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IL00AL& DISTRICT NEWS! <"3> ABERAVON. ABERAVON. At the annual meeting of the i .i.C..i Mr. W; B. 1 Hallowes was re-elccted chairman, Mr. T. C. Williams treasurer, and Mr. Ken- neth Groves secretary. Pastor Jar ret' and Mr. David Thomas were added to lh committee. TOWN CO'JXCIL. | The Aberavon Town Council ntet I 7. Wednesday, the Mayor (Alil. J. I.; Smith) presiding. The Gas Manager, im- porting upon the increasing demand for coal gas for motive power, said that ho was considering the question of fixing a supply centre in the middle of the town for the use of vehicles. He was asked to report upon a suitable depot. The Town Clerk (Mr. Moses Thomas) read t.he reply received from Margam Council refusing to allow the Corpora- tion accountant and rate collec.tor to in- spect the rate book and mortgage register of Margam Council in view of the Corpo- ration's intention to' apply for power to extend their boundary. The Town Clerk pointed out that any ratepayer was em- powered to inspect the rate hooks and register. The Conncil authorised the accountant and collector to inspect the books under power of their corporate seal. LOCAL POLICE. H At Abe-ravou on lloauay l ietierick Law- rence, butcher, carrying on business in Donald-street, Cross-sti-aet, and Whit- 11 cliuieli-road, Cardiff, was charged \\1:1; teilin, L2 3s. Oil. iroin Llewelyn IkTl; luted and Mr. Dan Perkins deftuided. Mi | Lewis ♦lioma<s said the dciendanfc vv.i- trading as the ik-lipse Meat Co., and ^ri.r, an alvertÜ;(2'lncnt in p-.m-r cmHpIa.m:?.' &bat for some i;?ud.- J?.t remiUad 0s. i; | Defendant roixiiea oil the Ilila October^ jjretting that he coold not esecuie the order goods .fcaree. lii reply to af letter of complainant the defendant sect a telegram saying lie v;a3 soia out, aAd that the goods woujd be sent on tHe following | Wednesday. On the next day he wrote | conlinuins; this wires but the goods were not receivod, and even when proceeding1 were threatened neither the goods nor the money were sent. John Davies, Caerau. sa:d he had sent ■ prisoner orders for meat but had not re- ceived the goods nor the money. He went to Catdiff, but found the Donald-street » shop closed. He saw the prisoner private address in I.lanblet.hian Gardens and naked for the money back, but pri- | SoOner wid he had not got it. After thmit- ening him. he had 10s. xifli a promise of j another 10s. by pott. This had not been sent. The bench without hearing prisoner, felt there was not sufficient evidence to justify j a conviction and accordingly discharged urisoner. j Evan Butler pleaded guiltv to paving | matches in his possession at Torymynydd i Colliery.-—Fined Æ1. Iflris Samuel, a ctllier boy, was charged with '>vin? cigarettes in his possession at the Cynon Colliery. Mr. Home (Jlessrs. Deer and Deer) said that Evan Powell, a ifreman, the boy smoking (Jown the mine. The fireman said that the men are not searched before going down. Defendant, aged 14. was fined 10s., 'and the Bench called attention to what ap- pearcd an irregularity. They comÜdered r that a search should be made. John Crowley, collier, Dyffryn Ehondclo.1 I wr: charged, with travelling without A ticket from Cymmer to Dyifryn Rhondcb; and TMth using bad linguage to the ticket; collector. Mr. Home (Messrs. Deer andj Deer) prosecnb'd,-Finrd £ in each case. Samuel B. Keos, collier. Caerau, pleaded su?ty to using a (le'?ac??d ticket on the R. and S.B. Eailway.—Fined Æ1. William Jones Davies, colliery ripper, Viniers-rcad, Abergwynti, summoned Thomas Lewis and Wm. Lloyd, hauliers, for assault and battery. Mr. Lewis M. Thomas prosecuted and Mr. Jestyn Jef- freys defended. Complainant said he was carrying a door in the colliery. He passed defendants, and they used filthy expres- sions. Then Lewis threw a stone which hit him on the head. Lloyd also threw I a stono which struck him on the arm.— Defendants, who denied the assault, were i fined £ 1 each, with advocate's fee.




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