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OMNmU NOTES I  There were 476 new cases of measles re- ported last week in Birmingham. New York, Tuesday.—Ignatius Tre- bitseh I.b?coln, the former Liberal M.P. fJ,' Dad ington and th(' lf-confOOS(õd I German spy, lias escaped from custody. Dr. Herbert Williams, medical officer of the Port of Loudon, died on Sunday. Fifty-three decrees were pronounced ab- solute in the Divorce Court on Monday by Mr. Justice Bar grave Deane. Five h-jndri-d employes of a Bristol fur- niture trade manufacturer are on strike I for a 10 per cent, war bonus. When before the Metropolitan Muni- I tions. Tribunal on Monday a worker said lie had fifteen Army rejection forms. Mr. S. Finney took. his seat on Tuesday as the new Labour member for North- West Staffs in place of the late Mr. A. Stanley. In al earthquake shock in the Midlands on Friday night, houses wore shaken in Matlock and Wirksworth. No damage liatio(,,k an(i Wii-ls-ivorth -N'o darq?ige Fifty-three alien seamen were fined at I Cardiff on Tuesday from ,2 to L5 each for landing from various ships without per- mi?aion. one of the I )ert- Sir Jamec O'Donohoe, one of the beet- known Nationalists in Calway, enlisted on Wednesday as a private in the 10th Dublin FuFiliers. Sir Goorge R-eid, M.P., is to be presented with a marble bust of himself as a gift from the flail' of the Australian Common- wealth offices in London. I Three hundred bluejackets at Chatham had pea-soifl) and boiled beef for dinner on Saturday. Soon afterwards they com- plained of severe pains. The Prince of Wale" presided at the First Meeting of the Statutory Commit- tee under the Naval and Military War Pensions Act, St. James Palace. Lord Crewe, who was absent from the House of Lords on Tuesday owing to in- disposition, is making a good recovery and hopes to be out again in a day or two. The death occurred at Dunley. Into en Monday night of Jonathan Thomas Evans (26) of Tipton, one of the sixteen persons injured in tho tram smash on Sunday. Since the Avar children are bettor I cared for, eaid Mr. Parr, the director of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children at Newport, Mon. I The Miners' Federation have asked Mr. Asquith to receive a deputation in Feb- ruary fin old-age pensions, which they suggest should be increased during the war. Mr. McKenna has been elected to an honorary Fellowship of Trinity Hall, Cambridge; he is an old Trinity Hall man and rowed in the Cambridge crew of 1SS7. Sir Ian Hamilton's despatch on the operations in Gallipoli is to be. used in. the London County Council schools for class purposes and for private reading by older scholars. Accidental Death was the verdict at Teddington, Surrey, on Tuesday at the inquest on AdcJph Louis Berger, an aged Swiss, who was killed by a motor-oar m Bushcy Park. A Navy League patriotic demonstration is to be held at Chelsea Town Hall on Thursday evening, January 27, when Mr. L. J. Maxse and Mr. C. B. Stanton, M.P., will be among the speagers. Parliamentary Papers issued on Wed- nesday morning contains a supplementary estimate raising the maximum number of officers and men for the navy to lioO.OOO, by the addition of another 50,000. The Home Office officially notifies that colliery e b ec k weigh -me n are to be con- sidered starred under the Derby scheme and the Military Service (No. 2) Bill in the eame way as company weigh-men. The Prince of Wales has given his an- nual subscription of £ 100 to thp King Edward's Hospital Fund, and Prince Henry, PrtDce (?eor??, Prince John, and Princess Mary have give.n a ?uinen each. The AmericAn Secretary of State, Mr. Lansing, asked the American Insti- tute of International Law to draft a new code d rules to govern neutral and belli- gerent rights, for submission to all coun- tries. The women who have been acting as I school attendance officers in London in, place of .the men who have gone to the Front have done their work so well that steps are to be taken permanently to retain their services. The death is announced of Sir William Onslow, Bart., of Hegah, St. Tudy, near Bodmin. The deceased baronet was born in India in 1845, and had served with the 12th Regiment and the Duke of Corn- wall's Light Infantry. The Birmingham Tramways Committee reported on Tuesday that there were now 700 women acting as conductors in tram- way-cars ia the city. Generally their work gave satisfaction. About fifty "professional and business men are acting as motor-men in tramway-cars duTing the week-ends. Mr. Aequith, explaining that there wa? no time for a Bill to remove from the ( Peerage the Duke of Cumberland and the Duke of Cohurg, on Monday, said that neither had taken his seat in the House1 of Lords; the Duke of "Cumberland had not been in England since the death of his father in 1878. At the end of last November it was stated in a paper on "The Register of Belgian Refugees," read before, the Royal Statistical Society on Wednesday night, the principal card index at the general rogister office contained the names of be- tween 230,(XH) and 240,(M)0 civil refugees. Lieut .-Col. Frank Gaskell, commanding the 16th Battalion, Welsh Regiment (Car- diff City Battalion), and Major Fred W. Smith, of the same battalion, are at present at the Alexandra Hospital, High- gate. recovering from injuries received at the front. The Alexandra Hospital is maintained by Sir Alfred Mond. Bart., M.P. cor- The amendment dealing wifh the con- crintion of weal Hi wh?ch Mr. J. H. Thomas proposed in reference to the Military Service (No. 2) Bill having been ruled out of order, Mr. Anderson has given notice to as k the Prime Minister .whether lie will afford an opportunity for discussing the subject. The Prees Bureau announces that the j King, on the recommendation of tlie l Prime Minister, has been pleased to ap- prove the appointment of the Right Hon. Lord Chelmsford, G.C.M.G., to be Viceroy and Governor-General of India., in succession to Lord Hardinge, who re- tires from his office at the end of March next. About 100 men engaged in the finishing and lasting department at Messrs. Raw- eons' (Ltd.) boot and shoo factories, Leicester, went out on strike on Tuesday. They allege that a number of single men in the departments have not attested under Lord Derby's echeme, and the I majodt.y say they decline to work with elackers." Whisky merchants received on Tuesday a communication from the Licensed Victual- lers' Protection Society of Ijoiukm aivkhu'- for a statement as to the number of bottles of whisky sokl in tiie six weeks between December 6, 1914, and January 16, 1915, when there were no restrictions, and in the same period ending on January 16 this year. Most of the firms report a big boom in the sale of reputed quarts, the only in which spirits can now be dis- posed of for consumption off the premaees. -n interesting rumour in the Lobby on Tuesday night was that possibly Il.R.H. the Prince of Wale3 may take b is seat in the House of Lords this session, in which case he will be able to take his place beside the throne on the occasion of the opening of "00 jww Parliament by the King. Should this prove true, and there aro 43ioqp who eay it is probable the Prince would hare to take hi* seat, very shortly, as t -hi-A wopeion ? expected to end nedct wk and now session open about the third week next moBiiu I



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