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AMMANFORD. I fte death took place on Saturday after- of Miss Margaret Ann Davie?, I deoghter of Mr. J. Davies foreman of the Council's workmen, after a severe ill- j ness. Her demise at so young an ago is widely regretted. She was engaged at the Great Western Hotel, Tirydail. The funeral took. pbee to the Ebenezer burial- ground on Wednesday afternoon. The committee of the Ammanford eis- :eddfod, which is to be held 4?n the 25th met., have been successful in securing ?he Palace Theatre for holding fam. A mece6sful event is practically assured. The quarterly, services of the All Saints Church were held on Sunday, the Rev. 1. G. Harriet:B.A., Allfwon, officiating. In the afternoon there was a children's service and an egg collection for the wounded soldiers. Mr. Douglas i1. White presided at the organ. The Kev. Dyii Kees, the well known divine, of Birmingham, and a native of Cwinararuan, prewichod at the Gwynfryn Chapel on Sunday, and his eloquent ser- mons were greatly appreciated by large --ongre.ati,"s, including many old friends. Lieut. Hamilton Min Lloyd, of the 21st Welsh Regiment, paid a short visit home over the week-end, and it was pleas- ing to observe him looking so well. While at the Afiif,rd Haven Garrison Military School at Tea by he made a fine achieve- ment in securing the first-class cortificate, a distinction gained by only a few of the seventy o'Mcers then.- at the dine. St-rgt. A touching memorial cervice to Sergt. W. B. Williams, of the 8th Fusiliers, who • oil in action at the Dardanelles on the 7th August, was held at the Ebenezer Baptist Chapeii on Sunday evening. There war- a crowded congregation. The Rev. J. Griffith?. B.A., B.D.. preached a very effective sermon fr,)m the text Greater love than this hath no man," tint! the Fellowship ot His sufferings, dealing with the spirit ot self-sacrifice shown by these lads who in-en, forth to fight under the highest motives. Ln this connection he quoted an extract from a letter lie had received from Sergt. Williams, stating For the sain- of th*i women and children and eivilivition '.ve pray for a speedy ending of tlw war. not that we are afraid of facing the fire. Quite the reverse. We have voli'Tittered to face the fit- and with God as our > hiei < •••'air. we need not be afraid. Ono gi.at comfort we have- as we proceed with our daily training is that we know that privet have been offered daily in our bo hair iIowd in dear old Amman- ford." Every- family in the neighbour- hood. said rvv. gentleman, were gtvatly indebted to families such as that I of th^ late serg?nt. wtu paid this Iugh orice. At t? close of the sermon the organist (Mr. J. Harries Thomas) played i l,o Dead March. the congregation iie I)ea ( standing in silence. It was stated that 61 young men of the church had ends-ted, and the death of Sergt. Williams was the first breach made in their ranks. A memorial service was held at Eben- eer Church. Ammanford, last evening, to the late Sergt. W. B. Williams, killed in action in the Dardanelles. The Rev. J. Griffiths. B.A.. B.D.. officiated. The Belgian baby boy born at Ammanford to Mrs. Fc)ierver, residing in Coronation- terrac-e is being named after the Belgian and British sovereigns, namely, Albert George. In a verv pretty wedding at the j| Ebenezer Baptist Chapel. Ammanford, OilI Tu^sdav, tlw contracting parties were Councillor W. Jones Alma Flouse, Llan- dovery, and Miss Irene John, eldest daughter ot Mr. D. B. John. builder, and Mrs! Jolm. Araiuanford. The. Rev. Joseph I I-a ri- r. Llandoverv. officiated, assisted by th" R< J. Griffiths B.A., B.D.. Am- manford. Given awav by her father, the )-.ride -.was smartly attired in a mole grey cos tunic, with black velvet hat, and was attended by her sister, Mis* Sybil John. A serious accident tefp? Arthur Wm. Hy. Salisbury, e- married man, of 21. Penybauk- road, Amn-?.nfo"?< whiio following his d ut W a« an und?r?mund hauler at h* Parke Colliery on Triday Hf got ue«- the -hfwse and train and the *;>.■>. with zhe result that besides sustaining all over The body. the shoulder blade and should-er were torn away from th« {";u' and of the collar bone. Dr Stewart wa,¡o, in attendance shortly oafte, ihe accident. The stable* and shed of Yr. D. J. Davies. builder. Ammanford, situate at the rear of Jiarra.wl-«*treet, were completely destroyed by fire on Saturday morning. The outbreak wa» detected at about 9.30 a.m., and fortunately the horsw were out at the time. A wood-em tarred structure, the flames in a few moments had gained a strong: hold. and it was found impossible to save anything. The origin of the outbreak is unknown- The damage is climated at iF,50, which is only paTtiaily covered. The question of dispensing with the ser- vices of contractor employed to remove house refuse came before the Ammanford Council on Wednesday. It was aUf :NI that he had cheeked H the surveyor ami called the householders everything." It was decided to dispense with his services at the end of tbe week. A recruit.i ig party and band of the 3f4tlt Welch Regiment arrived at by M. Maurice Barnes on his visit to the poee of conducting a recrhiting campaign. A largely attended public meeting was held at the Ivoriies' Hall on Wednesday night. Alderman W. X. Jones presiding. The speakers were Captain J. Lloyd, Cap- fadn Margrave. "Councillor Gwilvni Vaughan. and Sex-geaoit Fuller. V.C. A meeting of local ladies was held it the Council Schools on Tuesday night in connection with the suggested flag day on behalf of the Russian Red Cross Society. It was decided that a Flag Day should be held on Saturday, Sept. 11, ind the districts will be Ammanford. Pz--ii- groes, Saron, Blaenau, Tycroes, Llandebie Bettws and Brynamman. Mrs. W. N. Jones. Duffryn, was appointed president; Mrs. E. R. Fisher, Wansherk, vice-presi- dent; Mrs. Dan Jones, High-street, hon. treasurer; and Mr. W. L. Smith, solici- tor, hen. secretary. Districts have been allotted to various ladies. There was ,i memorial .service to a fallen Ammanford soldier at the Dardanelles, the late Sergeant W. B. William*, 8th Battalion Ioy-al Welsh Fusiliers, at the Ebenezer Bap- tiat Chapel, Ammanford, on Sunday even- ing, the sacred edifice being well filled. Ap- propriate hymns were -suyig.Iiid at the akwse the organist (Mr. J. Harries Thomas) played the Dead Ma;rcli," the congregation standing in silence.—Taking as his text the verse. Greater love hath no man," and the phrase in the Phillipians. The fellowship of His sufferings," the Rev. J. Griffiths, B.A.. B.D.. delivered -> movinar sermon. He spoke of the spirit of self-vicrifice running like a silver thread through life. It was not suffi- ciently well realised, he sa.id. that these men were shielding us from the evil fate that had overcome other nations, and were giving their lives for us. It was self- sacrifice. and whenever 'there was self-eacri- fice they were on the path towards God. They had been led to t ike up arms by the highest motivee, as t vide need from extracts which he read from letters he had received from Sergt. William* For the sake of the women a.nd children and civilisation," he wrote, we pray for a speedy ending cf the war; not thai we are afraid of facing the fi-c-quite the reverse. We hue volunteered to face the Are, and with God as our chief eaptain we need not be afraid. One great comfort we have as we proceed with our daily muring is that we know that priyers a-e bein offered daily on our behalf down in dear old Ammr-nford. And another thing wp know is that they are sincere and will l)e listened to and answered." He 'the rpv. gentleman: did not defend war. but xished to urge that our id? threw their own lives into the -oAle under the hi?bc?t moUve?. going !ortb to defend the women and chii- m of the guuawv. Xiw bad 114j and brothers! and eistcro at home, but they knew what, had t?.ken pi ace in Belgium-l how the German eagle came with his claws red with the bleed of peaceful Belgium- and they resolved between themselves and God rather r.iiar. that should take place here they would crcvM the seas to fight the foe. They were strengthened in the knowledge that prayers- wco oilered ün tlieir beAi^lf, and in the beL f that God was on thc-ir tide. In that spirit they made the sc.crifice. and every f.mily in the neighbourhood wrm deeply indebted to families S'ilch as that of the fallen sergeant that paid this high price.







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