form oi wages, hours and conditions. At Rliyddings Park C.M. Chapel, Swan- sea, a lecture was given on Wednesday evening by Capt. Watcyn Williams, M.C., on Sidelights on Tommy Atkins." On Monday evening Mr. W. H. Summers, Landore, delivered a lecture on his experiences on his visit to France, at the Old Siloh Schoolroom, under the auspices of the Refuge Lodge I.O.G.T. At the Swansea Police Court this week Thos. Barfoot, commission kig)cnt, and Wm. Doherty, commission agent, were fii,ed-Burfoo-t ClO (9,5 in each case), and Doherty C5, for sending through the post betting circulars. Arthur Hill, 4. Beaufort-place, Swan- sea, and G. Roberts. New-rood, Pwll, Llanedly, were eaoh fined A5 at Llanelly Police Court, on Wednesday, for having a match apiece in their possession at a West, Wales factory. The names of two Vivians figure in recent dispatches. Lord Vivian, who is a major in the Yeomanry, is awarded the French Croix de Guerre, and Captain Gerald Vivian, R.N., Lord Swansea's nephew, is mentioned" for strafing U-boats. After a prolonged illness, Dr. J. L. Davies, Llanelly, nat; passed away at a Swansea Institution, l or some years Dr. Davies was an assistant to Dr. E. Evans, ratdioai ofiBocr of buo&h £ or 4ia, Llwmll,4 Union, and also the Rural District Council. The Langland Bay tragedy inquest was resumed at Mumbles Police Station on Monday morning, but no fiirther evidence was forthcoming, and after hearing a statement by Inspector Davies, the coroner (Mr. R. W. Beor) adjourned the inquiry until May 6th. The marriage took place at St. Matthew's Church, Swansea, on Thurs- day ,of Mies Gwenllian Prosser-Evane, daughter of the Rev. T. C. Evans (Vicar of St. Matthews"), and Mrs. Evans, and Mr. A. J. Woodman, elder eon of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Woodman, of Yetalyfera, On Thureday, at Mount Pleasant Chapel, Swansea, the marriage took place between Mr. John Sa-unden. Lowjf, Roberts, only son of Dr. J. S. H. and Mrs. Roberts, Picton Villa, Swansea, and Miss Hilda Daviee, the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rees Davies. 47, Maneel- street. Swansea. The man who would save his ekin at the expense of his God and his country, has fast in his not the 30 pieces of be- trayal silver-with manhood gone—gone—' and unredeemed." So spoke Capt. D. J. HHey C.F., in his stirring sermon at Mount Pleasant Chapel, Swansea, on Thursday evening. At a meeting of the Swansea Parke Committee this week it was agreed that certain workmen had been doing work for private individuals, but had not been paid by the Corporation, as was inferred by Aid. David Williams. The matter will be reported at the next meeting of the Council. Under the auspices of the National Ser- vice Ministry, an exhibition of official war films was given at the Swansea Empire on Sunday evening. There was a crowded at- tendance. The Mayor (Aid. Ben Jones) presided. Referring to the seriousness irul solemnity of these days he said that before this push had commenced Swansea had sent 15,000 men to the Services. A hero of tlie\ Old Brigade. who is still serving King and Country in an im- portant role, was decorated by hi? Majesty at Buckingham Palace on Saturday. This was Acting-Divisional Officer R. T. Nichols, of the Coastguard, now nt Mum- | hies, but whose home is In Pembrokeshire. The story of his heroism is vet another proof that the old spirit of Brib:,n diC" hard in her sons. At Swansea on Tuesday, Messrs. Allen, Payne and Co., Cardiff, were charged with selling to Mrs Rachel Ann Griffiths, Union-street, Swansea, a barrel to which a false trade description was fixed, it being invoiced 434 gallons, instead of 37), gallons. There was another charge res- pecting another barrel Deciding that de- fendants had taken due precaution, the lkneh dismissed the eaee. A deputation of Trad es Unions con- nected with the linplate trade saw the Sugar Commission oti Wednesday and made representations as to the necessity of supplying tinplate workmen with extra sugar for the purpose of making home- made drinks largely used by men in the trade. Hie spokesmen were Mr. Ben Tillett, M.P., Messrs. Wm. Pugh and Ivor Gwynne (Swansea), while others present were Messrs. D. Bowen and Tom. Griffiths (Neath). The committee promised to give the matter consideration.. The marriage took place on Monday morning, at Pantygwydr Church, of Miss G. Symonds, B.A., only daughter of Mrs. E. Symonds, of the Mount. Mumbles, to Arthur Bullock (jeweller), Swa,nsea, now of M.T., A.S.C., younger son of Mrs. Bul- lock and the late Mr. W. Bullock, 44, Gwydr-creeeent, Swansea. The service was solemnised by the Rev. A. Beynon Phillips. The bride, who was supported by Miss Essgie John and Miss Edith Bul- lock, was given away by her mother. The duties of best man were performed by Mr. | 1 '"nfiord Davies, of Iiosehiil-ter.rac*. c


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