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j THE SCROLL OF FAME ¡THE SCROl FAME Pta. C. Norman South Wales Borderers, son-in-law of Airs. Arundel. 14, Taberfcaele- row, Carmarthen, lyis been wounded in the shoulder in France. This was the fourth time for him to lie wounded. Mr. Thomas Davies. J.P., Pic ton-ter- race, Carmarthen, has learnt that his son, Pte. Walter Davies, Canadian Imperial Forces, has been wounded in the right eyo and thuh. He enlisted in Canada. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Edwards, Glyn- llwchwr-road, Pontardulais, have received official notification that their son-in-law. Sergt. Jack Phillips, HiE.. who is lying in a Salonika hospital, is going on well. News has been received that Pte. Oswald Thomas, brother of Miss Etta Thomas. Llandilo .has been killed in action. He was in the Welsh Regiment, lie had been out in Canada for years. He was killed by a mortar shell. 2d r. S. H. Stoekwcod, clerk to the Bridgend Bench, and coroner for the Manor of Ogmore, has been officially in- formed that his younger &on, Second-Lieut. Lawrence Finley Stockwood, was wounded in France on the 12th iftst. Pie. W. Faye, Brynamman, Tunnelling Corps, is lying at Grove-road Hospital, London, suffering from an attack of gas and trench fever. His wife has been in- formed that he is progressing slowly, hav- ing been in a precarious condition. Pte. Joseph Emmanuel, Kidwelly, Welih Guards, is wounded in the left thigh, and í. in a French hospital. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Emanuel, Trimsaran, and married a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S Daviess, KynierVterrace, Kidwelly. Official intimation has been received by Mr. James Thomas, Grenig View, Glanam- man, that his brother, Pte. Hugh Thomas, has been severerly wounded in both legs by shrapnel, while in action on the wes- tern front. He is now under treatment in ix hospital at Stourbridge. Official information has been received by Mrs. Watkins, 8, Phillip-street, Man-1 selton, Swansea, that her youngest son, Signaller John Enilyn Watkins, has been' severely wounded by shrapnel, and is now under treatment in London. Signaller Watkirus is only 20 years of age. News has been received by Mr. and Mrs. John Griffiths, Clyndu-str-oer, Morristou, that their eon, Sergt. Tudor Griffiths, R.F.A., has been wounded, and is now in a base hospital. Sergt. Griffiths has seen eight years' fervice in India, and came o\er with the Indian Expeditionary Force. I Official news has been received by Mrs. Dowlin?, 11, King's Arms-street, Elan- dovery, of the death from wounds of her husband, Pk. Patrick H. Dowling. De- ceased was a native of Kilkenny. Mrs. ) Dowling is a granddaughter of MrG. Ellen Driscoll and the late Jeremiah Driscoll. Mrs. Bowen, of 34, High-street, Skewen, lia,s been notified that her husband, Pte. Wm. J: Bowen, ot the Labour Carps, is now at the Canadian Red Cross Hospital^ Cliveden, Bucks suffering from trench fever,, and is making good progress. He '13 a brother of the R<-v. S. Glan-nedd Bowen, Baptist minister. Comaes, Pern. Pte. Jack Thomas, Welsh Guards, of Brynamman, has fallen in action. He was caught by shrapnel in the neck, according to a letter from a friend. On Monday morning the news was confirmed by the War Office. The deceased and his wife, I with one child, resided at Cwmgarw-road. Previous to enlistment he was a miner. Lance-corporal F. Dixon Sandry, of the Royal Warwickshires. son of Mr. Fred Sandry, of Oaklands-terrace, Swansea, has been slightly wounded in France and is also suffering from trench fooet. Lce.- cpl. Sandry enlisted when cnly 17 years of age. He used to work in the Electricity Department of the Swansea Harbour Trust. Pte. Tom Ellison, of the Devons, whose wife and seven children reside at Pleasant View, Goppa, Pontardulais, has been killed in action. He wa.s an old employe of the Graig Merthyr Colliery, and en- listed in September, 1914. Writing under date of October 15 to Mrs. Ellison, his O.C. eays: 1 am writing these few lines t) express my deep regret at the loss of your husband. He was killed .instantly and suffered no pain." Mr. and Mrs. Eaton, of 19. Clarence-ter- race, Swansea, have received news that their eon, Corpl. P. Eaton, of the Devon Regiment, has been wounded in action in the Yprcs region. Two fingers and a thunxb of the left hand wore blown off by gun fire, and the corporal is now in hos- pital at Birkenhead. He had been pre- viously wounded in the side. He joined the Army when only 171 years of age, and is noiv only 19 years old. In pre war days he was employed on the G.W.R. at, the 'Swansea Docl,-si Mrs. Davies, of 154, Port Tennant-rd., Sl. Thomas, Swansea, has received notifi- cation that her husband. Pte. R. F. Davies. of the Welsh Guards, was killed in action on October lltli. Prior to joining up Pte. Davies was employed as a tinman at Baldwins, King's Dock. He leaves a widow and two children. In a letter to the bereaved home the chaplain of the company says the officer in command wished him to express his great apprecia- tion of the way the deceased soldier car- ried out his duties at all times. He was shot by a sniper while in the trenches, and his death was instantaneous News has been received that Pte. Tom Furlong, Tank Corps, who resided at Chapel-street, Swansea, has been wounded in action In a letter he states that it is feared that he might lose the sight of one I of his eyes, and that 18 pieces of shrapnel have been taken nut of his knees. lie is at present in a Nottingham hospital. Pte. Furlong, who is 'Io years of age, is a married man and was, prior to the war employed as a superintendent of porters and electric lighting at Mr. Edwards, draper Oxford-street., Swansea. Official intimation has just been re- ceived by Mrs. Bray ley. of y26, Cromweli- ritreet. Mount Pleasant, Swansea, to the effect that her husband, Pte. Richard I Brayley, of the Gloucestershire Kegi- ment. was killed in action on October 4th, Prior to his enlistment he was employed at the Mond Nickel Works, Clydach, and also carried ou business at Mount Plea- ant. Swansea. A widow and three chilcl- ren are left. His patents reside at Bryn- y-don-road, Swansea, and they have an- other son attached to the Welsh Regiment still in France, while a third son has been discharged from the Army dltcr being wounded. Sergt. W. E. G. Roberts, son of Mr. G. Roberts, late of Landore, has been wounded while going t vcr in charge oi hi?. platoon. His platoop officer had been put on divisional staff, thus leaving him in. charge. The following is an extract from a letter sent to his father by his platoon officer:—" Last night I saw the platoon oil. Some of the men told me chat they wer9 sure that Sergt. Roberts would do well; nor were they disappointed. For he led them very coolly and skilfully, until he was hit. I was speaking to him at the advanced dressing station. He appeared quite cheerful, He is at present in hospi- tal in France, and progressing quite tav- ourably." News has been received of the death in • action of Pte. A. P. Johns, Welsh Guards, 44, Prinocss-street, Swansea. Lieut. Evan Morris, who prior to en- listment was a master on the staff of If-cndy Council Schools, Pontardulais. has been wounded in France. Sapper Wm. John Evans, who was re- cently wounded in France, is now taking a brief holiday at home with his father, Mr. David Evans. Prior to enlistment he was employed at Hendy Tinplate Works. The funeral took place on Monday of Pte. David iioklen, Welsh Regiment, 5, Gerald-street, Sandhelds, Aberavon. PIe. Holden had been suffering from the effects of, gas for several months, and had been discharged from the Army. The funeral wa6 with military honours. Official news has been received from the Admiralty that Trimmer W. Williams, of- No. 4, Margaret-street, St. Thomas, Swan- sea, has been drowned at sea. The tie- ceased, who was 42 years of age, formeiiy worked on the G.W.R. coal tips. He leaves a widow and nine children. News has' reached Britonferry that Lieut. Vernon Hill, H.F C., son .of the late Alderman Jenkin Hill, and of Mrs. Hill, Britonferry, is missing. Lieut. Hill, who was a Rugge-rite of much promise, played ccntrc-threequarter for the All Blacks lie ha.s another brother on active service. Mm. Mitchell, -18. Norfolk-street, Swan- sea, has received intimation that her hus- band, C Q.M.S. Gearge Mitchell, is lying in hospital in France suffering from trench fever. C.Q.M.S. Mitchell, who is in a Welsh Hegiulellt, has been on active service for nearly two years, and prior to enlistment was engaged a6 a checker at Messrs. Weavers Flour Mills. Mr. and Mrs. Foster, of 2-i, Woodville- read, Mumbles, have received intimation that their son, Pte. Donald Llewellyn Foster (Welsh Guards) has been killed in action in France. Prior to joining the colours, Pte. Foster, who was 23 years of age, was an apprentice with Messrs. Jones and Sons, bakers, Mumbles. His brother. Gunner Ernest J. Foster, has seen service in Egypt.. Pte. Fester was a nephew oi Mr. JanF Cox, of Barrv Dock, Pte. lorwerth V. Bush. Welsh Guards, eldest of ten children of the late Rev. Ed. Bush. and Mrs. Bush, Crown-Street, Port Talbot, is reported killed. Pte.-Bush, who was 21. was formerly in Air. H. By ass s office at the Mansel Tinplate Works, Port Talbot. He had written saying he in- tended being liom^ on leave this week. The chaplain of the regiment, writing on be- half of the commanding ofifcer, expresses deep appreciation of the w?y in which Pte. Un?h carried out his duties. ?ws ha", reael?ed YgtradgyBhuf? that t?e. Cory WnitH. of the Gloucester?, ha3 made the supreme sacrifice out in France. Prior to joini;)? up he was employed by Mr. Bowen, grocer He is an old boy "? Muller's Ilomes Two other casualties ara also announced in the persons of Privates Jack Almroti" and Sidney James, both of whom have received wounds in the tace. Pte. Aharolt was attached to the Glouee, ters, and was formerly employed by Messrs. Eastmans, Ltd. Pte. Sidney J ernes is <he local buildi"S contractor. Gunner Signaller L-n Mo i its, P.G-.A-. elder son of Mr. and Mrs. James Morris, Park-street. P^ Ta!'Kl- i; in ^>sPltaJ- in Halifax suffering from a wound in the hand. Gunner brris, who was manager tor Mr.?muel Stephens, of Swansea of the s)iip?i"S department at Port TalLot. has b?en in France siKce Easter, an" had recently recovered from ireoeh tever. Hewas educated at Swansea Grammar School, and is well known at Birdigvove, of'wliieli his father j6 a Ho is recovering nicely. Mrs. Wm. F. Thomson, "?L riay-sh-eet, Port Tennant, has received news that her nephew, 11, W. Of the Australian Imperial Forces, is IJing in at 0: ford, eufl'evi-Lg from OILY reoe^ecl -in action in France. He 15 it Swansea lY), land went with his parents to Australia smio ago and settled in b»nsbane, Queensland. He is the eldest-^on of tt", late Mr. Alf Lougher painter and decora- tor, of Swansea and Neath, and grandson of the late Captain James Thompson (Page-street). Private Lougher has twice e-pent his leave visiting his aunt in his na- tive town. I )'ir.;t- Plfu!:rl--r -8:: l-Vt-ss, Li id i tec h? A'<?!HJH ?.)'?t!? HIOIIAM. ac Leader Buildings. SWANSEA.