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 .V r.J._r TPsip@8 IheiiMtic Oofistiiioos Th h tl C "'r1 !'n;I .t; 0  rffrs*' ■" t "*> V»" ¥ &K  Rrcn has proved that the pains of rheumatism, sciatica, and lumbago lessen or increase according to the amount of uric- acid in the system, and this knowledge is the key to the treat- ment of rheumatic complaints. By avoiding heavy meals, rich dishes and alcohol, an over-produc- tion of uric-acid is prevented, and by strengthening: the kidneys, its accu- mulation in the blood can be checked. The first depends upon the patient, but the second part may with safety be entrusted to Doan's Backache Kidney Pills. Doan's Pills stimulate & strengthen the kidneys to purify the blood and filter out the uric-acid crystals that inflame the muscles, nerves & joints. This special kidney medicine has an eighteen-year-old reputation here in Swansea, where week after week, your own neighbours praise its lasting ,( benefits in this paper. There could be I;; no better guarantee of its mcnt. j LlansamSet P"Joof. I On December 9-th, 1001, Hr..1. Hopes, < of 680, Neath-rcad, Llansanilet, near Swansea, said" I was for years troubled severely with backache-the pains in the region of the kidneys were like knives running through me. They were particularly bad when I came to get upright. There were urinary troubles as well, and the kidney excre- tions contained a good deal of sedi- ment. "As I could get no benefit from other remedies, I started with Doan's back- ache kidney pills, and found in them a splendid remedy. I continued with the pills until my back was stronger and I was quite cured of the trouble. (Signed) "J. Hopes." "On February 14th, 1917-fifteen years later-Mr. Hopes said :Doan's pills cured me of kidney disorders some sixteen years ago, and I've never had such trouble since." NOTE.—To obtain the same result as Mr .Hopes, insist on the same Medicine. f- D OAN'S Backache Kidney FiSSs. All dealcrt, or 119 a bottle from r, oster-MeCitilcii; Co., 8, Wellt St., Oxfori Stieet, London, W. 1 The First Scientific CLEAR SIGHT Oculist Optician INDISPENSABLE. in S*aLa. Dver 1000 Testimonials  Dver 1000 Testimonials n^BSS^ ?%s=..s?" Established 1893. YOUR EYESIGHT TESTED AND CONSULTATION FREE DAILY. HOSPITAL Prescriptions made up at reduced prices. JAS. SCOTT & SONS, D.B.O.A., J A S, j OCULIST OPTICIANS) (Diplomat by Examination, British Optical and Sight-Testing Association). Patentees of the One-hand Spring Clip Eye Glass, 12, VICTORIA ARCADE me:1tet). SWANSEA, 22, ROYAL ARCADE, CARDIFF. Also at 106, NEWINGTON CAUSEWAY, LONDON, C.C. LIFE OF WORRY WHY ? There is Hardly Anything to Causf more Worry, Anxiety, Irritation, and Pain, than Ailments of Skin, Flesh, Bans & Joints WHY If  USE Guf§rMnM elnm 6 BALMP it will give Immediate Relief. USE SOMER'S BALM FOR All kinds of Skin Rash. Sores, Wounds, Ulcers, Cuts, Burns, Scalds, Excoria- tions, Abrasions, Bad Legs, Varicoee Veins. SOMER'S BALM FOR Eczema, Breaking-out in Children's Heads, Ringworm. Gallings, Irritations, Itchings, in women and children. GOMER'S BALM FOR Piles, Scurvy, Inflamed Corns, Bunions, and Gouty Joints, Piheumatic Limbe, Stiff Joints, Lumbago. THIS VALUABLE REMEDY SHOULD BE KEPT & USED IN EVERY HOME. It will soon put an end to all worry. Ask for GOMEK'S BALM," and see I that the name in full is on the Box, also the name of JACOB HUGHES," without which none is genuine. Sold by Chemists and Stores at is. 3d., Ss.. 58. (including war tax), or send Is. id., go. 2d.. or 5s. 3d., in 6tainps or P.O. to tiaker, JACOB HUGHES, M.P.S., L.O.S., Manufacturing Chemist, PSNARjti. CARDIFF.