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ON ESH-,:iO f¡ ¿ RULE.J



AMMANFORD. Strains of gweet music were wafted over the district on Saturday afternoon, wlien a brass band contest took place, nearly all West Wales, combinations participat- ing. Thq contest proved a great attrac- tion, and the attendance was euch as to justify the expectation that there will he a substantial sum to hand over to Mr. J. J. Williams, the secretary of the West Wales Association, who, is in indifferent health Not all Ammanford colliers under 25 are waiting to be fetched. A number went voluntarily on Saturday, and it is stated that iuckuy more will follow their lead during the week. The English Congregational Band of Hope Choir, led by Mr. Wm. Hitohings, performed the cantata, The White Gar- land," and the sketch, Wait a Minute," at the Palace Theatre on Wednesday night. There was a large audience, which showed itself highly pleased qtoith the work of the choir, the soloists, which in- cluded Miss G. M. Evans as Queen," and the young actors generally. Miss Laura Hitchings was the accompanist. Mr. John Evans (statiomnaster) presided. A joint meeting of tfce Free Churches, at Capel Newydd on Thursday night, was stressed by the Rev. J. Griffiths' upop The social teaching of the Bible," a topical subject with which he dealt very lucidly. Mr. James Lewis (Tirydail) was in the chair. A meeting oi Ladies was held in the Ivorifces' Hall on Thursday evening, when, Miss Annie Kenney and Miss Phyllis Ayr- ton. of the Women's Party, spoke to a large gathering. A football match between Penybenk and Bettws was played en the Ammanford ground on Thursday, the proceeds bemg in aid of Mr. Goo. Walker, Pf-uybank, a discaargod soldier. Bcttws won by five tries to nil A meeting of young rsinerrs of recruit- able age, oonvc;;ed at Ammauford for Sunday, to consider what steps could be taken to oppose the comb-out, turned out an absolute failure; no resolution was passed. A memorial service W'3JF held at Gwyn- fryn Chapel, on Sunday night, to Drivor D. J. Daries, son of Mr. Wm. Daviee, Springfield Hou-ae, eolieze-etreet, who wae killed ill Franoa. An appropriate sermon was preached by the R-ev. J. Mo.rg.al1. Ten brass bauds competed in the con- test arranged by tne West Wales Associa- tion at Ammanford on Saturday, the pro- ceeds being in aid of the association's general secretary, Mr. J. J. Williams, Tre- bano6. The president was Dr. Clutter- buck, Penygross, ami the judge. Mr. V„;t) Morgan (Londonj. AwardsClass A: 1, Gwaun-oae-G-urweo; 2, Gorseinon Twi;- peranee; 3, Pontardulaie. March competi- tion: Gwaun-cae-gurwem. Class B: Peny- grroes. Class C: Glyn-Neath. Examinations were conducted in Am. manford last week by the London Col- 'lege of Music, the examiner being Dr. L N. Fowles. Following are the results for the oentre:-Advanted senior: Pass: E. Williams (Cwmllynfell). Senior: Pass, Jennie M. Phillips (Gorseinon), David H. Thomas (Garnant). Advanced inter- mediate: Pass, J. Thomas (Garnant), I E. Howelle (GlanamaD), J. A. Llewelrn (Glanamman). Intermediate: llr-roers, Liuie James (Garnant); first class, S. Owen (Cwmllynfell), David J. Michael (Garnant); pass, Lily Walters (Glanam- man), Tegwen Lewis (Llandebie), Annie b. Da vies (Bryamman), Gwenda Hay (Glaamman), Bertha Thomas (Glanam- man). Elementary: Honours, Dinah C. Thomas (Brynamman); first class, Brin- ley Wilkins (Amanford), Dd. C. Tones (Ammanford), Gladwin Henry (Llan- debie), Harold R. Bevan (Pantyffynon), Trevor Williams (Glanamman), Thomas J. M. Thomas (Ammanford). Primary: First class, S.r Sheriff <Ajnman» ford) Blodwen ^Tories (Ammanford), Nelly Aves rAmmantord), Phyllis Jones (Ammanford), E. Darips (Ammanford). Wm. G. B. King (Tycroes). Pass, Lily A. Lloyd (Ammanford), Gilbert Lewis (Glanamman). Miss Gertie Sheriff, daughter of Mr. and Mre. Sherriff, Margaret-street, topped the Ammanford centre in the London College of Music examination, obtaining 91 marks in the primary grade. I One of the most successful of Pontar- dnlais dramatic combinations, the Siloh Society, visited Ammanford on Wednes- day .night with a presentation of the Welsh Comedy, Y Briodas Ddir¡el t (" The Secret Wedding "), and the per- formance was a great succeaj. Council- lor J. Davies presided, and the proceeds of the performance are in aid of Mr. Dl. Da vies. Pontamman-road. A competitive conceit was held in the Palttce Theatre Ammanford, on Saturday night, when Mrs. W. N Jones (DyfFryn) was, the president, the Rev. J. W Jones. B.A. (vicar) the conductor. Mr John Price (Brecon) the music adiudica.tor and Mr Dan Matthews (Pontardulaie) the adjudica- tor of recitations. The accompanist was Mrs. Dan Jones. and the secretary Rev. 0. Spcweer Jones. Awards:—Champion solo (a prize of four guineas and silver medal being offered for best solo from well-known ora- toorios). 1. Madame Bessie Morris. Amman- ford: 2. Mr. Brenijr Jones St. Stephen's School, Pembroke. Soprano solo: Miss Mag- gie Da vies Llanelly. ContraJto solo: Madame May Roberts Llandebie. Tenor 8010: Mr. W. H. Campbell, Pantyffynnon. Bass solo: Mr. Harry Roberts. Gorseinon. Children's solo: Annie Child, Penysjroes. Recitation (under 16): Divided between Dilys Thomas (Bettws) and Viola Levi (Cwm- twroh) Open recitation: Divided between Mr .Tom ,F.arr,rv (G?nnmt) and Kr. G. T. Levi (OwmtwrcD). DEATH OF MB. J. L. I The death occurred at Maesquarre near Ammanford, on Tuesday morning, of Mr. J. L. Williams, the owner of that estate, and a well-imown public nUlù. Liu. deceaeed, who was 66 years of age, had been ill for only a week, having con- tracted pneumonia. He represented Bettws Parish Council on the Llandi'.o Board of Guardians, and there is a notice of motion standing in his name on the agenda for next Saturday's meeting of that body. He wus also a member of the Llandilo Rural District Council and of the Llan- dilo-fawr Recruiting Tribunal, and always took a great interest in koal pub- lic affaizs. When the Belgian refugem arrived in the district in 1914. it was he who ex- tended hospitality to them and boused them free of charg-e. RG was unmarried, and leaves a young niece, Miss M. Me Donald. OFFICER'S BUSE. I At Ammanford on Monday Mr. 0. D. Edwards, licensee of the Cross Inn Hotel was summoned ia two instances for suiter mg gaming to be oarried on on his I. premises, and two servants, I'd. Davi-s and Mathias, were suramoned far aiding and abetting, and two other men, Ed. Davios, and Morris tine, for gaming. Mr. S. Griffith prosecuted, and Mr. T. R. Ludford defended. A dramatic narrative was given by In- spector Daru-s, 1". ii wM accompanied al- ternately by P.C. Edwards and P.S. Brit- ir-a. He kept observation on a so/Idle- room in the yard and heard voices and j the eouud of money jingling and oards be- ing shuffled and thrc" n down. The dcor WM 1'?ck?d, aad so as to obtain admittance ha in: 'd a w(man's voic?, calling, Davi, you're wanted in the houpe, quick." Mathias opened the doer slightly I and put out the light. The inspector forced his way in. and called on Davi-es to switch on the Lht. Two minutes elapsed before this was done, and a rushing noise was hoard, as of papors and cards being ¡ cleared off the. table. f Aftrr evidence for the defence showing that Mr?. Edwards was left in charge, and rhat.neither her nor her husband had knowledge of the alleged offence, the Chairman (Mr. liichardsj stated tuc ( magistrates understood that a great deal of gambling took place, and they were determined, if possible, to stop it. but there was not sufficient evidence in these cases to justify a conviction, and they would therefore be dismissed- Other charges were withdrawn.


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