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AfGOOD BARGAIN. Piloting of the Greater Swansea Scheme. I BORO' TREASURER DEALS WITH CRITICISM. Officials' Splendid Work. Speaking on the Borough Extension Scheme at. Swansea Council on Wednes- day, and touching Upon the question of opnosition to the scheme, Coun Dd. Matthews sain the opposition had been difficult to eontend with, and at one time it seemed of'crwhfdming, but, the com- mittee n<vrer lacked courage, tenacity and common sense, and in thc»end they fcurmount-ed ,,11 the difficulties and satis- fied everyone. As regards the financial position ill" report 'published exelu- in- tile lies thought, mowed that they hud done very satis- J iactory work Some thought t-he rates of Swansea would climb up greatly, but as •s be result of the Extension the rates of Swansea. would not with reason able care increase in qny or forni. Tije adjustments hud been satisfactorily made. The commitments so lar r:s the Liansamlet road was concerned were ho explained was not considerable, considering their commit- ments. Tiie hospitni question had been a difficult one, and as regards the tram- ways they would pay (for the Morriston ext nsion,) to the County They would pay the County Council £ 7,000 odd for three police stations, nud for the asylum they would rec,civo from the County Council :£lO,eOO. ineteell schools would bo brought. within the borough, with .'30 head teachers and be- tween 130 and 14U assistants. These schools had accommodation for 0,000 odd ciiiidrer;. A New secondary school N,-ul.q esseiitial in the northern purt of the borough, ns otherwise it would be a hard- ship on Morriston, Llansamlcvt and L!an- &yfeiaeh. Plans for the enlargement of the girls' secondary school, had been pre- pared. As regards compensation to dis- trict, officials, it would be impossible to state the amount until they knew which offievs would be retained. Mr. Matthews mentioned 8_ Assistance renaerea rjy tnc omciais, including the Town Clerk, Mr. Ashmoie (Borough Treasurer), and Mr. Heath (Borotigh Surveyor). No town could ever have been better served bv their official*. lit He also mentioned the services of Dr. Evans T. J. Rees (Director of Education). He moved ii resolution ofthanks to the officials. Mr. n. Williams seconded. Aid. C'o'.will said Mr. Matthews had promised a special niceting to consider de- vils. but hjtd Ttot kept fahii. The Mafor said he was responsible {or that, as the matters were hot sufficiently advanced then. Mr. D. Matthews the work was so enormous ti-at it. had been impossible to get- the matters road v. Aid. Ociwilt's Criticism. Aid. Coiwill said they received Mr. ASh- nioie s report last Sunday, and those other than members of the committee could not assimilate all the intricate details within a few days. As regards differential rating, Liansamlet rates were- ivrw 8.$, in the £ odd). The Corporation had giyen them a redaction; on the five years the deficits wotild be Li-1,088 treating all the other areas- in the same way, the sum invdTved was £38,000 odd. Thus £ 7.777 each year (for five year;;) would have to come fnrtn Swansea. The .sewer and road extension was given at £193,452, but that, he took it, was,pre'-war esiimutes, aid lo-day the figure fox* the work wouid certainly be 50 per cent, inot-e Mr. optimistic. but he (Ald. Cohviil) could Tict see where the ùptimim (:me in. 'fhiJrewa" ^F"' £ lri,-ib6. Tims with the -figures indicated he worked out the costs involved altogether at What prompted the committee-, roadway when. he •understood. the Crli^iiorgan CoAnty Couheil only proposed' to make the roadway 30ft. V Between Dunvant and Gowerto;i, Swansea h^d been generous enough tu present thoiM* districts (outside the borough) with a road at a cost of two or three thousand pounds. He suggested that on thoroughly going into the thing the Unvn wus not going to get anv- tbing like what tife chairman suggested, and it ?eaut somethi;'? n.o? than the ld, rate referred to the boroughTreasurer s estimate. 1r. D. ?Uttthuws said aU the points had been discussed from time to time. As re- gards the roadway, every member of the Council had had the benefit of the details. The 60ft. roadway \vi« a compromise between 50ft. and SO It. As regards the drainage question, a tunnel going through Waunar- lvvydd tu Mumbles was avoided, and though the pipes would be longer, the' tunnel expense -was saved. Mr. D. Williams said he hoped the ques- tioli,, would Le answered -otherwise an iiii- fortunate impression would occur that eflorts were being made to hush matters Hp. There should be nothing to hide. He Has notioew whisperings amongst meir.oo:-s and otttfials that a-fter- nooii. Sir. D. Maithovvs said there was nothing to hide at ah, and any (;ue?tions asked ^Voulci be aii&wered. Coun. Molyi'ieux agreed with Coun. Wil- liams as fur as tlie chairman's reference to the favt that theie Would "not be any in- crease m tlie 'rate.? in any shape or form" was. eonceriied. j'iu, jjecrple of the tow n would be uu,.iir I be under erroneous im pression on the were given on a pre-war D&bi £ and ulidor war conditions were going to be (.oub.ed, ^a,nd the sooner the real as- pects or ie finance involved were recogBnised the better. g it i se d Borough Treasuret Clears Thines Un' .Mr. A.-nnio o, nailed upon to explain the position, sudd that tne 3s. referred to bv the chairman regarding the agreement with Liansamlet v."i.s inclusive of tile poor rat.. It 11 ooi- i-a t .(?. It had been delioitely stated that the differen- tial rate -wa.s exolu.«ive of the poor rate. There wa* the whole explanation. The cal- cjilatious- had been based on a "true" rate (v.-hu.-h, in the language of the experts, was the rite which wouid have been levied by each Council had they ?nown at the time 'evyu)g it wha.t they were ?ing to srnd) lotlw previous iivp years. ??o BL.ro?h Trpa?urer then gave compara- ?ve t??cs ?n.d de.t't. \vitb the matter in ?'taU. :\Lr. ??c'? v-'? proceeding to giA'e eer- t ?? lu;c!i-s whi<T.h h<?ed ?ouid not be S :? i:1 ?'- P?, ?ht.n Aid. Tutton and -"1 r. OWe.n d€miu-r.'d; but ???? '?''??rer, resunn.??.aid he ??- q-a,ita satinf. ,(i "lj:I.I'" "1J1\.11! 7 Had not made a bad bargain. l. n 1 ()n (tT /V ?-??-. it. ".culd coat ]e-.s ?r. th? ?,tc?.? ???,t ?,, .? ?? ?? one. He I- .)" ,?,,? portion "a ?ot against t?e borough, wis iiot n?. torT?' v11?1 'deal with the &xrx>ndi- t.?.?de. C-IL-111"d"%?,-ith the The M?-?- ,?"? the Corpor.t.on 1?? fought every c.a? u.eh L?- inch, and it o .1 r J. l' wo?: be tb?r oUva» loake Swansea ? line ciy iu the future, ■ Mr. GO"t"! I Sstis^ad d- Pe vi^sapeply ?,j,?t.,j to ?Mr. ?\?hM<.)e, who ?d cLeared the at" rnos' II phere that afternoon. Mr. D. of thanks to the officiala carrJed, Upon Mr, Ower-s SRggestion, the staffs were included. Mr, W. tlwen said that v. as all very but, wth the high cost of living, t-be t: be exchanged 111 the shops. T114 Tcrwa cUevk 3aid that matter w:,¡ in hanJ-

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