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NEWS IN BRIEF. Increased pay, says Reuter, 'has beaD granted to the Indian troops. Peaches and apricots from South Africa have just reached Coveut Garden. Leith coal trimmers have been granted an advance of wages of 25 per cent. Lord Furnfss has resigned the- position oi master of the York and Ainstv Hunt. For taking money from foreign seamen, two Aliens ofikr-rs at Barry were on Tues- day fined < £ 5 each. During the war over 250,000 horses have been treated in veterinary hospitals, ami 180,000 restored to health. During three days' prohibition oi spirits last week-end in Carlisle there was no arrest for drunkenness. A German prisoner, named Franz Kovrdt, has esoaped from the interment camp at Raasay, Inverness-shire. Mrs. Annie Duckett, wife and mother of soldiers, was fined S6 16s. at Chertsev for supplying intoxicating drinks to wounded soldiers. A Berlin message states that final judg- ment of the Allies' reply will only be pos- sible after the arrival of the official text of the Note.—Reuter. The funeral took place at. Llanwrda of Mrs. Mary Jones, of Llwynarel, Llandilo, and formerly of Pandy, Llanwrda. De- ceased was 84 years of age. Mr. T. B. Morison, Solicitor-General for Scotland, was returned unopposed for In. verness-shire on Tuesday, succeeding Si1 John Dewar, one of the new peers. Japanese artisans are to be trained by their Government to carve coral for sale in Europe and America. The trade be- fore the war was in Italian hands. A Muswell Hill tramcar got out of con- trol on an incline at Hornsey, and collided with a coal cart, the driver of which was thrown and killed; the car was badly damaged. At Liverpool a shopkeeper and manage*- of an automatic machine company were tined ten guineas each for permitting the use' of premises for gaming with a clown, machine. Commander Noel Laurence, who tor- pedoed two German battleships last November, is to be presented with the honorary freedom of Maidstone, of which town he is a native. A bush fire near Port Elizabeth im- perilled the lives of hundreds of the bun- galo wholiday makers, who were, forced to make a hasty flight. Ten square miles of bush were destroyed. For selling watered milk, some of which was said to have been supplied by a retailer to a hospital-containing wounded soldiers, Geoffrey Cook, farmer, Stretton. was fined 41,30 at Burton-on-Trent. It is claimed for the Amalgamated Society of Engineers that it is the wealthiest and most powerful trade union in the world. It has a membership of 230,OOP and accumulated funds of Mrs. Matilda Swain, widow of the late Mr. John Swain, founder of the Shoe-lana firm of phoro engravers, who was in his early days a wood engraver on the staff of Punch," has died at Camden Town at the age of 87. Two blast furnace workers, Charles Toan and James Shilling, were so badly burnt as the result of an accident at the Gargo Fleet Iron and Steel Works. Mid- dlesbro', on Wednesday night, that both men succumbed. Lloyd's report that the following vessel, not having been heard of since the date specified, is considered very much over- due:—The Serbistan, of Swansea (Griffiths., mastery from Brest roads for Cardiff, on. 16th November, 4916. Many young Welsh farmers say in thei-I letters that they have been impressed with some farming ideas they have seen in Franco, and express their intention of introducing them to Wales when they come back to their native heaths. In an old limestone cavern at Cradley, Staffs, the dead body of an elderly woman was found. She had been missing ainca November, and when discovered was partly covered with snow. She apparently had wandered there to lay down and die. An applicant for exemption at Camber- ley Tribunal had served 22 years in th« Army, including 12 years in India, the campaign in Thibet, and 13 months in the present war, in which he was wounded. He was now called up as he is not yet 41 yeare, of age. Nurse Annie Handley, daughter of Mr, T. Handley, Rose Cottage, New-road, Llandovery, a Red Cross nurse, and one of those who was rescued when the ill-fated Britannic was torpedoed, is home on ten days' leave prior to proceeding to further duties in connection with the war. Sitting at Por-thcawl, the Glamorgan Methodists' monthly meeting resolved to circularise the churches in favour of a war bonus to ministers.—A vote of con- dolence was passed with the Rev. W. Williams, Hafod, Swansea, in the Joes of his son in action. An Amsterdam telegram says:—The Vorwaerts says it is possible a plenary sitting of the Reichstag will be convoked in the middle of this month, as it is ol^ vious the Imperial Chancellor as well as all parties would iike to express an opinion on the ref usal of the peace offer.- Reuter. Whilst hunting with the Beaufort hounds on Wednesday the Duke of Beau- fort fell from liis horse at Marnham Green. Gloucester. He was considerably bruised and badly shaken, but no bonea were broken. His Grace is progressing satisfactorily, but owing to pain and stiff- ness he spent a bad night. A curious grievance is coming to the front in Baptist circles. It is ventilated in a Welsh denominational organ by tho Rev. Ungoed Thomas, of Carmarthen, who asks why it is that the well-to-dl" among the Baptists close their doora; against visiting ministers. Mr. Thomas complains that the old hospitality has to a large extent disappeared. Lord Rupert William Gascoyne Cecil,, 65th Bishop of Exeter, and 72nd Bishop of, the Devonshire See, was enthroned at' Exeter Cathedral on Wednesday morning by the Archdeacon of Canterbury, in ths presence of the Lord Bishop of Crediton, Cathedral dignitaries, and about 304 parochial clergy. The Bishop was weU corned by the civil authorities. Mr. Thomas Protheroe, of Brynawei, Old-road, LIanelly, colliery proprietor who died January 31st last., and whew will is proved by Evan Willie Jones, Coleshill-terrace, Lianelly, has Property of the value of 1:15,297, the pet person* alty being 912,279. The testator gives all his real and personal estate "Whe-resoevee and whatsoever, to his wife and childzon in equal shares as tenants in eornmoa. A startling discovery was made on Tuesday evening in some experimental entrenchments at Aldershot, the body o. Lieut. W. J. Watterman. R.A.M.Cn quarter-master of the Military Isolation Hospital being found in a terribly in- jured condition. His head was battered in, and appearances point to foul play. The police are making enquiries in campt A soldier has been detained for his move- ments to be investigated. Through the efforts of the West Waltl branch of the Married Men's Union, 1 drastic combing out of single clerks ifl controlled works is taking place. Married clerks are required to fill these vacancies A meeting of the local branch is to be helg in the Elysium on Sunday evening. J deputation is coing to London shot-fly 14 interview Mr. J. M. Hogge, M.P., who h;ll agreed to see members of the Assoeiatioi with a view of increased eepa.ra.tien allow 1 ancow for soldiers' wiv-os and dejjt^idaata