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NEATH. At Sunday's Brotherhood, Mir. Edwards, Neath, gave on interesting address on In- fluenoe." The soloist war. Master Dick Mor. gan, and the accompanist was Miss Bowen At Neath on ,lliy, Ben John Davies, Kentig Hill, was fined 20-s. and costs for having insufficient light at the rear of his m?or-oar. When !?topp? at Britonferry by P.S. Wa.lsh, defendan* remarked, You are pretty smart he; j I have driven the car aU over England and never been p?Il?d up bRiore." Owing to the increased cost, cf foodstuffs, UI;8 Board of Guajd^ne have dwided to grant. additional outdoor relief oil the of la. for each adult and 6d. per child. | &r. Levi James, who lla.s been popuiaily called "The Poor Man's Friend," was the mover of the resolution. Acting upon the instructions issued by the Executive of the Postal Federation, the Neath l'ostmen have decided not to depart from custom in regard to the col- lection of Christmai tJoxes. Officially recognised as part of the postmen's wages, a break in the continuity of the festive i ) custom is regarded as a possible menace I 41 the future. I-. Jeukiti6 Morgan, flannel manufacturer. Cnurch-plaoe, 1\eath, is evidently rsganled by the War Offices as an ezpert on 'iiiiti wiaek he war: forwarded a sample fQr "Thomas Atkins," on which he was t-o eipr^es an opinion. Mr. Morgan's ifcipoi-t a critical one-he found it 5i inciice 'too short, 5 ounces too light, and the collar abnormal. -No oneoomd have been more disgusted at the Huns' bombai-dm,6Et of the East Coast, of England Than. Mr, Howel Outhbertson, the venerable Neath coroner. Foa- years r)-ast he haa made Scarborough his summer re- sort, and on hearing that the magnificent hotcd in which he wae wont to stay had teen wrecked by German shells, he vowed vensreance OIl the Kaiser and his sea-dogs. A sacred concert in aid of the Belgian l-'und, was held at Orchard-place after the evening service. The programme was arranged by Mr. T. Jenkins, choirmaster. The iiayor presided. Amongst those who took part v. ere Messrs. T. Jenkins, L. Curtis (Skeweti), Grill Hill (Morriston), D. Roberts (fckewen), Miss Patty liurd (Neath), Miss Katie Narbett (Neath), Miss ililda Baker, and Miss Grace Allen Thomas (Swansea). The following is an additional list of t L, t-u Donor of furniture, etc: Mrs. D. H. Lewis. Donors of subscriptions: Miss A. White, .•J ,s:i ilibbert, Miss Hill (London), It. l'ar- minter, Esq., ilrs. D. Jones (County School), Mrs. Price (Brynglas), Mrs. Beddoe, and Mr. Sam Arnold. Weekly subscribers: Mr. T. Turner, "A Friend." Prixe Day" was observed iu all the i Council schools at Neath on Friday. I Medals, watches, books, and other prizes j for regular attendance were distributed by the Mayor and Mayoress (Mr. and Mr. Matthew- Arnold), who were supported by Aid. Hopkin Morgan, J.P., chairman of the Borough Education Committee, and other members. Part songs rendered by the scholars were a feature of the annual function. At: Aid. Davies's Schools the prizes were distributed by Mrs. R. P Morgan and Aid. H. P. Charles. j Considerable local interest Wtid taken in Klie annual prize distribution on Friday afternoon in ccnnoction with Aid. Da.vM&' -hoots. The Hector presided, and in thc- irtfunts' and girle' departments, where MLec a- the respective hesxl- mi«'re-«ee, the prizes were distributed by Mrs, R. P. Morgan. A programme cf action and -rao nations was gone through by the childrem In the boys' school, where Mr. H. Watson ia the popular headmaster, li. Wat?on ;.a tke. p,, _Iai Mr. H. P. Chai-les distributed the priaee, and the visitors were eiaLCrtained in aong by ths scholars. A National Reservist named Wm. Francis, of Ethel-street, Neath, had a miraculous escape from death on Satur- day night. Whilst on duty at the Court Sart level crossing, a passing mineral train hurled him on to the permanent way. Although semi-conscious, lie had the presence of mind to lie still, and after the train had passed over him he was dragged into a. place of safety by a comrade. Captain Davey was quickly on the spot, and had the injured soldier conveyed home. His foot is badly damaged, and he is suffering from shock. A f«atur*» at the annual distribution of p izes n connection with tie >_ounei. S ho Is in the bo, ougii was the beiautiful renderings of patriotic airs and the Allies' National n'6 by the twhoiars. In both the b-oye a.nd girl»' department*" the singing reached a Lg,j' tone 01 ean-en-Ly. lhe Mayor and A^yocem (Mr. and Mrs. Hanhew Arnold) d is tribute;! the prizes, which consisted of '■■atchee, medajs, wo. k-boxes, oameras, and bocka. Ald. ttopkin Morgan, J.l\, chair- man cf the Borough Education Goionuttee, presided, and be was supported by other ^c-j.bei^s ct the There was a large atteadanoe of parents. in a.¡a of the local Belgian and Prinoo of Wales Relief Funds, a most successful concert was given ax St. Catherine's Parish riali, Neath, on Tnuieday evening. The Mayor (Mr. Matthew Arnold) presided over it large and appreciative audience. It i6 lnterest,J.,g to note tnat the arrangement of the pro-jjflmime was left entirely to little Miss E. SammeiLS with a most gratifying re- suit There were many cscores, and the audience showed warm appreciation for ill. Songa were rendered by Mis^j P. Mor- gan, Mrs. Bichords, Mr. E. Morgan, Mas A.rline Thompson, and Mies K &&mmen»; violin solo by Master G. M. Butt; pianoforte solo. Miss W. Richards; and recitation by Hiss T. Morgan. A dialogue, "The Misad- ^enttvre,' by of the Juvenile rem pie, L.O.G.T., and a Japanese 6cene. In Cherry Blossom Time," by Mies Morgan Mid party, were star iteme. Mr. Seymour ', A.B.C.O., wa6 the accompanist. Tho Christmas vacation of Rugby Schools took place last week, when a no it enjoyable evening was spent. Several pupils produced charming tableaux, in costume, of European Nations," Belgium especially delight- ng the little Belgian guests and rccciv- n? a hearty applause. Girls of Form 1, resides pretty tableaux, gave a very lumourous sketch, Rival Relations," ill or ding a lot of fun to the audience. Supper, dancing and games ended the irogramme. During the evening a collec- ion was made, amounbng to 12s., which was handed to the Mayor tor the" l'oor Fund." Resu!ts of Christmas exams, are M Music—K.A.M., elementary division, Nellie Thomas, Gwennie Bush; teacher, Miss May Thomas, L.R.A.M. Art needlework (Oriental), Incorporatfd Society of Arts, etc., 1,ondon-2nd class honours, Violet Williams, Katie Abra- ham; 3rd class honours, Dilys Davies, Dorothy Griffiths; 3rd pass, Miss Thomas, Owenda Bowen, Trene Jones; 4th clars honours, Marjorie Hemming, a little girl 9 years old; teacher, Miss Phillips, cer- tificate, 1st class honours. Next term's worH will be that of preparation for the Oxford Local and Royal College drawing exams. Re- jpenmg January 18th, 1915. COLLIER'S RIDE. At Neath County Sessions on Friday James Nicholas, collier, Neath, was sum- j iuoned for travelling on the Neath and Brecon Railway without a ticket. Mr. jaiiic,A Revell prosecuted. According to the evidence, defendant fell asleep in the workmen's train, and was awakened by the gtationmaster at Onliwyn. He had no picket, refused to pay hts tare, and did not give his name and address. Defendant was fined 10s. and costs.