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SWANSEA. i i Mend Buildings has now been taken over ri-lie. new National Service Scheme. I A presentation ha.? been made at the Compass Hotel, Swansea, to Mr. Harry Ilolmes, or, the occasion of his joining the. Forces. Mr. D. E. Jones, the chairman of the Swansea Bit Badge League, has been I compelled t/> resign his position or. ing to ill-health. At Swansea County Court OIl Tuesday I it was stated, during the hearing of judg- ment summonses, that a coal-trimnier, age 60, in the rirsfc gang, earned < £ 10 a week. At tlw Industrial School Committee on Monday, Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Roberts promised to have two silver cups (pre..e?ted to the band some years a?o) suitably inscribed. The funeral took place at Dany?raig on Friday of Mrs. Louisa Margaret Jenkins, widow of the late Mr. John Jcnkins. 88, King Edward-road, Swansea. Deceased was 72 years of ag-:a At Landoro Eisteddfod on Saturday, the arize for the pianoforte solo went to H.ax<*I Rogers, St. Thomas, Eunice Mor- 'I ris, Cwmbwrla, being second.. The names were on Monday given in the wrong order. A Swansea soldier who has been a prisonor of war in Germany for nearly two years recently wrote to his relatives enclosing splendid photographs of him- self which, lie says, only cost him the ecjuivalent of Is. ljd, a dozen. At Swansea on Monday, a female teacher at Dvfatty School sued Mrs. Neil- son for assault. Mr. Rupert Lewis pro- secuted, and the woman in defence said she could have struck tho teacher harder with & father. She was fined 40a. or 2 days. Cyril !JQV¡lll, ?S, Edgewell-ioad, Swaa- soti., ran from behind a tram on Monday into the sitttp. of another tram, sustaining I bruises on the ki;cs and a scalp wound. He was taken tOo the Hospital, but not detained. The incident happened near U pie nds-cresce.nt. The death occurred on Thassday of Mr. I Wm. Bate up. BoboiVstreet, Manewlton, lie had been for man? years a member and deacon of the Mount Calvary Baptist Church. Theiyo are five sons serving in the Army, of whom three h ave been wounded, one having lost a leg. Much, sympathy is felt for tke widow and family. Harvest thanksgiving services were held at Fabian's Bay (St. Thomas), ser- mons being preached by the Revs. Wat- kin Williams f1!ld R. G. Greenshields, M.A., B.D. A ijiusical service was held in the afternoon. Mr. Cook Davies pre- sided, and the Juvenile Choir gave an excellent programme. Soles were ren- dered by Miss Guppj-, Miss Cole-, and Mr P.C. Price. We are sorrv to learn that Mr, Ambrose Iloskilts, an old Swansea- newspaper man who now holds a responsible position in connection with the Press Bureau, is seriously ill, suffering from pleurisy, at Sivanage, where Iic, had been sent toi recuperate. His friends—and they are legion at Swansea—wish for him a speedy recovery. Pell-street Brotherhood celebrated their sixth anniversary on Sunday. The REw. G. H. Southall pn.achcd morning and evening. An- open meeting was held in the afternoon. Air. J. n. Stevens (Wesiey) presided, and an interesting add rests was given by Mr. Herbert L. Morgan. }1. D. S. Rees sang, and Mr. L. J. Davies pre- sidrd at the organ, Mr. Denzil H swells, fourth son of Mr. J. Howells, Pestmaster of Weston-euper- Mare, late of Swansea, and brother of the late Capt Graham Howells runl Liu! j 1 Hubert Howells, has obtained "his com- .mis-sion af sub-lieutenant, and joins the Lancashire Regiment almost immediately. Hp has been staying in Swansea for a few days. His brother Kenneth. is -with the Royal Flying Corps. <?)ii? a unique business was transacted at the Albert Hall, Swansea, on Sunday afternoon. This is the jubilee year of the Sunday ?cnoot connected with the Albert Hail Mission, a movement which has done more fur Swansea than is yet known- and the chief event or the aftET- noon was the handing to every present teacher and scholar a Bible The concert in aid of the Maiiselton Soldiers' and Sailors' Fund, held at Mount Calvary, was a great success. The c!tairwastaken by Mr, Bairdow, and the (.1i,tir w?is tal?:eit b3- .Nir, Beatrice Anthony, Madame B Howcll, Mr. Trevor WcavcT. Master 1? ?r?an R. Llcryd, Mr. Harry Jenkins and Master H ugh Lake, Miss Irene Ashford and Mr. Cyril Edmonds: accompanist and organiser, Mr. Evan Walters. Another of a series of concerts was held ai the old Y.M.C A., Dynevor-place, under the auspices of the Girls' Club. The ar- tistes were:—Misses Maud Parker, Rath Workman, Annie Cole and Mrs. Doris Francis; Messrs. Edda Evans and Harry Florence (the singing collier). Mies Lilian I Edwardo and Mr Sid Griffiths accom- series. The persons responsible for these stries are Messrs. Lawsou Evans and Watts Jones. A memorial service was held at All Saints' Church, Kilvey, on Sunday after- noon. in memory of the late Driver Francis George Williams, who recently died of dysentery in France. The eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. I). J. Williams, of 61, Wind- mill-terrace, St Thomas. Swansea, the de- ceased soldier was a chorister and Sunday Sehol teacher, and also a member of the local athletic organisations. Touching "cforenccvs were mada by tho Vicar, the R- D. C. Rees Tiie annual meeting of tan Swansea Devonian Society was held at Lockley's Restaurant on Thursday evening, Mr. T. H. Do (fuy (president) in the chair'. Among those present v.-ere M .sr W. Neweombe, H. Salter C, Easterbrook, W. Harding, W. Squires, H. Wilkie. W. Crang, and S. T. Drew (hon. secretary). The balance-sheet and report were adop- ted. The Secretary reported that the •present membership was 430, of whom 160 cP.?I -,va.,? 4.0, of vvj,,f,?ll I made the supreme .sacrifice. Tbe?'tn?Huj: the officers were re-eieeied. At the Grcsvcnor Hotel, Swansea, a reception meeting was given to Private Victor Rouse by Baldwins King's Dock Works Soldiers' and Sailors' Reception Fund. Mr. Raymond Watson presided, Mr. Lewi; Jenkiu presented Private Rouse with a gift on behalf of the fund. The! lollowing artistes contributed to thei ma-Meal programme: Madam Howells < (contralto), Madam Beynon (soprano), i Mr. Ellis Daniel (baritone), Mr. Tom I Nichoils (tenor), and Mr. W. John j (comedian). The accompanists wero Mrs. Raymond Watson and Miss Ruby Edwards. With full military honours, the remains P of Lienf. Arthur Dennis Johnson, R.F.A.. ] sc-n Dl the late Mr. A. W. Johnson and Mrs. Johnson, 2-r>. Sketty-road, SkeHy, were laid t.) rest at O.voterniouth Cemetery c-ii Saturday afternoon. The body was con- veyed 1o the cemetery on a gun carriage, covered with the Union Jack, whilst the firing party was composed of Shropshire*, The mourner, included: Messrs. Syd. j Solomon, Ronald Samuel. Samuel R- Jones, Edwin Davies. Walter Davies, 1". J. Howard, and George Clark. A short,! service was conducted at. the house by the Vicar of Swansea (Rev. and Hon. Talbot nice). who also ofiiciated at the graveside. There were numerous floral tribute? in- cluding one from the officers of the hos- pital at Angar. The a r ran cements we r? in the hands of Mr. D. C. Jones, Csatl& square. Once again at the Albert Hall, Swansea. rq Sunday evening, the funeral service- of. the Church of England was read in mem- ory of another scldier fallen in battle. This has grown to be a custom whenever news comes of the death in action of thotse associated with the Albert Hall Mission. Pte. Percy Horner, eon of Mr. and Mrs. Horner, of the Hafod, was one of a largf; family; each of the five 'brothers are ser- ving their country in the war. One has been discharged, but it is believed that he will be called up again. The youngest brother was present in khaki, together 1 with father and mother and ei iters. Just- before the address by Mr. A. E. Rmjge, a j Herefordshire farmer, who conducted ser- fices in the halt on Sunday. Mr. Basil j Snelling stopped forward and said that an- other of their men had given his life for j them. They could not gather around his i grave, font would follow their custom of 'i reading the beautiful prayers of the burial service. He asked all to stand while he did t xo. Then Mrs. Willett sang "Gathering Home," the congregation joining in the i| chorus.



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