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THE REAL.WELSH CURE ?S?SBBB ?'KBB!j)'? t?B 'till l £ f BALSAM 1 DF? L?F?twB j?J COUGHS &COLDS I Invaluable in the Nurse1'7 HH S Bottles I/- ..d 2,r. H3 1 Of all Chemists and Stores. BV [D7E)AKINIS]  LUNG HEALER B will immediately arrest the course of the N disease and guarli against all iil effects. It possesses marvellous healing and tonic proo- erties. and gives instant relief to Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Bronchitis, Omi- culty of Breathing, etc. It is very beneficial, and has proved for many years a boon and bliissittg to thousands of sufferers. REMEMBER I Neglected Coughs and Colds frequently turn to Bronchitis, Asthma, etc., and are often the forerunner of that dreadful disease—Consumption. Price-1:14 and 23. of ail Chemists and Stores. 1¡Sor2:6ícom th" sole proprietors and Uwnrnrt G. DEAKIN & HUGHES. THE ?FLAMMATION MPIEDT_N CO? fergjgjH 3LAENAVOK. MOM. ?'N?B??JB? BaBaEEsaaEssssE??S'?? DEAKIN S FEVER and ti ? FEVER and INFLAMMATION REMEDIES AND PILLS ??ad2,3,of?n — "?'? Chemists and Stores. rHE GREAT PAIN & DISEASE KILLERS 1/3 AND 2/6 DIRECT prom:— G. DEAKIN & HUGHES, me Inflammation Remedies Co., BLAEKAVQP CHILDREN TEETHING are greatly relieved by taking DOCTOR STEDMAN'S TEETHING POWDERS, These powders are guaranteed by the Pro. prietor to contain no harmful ingredient, and are therefore a cafe and efrective medicine for Infants. ASK for them by the full title of DOCTOR STEDMAN'S TEETHING POWDERS, and see the Trade Hark, a Gum Lancet.. on the label of every packet and powdee, withont which they cannot be genuine. Of Chemists and Stores, 1/11 and 2/fc 125. New North Road. London, N. ?MPORYMT? MOTHERS I ?B?c? BM?ro' ?hn ?tHuM the H<mtth and $ ?le&QiineM of her Cblld ahoaM um j? ? HARRISOMPS j POMADE.* ø Mors&rY W i C?ng tppIiMtion kills ? Nib and ?°iin. ? beautifies and ctrengthoiis the Haur. I In Ttdl, .d. & 9d. P0661^0 Id- W d SOLD BY AU' CmsirI8TS* .„«> t t ftM?t on Juwing H?U?SON'S ROMA=. jl ? e?? VL H=zg& CHMW. BLUM I Agenie:— Swansea: M. DAVIES, High Street. Brynamiaan E. 1.1". MORBUS, Cbemist, Pontardulaia: T. ALBKRT JONES. Ammaniord: LUTHER BYE. Gcvjerton: S. P.. MORRIS. (Jarnant and Jlanumman: J. W. EV ANa. Chemist. Landore: T. DRYDEN, Chemist. Clydach: DAVIES BROS. Chemists, Habroqf Road. Pontardawe: E. GRIFFITHS. Chemist. 1/11. We claim tfiat 2j 9 DR. TYE'S DROPSY, LIVER, AND WIND PILLS Cure Constipation, Backache, Indigestion. Heart Weakness, Headache & Nervous Complaints. Mr. John Parkin, 5, Eden Crescent, West Auckland, writes, dated Mar. 21, 1912 :—" 1 muet say they are all thai you represent them to be; they arc splendid; indeed 1 wish 1 had known about them sooner. I shall make theii worth known to all who suffer from Dropsy" Sole Maker: S. J. COLEY, LTD., 67, HIGH STREET, STROUD, GLOS. FREE OFFER TO LADIES. To prove the superiority of ELLISIO PILLS Ft) 14 I'tiSlAi-.LS), 1 will bend a rree Trial Packet poet paid. Prepared i-roia the original recipe of a celebrated nurse, and never fail in restoring: regularity and correcting all disorders. Safe, certain. and epeedy pill that never disappoints. Thou* feands of letters of thanks testify to tneir lipeedy efficacy after all other things nava been tried in vain. Lach purchwdr seiida back testimonial, as they tound relief in every instance. There is nothing to equal tb(-rn. Is. od. per box. Special Extra. Strong Piiia (recommended). 4s. 6d. poet paid, ia plain wrapper, with full directions and advice. Supplied throngh the post only by Mrs Ellis, 27, Surrey-lane, Batteraea, Lon- don. An interesting quid-e. 48 pages, M illustrations, sent free with each box. LAD I ES. BLANCHARD'S PILLS Are unrivalled for all Irregularities, eto.. they speedily afford relief and never fail to alleviate all suffering. They supersede Pennyroyal. Pil Coohia. Bitter Apple, etc. "BLANCHARD'S are the Best of aU Villa for Women." Sold in boxes, 1/li by BOOTS' Branches, and aU Chemist*, or post free, aame price, from LESLIE MARTIN, Ltd., Cheraiiti, 34, DALSTON LANE, LONDON. Free Sample and valuable Booklet. post free. Id. Stamp. FREE TO ALL SUFFERER '<> r sorts' 'rin down' 'got ;il, ulues' SUKi-KK irrvu KIDNEY, 1 .AT>I>k,!t. WKRVOU8 ))lS&A.!1!s,. j CHR'V;ir.U hA KNKSS.LXCRS.SiC! KRt. P riON&,FIL £ S» write i'ot FREE iftsiKtt.mve hp.dic\l BOOK of thec dis('a: and 'I.)\-H" COJii f-t,,d by THE NEW F3CNCH iR-r.- N?M?X?t?t THERAPION an! & !r€??B? ?ou?if ? the remedy (or VOUS OWM ailm<'r,t. No'fotlaw op' cir- CqUlt8. S.?.d?ta,?,p.ddr.,?.v?lopttol)R.LECLF.C Med Co.Havrrstockro.Hampstkad L0Nr>0M,SNtf XHERAPION either No. Price 219 LIUDIIiG CWEMIST1 Rencvs in 48 hou 01'" 'tm: -tlrinà.r1 C!1!'UI :IOi- t(;, CÖ!b.4 kN Cubebs and Injections: rapidly, leaves no nauseating or bad eCect-, Of at) ;i; or post free ior aie trtfti B E WILCOX & CO.CDep«4f j 40. HaynaarUet. London.S.W. t :f.