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-_.- -. " MARCH 31 ST." I

" A BIG BREAKFAST."i i__.'







ST AND- BACK!" LOCAL SHOOTING I AFFAIR. I PORT TALBOT MAN COMMUTED. ) Considerable local interest was taken in the adjourned hearing of the charge heard at Port Talbot on -Nionday against Griffith Howell, 52, Mausel-stioet, Port Talbot, and employed as a storekeeper at the Rio Tinto Cofpper Works, of shooting at Francis Hy. Bendle, Eastbourne-terrace, Penrhiewtyn, Neath, with intent to murder him. Mr. L. M. Thomas defended, and the court was crowded. Supt. Ben Evans conducted the prosecution. Francis Henry Bendle, employed as a weigher at the Neath Steel Sheet and Gal- va-nising Works, said he was married Jn January, 1904, and had four children. Supt. Evans: H-u-, your married life been a happy one?—No, sir. Has your wife lx-en in the habit of leaving home at intervals, leaving the children at home?—Yes, sir, for the last four years, In November, 1915, witness paid, whilst living at Wallace-road, Neath, his wife wa? awwy from him for some time, but at the request of her sister he took her back. He then decided to remove to Port Talbot so as to take his wife from her surroundings. They took apartments with the prisoner at 52, Mansel-street. Supt. Evans How long after yon had been living there did you oecorne suspicious of intimacy between your wife and the de- fendant?—After about two months. Did you, in consequence, remove with your wife and children back to Neath- Yes, sir. Was the prisonerwife di ve at that time? —Yes, she was an invalid. Witness added that he spoke to Howeils and asked him to Leave his wire alone I as he had had sufficient trouble with her already. Prisoner told him to go to I and left him. He also accused the pris- oner on other occasions, and once, after i watching t,hem from a bedroom window, j he followed prisoner into the ki Lhen I when Howells produced a table knife from a drawer and threatened to cut his head off" unless he left the room. He aftcr- wards saw them arm-in-arm on Bagsan- road, and parted them, and the prisoner tried to suke him. On the 16th inst. he returned home from work between three and four o'clock. His wife was not there. He walked to Port Talbot to search for his wife. Whilst in the lane at the back of the Grand Hotel he saw prisoner and his (witness's1) wife, Coming down arm-in-arm. Supt. Evans: Did you do anything?— I went towards them and a voice shouted: "Stand back, or I will blow your brains out." When he heard the shout ho saw the revolver. Witness, continuing, said he feit some- thing tickling him in the right arm. and ran straight to the police station, and accompanied P.C. Williams to 52, Mansel- street, and there prisoner and wit- ness's wife. Witness produced the cloth- ing worn by rim on Tuesday night. Cross-examu?d, he ag''e?d that he knocked his wife and prisono down once. Thomas: Could this rcvoiver have gone ôff aecidenta]]y:-Xo. It was hddi gone at ann's length. intentionally at arm's length. Dr. Ratcliffe said the buJlet was found embedded near the bone in the centre of the right arm. The huilet (produced) was extracted on Saturday. William J. Rees, wholesale provision dealer, Swansea-road, Llancliy. said he saw Bendle go towards them and both men ivi-estleci together for a nr'tTiutc. He heard one man shout Stand back," and then Heard a revolver sh&t. He saw prisoner jxrint the revolver to- wards Bendle. After the shot Bendle passed witness and said, Watch that. man, he has shot me., 1 am going to the police." P.C. Williams '-aid that he vent to 52. Manscl-street, prisoner opened the door. Mrt. Bendle was in the iiii-d(lie Prisoner was cautioned, and in lenlv said: I d;cEn'f shact hi|T3; I duhi t have a revolver at all. Inspector Rees said prisoner <tited that he wa3 accompanying- Mrs. Bendle to the | sfdtion when hor husband came and struc'F him (<t.risoner) on the back of the neck. He I toJd him to stand hack, and the revolver went off. Later the prisoner pioduced the' revolver fpruduced) and a box of cart rids; a-. Prit-oiif-r took out from a drawer fifty- nine Treasury twW of £ 1 each and a cheque for £)3 19e:t When at the police station prisoner handed the \\)m,1U Bcndle £5 in notes. Supt. Evans said the woman Bendle was in court, but he did 1101, propos.e to call her unless the court desired him to do so. (Mr. S. H. By ass): We don't i think it necessary. Prisoner was then charged by the clerk with shooting at Bendie with intent to do Ixtdily harm, and in reply pleaded Not gli.ili,y He was committed for trial at the next Assizes, and allowed bail, himself in £100 and two each.