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ABERAVON. During the week a couple of friendly aeroplanes flew over the town. Monday's visitation was witnessed by hundreds of people, passing from a western to an eastern direction. At the Aberavon County Police Court on Monday, Thomas Jones, collier, Pontrhydy- fen. Afon Valley, was changed with neglect- ing liis wife a<nd leaving her chargeable to the Neath Union. Warrant Officer Gabriel deposed to the facte, and said that there was owing Z-7 7a. 4d.-An order of 10s. par week was made to pay off the ai-reara and bhe 5s. per week allowance. The funeral of the late Mr. Marma- duke Tennant, J.P., Aberavon's revered Slid veteran Town Clerk, proved am in- stance of public respect fully in keepdng with one who had spent a long and ad- mirable life, a,s a public man and a private citizen. The tribute paid by represeniJaJti ves from all over the country was no mere sentimental veneer, but a devout expression of sincerity. What was foreshadowed in these columns a few weeks ago has happily come to pass. The Great Western Col- lieries, Abergwynli, which are aiR im portant tributary to Port Talbot and Aberavon, will restart at onoe, after a stoppage of six years. The collieries have been taken over by the Ocean Colliery Company, and to signalise the restart there was a great demonstration cf re- joicing. The shipping at the Port Talbot Docks last week was very encouraging, and at- tained practically its normal "pcAce" conditions of an aggregate shipment of 53,000 tons. There are every prospect of this standard being maintained, as the extremely fav-ouralwe position and condi- tions of shipments of the'port are now being fully realised, and an entirely new shipping connection is being established, especially in coal shipments. Great credit is due to Mr. William Jenkins, J.P., the miners' agentt of the Afon Valley, who lias for years exercisixl his good offices, ana has ultimately succeeded in bringing back the erstwhile prosperity of this once lfourishing dis- trict- Through the protracted stoppage Abergwynfi and Blaengwynfi were for rears practically impoverished, and ■scores of families were perforce com- pelled to leave their homes and seek work elsewhere. The quality and ourfrnit of these collieries 'as an important fac- tor, not only to ,,ie immediate colliery district, but to the trading connections of the whole of the Afon Valley, includ- ing the shipnin? interests Of Port Talbot. At the annual licensing meeting of i Aberavon County Petty Sessidttfll 'Divi- sion the report of Supt. Ben. Evsw of a highly satisfactory character. The out of a po-'M'.K'rV.^ 32,-1 OS there were 37 licenses distributed "ovpr the districts of Port TrJbot, .Baglaii. Al,-ei-i)-ynfil Ervu, Cwmavon, Glyn ^corrxyg, Pontrhydyfen, Taibach, and Ton- t. ma-inr, there had only been 105 persons Rnriimoned for drunkenness, out of which lOt convictions had been recorded, which was a decrease of 10 on the preceding year. The conduct of tbe licensees during the vear had been extreme] v satisfactory. The justices expressed satisfaction with the favourable report. The working committee of the Aber- nvon—Port Talbot Rugby Football Club are worthy of the coliuleiada-tion for the energy they displayed, in .o?ga,EBS- ang the ass-aiil%vt-arms recently held at i-he Grand ^iPaitre,' Aberavod, in" aid of rtlie Ipipivl war funds, which realised a net balance of £ 12 '12s. 2d. Amongst. those VLo worked specially toward* ach^vin"' hi:3 ,s1.:c,es were: Impector W. E. s, 'Mr. Humphrey L?y?hon and Mr. Wi' r & Thdmas Qoint secretaries), Mr. D. W. ifr>9,e-3{treasurer), and Mr. HdpkiSi B. Jpnes. .M the' wind-up meeting it was decided to ?end a ba.lancshOOt ?ind ex- pressions of thanks to those who had given their services. The proceeds were (iistributed as Mio?'s:—Aberavon War •Fund, ??9 ?. 1<L; Po? Talbot War .Fund, .£19 Is. Id.; Church Army Sol- diers' Wooden Structure Fund, .£2 2a. Cd.; V.M.C.A. Soldiers' Wooden Structure Fund, J £ 2 2s. M. As chairman cf the Rugby Football Committee, Mr. Lewis M. Thomas said that it had given him the greatest satisfaction that the committee bad done eo handsomely for the good cause. I I I 11 ASSAULT AT ARMS. I On Monday night, at the Royal EoKihange, Aberavon, the wind-up meeting in 4Dounec, r ion with the assault-at-aj'ins otrgaaiuied by the Abaravon-Port Talbot Bugby Football f Club for the local wax funds, was held. It < .will be ranMaibered that Jimmy Wilde a<nd tt. number of other prominent Welsh boxers juve their services gratis to assist the event. fhe treasurer. (Mr. D. W. Jones) submitted t balance-sheet, which showed a. net balance :>1 JM42 12B. 2id., and it was decided to alio-, t&te this amount fus Talbot War Fund, Id.; Aberavom Wair Fund, f.19 4s. id.; Church Army Woodem Stracture fund, £ 2 3e.; Y.M.C.A. Wooden Structure flund. LZ 2s. i it was resolved to send a be-lanoe-sheet > jard an expression of thauks to all who had oontributed towtwds the SUIOOBBB of the trent. Mr. Lewie M. Thomas (solicitor) said that jus chairman of 'the Rugby Football Com- mittee the success of the event had given him the greatest delight, and it redounded to the highest credit of the working com- mittee aaid the joint secretaries (Mr. Hum- pbrey Leyshon and ilr. Willie Thomas* It was a graltifyiiIg and handsome effort for a, good cause;













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