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OMNIBUS NOTES I Sowthwark Guardiau.s are offering £10 notes to nurses who remain in the service for a year. Angolo barto, the only brother of the late Pope l'iua X., has died at the age of sefcnty-tuue. Sir George Redd was on Tuesday re- turned unopposed for the constituency of St. George's, Hanover-square, London. For permitting drunkenness on his piemises the Exmouth magffitrates on Monday fined a locad publican the full penalty of SJO. The Rev. G. H. Wallis, Methodist minister of Newport, Mon., formerly an ironsmith, has gone to work in the Gov- ernment shipyards. The re?tc of 15 per cent, off rent, which has been anowL to all agricultural ton a nt- on Lord Tredegar's estate for 25 years, ceeses this year. Sir Lawrence Hugh Jenkins, late Chief Justice of Bengal, is to be a Privy Coun- cillor with a view to taking his seat on the Judicial Committeo. Miss Brae re, who was buried at Bath 01 Monday, went through the siege of Luck now, where her fathpr commanded thi- 13th Brigade Native Infantry. The Duke of Westminster has given MM to the St. PaiFe Cathedral Preserva- tion Fund, which has now reached' the amount required. The Welsh Agricultural Council has decided to ask tho Board of Agriculture to i make additional grants for training work- men for-farmwork in view of the shortage of men. Archdeacon Spooler has been appointed to succeed the late Archdeacon Madden at Liverpool, and Canon Howson, rector of Woolton, will become Archdeacon of War- rington. For being in illegal poseeseion of four trenching tools, blankets, .shirts, and other articies, the property of the War Office, Michael Kennedy was at Dublin on Fri- dav fined .£5. Capt. Edward Needham, R.N., brother of the late Lord Kilmorey, who served on the Malay Peninsula and the Perak expe- dition, was fomc1 dead in bed at St. Leo- nards on Monday. The expenses incurred in connection with the Merthyr bye-election were pub- lished on Friday, as follows:—Mr. Charles Butt Stanton, gsoi 56. 9d.; Mr. James Wirastone, £ 1,099. In rough weather, off the north-ea»t coast, on Friday, the pilot coble Nent- head, of Seal; am Harbour, capsized, and a pilot's assistant named William Carver was drowned. It is officially announced that the King has been ple-wxl to approve the appoint- ment of Mr. Edwin Montagu to be Chan- cellor of tho Duchy of Lancaster, in c,-uc- ceasion to Mr. Herbert Samuel. On the ground that her eat wits shut up at home, Ethel Watson (30), of Three Colt-lane, applied for bail on Tuesday at Old-street, w hen remanded on H charge of maliciously wounding two women. For having given a bottle of whisky to a patient in a military hospital, Frederick John Cook, Suinmerstown, I^ower Tooting, and Harry Essex, also of Tooting, were fined 40s. at South-Western Court on Monday. Two workmen were injured, one having a hfrid blown eff, by the explosion of a German she 111 fuse which, had been sent from France and was being examined in an en«inpiOTing shop at Thornaby-on-Tees ot Saturday. Pneumonia causing apphyxia was found at the inquest on Tuesday .at Pp.ddington to be the cause of death of Private Joseph Muroiiy (35), Loval North Lancashire Regiment, who died when returning to the fronVon Saturday. I/>rd Se!borne. Minister of Agriculture, is Buggecting that to encourage cottagers to keep pigs and thereby i ncrease the focal ^-vxlnotion, the local authorities should jelax any by-laws which at present may prevent pig keeping. When three Irish youths, all 19 years old, were charged at Aldershot on Monday with travelling on the South-Eastern and Chatham Railway without paying their farpc. the magistrate snid that if they would enlist in the Bantams in a wsek they would be discharged. When the Fishguard express arrived at Paddington on Saturday night a soldier of the Lcval North Lancashire Regiment, ap- parently between 35 and 40 years of age, was found unconscious in one of thio com- partments. He was taken to St. Mary's Hospital, where he was found to be dead. An old saa captain resident in Rugby. noticing that the engine of a train on the London and North-Western Railway bore the namo of Dachshund, wrote to the railway company suggesting that, as an act of patriotism, the liame should be changed. The engine has now been re- named Bulldog. For allowing beer to be taken away after 8 o'clock on a. Sunday evening, a Mitcham publican named Edwin bowman has been fined JJlO by the Croydon raaristrii-es under the new C)rd,-r. The woman who bought, it was fined 5s., having acted in the belief that she could be served with beer in a jug till 8.30, a? -on week-days. A conference of 0-its National Union of ScottifA Mine "porkers was hcl-d in Glas- gow on Tuesday for the purpose of con- sidering the Military Service Bill. About 100 delegates 4 were present from every miniag dKrirt in Scotland, and Mr. Bohart, Smillie, President, of the Union and also of the Miners' Federation of Great Britain, presided. M. Stobbs, a fitter, of Jarrow. read in the evening papers on Saturday night that a man knocked down and killed by a tram- way-car in Newcastle had been identified ils himself. Meanwhile the cC\jonS jury had found that he had been accidentally killed in the manner stated, and that a Bister of Stobbs had identified her dead brother. The police took immediate steps to rectify this curious case of mistaken identity. At the Whitehall Bordon Police Court on Tuesday morning, a private in the 41st Montreal Infantry Regiment, was charged with the wilful murder of Henri Joli- coour, of the same regiment, by stabbing him at the Prince of Walce Hotel. White- hill, on Monday evening. Prisoner if. a Russian Canadian, and a nwmher of a company of the reg-ment which is almost exclusively composed of his compatriots. The body of a factory girl was found on Tuesday morning on some waste land at V'iigari under circumstances pointing to foul play. Deceased, who has been identi- fied as Jane MorrM, aged 17, was employed at some mills, and she lived in York- street. Wigan. She was last seen on Mon- day evening. It is stated that when the shocking discovery was made there were bloodstains on the face and ifnger-marks on the neck. The police are pursuing in- quiries. The funeral of the late Lord Burnham, proprietor of the Daily Telegraph, H took place on-Wednesday, the body being interred at Beaoonsfield. A large and rep,-escntati-oo gathering assembled, in- cluding xooaibeie of both Houaps of Par- liament, distinguished journalists from all over the Kingdom, including a number from the Btflrfi of the Daily Teleg-raph," and representatives of many philan- thropic and other aescMiiations with which deceased was associated. A recent exhibition in Q-oebec has proved that there iii a future for Cana- dian made toys. Seme fiive examples of ingenuity ctnd general workmanship were shown consisting of mechanical toys. rock- ing horses, mod-els of camps, including nUTse6, soldiers, ho-, f-ents, dolls, doll's bedroom furnitxtre in satin wood, ckdl's shoes ajrd o<ther gar- ments, swings, sledges, inonkseFye and sub- marines-. With energy and care there is no reason why, within a short. time, these toys should not be procurable .in the United Kingdom, and so help to keep out the German-made artistes eo plentiful be- I fore the war.




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